Insurance Terms
 Accident Year   Large Deductible Policy  
 Admitted Insurer   Lloyds  
 Annuity   Loss And LAE Ratio  
 Assigned Risk Pools   Loss Reserve Development  
 Assumed Reinsurance   Loss Reserves  
 Average Value Analysis   Losses Incurred  
 Bornhuetter-Ferguson Method   National Association of Insurance Commissioners NAIC  
 Capacity Insurance   Net Written Premiums  
 Captive   Paid Development Method  
 Case Incurred Development Method   Pool  
 Case Reserves   Premiums  
 Casualty Insurance   Property Insurance  
 Catastrophe Insurance   Quota Share Reinsurance  
 Catastrophe Loss   Redundancy  
 Catastrophe Reinsurance   Reinstatement Premiums  
 Cede, Ceding Company   Reinsurance  
 Ceded Reinsurance   Reinsurance Agreement  
 Claim   Reported Claim Development Method  
 Claims And Claim Adjustment Expenses   Residual Market Involuntary Business  
 Cohort   Retention  
 Commercial Multi Peril Policies   Retention Rate  
 Commutation Agreement   Retrospective Premiums  
 Deductible   Retrospective Rating  
 Deferred Acquisition Costs   Risk Based Capital RBC  
 Deficiency   Risk Retention Group  
 Direct Written Premiums   Runoff Business  
 Earned Premiums or Premiums Earned   S-Curve Method  
 Excess Liability   Salvage  
 Excess of Loss Reinsurance   Second Injury Fund  
 Facultative Reinsurance   Self Insured Retentions  
 Fair Access to Insurance Requirements FAIR Plan   Servicing Carrier  
 Fidelity and Surety Programs   Statutory Accounting Practices SAP  
 GAAP Combined Ratio   Statutory Surplus  
 Ground Up Analysis   Structured Settlements  
 Guaranteed Cost Products   Subrogation  
 Guaranty Fund   Third Party Liability  
 Inland Marine   Treaty Reinsurance  
 Insurance Broker   Umbrella Coverage  
 Insurance Claim    Unassigned Surplus  
 Insurance Rates   Unearned Premium  
 Insurance Underwriter   Unpaid Claims and Claims Adjustment Expenses  
 Insurance Underwriting   Voluntary Market  
 Insurance Underwriting Expense Ratio   Wholesale Broker Insurance  
 Insurance Underwriting Gain or Loss   Workers Compensation Insurance  
 IRIS Ratios     
Accident Year
Large Deductible Policy
Admitted Insurer
Loss And LAE Ratio
Assigned Risk Pools
Loss Reserve Development
Assumed Reinsurance
Loss Reserves
Average Value Analysis
Losses Incurred
Bornhuetter-Ferguson Method
National Association of Insurance Commissioners NAIC
Capacity Insurance
Net Written Premiums
Paid Development Method
Case Incurred Development Method
Case Reserves
Casualty Insurance
Property Insurance
Catastrophe Insurance
Quota Share Reinsurance
Catastrophe Loss
Catastrophe Reinsurance
Reinstatement Premiums
Cede, Ceding Company
Ceded Reinsurance
Reinsurance Agreement
Reported Claim Development Method
Claims And Claim Adjustment Expenses
Residual Market Involuntary Business
Commercial Multi Peril Policies
Retention Rate
Commutation Agreement
Retrospective Premiums
Retrospective Rating
Deferred Acquisition Costs
Risk Based Capital RBC
Risk Retention Group
Direct Written Premiums
Runoff Business
Earned Premiums or Premiums Earned
S-Curve Method
Excess Liability
Excess of Loss Reinsurance
Second Injury Fund
Facultative Reinsurance
Self Insured Retentions
Fair Access to Insurance Requirements FAIR Plan
Servicing Carrier
Fidelity and Surety Programs
Statutory Accounting Practices SAP
GAAP Combined Ratio
Statutory Surplus
Ground Up Analysis
Structured Settlements
Guaranteed Cost Products
Guaranty Fund
Third Party Liability
Inland Marine
Treaty Reinsurance
Insurance Broker
Umbrella Coverage
Insurance Claim
Unassigned Surplus
Insurance Rates
Unearned Premium
Insurance Underwriter
Unpaid Claims and Claims Adjustment Expenses
Insurance Underwriting
Voluntary Market
Insurance Underwriting Expense Ratio
Wholesale Broker Insurance
Insurance Underwriting Gain or Loss
Workers Compensation Insurance
IRIS Ratios


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