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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Wpp Plc $ 50,433 $ 12,801 $ 721 109,382
Omnicom Group Inc $ 14,866 $ 14,365 $ 1,466 71,700
Interpublic Group Of Companies Inc $ 11,185 $ 10,811 $ 964 55,600
Agri fintech Holdings inc $ 5,524 $ 866 $ -174 11
Criteo S a $ 1,572 $ 958 $ 9 3,716
Angi Inc $ 975 $ 1,706 $ -100 4,600
National Cinemedia Inc $ 827 $ 196 $ 514 -
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc $ 699 $ 2,495 $ -11 4,700
Thryv Holdings Inc $ 678 $ 1,057 $ -12 2,955
Stagwell Inc $ 541 $ 2,627 $ 14 9,100
Quotient Technology Inc $ 393 $ 265 $ -40 1,162
Groupon Inc $ 363 $ 543 $ -150 1,079
Psq Holdings Inc $ 185 - $ -8 -
Airnet Technology inc $ 170 $ 12 $ -17 220
Ezagoo Limited $ 124 $ 0 $ -1 -
Theglobe com inc $ 100 - $ 0 1
Travelzoo $ 77 $ 66 $ 5 -
Starco Brands Inc $ 71 $ 34 $ -7 -
Harte Hanks Inc $ 46 $ 204 $ 30 1,937
Starbox Group Holdings Ltd $ 43 $ 7 $ 4 21
Fluent Inc $ 38 $ 333 $ -92 265
Izea Worldwide Inc $ 33 $ 39 $ -6 -
Direct Digital Holdings inc $ 32 - $ 0 -
Inuvo Inc $ 26 $ 58 $ -8 -
Mobiquity Technologies Inc $ 18 $ 2 $ -6 -
Lendway Inc $ 10 $ 28 $ 13 -
Parts Id Inc $ 9 $ 174 $ -24 -
Specificity Inc $ 7 - $ 0 -
Idw Media Holdings Inc $ 6 $ 36 $ -1 -
Srax Inc $ 5 $ 34 $ -42 -
Mastermind Inc $ 5 $ 5 $ 0 -
Sun Pacific Holding Corp $ 4 $ 0 $ -1 -
Treasure and Shipwreck Recovery Inc $ 1 - $ -2 -
Cgs International Inc. - - $ -113 -
Stran and Company Inc - - $ 0 -
Adm Endeavors Inc - $ 5 $ 0 -
Cmg Holdings Group Inc - $ 2 $ 0 -
The Teardroppers Inc - $ 0 $ 0 -
Vado Corp - - $ -4 -
Network Cn Inc - - $ 0 -
Advertising Industry $ 89,052 $ 49,728 $ 2,919 266,449
  Recent News from Advertising Industry
Ezagoo Limited

Ezagoo Limited Surprises Market with Zero Gain in Shares, Despite Concerning Future Outlook

Ezagoo Limited, a company operating in the advertising sector, experienced mixed results in the fiscal second quarter of 2023. While the company managed to achieve zero gain per share, there are various concerning factors that suggest a bearish outlook for the company's future.
First and foremost, Ezagoo's revenue for the second quarter of 2023 advanced sharply to $0.04 million, compared to $0.00 million in the same reporting period a year prior. However, it should be noted that this revenue growth is relatively insignificant, especially when considering the sizable decline in revenue from the preceding reporting period by -50.754%, plummeting from $0.08 million. This significant drop in revenue raises concerns about the company's ability to generate consistent and sustainable growth.

Fluent Inc

Fluent Inc Shows Signs of Profitability Amid Lingering Challenges, Raises Concerns for Long-Term Growth Prospects

Fluent Inc, a leading digital marketing company, recently announced a seemingly positive turnaround in its fiscal performance by posting significant improvements in profitability and positive net profit per share. However, upon deeper analysis, it becomes evident that several bearish factors still pose risks to the company's long-term growth prospects.
1. Decreased Revenues:
Fluent Inc reported a substantial decline in revenue of 16.486% to $82.15 million, compared to $98.36 million in the same period last year. Although the company experienced a sequential increase of 6.331%, it remains essential to acknowledge the overall downturn. This revenue decline could suggest a waning demand for Fluent Inc's services, casting doubts on the sustainability of its profitability.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc witnesses a decline in revenue during Q2 2023

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (CCO) had a challenging second quarter in 2023, reporting a loss of $-0.08 per share compared to $-0.14 in the previous year. However, it is important to note that the deficit improved from $-0.07 per share in the prior reporting season. Despite the decrease in revenue by -0.954% to $637.24 million from $643.38 million a year ago, there was a sequential increase of 16.831% from $545.44 million.
One positive aspect is that Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc managed to reduce its net deficit significantly, reporting a deficit of $-36.579 million in the second quarter of 2023 compared to $-65.317 million in the same period last year. This shows that the company is actively taking measures to improve its financial position.

Vado Corp

VADO Corp Catapults to Financial Success, Surges with $3.78031 Million in Revenue

VADO Corp's Latest Financials Unveil Revenue Growth, Projecting a Bullish Future
In the ever-evolving world of business, corporations are constantly striving to achieve substantial growth and profitability. VADO Corp, a global leader in XYZ industry, has recently released its financial results for the period from April to June 2023. The numbers have captivated investors and industry experts alike.
During this period, VADO Corp generated a staggering $3.78031 million in revenue, showcasing an impressive upward trajectory. This figure not only signifies a strong performance for the company but also the validity of its business strategy and ability to cater to market demands.

Starco Brands Inc

Starco Brands Inc's Losses Skyrocket in Latest Fiscal Period, Raising Concerns for Company's Future

Starco Brands Inc (STCB) has achieved impressive financial results in the financial period ending June 30, 2023, with a robust revenue improvement of 1302.255% year on year, reaching $17.25 million. This remarkable top-line growth sharply contrasts with the revenue contraction experienced by most of its peers in the Advertising sector during the same period. However, despite this positive revenue performance, the company reported an increased deficit per share at $-0.01.
Comparing the latest financial period with the prior reporting period, Starco Brands Inc had also experienced a notable upswing in revenue, surging by 54.802%, from $11.14 million. However, the net deficit for the most recent fiscal period amounted to $-5.951 million, a considerable decline from the comparable reporting period a year earlier, where no gains were recorded.

Inuvo Inc

Rapid Revenue Crunch: Inuvo Inc Proves its Mettle During Q2 2023 Earnings Season

The stock market is an ever-changing landscape, with companies constantly striving to achieve growth and success. While some may face challenges along the way, it is crucial to look at the bigger picture and recognize the potential for improvement and growth. In the case of Inuvo Inc, a recent report showed a decline in orders, resulting in an increase in loss. However, amidst this setback, there are signs of progress and opportunity.
In the Jun 30 2023 report, Inuvo Inc experienced a decline in orders, causing their loss per share to increase to $-0.03. Additionally, their revenue dropped by -25.589% to $16.65 million from $22.38 million a year ago. While these figures may seem concerning at first glance, it is important to analyze the entire financial picture.

Adm Endeavors Inc

Adm Endeavors Inc Defies Industry Trends with Impressive Revenue of $1.32 Million in Recent Fiscal Period

In a period when most companies in the advertising sector are grappling with receding orders and declining revenue, Adm Endeavors Inc emerges as a shining star. The recent fiscal period has shown promising signs for the company, with significant improvements in key financial indicators. This article explores the noteworthy facts from Adm Endeavors Inc's latest financial report and sheds light on their achievements despite a challenging market landscape.
Break-even Turnaround:
Adm Endeavors Inc has successfully turned around its financial performance, reaching a break-even point of $0.00 per share in the most recent fiscal period. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous year's break-even point of $0.00 per share. The company's strong fiscal management and strategic efforts have propelled it towards achieving stability and growth.

Cmg Holdings Group Inc

CMGO Reports Plummeting Revenue Throughout Q2 2023 Earnings Season: What Went Wrong for Cmg Holdings Group Inc?

Exciting Times Ahead for CMG Holdings Group Inc in the Stock Market
Investors and traders who have been closely following the stock market are in for a treat with CMG Holdings Group Inc (CMGO) as it continues to make impressive strides. The company's financial performance for the period ending June 30, 2023, points towards a promising future and showcases its determination to dominate the market.
In terms of stock value, CMGO reached a notable milestone, hitting $0.00 per share, which is consistent with the previous year's performance. Additionally, the prior financial reporting period witnessed a stabilization in stock value at $0.00 per share. This consistent performance indicates that CMGO is a reliable and steady performer, giving shareholders confidence in the company's potential.

Parts Id Inc

Unveiling the Catastrophic Plunge in Advertising Company's Q2 2023 Revenues: A Gripping Analysis

Parts Id Inc, a prominent advertising company, recently disclosed a highly disappointing financial performance for the period of April to June 2023. With an 84.538% decline in revenue and a net deficit per share of $-0.11, the company is facing numerous challenges. This article examines the impact of these financial results and their potential implications for the company moving forward.
1. Plummeting Revenue and Net Deficit:
Parts Id Inc witnessed a drastic decline in revenue, dropping by 84.538% to $16.12 million during the April to June 2023 period. This is alarming, as it indicates a significant decrease in business opportunities. Additionally, the net deficit per share has risen to $-0.11 from $-0.19 in the prior reporting period. These figures pose a serious concern for the company's financial stability and long-term prospects.


Travelzoo's Q2 2023 Report Reveals Impressive 112.5% Profit Growth and 14.467% Revenue Surge

Travelzoo's second quarter of 2023 financial report has revealed some impressive figures that have left investors excited about the company's future prospects. The net profit per share skyrocketed by an impressive 112.5%, reaching $0.17 per share. This growth is a substantial improvement from the previous reporting season, where income saw a decline of 26.09%, settling at $0.23 per share.
Even more encouraging is the substantial increase in revenue, which rose by 14.467% to $20.25 million compared to the same period the previous year. The prior year experienced a slight decrease in revenue by 3.166% to $20.91 million. This surge in revenue demonstrates Travelzoo's ability to adapt to market conditions and generate consistent growth.


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