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Business Segments II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Feb 28 2021)
(of total Revenues)
II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Feb 28 2021)
(Profit Margin)
12.78 100 % 1.50 11.76 %

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Growth rates by Segment II. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Feb 28 2021)
Q/Q Revenue
II. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Feb 28 2021)
Q/Q Income
-12.63 % 0.03 % 10.59 % 7 %

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Business Segments Description

NTIC derives revenues directly and/or indirectly through its subsidiaries and joint ventures from two reportable business segments based on products sold, customer base and distribution center: ZERUST® corrosion prevention solutions and Natur-Tec® resin compounds and finished products.

ZERUST® Corrosion Prevention Solutions. In fiscal 2016, 83.7% of NTIC’s consolidated net sales were derived from developing, manufacturing and marketing ZERUST® rust and corrosion inhibiting products and services. NTIC’s consolidated net sales in fiscal 2016 included $27,577,566 in sales of ZERUST® rust and corrosion inhibiting products and services, an increase of 5.9% over such sales in fiscal 2015. Corrosion not only damages the appearance of metal products and components but also negatively impacts their mechanical performance. This applies to the rusting of ferrous metals (iron and steel) and the deterioration by oxidation of nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, brass, etc.). NTIC’s ZERUST® corrosion prevention solutions include plastic and paper packaging, powders, liquids, coatings, rust removers, cleaners, diffusers and engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry, as well as technical corrosion management and consulting services.

Plastic and Paper Packaging. NTIC’s ZERUST® packaging products contain proprietary chemical formulations that continuously release an invisible and odorless, corrosion inhibiting vapor that passivates metal surfaces and thereby inhibits rust and corrosion. The corrosion-inhibiting protection is maintained as long as the metal products to be protected remain enclosed within the ZERUST® packaging. Electron scanning shows that once the contents are removed from the ZERUST® package, the ZERUST® protection dissipates from the contents’ surfaces within two hours, leaving a clean, dry and corrosion-free metal component. This mechanism of corrosion protection enables NTIC’s customers to easily package metal objects for rust-free shipment or long-term storage. Furthermore, by eliminating costly greasing and degreasing processes and/or significantly reducing the use of certain coatings to inhibit corrosion, NTIC’s ZERUST® corrosion prevention solutions provide customers significant savings in labor, material and capital expenditures for equipment to apply, remove and dispose of oils and greases, as well as the attendant environmental problems, as compared to traditional methods of corrosion prevention.

NTIC developed the first means of infusing volatile corrosion inhibiting chemical systems (VCIs) into polyethylene and polypropylene resins. Combining ZERUST® chemical systems with polyethylene and polypropylene resins permitted NTIC to introduce a line of plastic packaging products in the form of low and high density polyethylene bags and shroud film, including stretch, shrink, skin and bubble cushioning film, thereby giving packaging engineers an opportunity to ship and store ferrous, nonferrous and mixed-metal products in a clean, dry and corrosion-free condition, with an attendant overall savings in total process costs. In addition to plastic packaging, NTIC has developed additives to imbue kraft paper, corrugated cardboard, solid fiber and chipboard packaging materials with corrosion protection properties. NTIC’s ZERUST® plastic and paper packaging products come in various thicknesses, strength enhancements, protection types, shapes and sizes. This product line also includes items such as ZERUST® gun cases, car covers and tool-drawer liners, which are targeted at retail consumers.

Liquids and Coatings. NTIC’s corrosion prevention solutions include a line of metal surface treatment liquids and coatings, which are oil, water and bio-solvent based, marketed under brand names including Axxatec™, Axxanol™ and Z-Maxx™. These liquids and coatings provide powerful corrosion protection in aggressive environments, such as salt air and humidity at high temperatures. Products are formulated for most metal types and protection levels. Customers use a combination of NTIC’s liquids and coatings with ZERUST® plastic and paper products to achieve robust corrosion protection during manufacturing, shipping and warehousing stages.

Rust Removers and Cleaners. NTIC also sells rust removal and cleaning products designed to restore rusty parts to a usable condition by replacing labor-intensive, abrasive cleaners that damage surfaces and commonly fail to remove rust from complex metal surfaces like the teeth of small gears under the Axxaclean™ brand name.

Diffusers. NTIC’s corrosion prevention solutions include a line of corrosion inhibiting vapor diffusers, such as ZERUST® ActivPak®, ZERUST® ICT® Vapor Capsules, ZERUST® ICT® Plastabs® and ZERUST® ICT® Cor-Tabs®, ZERUST® ICT® Pipe Strip and ZERUST® ICT® Tube Strip. These diffusers are designed to protect metals within enclosures, like switch gearboxes and electronic cabinets, or can be used as added protection to ZERUST® packaging products. Diffusers work by permeating the interior air of an enclosure with an invisible and odorless corrosion inhibiting vapor that protects nearby metal surfaces that are within a specific “radius of protection” for a period of one or two years depending on the model. This invisible and dry protective layer revaporizes upon removal of the capsule from the enclosure, leaving all surfaces clean, dry, residue-free and corrosion-free.

Z-CIS® Technical Services. As an on-going effort to help NTIC’s customers improve and control their processes in terms of corrosion management, NTIC markets and offers unique corrosion management and consulting services to target customers. This ZERUST® corrosion inhibition system (known as Z-CIS®) utilizes NTIC’s global experience in successful corrosion management control. Services and consulting are billed according to work done on the customer’s behalf to improve the customer’s internal and external corrosion control systems. Several major automotive companies and their automotive parts suppliers have used NTIC’s Z-CIS® system.

ZERUST® Corrosion Prevention Solutions Designed Specifically for the Oil and Gas Industry. NTIC has developed proprietary engineered corrosion inhibiting solutions specifically for the mitigation of corrosion of the types of capital assets used in the petroleum and chemical process industries and has targeted the sale of these ZERUST® corrosion solutions to potential customers in the oil and gas industry. NTIC’s consolidated net sales in fiscal 2016 included $1,739,607 in sales made to customers in the oil and gas industry, a decrease of 7.8% over such sales in fiscal 2015. This decrease is set against a backdrop of a 60% drop in crude oil prices in the past 18 months that has negatively affected client budgets. The infrastructure that supports the oil and gas industry is predominantly constructed using metals that are highly susceptible to corrosion. The industrial environment at these facilities usually contains compounds, including sulfides and chlorides, which cause aggressive corrosion. This problem affects pipelines, petroleum storage tanks, spare parts in long-term storage, processing and other critical equipment. In addition to the costs associated with the replacement of parts and structures, maintenance and repairs, and product loss, there are significant economic losses associated with critical infrastructure down for repair and maintenance. Furthermore, there are also considerable health, safety and environmental risks caused by corrosion that can greatly increase economic losses. NTIC believes that its ZERUST® oil and gas corrosion prevention solutions minimize maintenance downtime on critical oil and gas industry infrastructure, extend the life of such infrastructure and reduce the risk of environmental pollution due to leaks caused by corrosion.

NTIC’s rust and corrosion inhibiting products for the oil and gas industry include ZERUST® Flange Savers® ZERUST® ReCAST-R VCI Dispensers, Zerust ReCAST-SSB solutions and ZERUST® chemicals, including Zerion chemicals, in addition to many of the traditional ZERUST® rust and corrosion inhibiting products previously described.

ZERUST® Flange Savers® are specially designed covers that have been impregnated with a proprietary ZERUST® inhibitor formulation to provide corrosion protection for flanges, valves and welded joints. Oil and gas pipeline segments are connected by flanges and welded joints of varying sizes, designs and materials. These connection points often corrode under aggressive industrial environments and harsh operating conditions, thereby causing costly maintenance, operational and safety problems. ZERUST® Flange Savers® are available in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters, pressure ratings and international standards for pipeline valves and flanges.

ZERUST® ReCAST-R VCI Dispensers protect the interior surfaces of aboveground storage tank roofs by delivering proprietary inhibitor formulations into the vapor space between the surface of the product and the tank roof. Certain grades of oil contain sulphur and emit corrosive acid gas vapors that destroy the internal surfaces of aboveground storage tank roofs and their support structures above the stored product. Each system is tailored to a customer’s requirements, depending upon specific environmental conditions, product stored, tank diameter and type of metal and can be applied on both new and existing tank roofs.

ZERUST® ReCAST-SSB solutions protect the Soil Side Bottoms (SSB) of aboveground storage tanks through a variety of unique and highly effective delivery systems designed by the Zerust Oil & Gas team to deliver proprietary Zerion FVS corrosion inhibitor to tank bottom spaces that are susceptible to significant corrosion. Tank bottoms are typically made of steel plates which are in direct contact with the foundation surface that could be concrete, sand/soil and asphalt/bitumen. It is typically not possible to protect this underside surface with traditional coatings. Cathodic protection (CP) systems can provide some protection, but these have significant limitations that cause failures well ahead of the expected service life of a tank. The ZERUST® solutions provide effective protection even to areas that cannot be addressed with CP. This is an engineered solution where each system is tailored to a customer’s requirements depending on the tank foundation design, specific environmental conditions, tank diameter, etc.

ZERUST® Zerion line of powder based inhibitor solutions include:

• Zerion FVS is a unique inhibitor blend that is used in the SSB Solutions. This “best-in-class” product has been successfully deployed at multiple client sites in the North and South American geographies.

• AutoFog is a revolutionary product that allows for the quick VCI saturation of large volume spaces without the need for mechanical “fogging” equipment. This rapid self-diffusing capability is good for sealed void spaces, protection of large/complex assets like heat exchangers and heater-treaters.

· Sol-V C-Series is designed to provide corrosion prevention in voids and enclosures especially when there is either stagnant water, or the potential for water seepages and/or accumulation of water over time. ZERUST® Sol-V™ C-Series packaging allows VCIs to release while conserving a Sol-V proprietary blend of soluble corrosion inhibitors (SCIs) until water enters the system. Typical applications of ZERUST® Sol-V™ C-Series packaging include offshore platform leg voids, vessels and tanks mothballed in tropical environments, ship blocks being fabricated in areas of high humidity, piping systems and heat exchangers.

Natur-Tec® Resin Compounds and Finished Products NTIC manufactures and sells a range of biobased and compostable (fully biodegradable) polymer resin compounds and finished products under the Natur-Tec® brand. NTIC’s consolidated net sales in fiscal 2016 included $5,355,999 in sales of Natur-Tec® resins and finished products, an increase of 25.1% over such sales in fiscal 2015. Market drivers such as volatile petroleum prices, reduced dependence on foreign oil, reduced carbon footprints, and environmentally responsible end-of-life solutions increased interest in using sustainable, biobased and renewable plant-biomass resources for the manufacture of plastics and industrial products. Plastics that are fully biodegradable in composting or anaerobic digestor systems allow the safe and effective conversion of these plastics to carbon dioxide, water and fertilizer at the end of their service life. Increased environmental and sustainability awareness at the corporate and consumer level, improved technical properties and product functionality, as well as recent foreign, state and local governmental regulations banning the use of traditional, petroleum-based plastics or mandating the use of certain biodegradable or compostable products, have also fueled this interest in biobased and biodegradable-compostable plastics. The term “bio-plastics” encompasses a broad category of plastics that are either bio-based, which means derived from renewable resources such as corn or cellulosic/plant material or blends thereof, or are engineered to be fully compostable, or both.

Resin Compounds. Natur-Tec® resin compounds are produced by blending commercially available base resins, such as Ecoflex® from BASF, Ingeo® PLA from NatureWorks LLC, with organic and inorganic fillers, and proprietary polymer modifiers and compatabilizers, using NTIC’s proprietary and patented ReX Process. In this process, biodegradable polymers, natural polymers made from renewable, plant-biomass resources, and organic and inorganic materials are reactively blended in the presence of proprietary compatibilizers and polymer modifiers to produce biobased and/or compostable polymer resin formulations that exhibit unique and stable morphology. Natur-Tec® resin compounds are engineered for high performance, ease of processing and reduced cost compared to most other bio-plastic materials, and can be processed by converters using conventional plastic manufacturing processes and equipment.

Natur-Tec® resin compounds are available in several grades tailored for a variety of applications, such as blown-film extrusion, extrusion coating and injection molding.

Natur-Tec® flexible film resin compounds are fully compostable and meet requirements of international standards for compostable plastics such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D6400 (U.S.), EN 13432 (European standards for products and services by European Committee for Standardization) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 17088, and are certified as 100% compostable by organizations including the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) in the United States and Vincotte in Europe. Natur-Tec® film resin compounds can be used to produce film for applications, such as bags, including compost bags, lawn and leaf bags, pet waste bags and carry-out bags, agricultural film and consumer and industrial packaging.

The Natur-Tec® compostable extrusion coating resin compounds are biobased and biodegradable and are designed to replace conventional plastic materials for extrusion coating applications. Natur-Tec® extrusion coating resin compounds are manufactured using sustainable and renewable resources, per the ASTM D6866 standard, which allows industry and consumers the opportunity to reduce or neutralize their carbon footprint, and are designed to meet the requirements of international standards for compostable plastics, such as ASTM D6400. Natur-Tec® extrusion coating resin compounds provide good adhesion to paper, an excellent print surface and good heat seal strength and the coating material is suitable for food contact applications including both hot and cold applications. Natur-Tec® extrusion coating resin compounds can be used for coating paper and paperboards for the manufacture of disposable cups, plates and other food service ware items.

The Natur-Tec® compostable injection molding resin compounds are biobased and compostable and are designed to replace conventional plastic materials for injection molded plastic applications. Natur-Tec® compostable injection molding resin compounds are manufactured using sustainable and renewable resources, per the ASTM D6866 standard and are designed to meet the requirements of international standards for compostable plastics, such as ASTM D6400 and EN 13432. Natur-Tec® compostable injection molding resin compounds can be used for injection molded plastic applications, such as cutlery, pens, hangers, containers and packaging. Natur-Tec® biobased injection molding resin compounds are made with at least 90% of biobased/renewable resource-based materials per the ASTM D6866 standard and are meant to enhance sustainability by replacing petroleum-based plastics. Natur-Tec® biobased injection molding resin compounds exhibit the same properties as conventional plastic materials and can be used in applications, such as automotive components, consumer goods, electronics, medical products, furniture and packaging.

Finished Products. Natur-Tec® finished products include totally biodegradable and compostable trash bags, agricultural film and other single-use disposable products, such as compostable cutlery and food and consumer goods packaging that are currently marketed under the Natur-Bag® or Natur-Ware® brands.

The Natur-Bag® product line offers 15 different compostable trash bag sizes, from 3-gallon to 96-gallon. The bags are available in various SKU configurations from retail packs that are sold to the consumer either through retail outlets or through online stores, and industrial case packs that are sold to commercial and industrial customers primarily through wholesalers and distributors. The Natur-Bag® products are manufactured from the Natur-Tec® flexible film resin compounds and thus are fully biodegradable and compostable.

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