Terms Beginning with S
 S&P 500 Index   Sour Crude Oil   
 S&P GSCI Commodity Index   Special drawing rights SDR  
 S-Curve Method   Special Protocol Assessment or SPA  
 Sales per Employee   Spectrophotometer  
 Salt   Spot Market  
 Salvage   Spot Price  
 Sampling   Standard of Care Treatment  
 Scrap Iron and Steel   Statement of Cash flows  
 Second Injury Fund   Statement of Equity  
 Second-line   Statement of Income  
 Securitization   Statutory Accounting Practices SAP  
 Securitization Income   Statutory Surplus  
 Seed Capital   STB  
 Segment   Steam Coal  
 Seismic   Steel  
 Seismic Zone   Stem Cell  
 Self Insured Retentions   Stenting  
 Semiconductors   Stepdown Date  
 Sensitivity   Sterol  
 Seq. Sequential QQ MM   Stochastic Oscillator  
 Service Fees   Stock  
 Services   Stock Based Compensation  
 Servicing Carrier   Stock Option  
 Severity Rate   Stock Option Award  
 Shaft   Strain Bacterial  
 Shares Outstanding, Outstanding Shares   Stress Testing  
 Shelf Registration Statement   Strike Price  
 Shipments Manufacturing   Strip Casting  
 Short Selling   Structured Investment   
 Short Ton   Structured Settlements  
 Side-Effect   Subordinated Debt  
 Significant Guarantor   Subpoena  
 Silicon Si   Subprime  
 Silver   Subprime Mortgage Loans  
 Size of fleet at period-end   Subrogation  
 Slot Handle   Subsidies Subsidy  
 Slot Machine   Sulfur  
 Slot machine win per unit per day   Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan  
 Small Molecule Drug   Super Jumbo Plus  
 Smelter   Supplements to wages and salaries  
 Smelting   Swap Counterparty  
 Sodium Sulfate   Swaps  
 Somatic Cell   Sweet Crude Oil  


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