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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(Profit Margin)
327.74 100 % 20.32 6.2 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Income
21.97 % 1.36 % 56.81 % 54.87 %

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Business Segments Description

Systems Furniture
We believe that office systems purchases are divided primarily between (i) architect and designer-oriented products and (ii) entry-level products with technology, ergonomic and functional support. Our office systems furniture reflects the breadth of these sectors with a variety of planning models and a corresponding depth of product features. Our systems furniture can define or adapt to virtually any office environment, from collaborative spaces for team interaction to private executive offices.
Systems furniture consists principally of functionally integrated panels or table desks, worksurfaces, pedestal and other storage units, power and data systems and lighting. These components are combined to create flexible, space-efficient work environments that can be moved, re-configured and re-used. Clients, often working with architects and designers, have the opportunity to select from a wide selection of laminates, paints, veneers and textiles to design workspaces appropriate to their organization's personality. Our systems furniture product development strategy generally aims to insure that product line enhancements can be added to clients' existing installations and integrate with other Knoll product lines, maximizing the value of the clients' investments in Knoll systems products over the long-term.
Our principal systems furniture product lines include the following panel, technology wall and desk-based planning models:

Antenna® Workspaces
Introduced in 2010, Antenna Workspaces by Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, principals of Antenna Design, is a new approach to workplace design that reflects the freedom and mobility people seek in today's office. Antenna Workspaces consider the growing variety of settings where work takes place and blends desks, tables, storage units and screens to create intuitive solutions for individuals and groups. In the process, Antenna Workspaces suggests connections and boundaries between diverse work areas and establishes a new way to shape space, simplifying transitions between individual and group work. Antenna Workspaces has received recognition for its novel approach to office planning, including in 2010, at NeoCon®, our national industry tradeshow, a Best of NeoCon® innovation award. Recent product additions expanded the reach of the system to accommodate activity spaces — workplaces that provide multiple opportunities for engagement among individuals and groups over a broad spectrum of formality, flexibility, privacy and scale. In 2014, we introduced Antenna® TelescopeTM, a height-adjustable desk system that combines the healthful ergonomics of sit-to-stand adjustment with the planning efficiency of benching.

Reff® Profiles
In 2010, Reff Profiles debuted, building on the Reff flagship wood systems platform. Throughout its history, Reff has combined the high performance capabilities of panel-based systems furniture with the refined elegance of wood casegoods, showcasing sophisticated all-wood construction and precisely crafted detail. Reff Profiles extends those capabilities, with new aesthetic options, enhanced storage for materials and technology, and simple user access to power and data needs. Reff Profiles is available in an extensive range of veneers, laminates, glass, and metal options that can be used interchangeably in private offices and as freestanding or panel-based furnishings for the open office. Reff Profiles lines has expanded with a series of tables, credenzas and bookcases for meeting spaces and in 2013 and 2014 the line expanded again with new components designed to facilitate collaboration as well as support the open-office environment including a media enclave capable of supporting multiple technology platforms/needs; locker, bookcase and credenza storage; and several new table and desk options.

Introduced in 2004, AutoStrada is one of the most comprehensive office concepts that we have developed. AutoStrada provides aesthetic and functional alternatives to traditional panel-based and desk-based systems furniture with four planning models that combine high-performance furniture with the look of custom millwork. The AutoStrada spine-based, storage-based, wall-based and collaborative/open table planning models leverage a consistent design aesthetic to create a distinctively modern aesthetic in both open plan and private office environments. Whether an office requires a high-performance open-plan system, architectural casegoods, progressive private office furniture or a collaborative “big table” concept, AutoStrada provides a solution. In 2004, AutoStrada received a silver Best of NeoCon® award.

Dividends Horizon®
Dividends Horizon, introduced in 2007, extends the Dividends portfolio of workplace solutions introduced in 1998 with new planning opportunities for the individual workstation, focusing on new materials and furniture that evolve the office landscape with a layered approach to furniture design. Focusing on exceptionally light and transparent materials and practical, personalized storage solutions, Dividends Horizon creates rich spatial environments for the contemporary workspace. Dividends Horizon received a silver 2007 Best of NeoCon® award. The system's enduring success is based on a straightforward, versatile frame-and-tile construction, featuring a universal panel frame. Removable panel inserts, which can be ordered in fabric, steel, glass or as marker boards, meet a range of clients' design and budgetary needs. The Dividends Horizon panel frame enables clients to utilize either monolithic, tiled or beltway panel type for applications throughout the workplace, and power and data access may be located virtually anywhere on the panel.

Our Morrison furniture system was introduced in 1986 and continues to be one of our most proven product offerings. Morrison meets essential power and data requirements for panel and desk-based planning and private offices, and offers one of the broadest ranges of systems performance in the industry. Morrison has been upgraded periodically with interchangeable enhancements from its Morrison Network, Morrison Access and Morrison Options lines. In addition, Morrison integrates with Currents® (described below) to provide advanced wire management capabilities, as well as with our Calibre® and Series 2 desks, pedestals, lateral files, overhead storage cabinets and architectural towers to provide compatible, cost-effective panel and desk-based solutions.

Our award-winning and innovative Currents system provides advanced power and data capabilities to organizations that require maximum space-planning freedom, advanced technology support and the mobility of freestanding furniture. The groundbreaking Currents service wall divides space and manages technology. A related product, Fence, provides comparable performance for low horizon settings. Currents and Fence may be used in tandem with existing Knoll systems furniture, removing the constraints imposed by conventional panel system. Currents and Fence may also be used with competitors' systems and freestanding furniture.

We continuously research and assess the general landscape of the office seating market, and tailor work chair product development initiatives to enhance our competitive position for ergonomics, aesthetics, comfort and value. We believe that the result of these efforts is an increasingly innovative, versatile seating collection consistent with the Knoll brand.

Key client criteria in work chair selection include superior ergonomics, aesthetics, comfort, quality and affordability, all of which are consistent with our strengths and reputation. We believe that we offer an excellent and fully competitive line-up of chairs at a range of price points and performance levels that are constructed from varying materials, including mesh, polymers, and upholstery. In 2013, we introduced Toboggan®, a playful, yet practical solution for focused, shared or team work in an increasingly social and mobile workplace. A sled-based chair desk for collaborative and learning environments, Toboggan makes clever use of shape and scale to allow users to shift 360 degrees in the seat, with the back serving as backrest, armrest or impromptu tablet worksurface.

In 2014, we introduced RemixTM, a new collection of chairs by Formway Design, the New-Zealand-based designers of the Generation by Knoll® family of chairs. Inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new, Remix pairs upholstered comfort with innovative Flex Net Matrix™ technology for active, all day support. By combining traditional and innovative elements, Remix infuses movement and unexpected performance into a familiar upholstered form.

Our principal seating product lines include:
Generation by Knoll®, our flagship task chair, reflects Knoll's commitment to materials innovation and forward-thinking ergonomic research that has found there is no one right way to sit. Generation offers a new standard of unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and work styles typical of today's workplace through elastic design, where the chair rearranges itself in response to the user. Generation has received a series of accolades from the national press, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Time, Fast Company and CBS Sunday Morning. Additionally, the chair has been honored with many awards, including Interior Design magazine's 2009 Best of Year Product Award in the contact/task seating category, the Chicago Athenaeum GOOD DESIGN Award, and a Best of NeoCon Gold Award for office seating.

ReGeneration by Knoll®, a general purpose task chair, extends the themes of Generation by Knoll®, to support the user simply and efficiently. Doing more with less, ReGeneration provides continuous support and comfort throughout the day. The chair's efficient structure required re-examining every detail and innovating in the use of sustainable material. As a result, the chair is lightweight, both visually and physically. The chair has been lauded in Cool Hunting, Wired.com, TreeHugger, and other design, technology, and environmental blogs.

LIFE®, introduced in 2002, has become an industry benchmark for ergonomic and sustainable design. Recognized for its overall lightness and agility, LIFE features intuitive adjustments that bring comfort and effortless control to a new performance level with an extensive range of supportive sitting options and responsive lumbar support.

Chadwick™, introduced in 2005, is an innovative hybrid seating design that accommodates the changing needs of today's workplace and home office.
Toboggan® is a playful, yet practical solution for focused, shared or team work in an increasingly social and mobile workplace. A sled based chair desk for collaborative and learning environments, Toboggan makes clever use of shape and scale to allow users to shift 360 degrees in the seat, with the back serving as backrest, armrest or impromptu tablet worksurface. A bench, perch and pull-up table complete the Toboggan® line.

Files and Storage
Our files and storage products, featuring the Template®, Calibre® and Series 2™ product lines, are designed with unique features to maximize storage capabilities throughout the workplace. Our core files and storage products consist of lateral files, mobile pedestals and other storage units, bookcases and overhead storage cabinets. Additionally, Knoll launched AnchorTM in 2013, a streamlined collection of user-friendly storage that addresses the user’s organizational needs in the changing workplace.

The range of files and storage completes our product offering, allowing clients to address all of their furniture needs with us, especially in competitive bid situations where Knoll office systems, seating, tables and desks have been specified. The breadth of the product line also enables our dealers to offer stand-alone products to businesses with smaller storage requirements.

Files and storage are available in an extensive array of sizes, configurations and colors, which can be integrated with other manufacturers' stand-alone furniture, thereby increasing our penetration in competitor accounts. In addition, certain elements of the product line can be configured as freestanding furniture in private offices or open-plan environments.
Our principal storage product lines include:

Offered in a variety of configurations including all-open, all-closed with drawers/doors, or a blended solution of open and drawer configurations, Anchor provides a balance of accessible and secure storage. The collection is an ideal individual storage solution for focused, shared and team settings, or for storage needs in group settings outside of primary workspaces.

In 2009, we introduced the Template Storage System, offering an economical approach to workplace planning, using vertical storage units to divide and define workspaces. In doing so, the product's compact 15 inch deep footprint consolidates storage while reducing the overall size of an individual workspace, saving clients both money and space. Template can be combined with Dividends Horizon, Antenna Workspaces, and other Knoll systems to expand its planning capabilities.

Calibre storage, comprised of lateral files, pedestals, hybrid cabinets, wardrobes and personal storage towers, offers clients a broad array of metal storage solutions to support virtually any office environment. Personalization is encouraged and valuable space is maximized with 1.5' planning advantage and Build-Your-Own design possibilities, offering more drawer heights and configurations than industry standards. Calibre storage can stand alone or blend with Dividends Horizon, Morrison, and other Knoll systems to complement focused, shared and team workspaces.

Series 2™
With a focused storage offering in a range of aesthetics, Series 2 storage provides ideal solutions for value-conscious customers. Overhead storage, pedestals and personal storage towers are offered in numerous front designs, both metal and veneer, which perfectly coordinate with Knoll Dividends Horizon, Reff, Morrison and

Template systems.
Desks and Tables
We offer collections of adjustable tables as well as meeting, conference, training, dining, and café tables for large-scale projects and stand-alone desks and table desks. These items are also sold as stand-alone products through our Knoll dealers to businesses with smaller requirements.

Our Tone™, Upstart® and Antenna® Simple Tables product lines include adjustable, work, meeting, conference and training tables. These product lines range from independent tables to tables suitable for workstations that support individual preferences to plannable desks that can be linked together to reshape larger work areas. In 2014, we introduced ToneTM, a comprehensive collection of height-adjustable tables designed to be compatible with the Dividends Horizons, Antenna Workspaces, and Reff Profiles office systems. ToneTM features a wide range of support and adjustment options that integrate seamlessly with Knoll open plan, private office and activity spaces furniture or plan independently to create flexible work areas. We also expanded the Reff Profiles product line with a series of meeting tables as well as enhanced the signature LSM Conference Table Collection for KnollStudio.

In 2015, we introduced, Pixel™, a comprehensive collection of flexible, architecturally-inspired meeting tables designed so people can think, learn and work with ease. Pixel features the intuitive Pixel Connect system and a patent-pending flip mechanism that makes it simple to attach, separate and nest tables for a virtually limitless range of meeting and training applications. The introduction of Pixel received 2015 Best of Neocon Gold for tables: training and work.
With five base options that support a variety of electrical modules, Pixel can be used independently or ganged together. It is designed for a multitude of environments, including training, team meeting, office and conference spaces. Pixel allows you to access power wherever you need it, offering a range of electrical options including drop-in, edge mount and trough mount units, both cordset and hard-wired. In addition, the innovative Pixel Link system makes it easy to daisy chain multiple power centers together.

KnollExtra offers accessories that complement Knoll office furniture products, including technology support accessories, desktop organizational tools, lighting and storage. KnollExtra integrates technology comfortably into the workplace, meeting the increased demand for flat panel monitor supports and central processing unit holders, which deliver adjustability and space savings. During 2009, KnollExtra introduced the Sapper Monitor Arm Collection, designed by renowned industrial designer Richard Sapper. The collection provides a clean, modern solution to technology challenges in the modern workplace and has been accepted into the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. During 2012, KnollExtra expanded its portfolio to include a line of markerboards, free-standing and mounted LED lighting (awarded 2013 Best of NeoCon Silver) and several products that provide technology support for the changing workplace.

Studio Segment:
KnollStudio, well-known for the Barcelona®, Saarinen, and Bertoia collections, is a renowned source for classic modern furniture and spirited new designs of unparalleled quality for the workplace, home, hotels, restaurants as well as government and educational institutions. The KnollStudio portfolio includes a range of lounge seating; side, café and dining chairs; barstools; and conference, dining and occasional tables.
KnollStudio has a long history of working with celebrated architects and designers from around the world, including Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Harry Bertoia, Eero Saarinen, Isamu Noguchi, Warren Platner, Frank Gehry, Maya Lin, Jens Risom, Kazuhide Takahama, and Ross Lovegrove. In addition, KnollStudio manufactures a collection of original furniture designs by Florence Knoll.

Our Studio segment includes the Knoll Europe businesses. A majority of Knoll Europe's business is Knoll Studio products, but Knoll Europe also offers a product profile that enables our customers to purchase a complete office environment. In addition, we offer certain products designed specifically for the European market. In 2006, we introduced the Wa™ desking system. Wa™ reinvents desks and storage through its design and construction in a linear and well proportioned modern vernacular. Our presence in the European market provides strategic positioning with clients that have international offices where they would like to maintain their Knoll facility standard. In addition to working with North American clients' international offices, we also have a local European client base.

In Europe, the core product categories include: (i) KnollStudio; (ii) desk systems, including the Wa™ desking system, the KnollScope®, and the PL1™ system; (iii) seating, including a comprehensive range of chairs; and (iv) storage units, which are designed to complement Knoll desk products.

In 2014, we acquired the Chicago-based luxury design brand HOLLY HUNT. The acquisition advances the Knoll strategy of building our global capability as a go-to resource for high-design workplaces and homes, including the commercial contract, decorator to-the-trade and consumer markets and is included in the Studio segment. Like our co-founder Florence Knoll, Holly Hunt is one of the icons of our industry who consistently elevates the level of design in her chosen markets. Founded in 1983, HOLLY HUNT has grown into the premier high-design residential showroom resource and provider of furnishings, lighting, textiles and leathers for architects and interior designers.

The Studio segment also includes our Richard Schultz product line of outdoor furniture for the residential, hospitality, and contract office furniture markets.

Coverings Segment:
Our Coverings segment consists of (i) KnollTextiles, (ii) Spinneybeck Leather (including Filzfelt products), and (iii) Edelman Leather.
KnollTextiles was established in 1947 to create high-quality textiles for Knoll furniture. KnollTextiles offers upholstery, panel fabrics, wallcoverings and drapery that harmonize color, pattern and texture and offers products for corporate, hospitality, healthcare and residential interiors. KnollTextiles products are used in the manufacture of Knoll furniture and are sold to clients for use in other manufacturers' products. In 2014, KnollTextiles introduced six collections across various categories and price points. The Empire Collection encompassed a total of nine patterns including high-performance upholstery and a trio of vinyl wallcoverings by guest designer Kari Pei. The Spirit Collection included six upholsteries, two privacy curtains for healthcare, a panel fabric and a wallcovering. The Zest Collection encompassed five patterns including upholstery, panel fabric and wallcovering. The division also introduced two collections for Knoll Luxe targeting high-end hospitality and residential clients. The first introduction by Dorothy Cosonas included two foundation draperies and four classic upholsteries. The second was the Maria Cornejo for Knoll Luxe Collection, the latest textile fashion collaboration for Knoll with a total of six patterns (4 upholstery and two drapery).

KnollTextiles continues to extend its distribution to reach new customers, notably through a KnollTextiles showroom in New York City's D&D building and e-commerce through the knolltextiles.com website. Additionally, KnollTextiles has collaborated with HOLLY HUNT to distribute its textiles to residential clients, starting with its Dallas showroom. The company also continues to win awards for its design excellence including Best of NeoCon® awards for eleven years running.
Spinneybeck Enterprises, Inc., or Spinneybeck, our wholly owned subsidiary, offers leathers and related products, including leather rugs and wall panels. Spinneybeck supplies high-quality upholstery leather for use on Knoll furniture and for sale directly to clients, including other office furniture manufacturers, hospitality, upholsterers, aviation, custom coach and boating manufacturers.

Filzfelt, a division of Spinneybeck, distributes German-milled 100% wool design felt in 63 colors and five thicknesses and offers a wide range of felt products and full custom capabilities. A biodegradable and renewable material, wool felt is naturally moisture resistant, self-extinguishing, non-directional, available in lightfast and water resistant colors, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. We acquired the Filzfelt business on December 30, 2011.
Edelman Leather LLC, or Edelman, our wholly owned subsidiary, supplies fine leathers to residential, hospitality, aviation and contract office furniture markets. Edelman, offers a broad residential showroom network where designers and retail consumers can sample our products.


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