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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 85,486
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 526
 Employees 15,900
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 9,755
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 1,642
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) 433
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 447

Analog Devices Inc.
We are a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits used in signal processing for industrial, communication, computer and consumer applications. Since our inception in 1965, we have focused on solving the engineering challenges associated with signal processing in electronic equipment. Signal processing is where the analog and digital worlds meet to provide the advantages of digital technologies to the real world. Our products play a fundamental role in converting real-world phenomena such as temperature, motion, pressure, light and sound into electrical signals to be used in a wide array of electronic equipment ranging from industrial process control, factory automation systems equipment, defense electronics, base stations, central office equipment, wireless telephones, computers, automobiles, CAT scanners, digital cameras and DVD players. Signal processing is the cornerstone of high-speed communications, digital entertainment, and other consumer, computer and industrial applications. As new generations of digital applications evolve, they generate new needs for high-performance analog and digital signal processing, or DSP, technology. We produce a wide range of products that are designed to meet the technology needs of a broad base of customers.

Principal Products

We design, manufacture and market a broad line of high-performance ICs that incorporate analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing technologies. Our ICs are designed to address a wide range of real-world signal processing applications. Across the entire range of our signal processing ICs are both general purpose products used by a broad range of customers and applications as well as application-specific products designed for specific clusters of customers in vertical markets. By using readily available, high-performance, general-purpose products in their systems, our customers can reduce the time they need to bring new products to market. Given the high cost of developing customized ICs, our standard products often provide the most cost-effective solution for many low to medium volume applications. In some communications, computer and consumer products, we focus on working with leading customers to design application-specific solutions. We begin with our existing core technologies in analog and DSP, and devise a solution to more closely meet the needs of a specific customer or group of customers. Because we have already developed the core technology for our general-purpose products, we can create application-specific solutions quickly.

We produce and market several thousand products. Our ten highest revenue products accounted for approximately 17% of our revenue for fiscal 2004. The majority of our products are proprietary, meaning equivalent products are not available from competitors. A limited number of other companies may provide products with similar functions.

Analog Products

Our analog IC technology has been the foundation of our business for nearly four decades, and we believe we are one of the world’s largest suppliers of analog ICs. Our analog ICs are primarily high-performance devices, generally defined as devices that support a minimum of 10-bits of accuracy and a minimum of 50 megahertz of speed. The principal advantages these applications have versus competitors’ products include higher accuracy, lower cost per function, smaller size, lower power consumption and fewer components for improved reliability. The majority of our analog IC product revenue is attributable to sales of data converters and amplifiers. The data converter and amplifier product categories represented approximately 60% of our fiscal 2004 revenue. Other analog IC products include analog signal processing devices such as analog multipliers, switches, multiplexers and comparators. Over the past several years we have been expanding our analog IC product offerings along the entire analog signal chain and into product areas such as radio frequency integrated circuits, or RF ICs, and power management products such as voltage regulators and thermal monitoring ICs.

The majority of our analog IC products are proprietary to us in their design and general purpose in their application. This allows customers to incorporate our products into a wide variety of electronic equipment and systems. Our product portfolio includes several thousand analog ICs, any one of which can have as many as several hundred customers. Our analog ICs typically have long product life cycles. Our analog IC customers include both original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and customers who build electronic subsystems for integration into larger systems.

Our analog technology base also includes products using an advanced IC technology known in the industry as surface micromachining, which is used to produce semiconductor products known as micro-electromechanical systems, or MEMS. This technology enables extremely small mechanical sensors to be built on the surface of a chip along with supporting circuitry. In addition to incorporating an electro-mechanical structure, these devices also have analog circuitry for conditioning signals obtained from the sensing element. The integration of signal conditioning and MEMS is a unique feature of our products which we call iMEMS®. Our iMEMS product portfolio includes accelerometers used to sense acceleration, and gyroscopes used to sense position. The majority of our current revenue from micromachined products is derived from accelerometers used by automotive manufacturers in airbag applications. However, revenue from consumer and industrial customers is increasing as we develop products using this technology for applications in these end markets.

DSP Products

DSPs are processors that are optimized for high-speed numeric calculations, which are essential for real-time processing of digital data resulting from analog to digital signal conversion. Our DSP products are designed to be fully programmable and to efficiently execute specialized software programs, or algorithms, associated with processing digitized real-time, real-world data. Programmable DSPs provide the flexibility to modify the device’s function quickly and inexpensively in software. We offer both general-purpose and application-specific DSP products. General-purpose DSP IC customers typically write their own algorithms using software tools that we provide and software tools they obtain from third-party suppliers. Our application-specific DSP products typically include analog and DSP technology and the DSPs are preprogrammed to execute software for applications such as wireless telecommunications or image processing. Our DSPs are designed in families of products that share a common architecture and therefore can execute the same software. We support these products with specialized applications and easy-to-use, low-cost development tools, which reduce our customers’ product development costs and time-to-market.

Increasingly, many of our products combine analog and digital signal processing technology into multi-function mixed-signal devices and chipsets. The growing technological demands associated with the use of audio and video in computers and consumer products as well as the networking of communications systems has created new opportunities for these mixed-signal products. Examples of these products include chipsets for communication applications such as global system for mobile cellular phones, or GSM, cable modems, and broadband modems. Other examples include audio input/output devices for computer applications and electric motor control devices for industrial instrumentation.

Markets and Applications

The following describes some of the characteristics of, and customer products within, our major markets:

Industrial — Our industrial market includes the following areas:

Industrial Process Automation — Our industrial process automation market includes applications such as factory automation systems, automatic process control systems, robotics, environmental control systems and automatic test equipment. These products generally require ICs that offer performance greater than that available from commodity-level ICs, but generally do not have production volumes that warrant custom or application-specific ICs. Combinations of analog mixed-signal and DSP ICs are usually employed to achieve the necessary functionality. Automatic test equipment applications have created opportunities for the design of system-level ICs that require a high level of electronic circuitry.

Instrumentation — Our instrumentation market includes engineering, medical and scientific instruments. These products are usually designed using the highest performance analog and mixed-signal ICs available. Customer products include oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, CAT scanners, MRI equipment, blood analyzers and microscopes.

Defense/Aerospace — The defense, commercial avionics and space markets all require high-performance ICs that meet rigorous environmental and reliability specifications. Many of our analog ICs can be supplied in versions that meet these standards. In addition, many products can be supplied to meet the standards required for broadcast satellites and other commercial space applications. Most of our products sold in this market are specifically-tested versions of products derived from our standard product offering. Customer products include navigation systems, flight simulators, radar systems and security devices.

Automotive — Although the automotive market has historically been served with low-cost, low-performance ICs, demand has emerged for higher performance devices for a wide range of safety and entertainment applications. In response, we are developing products specifically for the automotive market. We supply a micromachined IC used as a crash sensor in airbag systems. We believe that other micromachined devices derived from this product may be suitable for other automotive applications, such as roll-over sensing, global positioning satellite, or GPS, automotive navigation systems, anti-lock brakes and “smart” suspension systems. In addition, our analog and DSP ICs have application in engine control, in-cabin electronics, and collision avoidance systems.

Communications — The development of broadband, wireless and Internet infrastructures around the world has created an important market for our communications products. Communications technology involves the acquisition of analog signals that are converted from analog to digital and digital to analog form during the process of transmitting and receiving data. The need for higher speed and reduced power consumption, coupled with more reliable, bandwidth-efficient communications, has been creating demand for our products. Our products are used in the full spectrum of signal processing for audio, data, image and video communication. In wireless and broadband communication applications, our products are incorporated into cellular telephones, cellular base station equipment, modems, pagers, PBX switches, routers and remote access servers.

Computers and Computer Peripherals — Increased interface between users and PCs through monitors, printers, scanners and audio devices and the increasing need for power and thermal management capability in PCs have provided opportunities in the computer market. The computer industry seeks to develop and market ever smaller and lighter personal computers. This need increases demand for high-performance ICs that monitor power usage, enabling manufacturers to use smaller batteries and extend battery life between charges. In addition, we currently supply a variety of ICs used in this market for functions such as graphic displays, interfaces between PCs and peripherals such as LCD monitors and projectors, and enhanced audio input and output capability for business and entertainment applications.

Consumer Electronics — Increased market demand for digital entertainment systems for acquisition, display and digital processing of signals has allowed us to combine analog and digital design capability to provide solutions that are designed to meet the rigorous cost, size and reliability constraints of the consumer electronics market. The emergence of high-performance, feature-rich consumer products, such as digital camcorders and cameras, home theater systems, advanced digital televisions, video projectors and DVD recorders/players, has led to the need for high-performance, system-level ICs with a high level of specific functionality.

Production and Raw Materials

Monolithic integrated circuit components are manufactured in a sequence of semiconductor production steps that include wafer fabrication, wafer testing, cutting the wafer into individual “chips,” or dice, assembly of the dice into packages and electrical testing of the devices in final packaged form. The raw materials used to manufacture these devices include silicon wafers, processing chemicals (including liquefied gases), precious metals, ceramic and plastic used for packaging.

We develop and employ a wide variety of proprietary processes that are specifically tailored for use in fabricating high-performance linear, mixed-signal and MEMS ICs. We also use bipolar and CMOS wafer fabrication processes.

Our IC products are fabricated both at our production facilities and by third-party wafer fabricators. Most of our analog products are manufactured in our own wafer fabrication facilities using proprietary processes. Our DSP products, and a portion of our analog products, are manufactured at third-party wafer-fabrication foundries using sub-micron digital CMOS processes. We operate wafer fabrication facilities in Wilmington and Cambridge, Massachusetts; Sunnyvale, California and Limerick, Ireland. We also operate assembly and test facilities located in the Philippines and use third-party subcontractors.

Our products require a wide variety of components and raw materials, most of which we purchase from third-party suppliers. We have multiple sources for the majority of the components and materials we purchase and incorporate into our products. However, in some cases, we purchase components from sole-source suppliers, such as external foundries. If these sole-source suppliers are unable or unwilling to manufacture and deliver sufficient quantities of components to us on the time schedule and of the quality that we require, we may be forced to engage additional or replacement suppliers, which could result in additional expenses and delays in product development or shipment of product to our customers. Although we have experienced shortages of components from time to time, these items have generally been available to us as needed.


We compete with a number of semiconductor companies in markets that are highly competitive. We believe we are one of the largest suppliers of high-performance analog and mixed-signal processing components. Competitors for our analog and DSP products include Cirrus Logic Inc., Linear Technology Corporation, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., National Semiconductor Corporation, Phillips Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments, Inc. Sales of our micromachined products are currently comprised of acceleration sensors and gyroscopes, and our main competitors in that market are Bosch, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., Denso Corporation and ST Microelectronics.

We believe that competitive performance in the marketplace for real-world signal processing components depends upon several factors, including technical innovation, product quality and reliability, range of products, product price, customer service and technical support. We believe our technical innovation emphasizing product performance and reliability, supported by our commitment to strong customer service and technical support, enables us to compete in our chosen markets against both foreign and domestic semiconductor manufacturers.

Many other companies offer products that compete with our products, and some have greater financial, manufacturing, technical and marketing resources than we have. Additionally, some formerly-independent competitors have been purchased by larger companies. Our competitors also include emerging companies selling specialized products to markets we serve. There can be no assurances that we will be able to compete successfully in the future against existing or new competitors, or that our operating results will not be adversely affected by increased price competition.

   Company Address: One Analog Way, Wilmington, 1887 MA
   Company Phone Number: 935-5565   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ ADI
   ADI is expected to report next financial results on August 17, 2022.

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 Segment    15.07 % of total Revenue
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United States 28.68 %
Europe 32.27 %
Japan 10.75 %
China 16.03 %
Rest of Asia 8.88 %
Rest of North & South America 3.38 %


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