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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2021)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2021)
(Profit Margin)
65,118.00 100 % 18,936.00 29.08 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2021)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2021)
Q/Q Income
70.03 % 5.23 % 172.11 % 2.22 %

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Business Segments Description

Products and Services

Our product development philosophy is centered on rapid and continuous innovation, with frequent releases of early stage products that we seek to improve with every iteration. We often make products available early in their development stages by posting them on Google Labs, at test locations online or directly on Google.com. If our users find a product useful, we promote it to “beta” status for additional testing. Our beta testing periods often last a year or more. Once we are satisfied that a product is of high quality and utility, we remove the beta label and make it a core Google product. Some of our product offerings are in their initial test phases and are currently available only to limited audiences. Examples include Gmail, the AdWords Editor, and Google Analytics. Our current principal products and services are described below.


We are focused on building products and services that benefit our users and enable them to find relevant information quickly and easily. We offer our services and products, free of charge, through Google.com and many of them at our international sites.

Google WebSearch. In addition to providing easy access to billions of web pages, we have integrated special features into Google WebSearch to help people find exactly what they are looking for on the web. The Google.com search experience also includes:

Advanced Search Functionality—enables users to construct more complex queries, for example by using Boolean logic or restricting results to languages, countries or web sites.

Spell Checker—suggests alternate search terms when a search appears to contain misspellings or typing errors.

Web Page Translation—automatically translates web pages published in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English, or vice versa.

Stock Quotes—provides links to stock and mutual fund information.

Street Maps—provides links to street maps and directions.

Calculator—solves math problems involving basic arithmetic, complicated math or physical constants and converts between units of measure.

Currency Conversion—provides conversions among international currencies.

Definitions—provides definitions for words or phrases based on content we have indexed.

PhoneBook—provides U.S. street addresses and phone numbers for U.S. businesses and residences.

Search by Number—enables people to conduct quick searches by entering FedEx, UPS and USPS package tracking numbers, vehicle ID numbers, product codes, telephone area codes, patent numbers, FAA airplane registration numbers and FCC equipment ID numbers.

Travel Information—enables people to search for airline flights and see delays and weather conditions at U.S. airports.

Cached Links—provides snapshots of web pages taken when the pages were indexed, enabling web users to view web pages that are no longer available.

Movie Information—enables people to quickly and easily find movie reviews and showtimes for U.S. theatres.

Music Information—enables people to find information about artists, songs, albums and places to legally purchase music.

Weather—provides weather conditions and a four-day forecast for U.S. locations

News, Product, Local, Image, Book and Groups Information—when relevant, we also display results from Google News, Froogle, Google Local, Google Image Search, Google Book Search and Google Groups.

Q&A—provides quick answers to fact-based questions, with links to information sources.

Google Image Search. Google Image Search is our searchable index of images found across the web. To extend the usefulness of Google Image Search, we offer advanced features, such as searching by image size, format and coloration and restricting searches to specific web sites or domains.

Google Groups. The original Google Groups enabled easy participation in Internet discussion groups by providing users with tools to search, read and browse these groups and to post messages of their own. Google Groups now contains more than 1 billion messages from Usenet Internet discussion groups dating back to 1981. The discussions in these groups cover a broad range of discourse and provide a comprehensive look at evolving viewpoints, debate and advice on many subjects.

Google News. Google News gathers information from thousands of news sources worldwide and presents news stories in a searchable format within minutes of their publication on the web. The leading stories are presented as headlines on the user-customizable Google News home page. These headlines are selected for display entirely by a computer algorithm, without regard to political viewpoint or ideology. Google News uses an automated process to pull together related headlines, which enables people to see many different viewpoints on the same story. Because topics are updated continuously throughout the day, people generally see new stories each time they check Google News. We currently provide our Google News service in 11 languages, tailored to 34 international audiences. Google News is also available on mobile devices through Google News for Mobile.

Froogle. Froogle is Google’s shopping search engine. Using Google search technology, Froogle can help shoppers find the items they want, both online and in nearby stores. Users can sort results by price or store location, see product and merchant reviews, specify a desired price range, and view photos. Froogle accepts data feeds directly from merchants to ensure that product information is up-to-date and accurate. Because we do not charge merchants for inclusion in Froogle, users can browse categories or conduct searches with confidence that the results we provide are relevant and unbiased. As with many Google products, Froogle displays relevant advertising separately from search results.

Google Local. Google Local, which merged with Google Maps in 2005, enables users to find driving directions and relevant local businesses near a city, postal code, or specific address. This service combines telephone directory listings with information found on web pages, and plots their locations on interactive user-friendly maps. We display relevant targeted ads for searches done through Google Local.

Google Desktop. Google Desktop enables users to perform a full text search on the contents of their own computer —including email, files, instant messenger chats, and web browser history — without manual organization. Users can use this service to view web pages they have visited even when they are not online. Google Desktop now includes an enhanced, customizable Sidebar for modules such as weather, stock tickers, and news.

Web and content search

Google Scholar. Google Scholar provides a simple way to do a broad search for relevant scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, and articles. Content in Google Scholar is taken from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities, and other scholarly organizations.

Google Book Search. Google Book Search brings print information online that had previously not been available to web searchers. Under this program, we enable a number of publishers to host their content and show their publications at the top of our search results. We also work closely with several libraries to digitize all or part of their collections to create a full-text searchable online card catalog. Google Book Search links bring users to pages containing bibliographic information and several sentences of the search term in context, sample book pages, or full text, depending on author and publisher permissions and book copyright status. On Google Book Search pages, we also provide links to book sellers that may offer the full versions of these publications for sale, and we show content-targeted ads that are served through the Google AdSense program.

Google Base. Google Base allows users to upload, store and describe online or offline content for free. Google stores and indexes this information and makes it easily searchable and accessible. We believe Google Base will help preserve information that might previously have only been transient, and will extend the power of the web and search to content that was previously not part of the online world.

Google Video. Google Video allows the exchange of video content between consumers and producers. Any user can upload a video to our service, and consumers can buy, rent or download for free a wide range of video content, including popular television shows, independent films and historic and educational videos.

Google Personalized Search. Personalized Search provides search results for web, images, and music that are relevant to users’ interests based on what they have searched for in the past. Users can also view and manage their history of past searches and the results they have clicked on and create bookmarks with labels and notes.

Google Personalized Homepage. Google Personalized Homepage brings together several Google properties such as Google News and Gmail on a user-customizable page, and is part of our efforts to make personalized information more easily accessible and useful.

Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on the user’s choice of query or topic. Typical uses include monitoring a developing news story, keeping current on a competitor or industry, getting the latest on a celebrity or event, or keeping tabs on a favorite sports team. Google Alerts is now available in eight languages.

Google Web Directory. Google Web Directory enables people to browse and search through web sites that have been organized into categories. Our directory combines Google’s search technology with the categorization developed by the Open Directory Project, a third-party human edited directory of the Internet, and has content in over 70 languages.

Google Music Search. Google Music Search offers users a quick way to search for a wide range of U.S. music information, including artists, albums, song titles, links to music reviews, and places to legally purchase music.

Communication and collaboration

Gmail. Gmail is a free email service that offers over 2GB of free storage and incorporates Google search technology to help users find their email messages. Gmail contains no pop-up ads or untargeted banners, but rather contains only relevant text ads and links.

orkut. orkut enables users to search and connect to other users through networks of trusted friends. Users can create, join, or manage online communities, personal mailboxes, photos, and a profile.

Blogger. Blogger is a web-based publishing tool that gives people the ability to publish to the web instantly using weblogs, or “blogs.” Blogs are web pages usually made up of short, informal, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. Blogs can facilitate communications among small groups or to a worldwide audience in a way that is simpler and easier to follow than traditional email or discussion forums. Blogger now features improved spam protection and is available in nine languages.

Downloadable applications

Google Toolbar. The Google Toolbar makes our search technology constantly and easily available as people browse the web. The Google Toolbar is available as a free, fast download and improves people’s web experience through several innovative features, including:

Pop-up Blocker—blocks pop-up advertising while people use the web.

PageRank Indicator—displays Google’s ranking of any page on the web.

AutoFill—completes web forms with information saved securely on a user’s own computer.

Highlight—highlights search terms where they appear on a web page, with each term marked in a different color.

Word Find—finds search terms wherever they appear on a web page.

AutoLink— turns street addresses into links to online maps.

WordTranslator—translates English words into other languages.

SpellCheck—checks spelling when typing in web forms.

Custom buttons—allow users to search their favorite websites, stay updated on their favorite feeds, and more. A Custom Button API is also available for developers.

Link sharing— allows users to share web pages easily through Gmail, SMS, or blogs.

Google Earth. Google Earth enables PC and Macintosh users to see and explore the world from their desktop. Users can fly virtually to a specific location and learn about that area through detailed satellite and aerial images, 3D topography, street maps and millions of data points describing the location of businesses, schools, parks, and other points of interest around the globe. Google Earth also provides access to Local search from the Google web index in a highly-interactive 3D environment.

Picasa. Picasa is a downloadable client application that helps users find, edit and share all the pictures on their computers. It streamlines the digital photography experience, allowing pictures to be easily transferred from digital cameras, organized, manipulated, and shared over email. Picasa’s “hello” service also lets users share pictures with others and chat about them in real-time, or post them to blogs. Picasa integrates with other Google services—including Gmail, Blogger, and Froogle—and is available in 38 languages on 133 domains.

Google Pack. Google Pack is a free collection of software from Google and other companies. It includes the Google Updater, a tool that intelligently downloads, installs, and maintains all the software in the Google Pack.


Google Mobile. Google Mobile offers people the ability to search and view both the “mobile web,” consisting of pages created specifically for wireless devices, and the entire Google index, including popular products like Image Search and Froogle. Google Mobile works on a wide range of devices that support WML, XHTML, WAP, WAP 2.0, i-mode or j-sky mobile Internet protocols. In addition, users can access a variety of information using Google SMS by typing a query to the Google shortcode, and check their email using Gmail Mobile. Google Mobile is available through many wireless and mobile phone services worldwide, including the BlackBerry.

Google Local for Mobile. Google Local for Mobile is a downloadable Java client application that enables users to view maps and satellite imagery, find local businesses and obtain driving directions on mobile devices. Local for Mobile offers many of the same functions as Google Local—such as draggable maps combined with satellite imagery—for free, and is supported on over 40 mobile devices, including the BlackBerry.


Google Labs is our test bed for our engineers and for adventurous Google users. On Google Labs, we post product prototypes and solicit feedback on how the technology could be used or improved. Current Google Labs examples include:

Froogle Wireless—gives people the ability to search for product information from their mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Google Suggest—guesses what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google’s “Did you mean?” feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time.

Google Transit—enables users to plan trips using public transportation (currently in Portland, Oregon only).

Google Ridefinder—enables users to find a taxi, limousine or shuttle using real time position of vehicles.

Google Extensions for Firefox—includes Safe Browsing, Blogger Web Comments, and Google Send to Phone.

Froogle Mobile US and UK—enables users to search for product information from their mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Google Compute—allows users to donate computer idle time to scientific research.

Google Reader—a web-based feed reader with enhanced support for photo feeds and podcasts that aims to make information more relevant and useful to users by combining Google functionality with personalized content.

Google Web Accelerator—a downloadable client application that uses Google’s global computer network to enhance user web experience by enabling faster loading of web pages.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is our global advertising program which enables advertisers to present ads to people when those people are looking for information related to what the advertiser has to offer. Advertisers use our automated tools, often with little or no assistance from us, to create text-based ads, bid on the keywords that will trigger the display of their ads and set daily spending budgets. AdWords features an automated, low-cost online signup process that enables advertisers to implement ad campaigns that go live on Google properties and the Google Network very quickly. The total sign-up cost for becoming an AdWords advertiser is only $5.00, and AdWords ads cost as little as $0.01 per click.

Ads are ranked for display in AdWords based on a combination of the maximum cost per click (CPC) set by the advertiser and click-through rates and other factors used to determine the relevance of the ads. This favors the ads that are most relevant to users, improving the experience for the person looking for information and for the advertiser who is generating relevant ads. AdWords has many features that make it easy to set up and manage ad campaigns:

Campaign management. Advertisers can target multiple ads to a given keyword and easily track individual ad performance to see which ads are the most effective. The campaign management tools built into AdWords enable advertisers to quickly shift their budgets to ads that deliver the best results.

Keyword and site targeting. Businesses can deliver targeted ads based on specific search terms (keywords) entered by users or found in the content on a web page. We also offer tools that generate synonyms and useful phrases to use as keywords or ad text. Refining keywords and ad text can improve ad click-through rates and the likelihood of a user becoming the advertiser’s customer. Businesses can also deliver targeted text, animated and static images, and Flash ads to selected sites on the Google AdSense network on a cost-per-impression basis.

Traffic estimator. This tool estimates the number of searches and potential costs related to advertising on a particular keyword or set of keywords. These estimates can help advertisers optimize their campaigns.

Quality-based bidding. Advertisers’ keywords are assigned dynamic minimum bids based on their Quality Score—the higher the Quality Score, the lower the minimum bid. This rewards advertisers with relevant keywords and ads, and gives advertisers more control to run ads on keywords that they find are important.

Budgeted delivery. Advertisers can set daily budgets for their campaigns and control the timing for delivery of their ads.

Performance reports. We provide continuous, timely reporting of the effectiveness of each ad campaign.

Multiple payment options. Depending on geography, we accept bank and wire transfers, direct debit, and local debit cards carrying the Visa and MasterCard logos. We also accept payment through

international credit cards. For selected advertisers, we offer several options for credit terms and monthly invoicing. We accept payments in over 40 currencies.

AdWords Discounter. This feature gives advertisers the freedom to increase their maximum CPCs because it automatically adjusts pricing so that they never pay more than one cent over the next highest bid. The AdWords discounter is described in detail below under the heading “Technology—Advertising Technology—Google AdWords Auction System.”

Conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is a free tool that is integrated into AdWords reports and measures the conversions of an advertiser’s campaigns, enabling a better understanding of the overall return on investment generated for the advertiser by the AdWords program.

For larger advertisers, we offer additional services that help to maximize returns on their Internet marketing investments and improve their ability to run large, dynamic campaigns. These include:

Creative maximization. Our AdWords specialists help advertisers select relevant keywords and create more effective ads. This can improve advertisers’ ability to target customers and to increase the click-through rates and conversion rates for their ads.

Vertical market experts. Specialists with experience in particular industries offer guidance on how to most effectively target potential customers.

Bulk posting. We assist businesses in launching and managing large ad campaigns with hundreds or even thousands of targeted keywords.

Dedicated client service representatives. These staff members continuously look for ways to better structure their clients’ campaigns and to address the challenges large advertisers face.

AdWords API and Commercial Developer Program. For large advertisers as well as third parties, Google’s free AdWords API service lets developers engineer computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords system. With such applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently—and creatively—manage their large AdWords accounts and campaigns. The AdWords Commercial Developer Program also enables our third-party developer ecosystem to continue designing and delivering innovative business applications based on the AdWords platform and distribution channel.

In addition, we are experimenting with new media, such as print and mobile search, to offer advertisers even more ad placement inventory. AdWords Editor, our AdWords campaign management client, and Google Analytics, our free web analytics tool designed to help web site operators understand how users find, navigate, and convert on their sites, are both currently in limited availability.

Google AdSense

Our Google AdSense program enables the web sites in the Google Network to serve targeted ads from AdWords advertisers. Targeting can be based on content, search, site and demagraphics. We share the revenue generated from ads shown by a member of the Google Network with that member. Most of the web sites that make up the Google Network sign up with us online, under agreements with no required term. We also engage in direct selling efforts to convince web sites with significant traffic to join the Google Network, under agreements that vary in duration. For our network members, we offer:

Google AdSense for search. For Internet companies who want to target search audiences, we offer Google AdSense for search. Web sites use AdSense for search to generate additional revenue by serving relevant AdWords ads targeted to search results. Because we also offer to license our web search technology along with Google AdSense for search, companies without their own search service can offer Google WebSearch to improve the usefulness of their web sites for their users while increasing their revenue. We offer a hosted version of AdSense for search to web sites that sign up with us online. We offer a more customizable premium offering to websites with significant traffic.

Google AdSense for content. Google AdSense for content enables web sites to generate revenue from advertising by serving relevant AdWords ads targeted to web content. Our automated technology analyzes the meaning of web content and serves relevant advertising, usually in a fraction of a second. There is no charge for web sites to participate in our AdSense for content program. Using our automated sign-up process, web sites can quickly display AdWords ads on their sites. We share the majority of the revenues generated from these ads with the Google Network members that display the ads. For advertisers, this enables them to extend their reach to other websites; for publishers, it gives them access to a large base of advertisers specifically targeted for their content; and for users, it offers ads related to the content of the page. For web sites with higher traffic, we also provide customization services. Important AdSense for content features include:

Competitive ad filters. Web sites can block competitive ads, or other ads they want to keep off their site, simply by telling us which URLs to block.

Reports. Publishers can view customizable reports about their AdSense performance for a specific day or date range, on an aggregate level or broken down by publisher defined parameters. Reporting data viewable includes total number of page impressions, ad unit impressions, ad clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR), cost per thousand impressions (effective CPM), and earnings.

Sensitive content filters. At times, certain ads may be inappropriate for some pages. For example, Google automatically filters out ads that would be inappropriate on a news page about a catastrophic event.

Choose default ads. In the unlikely event that Google is unable to serve targeted ads on a page, we offer web sites the option of displaying a default ad of their choice. This helps ensure that advertising space is always being used as effectively as possible.

Ads in multiple formats. Web sites can show graphical ads in Flash and animated image formats precisely targeted to the content of a web page. Running a combination of image and text ads expands the available ad inventory for a web site, and offers the potential for increased revenue.

Google AdSense for domains and feeds. Google AdSense for domains allows owners of undeveloped domains which receive traffic from users typing generic terms into browsers or search to generate revenue from relevant advertising. AdSense for feeds is a free program that allows publishers to monetize their feeds—user-subscribable content streams containing structured data such as stock and financial information, web log posts, and weather reports—through text ads targeted to the content of the feed. Like AdSense for search or content, Google shares the majority of the advertising revenue from AdSense for domains and AdSense for feeds with the domain owner or feed publisher.

Google Enterprise

We provide our search technology for use within enterprises through the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini. These search appliances are a complete software and hardware solution that companies can easily implement to extend Google’s search performance to their internal or external information. They leverage our search technology to identify the most relevant pages on public web sites and across the corporate network, making it easy for people to find the information they need. The Google Search Appliance and Google Mini offer several useful features, including automated spell-checking, cached pages, dynamic snippets, indented results and automatic conversion of Microsoft Office and PDF files to HTML. The Google Search Appliance is available in three models: the GB-1001, for mid-sized companies; the GB-5005, for dedicated, high-priority search services such as customer-facing web sites and company-wide intranet applications; and the GB-8008, for centralized deployments supporting global business units. Pricing for the Google Search Appliance starts at $30,000. The Google Mini is targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses to provide search on public web sites and intranets. It is sold online through the Google Store, and pricing starts at $2,995.


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