Financial Terms
 Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses   Inverse Floaters  
 Acquisition   Investment Grade  
 Acquisition Proposal   Investment Securities  
 Adjusted Average Cardmember Loans   Issuer Credit Risk  
 ADR American Depositary Receipt   Jumbo Mortgage Loan  
 ADS American Depositary Share   Leverage Adjusted Duration  
 Advised Lines of Credit   LIBOR  
 AICPA   Life Underwriting Income  
 Allowance For Credit Losses   Long-Term Total Return  
 Allowance For Loan and Lease Losses   Losses  
 Alt-A Mortgage Loans   Managed Credit Card Receivables  
 Amortization   Managed Receivables  
 Arbitrage   Mark To Market  
 Asset Allocation   Mark To Market Exposure  
 Asset Class   Market Cap, Market Capitalization  
 Asset Securitizations   Market Liquidity Risk   
 Assets Under Management AUM   Master Netting Agreement  
 Assets Under Supervision   Match Funding  
 Assignment Mortgage   Material Adverse Effect  
 Auction Rate Bond   Maximum Dwell Time  
 Average Annual Total Return   MBS Mortgage Backed Securities  
 Average Cardmember Spending   Median Market Cap  
 Average Commission per Trade   Merchant Acquisition Credit Card  
 Average Discount Rate   Minority Interest  
 Average Effective Maturity   Monetization  
 Balance Sheet   Money Market Instruments  
 Basic Cards-In-Force   Mortgage  
 Basic Net EPS   Mortgage Loan Documents  
 Basis   Mortgage Note  
 Basis Point   Mortgage Servicing Rights MSR  
 Basis-Only Swap   Mortgage-Backed Securities MBS  
 Beneficial Interest   Mortgaged Property  
 Billed Business Credit Card   Mortgagor  
 Bond   MSR Risk Management Revenue  
 Bond Fund   Net Asset Value NAV  
 Borrowing   Net Card Fees  
 Business Segment   Net income -loss of other equity  
 Call Option   Net Income Attributable to Minority Interest  
 Capital Asset Pricing Model   Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Interest  
 Capital Gain or Capital Loss   Net Interest Margin  
 Capital Ratios   Net Interest Yield On Cardmember Loans  
 Card Acquisition   Net Loss Ratio Credit Card  
 Cardmember Loans   Net Write-Off Rate Credit Card  
 Cardmember Receivables   Net yield on interest-earning assets  
 Cash Client Assets   Noncompliant Mortgage Loan  
 Cash Equivalents   Nonconforming Mortgage Loans  
 Cash flows Statement   Noncontrolling Interest  
 Cash-flow Hedge   Nonperforming Asset Ratio  
 CDOs   Nonperforming Assets  
 CDS Credit Default Swap   NYSE New York Stock Exchange  
 Charge Cards   Option  
 Closing Agent   Option ARMs Mortgage Loans  
 CLTV   Origination Fees  
 CMOs   Out of The Money Option  
 Collars   Overhead Ratio  
 Combined Effective Loan-To-Value Ratio   Person  
 Combined Ratio   Personal Bankers  
 COMEX Commodity Exchange   Pool Balance  
 Commercial Paper   Portfolio Activity  
 Commercial Paper Rate   Pre Refunding  
 Commodity Linked Derivatives   Premium Option  
 Commodity Linked Note   Prime Mortgage Loans  
 Commodity Risk   Principal Distribution Amount  
 Contractual Credit Card Charge-Off   Principal Transactions  
 Credit Card Securitizations   PRO FORMA   
 Credit Cards   Progress Collections  
 Credit Cycle   Provision for Loan Losses  
 Credit Derivatives   Purchase Obligation  
 Current Assets   Purchased Credit-Impaired Loans  
 Current Liabilities   Purchased Funds  
 Daily Average Revenue Trades DARTs   Purchased Mortgage Loan  
 Defensive Instruments   Put Option  
 Deposit Margin   Qualifying SPEs QSPEs  
 Depriciation   Quarterly Required Amount  
 Derivative   Rating Agency Condition  
 Diluted Net EPS   Receivables From Customers  
 Discontinued Operations   Repurchase Agreement  
 Discount Revenue Credit Card   Reset Period Target Amount  
 Distribution Fees   Residual-Interest Certificates  
 Dry Mortgage Loan   Restricted Stock  
 Due Diligence   Retail Avg. Commission per Trade  
 Earnings per Share basic   Retained Earnings  
 Earnings per Share diluted   Retained Interest  
 Effective Tax Rate   Revenues  
 EITF   Revolver Capacity  
 Eligible Bank   Risk-Adjusted Assets  
 Eligible Swap Counterparty   Risk-Weighted Assets  
 Embedded Derivative   S&P 500 Index  
 Equity Earnings from Investments   S&P GSCI Commodity Index  
 Equity Market Risk   Securitization  
 ETFs Exchange Traded Funds   Securitization Income  
 ETNs Exchange Traded Notes   Seed Capital  
 EURIBOR   Segment  
 Euroclear   Service Fees  
 Euronext   Severity Rate  
 Exchange Forward Curve   Shares Outstanding, Outstanding Shares  
 Expanded Criteria Mortgage Loan   Shelf Registration Statement  
 Expense Ratio   Significant Guarantor  
 Extension Rate   Spot Market  
 Fair Value   Spot Price  
 Fair Value Hedge   Statement of Cash flows  
 Fannie Mae   Statement of Equity  
 FASB   Statement of Income  
 FDIC   Stepdown Date  
 Federal Funds Rate   Stock  
 FHLB   Stock Based Compensation  
 FICO   Stock Option  
 Financing Receivables   Stock Option Award  
 FINRA   Stress Testing  
 Fintech   Strike Price  
 Firm Commitment   Structured Investment   
 Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio   Subordinated Debt  
 Fixed Income Securities   Subpoena  
 Foreign Exchange Risk   Subprime  
 Foreign Securities   Subprime Mortgage Loans  
 Forward Contract   Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan  
 Forward Exchange Contract   Super Jumbo Plus  
 Forward Points   Swap Counterparty  
 Forward Price   Swaps  
 Forward Rate   Tangible Book Value per Common Share  
 Freddie Mac   Tangible Capital  
 Futures Contract   Tangible Common Equity to Tangible Assets TCE TA  
 GAAP   Tangible Net Worth  
 Ginnie Mae   Taxable Equivalent Yield  
 Goodwill   Tender Offer  
 Goodwill Impairment   Tier 1 Capital Ratio  
 Government Mortgage Loan   Tier 1 Common  
 Growth of Capital   Tier 1 Leverage Ratio  
 Guarantee   Time Value  
 Guaranteed Investment Contracts GICs   Total Capital Ratio  
 Haircut   Total Capitalization  
 Headcount-Related Expense   Total Cards In Force  
 Hedge   Total Debt  
 Hedge Fund-Linked Derivatives   Total Liabilities  
 Hedging   Total Return  
 HFRX Indexes   Total Return Swaps  
 Illiquid Securities    Total Risk-based Capital Ratio  
 Income Statement   Transaction  
 Income Tax   Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities or TIPS  
 Initial Pool Balance   Treasury Rate  
 Insolvency Event   Trigger Event  
 Intangible Asset   Trust Accounts  
 Interchange Income   U.S. Government And Federal Agency Obligations  
 Interest Bearing Liabilities   U.S. Government Securities  
 Interest Earning Assets   U.S. Government Sponsored Enterprise Obligations   
 Interest Expense   Underlying  
 Interest Income   US GAAP  
 Interest Margin   Value At Risk VaR  
 Interest Rate Cap   Variable Interest Entity  
 Interest Rate Floor   WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital  
 Interest Rate Risk   Wet Deficiency Fee  
 Interest Rate Spread   Wet Mortgage Loan  
 Interest Rate Swap   Wet Mortgage Loans Maximum Dwell Time  
 Interest-Only Strip   Wet Mortgage Loans Sublimit  
 Interests In Purchased Receivables   Yield  
 Intrinsic Value   Zero Coupon Bond  
Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses
Inverse Floaters
Investment Grade
Acquisition Proposal
Investment Securities
Adjusted Average Cardmember Loans
Issuer Credit Risk
ADR American Depositary Receipt
Jumbo Mortgage Loan
ADS American Depositary Share
Leverage Adjusted Duration
Advised Lines of Credit
Life Underwriting Income
Allowance For Credit Losses
Long-Term Total Return
Allowance For Loan and Lease Losses
Alt-A Mortgage Loans
Managed Credit Card Receivables
Managed Receivables
Mark To Market
Asset Allocation
Mark To Market Exposure
Asset Class
Market Cap, Market Capitalization
Asset Securitizations
Market Liquidity Risk
Assets Under Management AUM
Master Netting Agreement
Assets Under Supervision
Match Funding
Assignment Mortgage
Material Adverse Effect
Auction Rate Bond
Maximum Dwell Time
Average Annual Total Return
MBS Mortgage Backed Securities
Average Cardmember Spending
Median Market Cap
Average Commission per Trade
Merchant Acquisition Credit Card
Average Discount Rate
Minority Interest
Average Effective Maturity
Balance Sheet
Money Market Instruments
Basic Cards-In-Force
Basic Net EPS
Mortgage Loan Documents
Mortgage Note
Basis Point
Mortgage Servicing Rights MSR
Basis-Only Swap
Mortgage-Backed Securities MBS
Beneficial Interest
Mortgaged Property
Billed Business Credit Card
MSR Risk Management Revenue
Bond Fund
Net Asset Value NAV
Net Card Fees
Business Segment
Net income -loss of other equity
Call Option
Net Income Attributable to Minority Interest
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Interest
Capital Gain or Capital Loss
Net Interest Margin
Capital Ratios
Net Interest Yield On Cardmember Loans
Card Acquisition
Net Loss Ratio Credit Card
Cardmember Loans
Net Write-Off Rate Credit Card
Cardmember Receivables
Net yield on interest-earning assets
Cash Client Assets
Noncompliant Mortgage Loan
Cash Equivalents
Nonconforming Mortgage Loans
Cash flows Statement
Noncontrolling Interest
Cash-flow Hedge
Nonperforming Asset Ratio
Nonperforming Assets
CDS Credit Default Swap
NYSE New York Stock Exchange
Charge Cards
Closing Agent
Option ARMs Mortgage Loans
Origination Fees
Out of The Money Option
Overhead Ratio
Combined Effective Loan-To-Value Ratio
Combined Ratio
Personal Bankers
COMEX Commodity Exchange
Pool Balance
Commercial Paper
Portfolio Activity
Commercial Paper Rate
Pre Refunding
Commodity Linked Derivatives
Premium Option
Commodity Linked Note
Prime Mortgage Loans
Commodity Risk
Principal Distribution Amount
Contractual Credit Card Charge-Off
Principal Transactions
Credit Card Securitizations
Credit Cards
Progress Collections
Credit Cycle
Provision for Loan Losses
Credit Derivatives
Purchase Obligation
Current Assets
Purchased Credit-Impaired Loans
Current Liabilities
Purchased Funds
Daily Average Revenue Trades DARTs
Purchased Mortgage Loan
Defensive Instruments
Put Option
Deposit Margin
Qualifying SPEs QSPEs
Quarterly Required Amount
Rating Agency Condition
Diluted Net EPS
Receivables From Customers
Discontinued Operations
Repurchase Agreement
Discount Revenue Credit Card
Reset Period Target Amount
Distribution Fees
Residual-Interest Certificates
Dry Mortgage Loan
Restricted Stock
Due Diligence
Retail Avg. Commission per Trade
Earnings per Share basic
Retained Earnings
Earnings per Share diluted
Retained Interest
Effective Tax Rate
Revolver Capacity
Eligible Bank
Risk-Adjusted Assets
Eligible Swap Counterparty
Risk-Weighted Assets
Embedded Derivative
S&P 500 Index
Equity Earnings from Investments
S&P GSCI Commodity Index
Equity Market Risk
ETFs Exchange Traded Funds
Securitization Income
ETNs Exchange Traded Notes
Seed Capital
Service Fees
Severity Rate
Exchange Forward Curve
Shares Outstanding, Outstanding Shares
Expanded Criteria Mortgage Loan
Shelf Registration Statement
Expense Ratio
Significant Guarantor
Extension Rate
Spot Market
Fair Value
Spot Price
Fair Value Hedge
Statement of Cash flows
Fannie Mae
Statement of Equity
Statement of Income
Stepdown Date
Federal Funds Rate
Stock Based Compensation
Stock Option
Financing Receivables
Stock Option Award
Stress Testing
Strike Price
Firm Commitment
Structured Investment
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
Subordinated Debt
Fixed Income Securities
Foreign Exchange Risk
Foreign Securities
Subprime Mortgage Loans
Forward Contract
Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan
Forward Exchange Contract
Super Jumbo Plus
Forward Points
Swap Counterparty
Forward Price
Forward Rate
Tangible Book Value per Common Share
Freddie Mac
Tangible Capital
Futures Contract
Tangible Common Equity to Tangible Assets TCE TA
Tangible Net Worth
Ginnie Mae
Taxable Equivalent Yield
Tender Offer
Goodwill Impairment
Tier 1 Capital Ratio
Government Mortgage Loan
Tier 1 Common
Growth of Capital
Tier 1 Leverage Ratio
Time Value
Guaranteed Investment Contracts GICs
Total Capital Ratio
Total Capitalization
Headcount-Related Expense
Total Cards In Force
Total Debt
Hedge Fund-Linked Derivatives
Total Liabilities
Total Return
HFRX Indexes
Total Return Swaps
Illiquid Securities
Total Risk-based Capital Ratio
Income Statement
Income Tax
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities or TIPS
Initial Pool Balance
Treasury Rate
Insolvency Event
Trigger Event
Intangible Asset
Trust Accounts
Interchange Income
U.S. Government And Federal Agency Obligations
Interest Bearing Liabilities
U.S. Government Securities
Interest Earning Assets
U.S. Government Sponsored Enterprise Obligations
Interest Expense
Interest Income
Interest Margin
Value At Risk VaR
Interest Rate Cap
Variable Interest Entity
Interest Rate Floor
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Interest Rate Risk
Wet Deficiency Fee
Interest Rate Spread
Wet Mortgage Loan
Interest Rate Swap
Wet Mortgage Loans Maximum Dwell Time
Interest-Only Strip
Wet Mortgage Loans Sublimit
Interests In Purchased Receivables
Intrinsic Value
Zero Coupon Bond


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