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Everi Holdings Inc.  (EVRI)
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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(Profit Margin)
120.33 100 % 2.07 1.72 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Income
-50.32 % 1.39 % - 40.27 %

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  Everi Holdings's

Business Segments Description

Our Products and Services

Games Products and Services

Our Games products and services include commercial products, such as Class III products, Native American Class II products, and other bingo products, lottery systems, and back office systems. In our Games business, we generally retain ownership of the leased gaming equipment installed at customer facilities and receive recurring revenue based on a percentage of the net win per day generated by the leased gaming equipment or a fixed daily fee based on the number of player terminals installed at the facility. We also make direct sales of player terminals, licenses, back office systems and other related equipment to customers. The majority of these direct sales contracts are for some combination of gaming equipment, player terminals, content, system software, license fees, ancillary equipment and maintenance.

With respect to our Games business, we have expanded our licensing into new jurisdictions, increased investment in research and development, and introduced premium game products (which typically include high definition (“HD”) dual-screens, liquid crystal display (“LCD”) panels, and red green blue (“RGB”) top box lighting). From its historical focus on placement of standard games into the Oklahoma and Washington tribal markets, Everi Games has diversified its installed base in recent years with entry into new commercial and tribal markets as well as the development and placement of premium products. Everi Games has grown premium game installations with approximately 1,750 units installed (representing more than 13% of our installed base) since entering the category three years ago. Development of high-earning premium games has supported Everi Games’ ability to enter new markets, expand its footprint, and provide broad and new content across its installed base.

Everi Games provides the New York Lottery with an accounting and central determinant system for the VLTs in operation at licensed State of New York racetracks. As of December 31, 2015, this central determinant system connected to approximately 18,000 VLTs and electronic table games (“ETGs”) provided by third-party providers and has the ability to interface with, provide outcomes to, and manage the VLTs as well as interface with and manage the 1,750 ETGs. Pursuant to its agreement with the New York Lottery, Everi Games receives a portion of the network-wide net win (generally, cash-in less prizes paid) per day in exchange for provision and maintenance of the central determinant system. In February 2009, the New York Lottery awarded Everi Games a contract extension through December 2017 and provided Everi Games an opportunity to expand its network as the New York Lottery licenses additional race track gaming facilities or the expansion of existing facilities in the state. Everi Games also provides central determinant system technology to Native American tribes in the State of Washington for which it receives a portion of the revenue generated from the VLTs connected to the system.

Our Games products include:

Classic Mechanical Reel Games. Our full range of classic mechanical reel games provides players with a traditional, high denomination slot gaming experience. These games leverage our long-standing experience in building enduring brands, such as Black Diamond, Crystal Jackpots, Smokin’ 777, Double Eagle, and Jackpot Fire, among others, and feature a unique take on traditional slot games with eye-catching features. The premium Skyline mechanical reel series was released with a vintage-inspired bezel showcasing RGB lighting and a 24-inch LCD display, with titles including Double Jackpot Gems, Ultra Mega Meltdown and Canary Diamonds.

Video Reel Games. We offer a growing range of video reel games that provides a uniquely entertaining slot gaming experience. These games leverage the Player HD cabinet to deliver eye-catching graphics and full, rich sound. High denomination, high multi-line themes have been introduced to the market, such as Warrior Legacy, Starry Night-HD, and Smokin’ Hot Gems, along with a batch of gameplay features, such as the Windfall Reels on Fire Lion and Mummy’s Tomb; the Wild Pairs feature on Antony and Cleopatra and Bonnie and Clyde; Blazin’ Streaks on Disco Fever; Variable Direction Paylines on Time Twister; and Multi-Stage “Battle Bonus” on Pirates vs. Ninjas.

Core HDX. The Core HDX enhances the player gaming experience with its dual widescreen 23” monitors with 1080p HD capability, integrated touchscreens and premium 3-way sound system. Its eye-catching cabinet commands a presence on the casino floor with game-controlled lighting and a custom premium LCD topper. Select Core HDX games feature Everi Bet™, the bet configuration system that gives casino operators the power to optimize the casino floor for max returns. The vast majority of our standard video library on our MForce platform is designed to be playable on the Core HDX. Newly released games exclusive to the Core HDX cabinet include: Peking Fantasy, Goddess of the Realm - Moon Stone, Goddess of the Realm - Flame Star, Jackpot Inferno, and Bonus Attack.

High Rise Games. Our current premium participation slot game series features one of the industry’s largest top boxes, a vertically oriented 37-inch LCD screen that eliminates overhead signage, creates new possibilities for gaming action, offers LED lights around the perimeter of the top box screen, as well as unique bonus features. Four themes are being unveiled on the High Rise Games series, including Queen of Diamonds, Pirates Skull & Bones, The Money Man Big Cash Spin, and Smokin’ Hot Diamonds. Queen of Diamonds is a 9-Reel, 32-Line theme featuring our new Jackpot Jump feature. Once any jackpot trigger is hit, players pick from one of four cards to find a diamond-suited Jackpot Jump card or a Queen of Diamonds card, which will “jump” the progressive prize by one or two tiers, respectively.

Platinum MPX and The Texan HDX. The award-winning Platinum MPX represents a premium participation cabinet and game series that offers a 40-inch monitor, full 1080p HD graphics capabilities, a fully-customizable touchscreen button panel, game-controlled runway lighting and six custom speakers, including two speakers in the fully integrated interactive sound chair with Earthquake Shakers technology. The Platinum MPX debuted with two games in 2014, the award-winning Thundering Herd and Invasion 2: The Return, with new themes Smokin’ Hot Dice, Gargoyle, Her Majesty, and Myths & Legends. The Texan HDX is an 8-foot tall cabinet with twin 42-inch video screens, featuring a two-person bench seat. The cabinet is designed to showcase the Everi Standard Video Library in oversized format, allowing the games to be prominently displayed on the casino floor.

TournEvent. Our award-winning slot tournament system is a proven solution that allows operators to switch from in-revenue gaming to out-of-revenue tournaments with the simple click of a mouse. The latest 4.3 version released in 2015 includes an updated user interface that give operators more flexibility in setting up different types of tournaments including a cumulative scoring option that gives casinos the ability to have the system automatically sum players’ scores in multi-session tournaments. The player(s) with the highest accumulated scores from all sessions win or advance. The new version also adds additional tournament sounds, animations, and tournament game options. With the wireless tablet option, casino operators will be able to sign up players for tournaments remotely, allowing for a more efficient tournament registration and an overall better tournament experience for the casinos and players alike. We believe that the out-of-revenue games, Cash Boom Bang with 4 Reel Frenzy and Crown Jewels with 4 Reel Frenzy, will improve slot tournaments, as tournament screens will explode into four sets of reels once a bomb appears. Jump to First and Pop-n-Win features may occur during this time as well. Additional game and system releases are planned for 2016, giving casino operators what we believe will be even more exciting game titles to select from and additional efficiency in the planning and operation of slot tournaments. TournEvent also is available with multiple sign options, consisting of a rotating 55-inch monitor, lighted accent dividers, and the ability to be featured on new bank configurations.

Payments Products and Services

Our Payments products and services include solutions that we provide directly to gaming establishments to offer their patrons cash access related services and products including: access to cash at gaming facilities via Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) cash withdrawals, credit card cash access transactions and POS debit card transactions; check-related services; fully integrated kiosks and maintenance services; compliance, audit and data software; casino credit data and reporting services and other ancillary offerings.

ATM Cash Withdrawals. ATM cash withdrawal transactions represent the largest category of electronic payment transactions that we process, as measured by dollar and transaction volume. In an ATM cash withdrawal, a patron directly accesses funds from a device enabled with our ATM service by either using an ATM or debit card to withdraw funds from the patron’s demand deposit account, or using a credit card to access the patron’s line of credit. In either event, the patron must use the Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) associated with such card. Our processor then routes the transaction request through an electronic funds transfer (“EFT”) network to the patron’s bank or issuer. Depending upon a number of factors, including the patron’s account balance or credit limit and daily withdrawal limit (which limits are set by the bank or issuer), the bank or issuer will either authorize or decline the transaction. If the transaction is authorized, then the ATM-enabled device dispenses the cash to the patron. For a transaction using an ATM or debit card, the patron’s bank account is debited by the amount of cash disbursed plus a service fee that we assess the patron for the use of the ATM service. For a transaction using a credit card with a PIN, the patron’s credit card account is charged by the amount of the cash disbursed plus a service fee that we assess the patron for the use of the ATM service. In both cases, the service fee is currently a fixed dollar amount and not a percentage of the transaction size. We also receive a fee, which we refer to as a reverse interchange fee, from the patron’s card-issuing bank for accommodating the bank’s customer. In most circumstances, we pay a percentage of the service fee that we receive from the patron and, in some circumstances, a portion of the reverse interchange fees we receive, as a commission to our gaming establishment customers for the right to operate on their premises.

Credit Card Cash Access Transactions and POS Debit card Transactions. Patrons can perform credit card cash access transactions and POS debit card transactions using many of our enabled devices. A patron’s credit card cash access limit is usually a sub-limit of the total credit line and is set by the card-issuing bank, not Everi. These limits vary significantly and can be larger or smaller than the POS debit limit. A credit card cash access transaction obligates the patron to repay the issuing bank over time on terms that are preset by the cardholder agreement. A patron’s POS debit card allows the patron to make cash withdrawals at the point of sale in an amount equal to the lesser of the amount of funds in the account, or a daily limit that is generally five to ten times as large as the patron’s daily ATM limit.

When a patron requests a credit card cash access or POS debit card transaction, our processor routes the transaction request through one of the card associations, or EFT networks to the issuing bank. Depending upon several factors, such as the available credit or bank account balance, the transaction is either authorized or declined by the issuing bank. If authorized, the patron’s bank account is debited or the patron’s credit card balance is increased, in both cases, by an amount equal to the funds requested plus our service fee. The service fee is a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the transaction size or a combination of a fixed dollar amount and percentage of the transaction size. If the transaction is authorized, the device informs the patron that the transaction has been approved. The device then further instructs the patron to proceed to the gaming establishment’s cashier, or Company-operated booth, to complete the transaction because credit card cash access and POS debit card transactions must, in most circumstances, be completed in face-to-face environments and a unique signature must be received in order to comply with rules of the card associations. Once at the cashier booth, the patron acknowledges acceptance of the fee. We reimburse the gaming establishment for the amount of cash that it provided to the patron by either issuing a negotiable instrument to the gaming establishment or paying the gaming establishment via wire transfer or other similar form of electronic payment. In addition, we generally pay the gaming establishment a portion of the service fee as a commission for the right to operate on its premises, although this payment as a percentage of the fee is generally smaller for credit card cash access and POS debit card transactions than for ATM withdrawals. In addition, we are obligated to pay interchange fees to the issuing bank and processing costs related to the electronic payment transaction to card associations.

Check-Related Services. Patrons are able to cash checks at certain gaming establishments. When a patron presents a check to the cashier, the gaming establishment can accept or deny the transaction based on its own customer information and at its own risk, obtain third-party verification information about the check writer, the bank account number and other information relating to the check to manage its risk, or obtain a warranty on payment of the check, which entitles the gaming establishment to reimbursement of the full face amount of the check if it is dishonored.

If a gaming establishment chooses to have a check warranted, it sends a request to a check warranty service provider, asking whether it would be willing to accept the risk of cashing the check. If the check warranty provider accepts the risk and warrants the check, the gaming establishment negotiates the patron’s check by providing cash for the face amount of the check. If the check is dishonored by the patron’s bank upon presentment, the gaming establishment invokes the warranty, and the check warranty service provider purchases the check from the gaming establishment for the full check amount and then pursues collection activities on its own.

For those gaming establishments that seek to manage their own risk, we provide a subscription check verification service via a database operated by our subsidiary, Central Credit, which is used by gaming establishments to make credit issuing decisions. Central Credit maintains information on the check cashing and credit history of many gaming establishment patrons. For those gaming establishments that prefer to obtain a warranty, we currently provide check warranty services through a third-party check warranty service provider. We pay this third-party provider to assist with the warranty decision, check processing, billing and collection activities. On our behalf, this third-party provider charges our gaming establishment customers a fee for the check warranty services, which is typically a percentage of the face amount of the check being warranted. In such circumstances, we receive all of the check warranty revenue. We are exposed to risk for the losses associated with any warranted items that cannot be collected from patrons issuing the items. Warranty expenses are defined as any amounts paid by the third-party provider to gaming establishments to purchase dishonored checks that will not be collectible from patrons and any expenses related to the collection on these amounts. We also pay certain fees and operating expenses to our third-party provider related to the provision of these services.

Casino Cash Plus 3-in-1 ATMs are unmanned, cash-dispensing machines that enable ATM cash withdrawals, POS debit card transactions, and credit card cash access transactions directly, or using our patented 3-in-1 Rollover functionality. Most financial institutions that issue debit cards impose daily ATM withdrawal limits, and, in many instances, aggregate and count Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a single day in calculating such limits. If a patron has reached his or her daily ATM limit, our patented 3-in-1 Rollover functionality automatically enables the patron to obtain funds via a POS debit card transaction or a credit card cash access transaction instead.

Check verification and warranty services allow gaming establishments to manage and reduce risk on patron checks that they cash. A gaming establishment can query our Central Credit database to review the check cashing history of a gaming establishment patron before deciding whether to cash the patron’s check. If the gaming establishment desires additional protection against loss, it can seek a warranty on payment of the check. We have an exclusive relationship with a third-party check warranty service provider to market check warranty services to gaming establishments.

Fully Integrated Kiosks are multi-function terminals that combine our cash access 3-in-1 Rollover functionality with slot machine ticket redemption and bill breaking service capabilities. The availability of our cash access services on these slot ticket redemption devices provides us with additional points of contact with gaming patrons at locations that are closer to the slot machines than traditional cash access devices that are typically located on the periphery of the gaming area within the gaming establishment and also provides gaming patrons with more opportunities to access their cash with less cashier involvement, thereby creating labor cost savings for gaming establishments.

Jackpot kiosks are multi-function employee kiosks that allow casino personnel to immediately process and dispense taxable jackpots in the form of cash, tickets or a combination of both. Jackpots that exceed established local or federal dollar limits are taxable and require a casino employee to complete the transaction in order to issue the patron a W-2G or 1042-S. The jackpot kiosk, which may also offer our other cash access services, automates and streamlines this process.

Central Credit is our gaming patron credit bureau service which, on a subscription basis, allows gaming establishments to improve their credit-granting decisions by obtaining access to a database containing credit information and transaction data on millions of gaming patrons. Our gaming credit reports are comprised of information recorded from patron credit histories at hundreds of gaming establishments. We provide such information to gaming establishments that subscribe to the service. These establishments then use that data, among other things, to determine how much credit, if any, they will grant to a gaming patron. We typically charge our customers for access to gaming patron credit reports on a monthly basis and our fees are generally comprised of a fixed minimum fee plus per-transaction charges for certain requests.

Everi Compliance is our suite of compliance software offerings for gaming operators. These compliance solutions help our gaming establishment customers comply with financial services and gaming regulations. These compliance solutions include software to assist with anti-money laundering regulations, such as filing currency transaction reports (“CTRs”) and suspicious activity reports (“SARs”). Additionally, these compliance solutions also assist casinos in filing required tax forms in connection with the payout of jackpot winnings to patrons and assist casinos with auditing cash on the floor and in casino cages.


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