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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Cemex Sab De Cv $ 286,741 $ 15,577 $ 885 -
Crh Public Ltd Co $ 43,456 $ 30,981 $ 2,621 -
Vulcan Materials Company $ 26,760 $ 7,582 $ 727 11,437
Martin Marietta Materials Inc $ 25,110 $ 6,463 $ 949 10,000
Chemical and Mining Co Of Chile Inc $ 16,064 $ 10,711 $ 3,914 -
James Hardie Industries Plc $ 11,165 $ 3,777 $ 512 3,257
Eagle Materials Inc $ 5,738 $ 2,188 $ 477 2,000
Mdu Resources Group Inc $ 3,810 $ 6,665 $ 434 9,598
Summit Materials Inc $ 3,714 $ 2,470 $ 171 5,000
Loma Negra Compa a Industrialargentina Sociedad An $ 3,512 $ 3,789 $ 47 -
Cementos Pacasmayo Saa $ 2,221 $ 641 $ 54 -
Hecla Mining Company $ 2,187 $ 718 $ -47 -
Forterra Inc $ 1,677 $ 1,858 $ 116 -
Tecnoglass Inc $ 1,537 $ 840 $ 203 5,853
Atlas Energy Solutions Inc $ 1,271 - $ 0 -
U s Concrete Inc $ 1,258 $ 1,322 $ -5 643
Energy Fuels Inc $ 1,249 $ 30 $ 142 -
United States Lime and Minerals Inc $ 1,136 $ 265 $ 63 321
Compass Minerals International Inc $ 1,108 $ 584 $ 11 3,103
U s Silica Holdings Inc $ 1,036 $ 1,681 $ 154 1,404
Centrus Energy Corp $ 844 $ 324 $ 34 446
Piedmont Lithium Inc $ 607 - $ 161 10,400
Sisecam Resources Lp $ 502 $ 764 $ 137 -
Intrepid Potash inc $ 305 $ 239 $ 26 494
Atlas Lithium Corporation $ 274 $ 0 $ -18 -
American Battery Technology Company $ 156 - $ -21 -
Caesarstone Ltd $ 147 $ 644 $ 18 -
5e Advanced Materials Inc $ 102 - $ -31 -
Smith midland Corporation $ 100 $ 53 $ 1 205
Smart Sand Inc $ 83 $ 303 $ 8 103
View Inc $ 29 $ 118 $ -295 -
Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited $ 27 $ 43 $ -8 -
American Clean Resources Group Inc $ 18 - $ -1 -
Knife River Holding Company $ 4 - $ 0 -
Kibush Capital Corp $ 0 $ 0 $ -1 49
Applied Minerals Inc $ 0 $ 1 $ -2 32
Auscrete Corporation - - $ 0 3
Premier Product Group Inc - - $ 0 2
Tgs International Ltd - - $ 0 -
Nami Corp - - $ -3 1
Construction Raw Materials Industry $ 443,947 $ 100,627 $ 11,434 64,351
  Recent News from Construction Raw Materials Industry
5e Advanced Materials Inc

5e Advanced Materials Inc Faces Challenging Fiscal Quarter with $-8.686 Million Operating Deficit, Investors Brace for Impact

In a recent financial report, investors appear to be unconcerned about certain modifications to the revenue during the fiscal quarter from April to June 2023 at 5e Advanced Materials Inc. However, shareholders are closely monitoring the company's operating deficit, which amounted to a substantial $-8.686 million during the same period. While investors anticipate additional sources of revenue in the upcoming cycle, they are not relying on the company's current efficiency at the Construction Raw Materials company.
One clear observation is that the Construction Raw Materials company experienced a more demanding fiscal fourth quarter in 2023, posting a significant net deficit of $-10.252 million compared to the $32.970 million in income from the previous fiscal fourth quarter. The company also reported a net loss of $-30.62 million for the entire fiscal year of 2023, with a total revenue of $0.00 million.

American Clean Resources Group Inc

American Clean Resources Group Inc Sets Positive Trend, Decreases Operating Shortfall in Q2 2023, Boosting Confidence in the Construction Raw Materials Sector

The Construction Raw Materials sector advisors are eagerly analyzing the second quarter of 2023 results to gain crucial insights into the industry's performance. Of particular interest is the operating shortfall of $-0.164445 million reported by American Clean Resources Group Inc (ACRG), a notable player in the sector. Surprisingly, ACRG has not disclosed any revenue yet for the April to June 30, 2023 reporting period. However, this absence of announced earnings can be considered a positive sign when compared to previous references.
In a comparison with the second quarter of 2022, ACRG has shown improvement in its operating shortfall, which amounted to $-0.184848 million. This positive trend has significantly boosted market participants' confidence in American Clean Resources Group Inc. Although a small business, ACRG recorded a shortfall of $-0.422 million in the second quarter of 2023, a reflection of growth from $-0.368 million in the same period of the previous year.

Summit Materials Inc

Summit Materials Inc Unveils Impressive Single-Digit Revenue Surge in the Second Quarter of 2023

Summit Materials Inc, a Construction Raw Materials company, has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2023. The figures reveal a contradictory situation, where revenue grew significantly compared to the previous year, while the earnings per share (EPS) exhibited a steep decline. Understanding the implications of these results will be crucial in determining the company's future trajectory.
Revenue Growth Amidst Declining Sector:
In a surprising twist, Summit Materials Inc experienced a notable 6.204% growth in revenue for Q2 2023, amounting to $729.15 million compared to $686.55 million in the previous year. This stands in stark contrast to the broader Construction Raw Materials sector, which witnessed a 2.70% decrease in revenue during the same period. Consequently, Summit Materials' performance appears to be an outlier and commands attention within the industry.

Atlas Lithium Corporation

A Promising Future Ahead for Atlas Lithium Corporation as Shares Rise Above Average and Expertly Monitored

During the past 5 trading days, Atlas Lithium Corporation shares have experienced a decline of -5.66%. These shares are currently being traded on the NASDAQ and are 64.6% above their 52-week average. This news has caught the attention of investors and financial analysts who are closely monitoring the company's performance.
For the fiscal span ending June 30, 2023, Atlas Lithium Corporation reported a deficit per share of $-1.02. This represents a significant increase from the previous year's figure of $0.00 per share. Additionally, the company's deficit has increased from $-0.60 per share in the previous financial reporting period. This negative trend in earnings is concerning for investors, as it indicates that the company is experiencing financial difficulties.

View Inc

View Inc's Second Quarter 2023 Results Show Explosive Revenue Growth and Promising Future

View Inc, a Construction Raw Materials company, has recently released its financial results for the second quarter of 2023. The company demonstrated outstanding revenue growth, significant improvements in earnings per share (EPS), and a reduction in losses compared to the previous year. These impressive figures have important implications for View Inc's future, suggesting a positive outlook for the company going forward.
1. Revenue Growth:
In the April to June 30 period of 2023, View Inc experienced a remarkable revenue growth of 91.37% to reach $31.22 million. This surge represents a substantial increase compared to the same reporting season a year ago. This phenomenal growth indicates the company's ability to generate higher sales, potentially driven by a rising demand for construction raw materials.

Hecla Mining Company

Hecla Mining Company Faces Significant Earnings Shortfall of $-0.03 per Share as Demand Plummets in Q2 2023

During the past 5 days, investors have seen a decline in the shares of Hecla Mining Company by -3.29%, bringing the year-to-date performance to -1.41%. This downward trend may concern shareholders who were expecting positive returns.
One factor that may have contributed to this drop in share price is the lower turnover experienced by Hecla Mining Company. This led to fading revenue and a higher shortfall for the financial period ending June 30, 2023. The company reported a loss of $-0.03 per share during this time, compared to a bottom line of $-0.01 per share in the previous reporting period. Additionally, revenue dropped by -7.103% to $177.66 million year-on-year, down from $199.50 million.

Tecnoglass Inc

Tecnoglass Inc Reports Astonishing 57% Profit Growth in Q2 2023 Earnings Season

Tecnoglass Inc, a leading manufacturer and distributor of architectural glass and windows, has reported impressive financial results for the period of April to June 2023. The company's profitability saw a significant jump of 57.14% to $1.10 per share compared to the same period of the previous year. This increase in profitability can be attributed to a notable growth in revenue of 32.843% to $224.67 million.
During the preceding reporting period, Tecnoglass Inc had achieved revenue of $202.64 million and earnings of $1.01 per share. Therefore, the current financial time-frame reflects considerable progress for the company. Net profits for this period also rose by 57.32% to $52.565 million, compared to net earnings of $33.413 million in the same period a year ago.

Compass Minerals International Inc

Compass Minerals International Inc's Third Quarter Earnings Soar, Boosted by $42.70 Million in Tax Provisions

The stock market has been buzzing with excitement as Compass Minerals International Inc (CMP) recently announced its impressive third-quarter earnings for 2023. A remarkable turnaround has been observed, with CMP posting an Income per Share of $0.96 compared to a loss of $-0.23 per share just a year ago. Furthermore, earnings per share have also taken a positive turn, increasing from -$0.53 per share in the prior reporting season. This remarkable growth in earnings indicates a strong and promising future for CMP.
Despite a slight decline in revenue by -5.4% to $87.60 million in comparison to the previous year's comparable period, it is essential to note that this quarter's revenue tumbled by -59.313% from $215.30 million sequentially. While revenue may have suffered a decline, it is crucial to consider the bigger picture and focus on the impressive growth in net earnings. CMP reached a net earnings of $39.900 million, a significant improvement compared to a net loss of $-7.900 million in the same period last year.

Smart Sand Inc

Smart Sand Inc Reports Strong Earnings with $3.29 Million Provision on Income Taxes

In the face of declining transactions and diminishing revenue within the Construction Raw Materials sector, Smart Sand Inc has managed to stand strong and deliver positive results in the April to June 30, 2023 fiscal period. The company's net profit per share remained unchanged at $0.17, compared to $0.00 a year before, signifying remarkable consistency. Additionally, net profit per share improved from $-0.09 in the previous quarter.
Revenue exhibited a notable 8.822% increase, reaching $74.78 million from $68.71 million in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. However, sequentially, revenue declined by -9.197% from $82.35 million. These figures reflect Smart Sand Inc's ability to weather challenging market conditions and adapt accordingly.

Centrus Energy Corp

Centrus Energy Corp Faces Sweeping EPS Dive in Q2 2023 as Profits Plunge by Over 66%

The stock market has been thriving lately, with many companies reporting impressive earnings. However, one company that has recently disclosed a reduction in earnings per share is Centrus Energy Corp. Despite this setback, there are indications that the company is taking necessary steps to bounce back and regain its momentum.
In the second quarter of the 2023 earnings season, Centrus Energy Corp reported a -66.93% decrease in earnings per share, bringing it down to $0.83. Furthermore, the company witnessed a decline in revenue by -1.11%, amounting to $98.00 million. These numbers may have raised a few eyebrows, but it's essential to look at the bigger picture.


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