Terms Beginning with R
 Radiolabeling   Respiratory  
 Radiopharmaceutical   Restricted Stock  
 Randomized Clinical Trial   Retail Avg. Commission per Trade  
 Rate of Change ROC   Retailer Retail  
 Rating Agency Condition   Retained Earnings  
 Reagent   Retained Interest  
 Receivable Turnover Ratio   Retention  
 Receivables From Customers   Retention Rate  
 Receptor   Retrospective Premiums  
 Recession   Retrospective Rating  
 RECIST   Retrovirus  
 Recombinant    Return On Assets ROA  
 Recovery   Return On Equity ROE  
 Redundancy   Return On Investments ROI  
 Refined Products   Revenue Growth Rates  
 Refining   Revenue Passenger Mile RPM  
 Refining Oil & Gas Operations Industry   Revenue Passenger Miles RPM  
 Refining Yield Oil & Gas Operations Industry   Revenue Passengers Carried  
 Refractory   Revenue per Available Seat Mile RASM  
 Regeneration   Revenue Per Employee  
 Regulatory Health Authorities   Revenue ton miles RTM  
 Reinstatement Premiums   Revenues  
 Reinsurance   Revolver Capacity  
 Reinsurance Agreement   RevPAR Revenue per Available Room  
 Renal Kidney   RF Radio Frequency  
 Rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment   Risk Based Capital RBC  
 Reported Claim Development Method   Risk Retention Group  
 Repurchase Agreement   Risk-Adjusted Assets  
 Reserves   Risk-Weighted Assets  
 Reservoir   Rolling Chip Play  
 Reset Period Target Amount   Rolling Chip Volume  
 Residual Market Involuntary Business   RT Receiver Transmitter  
 Residual-Interest Certificates   RTMs Revenue Ton Miles  
 Resistance   Runoff Business  


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