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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Te Connectivity ltd $ 38,753 $ 16,358 $ 2,066 92,000
Arrow Electronics Inc $ 8,199 $ 37,124 $ 1,435 18,700
Avnet Inc $ 4,516 $ 26,536 $ 771 18,800
Ituran Location And Control Ltd $ 612 $ 293 $ 40 1,544
Rada Electronic Industries Ltd $ 494 $ 117 $ 25 93
Voxx International Corporation $ 177 $ 517 $ -35 2,060
Eaco Corp $ 167 $ 318 $ 21 -
Richardson Electronics Ltd $ 156 $ 263 $ 22 373
Tessco Technologies Incorporated $ 83 $ 452 $ -4 786
Taitron Components Incorporated $ 21 $ 8 $ 2 20
Surge Components Inc $ 17 $ 45 $ 3 38
Universal Security Instruments Inc $ 5 $ 24 $ 1 15
Orbital Infrastructure Group Inc $ 2 $ 332 $ -263 -
Simply Inc $ 1 $ 79 $ -11 -
First America Resources Corporation - - $ 0 1
Electronic Parts & Equipment Industry $ 53,204 $ 82,467 $ 4,072 134,430
  Recent News from Electronic Parts & Equipment Industry
Universal Security Instruments Inc

Universal Security Instruments Inc Surprises Investors with Turnaround in Profits Amidst Recent Turbulence

Over the past week, shares of Universal Security Instruments Inc have experienced a significant drop of -12.21%. This decline brings the year-to-date performance down to 27.18%. Currently, the stock is trading on the NYSE at -7.8% below its 52-week average. These figures indicate a potential cause for concern among investors.
However, it is worth delving deeper into the financial performance of Universal Security Instruments Inc to understand the reasons behind these numbers. For the most recent fiscal period, the company's earnings turned positive, with a reported $0.07 per share. This is a notable improvement from the previous year's earnings of $-0.05 per share. However, profit did experience a significant decline of -43.12% from the previous reporting period's earnings of $0.12 per share.
On the revenue front, Universal Security Instruments Inc saw an impressive 44.516% jump to $6.70 million from $4.64 million in the comparable reporting period a year ago. The company's revenue also increased sequentially, showing a 13.007% growth from $5.93 million. These figures indicate a positive trend in terms of revenue generation.

Avnet Inc

Avnet Inc Shines Bright: A Remarkable Journey of Outstanding Achievements in the Most Recent Fiscal Period

Avnet Inc, a leading provider of electronic parts and equipment, has seen significant growth in its income per share and revenue in the May to July 01, 2023 financial period. The company's income per share increased by 6.33% to $1.80 per share compared to $1.69 a year ago. However, profits fell by -11.5% from $2.03 per share in the prior reporting period.
Despite the decrease in profits, Avnet Inc experienced a substantial jump in revenue, with a 30.901% increase to $6.82 billion from $5.21 billion in the corresponding reporting period a year ago. Sequentially, revenue advanced by 4.624% from $6.51 billion.

Taitron Components Incorporated

Headwinds Amidst Tumultuous Times: Taitron Components Incorporated Faces Challenging Financial Storms, revealing a 46.595% Plummet in Revenue

Taitron Components Incorporated, an Electronic Parts and Equipment company, has reported a decrease in income and revenue for the most recent fiscal period. Income decreased by 10% from $0.10 per share to $0.09 per share compared to the previous year, and by 30.77% from $0.13 per share from the prior quarter.
The decline in revenue was significant, with a decrease of 46.595% to $1.49 million from $2.79 million in the same quarter a year prior. Sequentially, revenue fell by 28.571% from $2.09 million.
Furthermore, the bottom-line of $0.531 million in the most recent fiscal period suffered a 13.38% decline from zero gain in the corresponding period a year before. This indicates a decrease in profitability for the company.

Arrow Electronics Inc

Arrow Electronics Inc Faces Revenue Decline in Q2 2023, Income Plunges by 22.41%

Arrow Electronics Inc experienced a weak second quarter of the 2023 earnings season, with a decline in income and revenue compared to the previous year. The company saw a decrease of -22.41% in income, falling to $4.12 per share, while revenue decreased by -6.167% to $8.51 billion.
When comparing these figures sequentially, we see that profits fell by -10.43% from $4.60 per share, and revenue declined by -2.54% from $8.74 billion. This downward trend is concerning for investors, as it indicates a decline in the company's financial performance over time.
Net earnings also suffered a significant decrease in the second quarter of 2023, with a drop of -35.03% from $365.996 million in the corresponding period the previous year. This decline further adds to the overall negative performance of Arrow Electronics Inc during this period.

Richardson Electronics Ltd

Richardson Electronics Ltd Reports Increment in Earnings Assisted by $2.58 Million Tax Provisions Despite Significant Drop in EPS and Revenue

Richardson Electronics Ltd, a leading Electronic Parts and Equipment company, has recently released its financial results for the fiscal period closing on May 27, 2023. The company has witnessed a decline in various key financial indicators, raising concerns about its future performance. This article explores the impact of these results on Richardson Electronics Ltd and discusses the potential implications for the company going forward.
1. Declining Earnings and Income:
During the fiscal period closing May 27, 2023, Richardson Electronics Ltd experienced a significant decrease in earnings per share (EPS), plummeting by -54.63% to $0.31 per share compared to $0.68 per share from the previous year. Additionally, the company's income faded by -29.46% from $0.44 per share in the preceding reporting period. These downward trends in earnings and income signal potential challenges for Richardson Electronics Ltd's profitability and financial stability.

Te Connectivity Ltd

Te Connectivity Ltd Faces Unexpected Dip in Profits during the Third Quarter of 2023 Earnings Season and Te Connectivity Ltd Reports a Shocking Plunge in EPS and Revenue, Underperforming Market Expectations for Q3 2023

Te Connectivity Ltd, an Electronic Parts and Equipment company, recently announced disappointing financial results for the third quarter of the 2023 earnings season. The company's earnings per share (EPS) deteriorated by -8.74% to $1.67 from $1.83, while revenue decreased by -2.416% to $4.00 billion compared to the same period last year.
In the previous reporting season, Te Connectivity Ltd experienced growth in profits, with EPS reaching $1.36 per share. However, there was a decline in revenue by -3.894% to $4.16 billion. The net profits for the third quarter of the 2023 earnings season were $528.000 million, indicating a -11.11% drop from $594.000 million in the corresponding period the previous year.

Surge Components Inc

Surge Components Inc Plunges into Financial Vortex: Q2 2023 EPS Drops by a Staggering 40%

Investors Concerned as Surge Components Inc Reports Drop in Profits for Q2 2023
In a concerning announcement today, Surge Components Inc, the renowned electronics manufacturer, revealed a significant drop in net profit per share for the second quarter of 2023. The company's profit per share plummeted by 40% to $0.09 per share, compared to $0.15 during the same period last year. However, despite this setback, profits did see a growth of 28.57% from the prior financial reporting period, where the profit per share was $0.07.
In terms of revenue, Surge Components Inc experienced a sharp decline of 35.866% to $10.20 million, in contrast to $15.90 million in the second quarter of the previous year. However, it is worth noting that sequential revenue did advance by 10.96% from $9.19 million. Moreover, net profits in the second quarter of 2023 amounted to $0.524 million, suffering a notable decline of 39.21% from a break-even in the corresponding period a year before.

Universal Security Instruments Inc

Revival Triumph: Universal Security Instruments Inc. Achieves Positive Profitability in Q4 2023 with a 38.159% Revenue Jump

Universal Security Instruments Inc is an electronic parts and equipment company that has shown positive growth and profitability in recent financial reporting periods. In the fourth quarter of the 2023 earnings season, the company's profitability turned positive, with a profit of $0.12 per share compared to a loss of $0.10 per share the previous year. However, profits fell by 17.96% from $0.15 per share in the preceding financial reporting period.
The revenue of Universal Security Instruments Inc has experienced a significant jump of 38.159% to $5.93 million in the fourth quarter of 2023, compared to $4.29 million in the same period a year ago. Additionally, the company's revenue sequentially surged by 2.937% from $5.76 million. These strong revenue figures showcase the company's ability to generate consistent growth.

Voxx International Corporation

Voxx International Corporation Faces Unprecedented Trials and Spiraling Losses in Opening Quarter of 2024 Earnings Season

Voxx International Corporation, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, has recently reported its fiscal results for the period ending May 31, 2023. The company experienced a notable increase in losses per share, with a figure of $-0.45 compared to $-0.27 in the previous year. However, there was a positive improvement in earnings per share (EPS) from the preceding quarter, rising to $-0.80 per share.
Regarding revenue, Voxx International Corporation witnessed a significant decline both on a year-on-year and sequential basis. In comparison to the similar quarter a year earlier, the revenue receded by -13.055%, amounting to $111.93 million compared to $128.73 million. Sequentially, the revenue fell by -18.016% from $136.52 million. These figures indicate a challenging period for the company in terms of generating revenue.

Eaco Corp

Eaco Corp Reveals Surging Revenue in Q3 2023: Sees 3.152% Uptick in Performance, Income Boosted by 3.81%

Eaco Corp, a leading company in its sector, recently released its financial results for the fiscal period ending on May 31, 2023. Despite facing some challenges, the company managed to maintain a stable earnings per share (EPS) of $1.09 compared to the previous year. Additionally, the company experienced a slight improvement in income by 3.81% from the prior quarter.
One positive aspect highlighted in the financial report is the increase in revenue. The company recorded a modest growth of 3.152% to $80.25 million compared to $77.80 million in the same quarter of the previous year. Moreover, sequentially, revenue experienced a further increase of 4.321% from $76.93 million. This demonstrates Eaco Corp's ability to attract more customers and generate higher sales.


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