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  Marketcap Revenues (TTM) Net Income (TTM) Employees
Company (Millions) (Millions) (Millions) Number
Amazon com Inc $ 1,929,456 $ 590,740 $ 37,684 1,608,000
Coupang Inc $ 36,155 $ 25,696 $ 1,303 15,000
Cdw Corp $ 31,173 $ 21,145 $ 1,090 13,900
Chewy Inc $ 10,540 $ 11,492 $ 104 18,000
Insight Enterprises Inc $ 8,329 $ 9,231 $ 298 11,000
Wayfair inc $ 5,765 $ 11,958 $ -631 200
The Beachbody Company Inc $ 2,515 $ 556 $ -133 -
Jumia Technologies Ag $ 2,452 $ 186 $ -104 5,128
Qvc inc $ 1,868 $ 12,382 $ -2,026 17,000
Pc Connection Inc $ 1,774 $ 2,753 $ 82 2,850
Vipshop Holdings Limited $ 1,499 $ 15,895 $ 1,155 78,900
Poshmark Inc $ 1,408 $ 352 $ -74 698
Revolve Group Inc $ 1,265 $ 1,070 $ 33 1,783
Gigacloud Technology Inc $ 1,105 $ 490 $ 24 -
D market Electronic Services and Trading $ 1,054 $ 35,559 $ 76 -
Beyond inc $ 580 - $ 0 -
Betterware De M xico S a p i De C v $ 569 $ 637 $ 51 1,500
Stitch Fix Inc $ 519 $ 1,456 $ -107 8,000
Baozun Inc $ 421 $ 1,241 $ -31 14,000
The Honest Company Inc $ 365 $ 346 $ -22 500
Myt Netherlands Parent B v $ 349 $ 861 $ -17 -
Highland Transcend Partners I Corp $ 302 - $ 30 -
Qurate Retail Inc $ 285 $ 10,915 $ -94 27,500
Thredup Inc $ 215 $ 319 $ -73 1,000
1stdibs com Inc $ 175 $ 85 $ -23 1
Lightinthebox Holding Co Ltd $ 161 $ 629 $ -10 1,248
A k a Brands Holding Corp $ 149 $ 541 $ -98 -
Contextlogic Inc $ 123 $ 357 $ -359 -
Blue Apron Holdings Inc $ 100 $ 425 $ -112 2,390
Lulu s Fashion Lounge Holdings Inc $ 70 $ 354 $ -19 -
Grove Collaborative Holdings Inc $ 52 $ 240 $ -35 -
Rde Inc $ 50 $ 87 $ 0 -
Integrated Wellness Acquisition Corp $ 50 - $ 1 -
Meiwu Technology Company Limited $ 43 $ 11 $ -11 -
Hour Loop Inc $ 34 $ 139 $ -2 -
Global Ai Inc $ 19 - $ 0 -
Boxed Inc $ 13 $ 309 $ -168 300
Kidpik Corp $ 5 $ 14 $ -10 -
Home Bistro Inc $ 4 $ 3 $ -13 8
Jowell Global Ltd $ 4 $ 160 $ -12 -
Imedia Brands inc $ 3 $ 551 $ -23 617
Boxscore Brands Inc $ 2 - $ -1 -
Singlepoint Inc $ 0 - $ 0 -
China De Xiao Quan Care Group Co Ltd $ 0 - $ 1 -
Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc - $ 14 $ -10 -
Ozon Holdings Plc - $ 4,470 $ -939 4,500
Dingdong cayman Limited - $ 3,157 $ -1,009 -
Internet, Mail Order & Online Shops Industry $ 2,041,018 $ 766,826 $ 35,768 1,834,023
  Recent News from Internet, Mail Order & Online Shops Industry

Betterware de Mexico's Dividend Payment and Stock Performance Signify Positive Financial Outlook

Betterware de Mexico Announces Dividend Payment and Stock Performance Growth
In a recent press release, Betterware de Mexico, SAP.I. de C.V. (NYSE:BWMX) announced its intention to pay a dividend of $250 million Mexican Pesos to shareholders. This dividend, subject to formal approval at a shareholders meeting, equates to approximately US $0.3398 per sh...


Betterware De Mexico Announces $250 Million Dividend Payment, Shares Respond with Varied Performance

BeFra Announces $250 Million Dividend Payment and Impacts on Betterware De Mexico Shares
BeFra, also known as Betterware de Mexico, SAP.I. de C.V., has recently announced its plans to pay a significant dividend of MX $250,000,000. This announcement is subject to formal approval through a shareholders meeting scheduled for July 19, 2024. If approved, ...


Betterware de Mexico Announces Dividend Payment, Share Prices Soar by 931%

Betterware de Mexico Announces Dividend Payment, Share Prices Soar by 9.31%
Betterware de Mexico, a leading home products company, has recently announced its intention to pay an aggregate dividend of MX $250,000,000 to its shareholders. This news has had a significant impact on the company's stock prices, as Betterware de Mexico shares went up by 9.3...


Betterware de Mexico Makes History with MX $250M Dividend Announcement, Reinforcing Commitment to Shareholders

BetaWare de Mexico Announces MX $250M Dividend Payment to Shareholders, Setting New Precedent in Company History
GUADALAJARA, Mexico - Betterware de Mexico, SAP.I. de C.V. (NYSE:BWMX) (BeFra or the Company), has made a groundbreaking announcement that is sure to have a significant impact on its shareholders. The company has disclosed its intentions to...


Betterware de Mexico Announces Record Dividend Payment to Shareholders

Betterware de Mexico Announces Plans to Distribute Record Dividend to Shareholders
Betterware de Mexico, a leading direct-to-consumer company, has announced its intention to pay an aggregate dividend of MX $250,000,000 to its shareholders, pending formal approval at the upcoming shareholders meeting on July 19, 2024. This dividend, which equates to ap...

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Chewy Inc A Deep Dive into Recent Events and Performance Amidst Market Volatility

Chewy Inc, an e-commerce company specializing in pet supplies, is experiencing a mix of positive and negative events that have impacted its stock performance in recent weeks. This article aims to analyze the significance of these events and their influence on Chewy Inc's market performance. Despite some challenges, Chewy Inc has exhibited strong growth po...

Business Update

Overstock.coms Grand Reopening Strengthens Online Retail with Expanded Inventory and Enhanced Shopping Experience...

Overstock.com Announces Grand Reopening: Unlocking a New Era of Online RetailMIDVALE, Utah - Beyond, Inc. (NYSE:BYON), the parent company of popular online retail brands such as Overstock, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Zulily, has announced the highly anticipated Grand Reopening of Overstock.com. The newly revitalized website boasts a fresh look and feel, alon...

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Understanding the Recent Sell-Off in Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc Shares

The recent performance of Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc shares has been a cause of concern for investors, as they have been trailing behind the overall market performance. In order to understand the factors behind this sell-off, it is important to examine certain key events and their impact on the market dynamics. Two significant events include the ...

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Amazon Outperforms Market, Despite Recent Share Slump

In recent trading sessions, Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has witnessed a decline in its share performance, trailing behind the overall market. However, it's important to note that over the past 12 months, Amazon has consistently outperformed the market, positioning itself as a leading player in the industry. This article will analyze the events surround...

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Chewy Inc Trails Market Performance Despite Roaring Kittys Influence

In recent events, Chewy Inc, the renowned online pet retailer, has been experiencing a decline in its stock performance compared to the overall market. This article aims to delve into the influence of Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, whose disclosure of a significant stake in Chewy caused a buzz in the market. Despite Gill's interest, Chewy contin...

Business Update

Amazons 10th Prime Day Exclusive Deals, Cutting-Edge Technologies, and Unmatched Savings for Prime Members ...

'Amazon's Milestone Prime Day Event: Exclusive Access and Unparalleled Discounts Await Prime Members''By ''SEATTLE ??' Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has once again raised the bar with its annual Prime Day event, now celebrating a decade of delivering unparalleled shopping experiences. Starting on July 16 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and running through July 17, Prime member...

Stocks on the Move

Kaival Brands Innovations Group Struggles to Gain Ground as Market Value Takes a Hit

Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc (NASDAQ: KAVL) has had a challenging quarter, with its shares underperforming the overall market. The company's stock has declined by a substantial 71.5% year to date, reflecting investor concerns. This article analyzes recent events surrounding the company, including its market value and financial performance, to provi...

Stocks on the Move

Jumia Technologies Ag Outperforms the Market with a 1.86% Performance Gain

In the midst of market fluctuations and varying investor sentiments, Jumia Technologies Ag has been experiencing a remarkable rally, outperforming the market with a 1.86% increase in performance. This impressive growth comes as the result of several significant events that have occurred in recent months. This article will delve into these events and explo...

Business Update

AWS Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered App Studio for Rapid Application Development

In a recent announcement at AWS Summit New York, Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced a revolutionary product called AWS App Studio. This generative artificial intelligence-powered service utilizes natural language processing to enable the rapid development of enterprise-grade applications. By simply describing the desired functionality and data sources, ...

Stocks on the Move

Megacap Technology Stocks Drive Market Gains as Amazon.com Inc Shakes Off Early Jitters

In today's market, megacap technology stocks have taken center stage, driving significant gains amidst initial concerns. Amazon.com Inc., one of the leading players in the tech industry, has been particularly resilient, showcasing strong financials and outperforming the market. This article explores the factors behind Amazon.com Inc.'s success and its imp...

Management Announcement

GigaCloud Technology Inc's Inclusion in the Russell 2000 Index Amplifies Potential in B2B Technology Solutions for Large Parcel Merchandise

GigaCloud Technology Inc's Inclusion in the Russell 2000 Index Signals Growth Potential in B2B Technology Solutions for Large Parcel Merchandise
EL MONTE, Calif., July 01, 2024 - GigaCloud Technology Inc (Nasdaq: GCT) (GigaCloud or the Company), a pioneer of global end-to-end B2B technology solutions for large parcel merchandise, announced its inclusi...

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How These Latest Developments Drive Stitch Fixs Growth and Success

In the world of retail, constant innovation and adaptability are key to survival. Stitch Fix, the AI-powered personal styling service, has recently experienced a series of events that have propelled its growth and success. From impressive fundraising to expanding market reach, Stitch Fix has demonstrated its strength in the market. Despite some setbacks, ...

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Amazon.com Stock Reaches All-Time High and Demonstrates Strong Return on Assets, Outpacing Market Competition. ...

Amazon.com Stock Hits All-Time High and Outperforms Market, Boosted by Strong ROAAmazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) has recently achieved a new milestone as its stock soared to a record high, signaling a positive outlook for the e-commerce giant. The company's shares reached $192.31, representing a significant increase of $5.97 or 3.2%. This surge in stock price wou...

Business Update

Chewy, Inc. Invests in Itself - Announces $500 Million Share Repurchase from BC Partners

Chewy, Inc. Announces $500 Million Repurchase of Shares from BC PartnersPlantation, Fla. - Chewy, Inc. (NYSE: CHWY), the well-known online retailer for pet parents and partners, made a significant announcement today regarding its plans to repurchase a substantial number of shares from BC Partners. The company has agreed to repurchase 17,550,000 shares of ...

Stocks on the Move

Chewy Inc Faces Sell-Off Amidst Positive Outlook for Ascending Profitability and Efficiency

Chewy Inc Shares Face Hurdles Amidst Ascending Profitability and EfficiencyIn this week's market downturn, Chewy Inc shares have been trailing the overall performance. However, it is important to analyze the factors influencing this sell-off before jumping to conclusions. One event worth examining is the buy rating given to Chewy by analyst Kaumil Gajrawa...

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Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc - Unraveling the Reasons Behind Poor Performance

In recent weeks, investors have witnessed a significant decline in the performance of Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc shares, which has left many puzzled. This article aims to analyze various news articles and shed light on the factors contributing to the underperformance of Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc shares. By examining recent events and ma...

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Global Economic Uncertainty Impacts Oil Prices, While AKA Brands Holding Corp Faces Deteriorating ROI

In today's global market, economic uncertainty continues to cast a shadow over various industries. This article examines two key developments: the impact of China's economic recovery prospects on oil prices and AKA Brands Holding Corp's deteriorating return on investment (ROI) within the retail sector. While oil prices remain little changed due to concern...

Stocks on the Move

Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc Faces Challenges amid Recent Market Performance

Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc (NASDAQ: KAVL) has been experiencing a downward trajectory in share value in recent weeks, which can be attributed to several factors. While the company has been making strides in the consumer discretionary sector and has seen a surge in stock price, its recent under-performance has raised concerns. This article delves...

Business Update

Amazons 10th Prime Day Event A Showcase of Unrivaled Growth and Exclusive Deals for Prime Members

Amazon, the retail giant, has once again come forward to entice customers with its highly anticipated 10th Prime Day event. Commencing on July 16 at 12:01 a.m. PDT and running through July 17, Prime members will gain exclusive access to millions of deals across more than 35 categories, ranging from electronics and kitchen essentials to beauty and apparel....

Financing Agreement

Kaival Brands Successfully Closes $60 Million Public Offering

Kaival Brands Successfully Closes $6.0 Million Public Offering
Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: KAVL), the exclusive U.S. distributor of Bidi Vapor products, has announced the successful closing of a public offering that raised approximately $6.0 million. The offering, which consisted of 3,921,500 units priced at $1.53 per unit, featured...

Financing Agreement

Kaival Brands Raises the Bar with Successful $6.0 Million Public Offering, Paving the Way for E-Vapor Revolution

Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: KAVL) has recently declared the pricing of a public offering, raising a substantial $6.0 million in gross proceeds. As the exclusive distributor of all products manufactured by Bidi Vapor, LLC, Kaival Brands continues to pave the way for the emerging e-vapor industry.
The public offering comprises 3,921,5...

Business Update

Amazon Business Unveils New Technologies to Streamline Operations, Boost Profitability, and Sustain Market Share

Amazon Business, the e-commerce giant's online B2B procurement store, continues to impress with its latest technological advancements aimed at enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for its business customers. The introduction of the Amazon Business App Center, System for Cross-domain Identity Management, Integrated Quoting, as well as updates to its...

Business Update

Beyond, Inc. Unveils Transformational Leadership Restructuring to Propel Online Retail Brands to New Heights ...

Beyond, Inc. Restructures Leadership to Drive Innovation and GrowthMIDVALE, Utah - Beyond, Inc. (NYSE:BYON), the parent company of renowned online retail brands like Overstock, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Zulily, has just announced significant changes to its leadership structure and overall organization. These alterations, recently approved by the company's ...

Business Update

for This Amazon Celebrates Literary Excellence with Percival Everetts James Amidst Stellar Q1 Financial...

James by Percival Everett: Amazon?s Best Book of 2024, Reflecting Amazon's Impressive Market PerformanceIn a striking affirmation of Percival Everett's literary prowess, Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) has hailed his novel, 'James', as the Amazon Best Book of 2024 so far. This recognition underscores Everett's position as a formidable force in contemporary lit...

Business Update

AWS Expansion to Taiwan Amidst Fluctuating Corporate Client Revenues A Strategic Move or Calculated Risk

Amazon Web Services' Strategic Expansion to TaiwanAmazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), has announced plans to launch a new AWS infrastructure region in Taiwan by early 2025. The AWS Asia Pacific (Taipei) Region aims to provide developers, startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, education, entertainment, financial servi...


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