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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Bp Plc $ 766,430 $ 164,195 $ 8,487 -
Exxon Mobil Corporation $ 470,282 $ 376,977 $ 53,249 63,000
Chevron Corp $ 313,060 $ 222,806 $ 30,229 42,595
Conocophillips $ 142,360 $ 66,733 $ 5,299 9,900
Equinor Asa $ 102,393 $ 90,924 $ 8,576 -
China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation $ 76,754 $ 492,748 $ 11,233 -
Marathon Petroleum Corporation $ 61,685 $ 156,807 $ 14,325 17,700
Phillips 66 $ 52,747 $ 160,656 $ 11,532 14,000
Valero Energy Corp $ 47,827 $ 157,148 $ 11,412 9,813
Hess Corporation $ 45,984 $ 10,911 $ 1,821 1,545
Imperial Oil Limited $ 35,200 $ 41,071 $ 4,352 5,600
Pbf Energy Inc $ 6,816 $ 42,064 $ 3,157 3,165
Hollyfrontier Corp $ 5,921 $ 18,389 $ 663 4,074
Ypf Sociedad An nima $ 4,762 $ 18,757 $ 2,234 -
Sunoco Lp $ 4,067 $ 23,619 $ 892 22,500
Cvr Energy Inc $ 3,357 $ 13,575 $ 541 968
Delek Us Holdings Inc $ 1,800 $ 17,924 $ -22 1,326
Calumet Specialty Products Partners l p $ 1,523 $ 4,219 $ 277 2,000
Vertex Energy Inc $ 346 $ 3,161 $ 39 205
Trecora Resources $ 232 $ 301 $ 9 310
Oil & Gas Integrated Operations Industry $ 2,143,546 $ 2,082,984 $ 168,305 198,701
  Recent News from Oil & Gas Integrated Operations Industry
Phillips 66

Phillips 66 Sees Significant Drop in Earnings Per Share during Q2 2023

The stock market is a volatile and ever-changing world, with companies experiencing both highs and lows. One such company, Phillips 66, recently released its financial figures for the April to June 2023 period. Despite its prominence in the oil and gas industry, the company's performance in this timeframe shows declining key metrics. This article delves into the interesting facts and figures from Phillips 66's financial span, shedding light on the challenges faced by the company and its impact on the stock market.
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Plunge:
A significant downturn was witnessed in Phillips 66's EPS, as it plummeted by -43.03% to $3.72 per share, compared to $6.53 per share in the previous year. This decline raises concerns among investors who are keenly observing the company's financial health.

Chevron Corp

Chevron Corp Reports a Steep -28.891% Revenue Drop and EPS Plunge in Q2 2023

Chevron Corp, one of the largest oil and gas companies globally, has experienced a significant decline in financial performance during the April to June 30, 2023 period. With a notable drop in EPS, revenue, and net earnings, the company is grappling with multiple challenges that have hindered its profitability. This article delves into the alarming figures, analyzes the factors contributing to Chevron's decline, and explores the potential implications for its investors.
EPS Plunge Reflects Struggling Profitability
During the April to June 30, 2023 period, Chevron Corp witnessed a substantial decline in its earnings per share (EPS). Comparing it to the previous year, the EPS plummeted by a staggering -46.22%, dropping from $5.95 to $3.20 per share. Furthermore, the EPS decreased by -7.51% from $3.46 per share in the prior financial reporting period. These significant declines indicate a persisting downward trend in Chevron's profitability.


ConocoPhillips Reports Significant Plunge in EPS and Revenue for Quarter Ending June 30, 2023

ConocoPhillips, one of the world's largest independent exploration and production companies, recently released its financial results for the quarter ending June 30, 2023. The report revealed a significant decline in earnings per share (EPS), income, revenue, and net earnings compared to the previous year. Additionally, the company experienced a decline in operating and net margins, as well as fluctuations in inventories and accounts receivable.
Financial Results Analysis:
1. Earnings per Share (EPS):
For the financial span ending June 30, 2023, ConocoPhillips witnessed a sharp decline in EPS, plummeting by -53.54% to $1.84 per share compared to $3.96 per share in the same period of the previous year. This decrease reflects a significant challenge for the company.

Pbf Energy Inc

Dramatic Plunge: PBF's Fiscal Q2 Revenue for 2023 Takes a Stunning Dive - Massive Drop of -18.34%

As a stock market journalist, it is my duty to interpret and analyze the financial results of companies to provide an accurate and comprehensive analysis to investors. Today, I will be discussing the financial results of Pbf Energy Inc for the financial time-frame ending June 30, 2023.
Starting with the income statement, it is evident that PBF income has fallen by 18.34% to $7.88 per share compared to $9.65 per share in the previous year. However, there is good news in terms of income per share, which has improved significantly by 175.52% from $2.86 per share in the prior reporting period.

Hess Corporation

Q2 2023: Hess Corporation's Revenue Takes a Hit, Yet the Stock Inches Upward - A Closer Look Reveals the Story

During the past 5 trading days, Hess Corporation's stock has seen a slight increase of 0.8%. This brings the year-to-date performance to 13.69%. However, the company's stock is still 4.7% short off the 52-week high. While this may seem like positive news for investors, a closer look at the company's financial performance reveals some concerning figures.
According to the financial report for the second quarter of 2023, Hess Corporation experienced a significant contraction in revenue, with a decline of -23.394%. This decline in revenue resulted in a drop in income of -81.86%. In comparison to the previous year, the company recorded earnings of $2.29 billion in revenue, a decrease from $2.99 billion. Earnings per share also decreased from $0.39 to 2.15 in the previous year.

Sunoco Lp

Sunoco LP Faces Severe Financial Downturn: Q2 Earnings Plunge 35.25% Amidst Tough Fiscal Period

The stock market has always been a fascinating arena for investors, and Sunoco LP's recent financial results have provided both positive and negative aspects for market watchers. Although there were some concerns in certain areas, the company showcased resilience in various aspects of its operations.
One aspect of Sunoco LP's financial results that caught the market's attention was the drop in earnings per share for the second quarter of 2023. The decrease of -35.25% to $0.79 per share compared to $1.22 a year prior raised a few eyebrows. However, it's important to keep in mind that these figures are just a snapshot of a specific period. Looking at the bigger picture, Sunoco LP has recorded consistent growth in earnings per share over the years.

Imperial Oil Limited

Stunning 68.32% Plunge in Earnings per Share for Imperial Oil Limited Amidst Sharp Revenue Decline in Q2 2023

Imperial Oil Limited, a leading oil and gas company, experienced a significant reduction in revenue and earnings in the second quarter of 2023. The financial results indicate several concerning trends that may impact the company's future performance. This article will analyze the facts and wonder how these challenges might affect Imperial Oil Limited going forward.
1. Revenue Reduction and Earnings Deterioration:
In the second quarter of 2023, Imperial Oil Limited recorded a 31.71% decrease in revenue, translating into an alarming 68.32% deterioration in earnings. This steep decline in financial performance raises questions about the factors that contributed to such a significant downturn.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Marathon Petroleum Corporation Suffers Major Losses as Profits and Revenues Plunge in Q2 2023

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) has recently reported its financial performance for the second quarter of 2023, and the results show significant declines in profit and revenue compared to the previous year. Net profit per share plummeted by -51.42% to $5.32 per share, down from $10.95 in the same quarter of the previous year. Additionally, profits fell by -12.64% from $6.09 per share in the previous quarter.
These declines in profit and revenue are also reflected in the overall financial performance of MPC during this period. The company's revenue faded by -32.442% to $36.34 billion, a significant drop from $53.80 billion in the same quarter a year before. However, there was a sequential revenue growth of 4.242% from $34.86 billion in the previous quarter.

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon Mobil Corporation's EPS Plummets by 53.92% in Q2 2023: A Staggering Fall in Revenue Reported!

Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, faced a challenging second quarter in 2023 as its financial performance declined across several key indicators. The company reported a significant decrease in earnings per share (EPS), which plummeted by -53.92% to $1.94 per share compared to $4.21 a year ago. This decline in EPS represents a worrying trend for investors, as it indicates a decline in profitability for the company.
Furthermore, Exxon Mobil Corporation's income also took a hit, fading by -30.47% from the preceding quarter to $2.79 per share. The decline in income is concerning, as it suggests that the company's revenue-generating capabilities have been negatively impacted. Speaking of revenue, the company experienced a significant drop of -28.325% to $82.91 billion in the second quarter of 2023, compared to $115.68 billion in the corresponding quarter a year ago. This decline in revenue is a cause for concern, as it highlights decreased demand or possibly a drop in market share for Exxon Mobil Corporation.

Valero Energy Corp

Valero Energy Corp Reports Disturbing Revenue Collapse and Sharp 53.33% Drop in Income Per Share for Q2 2023

Valero Energy Corp, one of the largest independent petroleum refining companies in the United States, experienced a significant decline in its income per share for the fiscal span of April to June 2023. A year ago, the company reported an income per share of $11.57, but this dropped by 53.33% to $5.40 per share in the current reporting period. Additionally, the company's income from the previous financial reporting period also faded by 34.86% to $8.29 per share. These declining figures indicate a challenging period for Valero Energy Corp.
In terms of revenue, the company experienced a steep decline of 33.175% to $34.51 billion from $51.64 billion in the same financial reporting period a year ago. Sequentially, the revenue also decreased by 5.297% from $36.44 billion. This loss in revenue can be attributed to various factors, including fluctuations in global oil prices, changes in demand for refined products, and the impact of geopolitical events on the overall oil and gas industry.


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