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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Caterpillar Inc $ 140,067 $ 64,771 $ 8,360 107,700
Cnh Industrial N v $ 16,585 $ 35,460 $ 3,235 69,207
Applied Industrial Technologies Inc $ 6,107 $ 4,412 $ 347 6,200
Terex Corporation $ 3,885 $ 5,060 $ 472 20,400
Wabash National Corporation $ 1,087 $ 2,620 $ 204 5,100
Astec Industries Inc $ 1,073 $ 1,363 $ 25 -
Columbus Mckinnon Corporation $ 992 $ 951 $ 49 2,747
Aersale Corporation $ 801 $ 294 $ -3 500
Hyster yale Materials Handling Inc $ 760 $ 3,915 $ 37 5,500
Douglas Dynamics Inc $ 696 $ 616 $ 36 993
Blue Bird Corporation $ 626 $ 725 $ -14 1,762
Hudson Technologies Inc $ 598 $ 239 $ 56 129
Distribution Solutions Group Inc $ 533 $ 1,438 $ 12 -
The Manitowoc Company Inc $ 522 $ 2,187 $ -105 12,300
Miller Industries Inc $ 454 $ 1,014 $ 39 890
Willis Lease Finance Corp $ 275 $ 354 $ 30 -
Hyliion Holdings Corp $ 224 $ 2 $ -157 -
Gencor Industries Inc $ 218 $ 107 $ 12 216
Urban gro Inc $ 14 $ 64 $ -23 -
Phoenix Motor inc $ 11 $ 6 $ -19 -
Hillman Companies Inc - $ 1,443 $ -23 -
Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc - - $ -12 -
Fact Inc - - $ -1 -
Construction & Mining Machinery Industry $ 175,528 $ 127,041 $ 12,556 233,644
  Recent News from Construction & Mining Machinery Industry

Douglas Dynamics Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend, Providing Shareholders with Ongoing Returns Amidst Steady Growth

In a recent press release, Douglas Dynamics, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has approved and declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.295 per share for the third quarter of 2023. This decision reflects the company's commitment to enhancing shareholder value while solidifying its position as North America's leading manufacturer and upfitter of work truck attachments and equipment.
The declaration of a quarterly cash dividend signals the company's financial strength and stability. By distributing a portion of its earnings to shareholders, Douglas Dynamics rewards investors for their trust and confidence in the company's long-term prospects. This dividend announcement comes on the back of the company's consistent growth trajectory, bolstering its reputation as a reliable investment option within the industry.

Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc

Operating Deficit at Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc Improves to -$17.65 Million in Q2 2023, Signaling Positive Financials

The Construction and Mining Machinery industry is closely monitoring the second quarter performance of Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc (AMV) in 2023. The AMV recently reported a reduced operating deficit of $-14.621 million for the period of April to June 2023. This improvement is a positive sign for the state of the company, especially compared to the operating deficit of $-17.651868 million during the same period in 2022. The ability of emerging growth entities like AMV to efficiently manage their operations is crucial for their long-term success.
Better Efficiency Leads to Reduced Operating Deficit:
During the April to June 2023 period, the executives at Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc demonstrated effective management by reducing the operating deficit to $-14.712 million. This signifies a more efficient approach to running the business and a step towards achieving their long-term business strategy. The reduction in operating deficit demonstrates the dedication of the company's management team to improving the financial health of AMV.

Nxu Inc

Surprising Financial Turnaround: Nxu Inc Boosts Operating Shortfall to $-17.6 Million in Q2 2023, Inspiring Investor Optimism

The Construction and Mining Machinery industry has witnessed its fair share of financial ups and downs over the years. However, as the April to June reporting cycle for 2023 progresses, one company in particular, NXU, has managed to turn heads with its latest financial results. In this article, we will interpret the company's recent earnings and assess how they may impact its future prospects.
Operating Shortfall and Optimism:
During the second quarter of 2023, NXU reported an operating shortfall of $-14.621 million. While this may appear as a negative figure on the surface, industry insiders view it as a promising revelation given the lack of usual standards. Notably, there has been a remarkable enhancement in the operating shortfall compared to the same period in 2022, which stood at $-17.651868 million. This improvement has sparked optimism among countless investors, who consider it a positive signal for NXU's future.

Urban Gro Inc

Urban Gro Inc Faces Financial Challenges: Widening Deficit Threatens Future Operations

Urban Gro Inc, a company operating in the financial sector, recently released its financial results for the fiscal span ending June 30, 2023. While the company witnessed a notable revenue increase of 9.785% to $17.87 million, the per-share deficit expanded from $-0.17 to $-0.50 year on year. These results, combined with a larger net deficit and declining accounts receivable, raise concerns about the company's future prospects. This article will explore the implications of these financial results on Urban Gro Inc's future operations.
1. Widening Per-Share Deficit:
Despite the revenue growth, Urban Gro Inc's deficit per share has significantly widened from $-0.17 to $-0.50 year on year. This indicates that the company's expenses are increasing at a faster pace than its revenue, resulting in negative profitability on a per-share basis. Such a trend can be worrying for investors and may weaken confidence in the company's ability to achieve sustainable growth in the long run.

Applied Industrial Technologies Inc

Applied Industrial Technologies Inc Struggles in Challenging Market Environment, Despite Modest Revenue Increase

Applied Industrial Technologies Inc (AIT) seems to be operating in a challenging market environment, despite reporting an increase in revenue and income for the most recent fiscal period. While revenue grew by 9.024% to $1.16 billion as compared to $1.06 billion in the prior year quarter, this growth pales in comparison to the 21.03% revenue advance observed from the fourth quarter of 2022 in the Construction and Mining Machinery industry. This indicates that AIT has fallen short of its peers in terms of revenue growth.
Furthermore, earnings per share for the fourth quarter of 2023 decreased by -5.43% from $2.47 per share, while revenue only increased marginally by 2.227% from $1.13 billion. This raises concerns about the company's ability to generate significant earnings and revenue growth in the near future.

Gencor Industries Inc

Gencor Industries Inc Defies Revenue Decline, Achieves Positive Income and Promising Future Growth

Subtitle: Positive Income Signals Encouraging Future Prospects for Investors
[City], [Date] - Gencor Industries Inc, a renowned Construction and Mining Machinery company, exhibited impressive resilience during the fiscal period from April to June 2023, despite a decline in revenue. The company's prudent financial management and emphasis on improving profit margins have positioned it favorably for future growth and success.
Despite revenue deteriorating by -7.201% to $27.51 million compared to the same period last year, Gencor Industries Inc managed to achieve a positive income of $0.22 per share. This marks a significant improvement from the previous year's deficit of $-0.07 per share. The company also reported $3.212 million in net income compared to a net deficit of $-1.015 million in the corresponding reporting season a year ago.

Aersale Corporation

Aersale Corporation Plummets with Disastrous Financial Quarter, Stock Takes a Downturn

Financial News Report: ASLE Reports Disastrous Fiscal Period, Aersale Corporation Stock Drops
Aersale Corporation (ASLE) has recently declared a disastrous fiscal period, with revenue decreasing by a significant -50.476% to $69.14 million. Additionally, the net deficit per share has swelled to $-0.08 compared to the same reporting period a year before. This slump in top-line figures is in contrast to the overall Construction and Mining Machinery sector, which recorded a revenue improvement during the same period. In the previous reporting period, revenue deteriorated sequentially by -11.666% from $78.27 million, further highlighting the company's struggles.
For the financial second quarter of 2023, Aersale Corporation reported a net deficit of $-2.688 million, which is a significant decrease from the bottom line of $26.455 million seen in the same reporting period a year before. The company has also experienced a noticeable buildup in inventories, with levels reaching $198.0 million. This is higher than the preceding quarter and the corresponding quarter a year ago.

Miller Industries Inc

Miller Industries Inc Achieves Record-Breaking Profit Growth of 290.91% in Q2 2023 Amidst Industry Comparisons

Miller Industries Inc Reports Strong Financial Performance and Positive Industry Comparisons
Miller Industries Inc, a leading company in the Construction and Mining Machinery industry, has announced impressive financial results for the quarter ending June 30, 2023. The company's earnings per share (EPS) soared by an astounding 290.91% to $1.29 compared to the previous year. This significant increase was driven by a remarkable growth in revenue, which surged by 48.848% to $299.93 million.
MLRs revenue growth in the second quarter of 2023 has outpaced its peers in the Construction and Mining Machinery industry, which experienced an average top-line growth of 21.07% during the same period. This puts Miller Industries Inc in a favorable position, highlighting its strong performance within the industry.

Hyliion Holdings Corp

Hyliion Holdings Corp Reveals Financial Report: Exciting Growth Amid Challenges in the EV Industry

Hyliion Holdings Corp, a leading company in the electric vehicle industry, recently released its financial results for the most recent fiscal period. The results exhibit a combination of positive developments and challenges within the company's financial performance. This article aims to outline and analyze the key facts and figures from the financial report and place them into context with the company's stock performance.
Financial Performance Review:
1. Loss per Share:
Hyliion Holdings Corp reported a loss of $-0.19 per share in the most recent fiscal period, which is consistent with the previous year's result. However, it is worth noting that the loss increased from $-0.16 per share recorded in the preceding reporting period. This suggests a gradual deterioration in the company's profitability.

The Manitowoc Company Inc

Surprising Financial Surge: The Manitowoc Company Inc Delivers Astounding 21.078% Revenue Gain Over Second Quarter of 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, The Manitowoc Company Inc announced astounding financial figures for the second quarter of 2023. The company reported a 21.078% increase in revenue, reaching $602.00 million, and a remarkable 35.71% surge in profit per share, now standing at $0.57 per share. These results not only outperformed the prior year's figures but also exceeded the preceding quarter, highlighting the company's upward trajectory. Let's delve deeper into the noteworthy facts unveiled by the second quarter's financial report.
Revenue and Profit:
Compared to the previous year, The Manitowoc Company Inc experienced a 23.91% growth in income per share, which rose from $0.46 to $0.57. Additionally, the revenue witnessed a significant 18.434% improvement, increasing from $508.30 million to $602.00 million. This consistent growth signifies the company's strength and resilience.


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