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Dow Inc Segments

Performance Plastics
   38.76 % of total Revenue
Performance Chemicals
   26.11 % of total Revenue
Agricultural Sciences
   9.7 % of total Revenue
   0.45 % of total Revenue
Electronic & Specialty Materials
   9.21 % of total Revenue
Coatings & Infrastructure
   15.79 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Performance Plastics
4,665.00 38.76 % 1,349.00 28.92 %
Performance Chemicals
3,142.00 26.11 % 540.00 17.19 %
Agricultural Sciences
1,167.00 9.7 % 582.00 49.87 %
54.00 0.45 % 0.00 -
Electronic & Specialty Materials
1,108.00 9.21 % 289.00 26.08 %
Coatings & Infrastructure
1,900.00 15.79 % 325.00 17.11 %
12,036.00 100 % 3,085.00 25.63 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Performance Plastics
18.88 % -2.93 % 5.8 % -10.25 %
Performance Chemicals
-12.06 % -3.05 % 6.72 % -5.59 %
Agricultural Sciences
-17.12 % -33.2 % 11540 % 128.24 %
-21.74 % -8.47 % - -
Electronic & Specialty Materials
-7.59 % 1.09 % -9.69 % 71.01 %
Coatings & Infrastructure
2.93 % -3.11 % 12.46 % 35.42 %
-16.45 % -6.77 % 19.67 % 12.63 %

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  Dow Inc 's

Business Segments Description


Applications: automotive interiors, exteriors, chassis/power train and body engineered systems • building and construction, thermal and acoustic insulation, roofing • communications technology, telecommunication cables, electrical and electronic connectors • footwear • home and office furnishings: kitchen appliances, power tools, floor care products, mattresses, carpeting, flooring, furniture padding, office furniture • information technology equipment and consumer electronics  • packaging, food and beverage containers, protective packaging • sports and recreation equipment • wire and cable insulation and jacketing materials for power utility and telecommunications

Dow Automotive business delivers innovative solutions for automotive interior, exterior, chassis/power train and body engineered systems applications. As a leading global supplier of resins, engineering plastic materials, fluids, adhesives, sealants, epoxy dampers, structural bonding and reinforcement products, and thermal and acoustical management solutions, Dow Automotive has been recognized for its automotive components and systems. The business also provides research and development, design expertise and advanced engineering.

Products: BETABRACE reinforcing composites; BETADAMP acoustical damping systems; BETAFOAM NVH and structural foams; BETAGUARD sealers; BETAMATE structural adhesives; BETASEAL glass bonding systems; CALIBRE polycarbonate resins; DOW polypropylene resins and automotive components made with DOW polypropylene; Injection-molded dashmats and underhood barriers; INSPIRE performance polymers; INTEGRAL adhesive film; MAGNUM ABS resins; PULSE engineering resins; QUESTRA crystalline polymers; RETAIN recycle content resins; SPECTRIM reaction moldable polymers; STRANDFOAM polypropylene foam

Engineering Plastics business offers one of the broadest ranges of engineering polymers and compounds of any global plastics supplier. The business complements its product portfolio with technical and commercial capabilities to develop solutions that deliver improved performance to customers while lowering their total cost.

Products: CALIBRE polycarbonate resins; EMERGE advanced resins; INCLOSIA solutions; ISOPLAST engineering thermoplastic polyurethane resins; MAGNUM ABS resins; PELLETHANE thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers; PREVAIL engineering thermoplastic resins; PULSE engineering resins; QUESTRA crystalline polymers; TYRIL SAN resins

Epoxy Products and Intermediates business manufactures a wide range of epoxy products, as well as intermediates used by other major epoxy producers. Dow is a leading global producer of epoxy products, supporting customers with high-quality raw materials, technical service and production capabilities.

Products: Acetone; Acrylic monomers; Allyl chloride; Bisphenol A; D.E.H. epoxy catalyst resins; D.E.N. epoxy novolac resins; D.E.R. epoxy resins (liquids, solids and solutions); DERAKANE and DERAKANE MOMENTUM epoxy vinyl ester resins; Epichlorohydrin; Epoxy acrylates; OPTIM glycerine; Phenol; UV specialty epoxies

Fabricated Products business manufactures and markets an extensive line of plastic film and foam products. The business sets the competitive standard by creating high-performance solutions in industries ranging from packaging and construction to telecommunications, automotive and medical.

Products: COVELLE HF weldable polyolefin film; DOW backing layer film; ENVISION custom foam laminates; ETHAFOAM polyethylene foam; EQUIFOAM comfort products; IMMOTUS acoustic panels; INTEGRAL adhesive film; LAMDEX polyolefin foam; OPTICITE label film; Polypropylene foam; PROCITE window envelope film; QUASH sound management foam; SARANEX barrier medical film; STYROFOAM brand products (including STYROFOAM WEATHERMATE PLUS housewrap and STYROFOAM all-purpose tape); SYNERGY soft touch foam; TANKLITE protective insulation; TRENCHCOAT protective film; TRYCITE polystyrene film; TRYMER polyisocyanurate foam; ZETABON coated metal cable armor

Polyurethanes and Polyurethane Systems businesses are leading global producers of polyurethane raw materials and polyurethane systems. Differentiated by their ability to globally supply a high-quality, consistent and complete product range, these businesses emphasize both existing and new business developments while facilitating customer success with a global market and technology network.

Products: THE ENHANCER and LIFESPAN carpet backings; FROTH-PAK polyurethane spray foam; GREAT STUFF polyurethane foam sealant; INSTA-STIK roof insulation adhesive; ISONATE pure and modified methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI); PAPI polymeric MDI; Propylene glycol; Propylene oxide; SPECFLEX copolymer polyols; SYNTEGRA waterborne polyurethane dispersions; TILE BOND roof tile adhesive; VORACOR, VORALAST, VORALUX and VORASTAR polyurethane systems; VORANATE toluene diisocyanate (TDI); VORANOL and VORANOL VORACTIV polyether and copolymer polyols; WOODSTALK fiberboard products

Technology Licensing and Catalyst business includes licensing and supply of related catalysts for the UNIPOL polypropylene process, the METEOR process for ethylene oxide (EO) and ethylene glycol (EG), the LP OXO process for oxo alcohols, and the QBIS bisphenol A process. Licensing of the UNIPOL polyethylene process and related catalysts, including metallocene catalysts, are handled through Univation Technologies, LLC, a 50:50 joint venture co-owned by Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow. The business also includes UOP LLC, a 50:50 joint venture co-owned by UCC, which supplies process technology, catalysts, molecular sieves and adsorbents to the petroleum refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.

Products: LP OXO process technology; METEOR EO/EG process technology and catalysts; QBIS bisphenol A process technology and DOWEX QCAT catalyst; SHAC catalysts; UNIPOL process technology

Wire and Cable Compounds business is the leading global producer of a variety of performance polyolefin products that are marketed worldwide for wire and cable applications. Chief among these are polyolefin-based compounds for high-performance insulation, semiconductives and jacketing systems for power distribution, telecommunications and flame-retardant wire and cable.

Products: REDI-LINK polyethylene; SI-LINK crosslinkable polyethylene; UNIGARD high-performance flame-retardant compounds; UNIGARD reduced emissions flame-retardant compounds; UNIPURGE purging compounds; Wire and cable insulation and jacketing compounds


Applications: agricultural and pharmaceutical products and processing • building materials • chemical processing and intermediates • food processing and ingredients  • household products • paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, lubricants • personal care products • pulp and paper manufacturing, coated paper and paperboard • textiles and carpet • water purification

Custom and Fine Chemicals business provides products and services to other specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and agricultural chemical producers, and also produces fine chemicals for household paints and various other applications.

Products and Services: Basic nitroparaffins and nitroparaffin-based specialty chemicals of ANGUS Chemical Company; Contract manufacturing services provided by the Dowpharma and Dow Haltermann Custom Processing businesses; Fine and specialty chemicals from the Dow Haltermann Custom Processing business, and Chirotech Technology Limited and Mitchell Cotts Chemicals Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries of Dow; Test and reference fuels, printing ink distillates, pure hydrocarbons and esters, and derivatives from Haltermann Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow

Emulsion Polymers business is the world's largest supplier of synthetic latex, and the most globally diverse of the styrene-butadiene latex suppliers. Dow is the largest supplier of latex for coating paper and paperboard used in magazines, catalogues and food packaging. Dow is also the world's largest supplier of latexes used in carpet production.

Products: Acrylic latex; Butadiene-vinylidene latex; Polystyrene latex; Styrene-acrylate latex; Styrene-butadiene latex

Industrial Chemicals business provides products used as functional ingredients or processing aids in the manufacture of a diverse range of products. Dow's surfactants and biocides businesses provide value-added ingredients for household and personal care products.

Products: Biocides; CARBOWAX polyethylene glycols and methoxypolyethylene glycols; Diphenyloxide; DOW polypropylene glycols; DOWFAX, TERGITOL and TRITON surfactants; DOWTHERM, SYLTHERM and UCARTHERM heat transfer fluids; UCAR deicing fluids; UCON fluids; VERSENE chelating agents

Oxide Derivatives business is the world's largest supplier of glycol ethers and amines to a diverse set of market applications, including coatings, household products, gas treating and agricultural products.

Products: Alkyl alkanolamines; Ethanolamines; Ethylene oxide- and propylene oxide-based glycol ethers; Ethyleneamines; Isopropanolamines

Specialty Polymers business manufactures a diverse portfolio of polymers for numerous markets and applications. The largest unit, Liquid Separations, uses several technologies to separate dissolved minerals and organics from water, making purer water for human and industrial uses.

Products: Acrolein derivatives; Acrylic acid/Acrylic esters; CYRACURE cycloaliphatic epoxides; DAXAD dispersants; DOWEX ion exchange resins; DRYTECH superabsorbent polymers; Epoxidized vegetable oils; FILMTEC membranes; Glycine; Peroxymerics; Polyvinyl acetate resins; Quaternaries; Redispersible polymer powders; Solution vinyl resins; Specialty monomers; Sulfur derivative compounds; Surface sizing polymers; TONE monomers, polymers and polyols

UCAR Emulsion Systems business is a leading global supplier of water-based emulsions used as key components in decorative and industrial paints, adhesives, textile products, and construction products such as caulks and sealants. These products allow customers to formulate more environmentally friendly products that contain less or no solvent.

Products: NEOCAR branched vinyl ester latexes; POLYPHOBE rheology modifiers; UCAR all-acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl-acrylic latexes

Water Soluble Polymers business provides a portfolio of high-value, multi-functional ingredients used to enhance the physical and sensory properties of end-use products in a wide range of applications including food, pharmaceuticals, oilfield, paints and coatings, personal care, building and construction, and many other specialty applications.

Products: CELLOSIZE hydroxyethyl cellulose; ETHOCEL ethylcellulose resins; METHOCEL cellulose ethers; POLYOX water-soluble resins; products for hair/skin care from Amerchol Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow


Applications: control of weeds, insects and diseases in plants • pest management  • seeds • traits (genes) for crops and agriculture

Dow AgroSciences business is a global leader in providing pest management, agricultural and crop biotechnology products. The business develops, manufactures and markets products for crop production; weed, insect and plant disease management; and industrial and commercial pest management. Dow AgroSciences is building a leading plant genetics and biotechnology business in crop seeds and traits for seeds.

Products: CLINCHER herbicide; DITHANE fungicide; DURSBAN and LORSBAN insecticides; FORTRESS fungicide; GALLANT herbicide; GARLON herbicide; GLYPHOMAX herbicide; GRANDSTAND herbicide; HERCULEX I insect protection; KEYSTONE herbicide; LONTREL herbicide; MUSTANG herbicide; MYCOGEN seeds; NATREON canola and high-oleic sunflower oils; PHYTOGEN cottonseeds; SENTRICON Termite Colony Elimination System; STARANE herbicide; STINGER herbicide; TELONE soil fumigant; TORDON herbicide; TRACER NATURALYTE insect control; VIKANE structural fumigant


Applications: adhesives • appliances and appliance housings • agricultural films • automotive parts and trim • beverage bottles • bins, crates, pails and pallets • building and construction • coatings • consumer and durable goods  • consumer electronics • disposable diaper liners • fibers and nonwovens • films, bags and packaging for food and consumer products • hoses and tubing • household and industrial bottles • housewares • hygiene and medical films • industrial and consumer films and foams • information technology • oil tanks and road equipment  • plastic pipe • toys, playground equipment and recreational products • wire and cable compounds

Polyethylene business is the world's leading supplier of polyethylene-based solutions through sustainable product differentiation. Through the use of multiple catalyst and process technologies, Dow offers one of the industry's broadest ranges of polyethylene solutions for a wide variety of applications. DuPont Dow Elastomers LLC, a Dow co-owned 50:50 joint venture, leverages INSITE Technology, Dow's proprietary catalyst and process technology, into elastomeric products.

Products: AFFINITY polyolefin plastomers; AMPLIFY functional polymers; ASPUN fiber grade resins; ATTANE ultra low density polyethylene (ULDPE) resins; CONTINUUM bimodal polyethylene resins; DOW high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins; DOW low density polyethylene (LDPE) resins; DOW XLA elastic fiber for the textile industry; DOWLEX polyethylene resins; ELITE enhanced polyethylene (EPE) resins; FLEXOMER very low density polyethylene (VLDPE) resins; PRIMACOR copolymers; SARAN barrier resins and films; TUFLIN linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) resins; UNIVAL HDPE resins

Polypropylene business, a major global polypropylene supplier, provides a broad range of products and solutions tailored to customer needs by leveraging Dow's leading manufacturing and application technology, research and product development expertise, extensive market knowledge and strong customer relationships.

Products: Homopolymer polypropylene resins; Impact copolymer polypropylene resins; INSPIRE performance polymers; Random copolymer polypropylene resins

Polystyrene business, the global leader in the production of polystyrene resins, is uniquely positioned with geographic breadth and participation in a diversified portfolio of applications. Through market and technical leadership and low cost capability, Dow continues to improve product performance and meet customer needs.

Products: STYRON A-TECH advanced technology polystyrene resins; STYRON general purpose polystyrene resins; STYRON high-impact polystyrene resins; STYRON ignition-resistant polystyrene resins

The Plastics segment also includes polybutadiene rubber, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), purified terephthalic acid (PTA), styrene-butadiene rubber and several specialty resins.


Applications: agricultural products • alumina • automotive antifreeze, coolant systems • carpet and textiles • chemical processing • dry cleaning • dust control  • household cleaners and plastic products • inks • metal cleaning • packaging, food and beverage containers, protective packaging • paints, coatings and adhesives  • personal care products • petroleum refining • pharmaceuticals • plastic pipe  • pulp and paper manufacturing • snow and ice control • soaps and detergents  • water treatment

Core Chemicals business is a leading global producer of each of its basic chemical products, which are sold to many industries worldwide, and also serve as key raw materials in the production of a variety of Dow's performance and plastics products.

Products: Acids; Alcohols; Aldehydes; Caustic soda; Chlorine; Chloroform; COMBOTHERM blended deicer; DOWFLAKE calcium chloride; DOWPER dry cleaning solvent; Esters; Ethylene dichloride (EDC); LIQUIDOW liquid calcium chloride; MAXICHECK procedure for testing the strength of reagents; MAXISTAB stabilizers for chlorinated solvents; Methyl chloride; Methylene chloride; Monochloroacetic acid (MCAA); Oxo products; PELADOW calcium chloride pellets; Perchloroethylene; SAFE-TAINER closed-loop delivery system; Trichloroethylene; Vinyl acetate monomer (VAM); Vinyl chloride monomer (VCM); Vinylidene chloride (VDC)

Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol business is the world's leading producer of ethylene oxide, used primarily for internal consumption, and ethylene glycol, which is sold for use in polyester fiber, PET for food and beverage container applications, polyester film and antifreeze.

Products: Ethylene glycol (EG); Ethylene oxide (EO)


Applications: polymer and chemical production • power

Hydrocarbons and Energy business encompasses the procurement of fuels, natural gas liquids and crude oil-based raw materials, as well as the supply of monomers, power and steam for use in Dow's global operations. Dow is the world leader in the production of olefins and styrene.

Products: Benzene; Butadiene; Butylene; Cumene; Ethylene; Propylene; Styrene; Power, steam and other utilities

New Business Growth includes Advanced Electronic Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technologies, and the Growth Center that works on new developments with a focus on identifying and pursuing commercial opportunities.

The results of New Business Growth; Venture Capital; the Company's insurance operations and environmental operations; as well as Cargill Dow LLC and Dow Corning Corporation, both of which are Dow co-owned 50:50 joint ventures, are included in Unallocated and Other.


Electronic Materials is a leading global supplier of materials for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP); materials used in the production of electronic displays; products and technologies that drive leading edge semiconductor design; materials used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards; and integrated metallization processes critical for interconnection, corrosion resistance, metal finishing and decorative applications. These enabling materials are found in applications such as consumer electronics, flat panel displays and telecommunications.

· Products: ACuPLANE™ CMP slurries; AR™ antireflective coatings; AUROLECTROLESS™ immersion gold process; COPPER GLEAM™ acid copper plating products; DURAPOSIT™ electroless nickel process; ENLIGHT™ products for photovoltaic manufacturers; EPIC™ immersion photoresists; INTERVIA™ photodielectrics for advanced packaging; LITHOJET™ digital imaging processes; OPTOGRADE™ metalorganic precursors; VISIONPAD™ CMP pads

Specialty Materials is a portfolio of businesses characterized by a vast global footprint, a broad array of unique chemistries, multi-functional ingredients and technology capabilities, combined with key positions in the pharmaceuticals, food, home and personal care, water and energy production, and industrial specialty industries. These technology capabilities and market platforms enable the businesses to develop innovative solutions that address modern societal needs for sufficient and clean water, air and energy, and improved healthcare; disease prevention; nutrition; and wellness. The businesses’ global footprint provides multiple opportunities for value growth. Specialty Materials consists of five global businesses: Dow Water and Process Solutions, Dow Home and Personal Care, Dow Microbial Control, Dow Wolff Cellulosics and Performance Materials.

· Products and Services: Acrolein derivatives; ACUDYNE™ hair fixatives; ACULYN™ rheology modifiers; ACUMER™ scale inhibitors and dispersants; AMBERLITE™ ion exchange resins; AUTOMATE™ liquid dyes; Basic nitroparaffins and nitroparaffin-based specialty chemicals; BOROL™ bleaching solution; CANGUARD™ BIT preservatives; CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose; Chiral compounds and biocatalysts; CLEAR+STABLE™ carboxymethyl cellulose; CORRGUARD™ amino alcohol; CYCLOTENE™ advanced electronics resins; DOW™ electrodeionization; DOW™ ultrafiltration; DOWEX™ ion exchange resins; DOWICIDE™ antimicrobial bactericides and fungicides; DURAPLUS™ floor care polymers; ECOSURF™ biodegradable surfactants; EVOCAR™ vinyl acetate ethylene; FILMTEC™ elements; FORTEFIBER™ soluble dietary fiber; FOUNDATIONS™ latex; Hydrocarbon resins; Industrial biocides; METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers; MORTRACE™ marking technologies; NEOCAR™ branched vinyl ester latexes; OPULYN™ opacifiers; POLYOX™ water-soluble resins; PRIMENE™ amines; Quaternaries; Reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and ultrafiltration modules; SATINFX™ delivery system; SATISFIT™ Weight Care Technology; SILK™ semiconductor dielectric resins; SOLTERRA™ Boost ultraviolet protection-boosting polymers; SOLTEX™ waterproofing polymer; SUNSPHERES™ SPF boosters; UCAR™ all-acrylic, styrene-acrylic and vinyl-acrylic latexes; UCAR™ POLYPHOBE™ rheology modifiers; UCARE™ polymers; UCARHIDE™ opacifier; WALOCEL™ cellulose polymers; WALSRODER™ nitrocellulose


Adhesives and Functional Polymers is a portfolio of businesses that primarily manufacture sticking and bonding solutions for a wide range of applications, including adhesive tapes and paper labels, flexible packaging and leather, textile and imaging. These products are supported with market recognized best-in-class technical support and end-use application knowledge. Many of the businesses’ water-borne technologies are well-positioned to support more environmentally preferred applications.

· Products: ADCOTE™ and AQUA-LAM™ laminating adhesives; MOR-FREE™ solventless adhesives; ROBOND™ acrylic adhesives; SERFENE™ barrier coatings; Solvent-based polyurethanes and polyesters; TYMOR™ tie resins Dow Building and Construction is comprised of two global businesses – Dow Building Solutions and Dow Construction Chemicals – which offer extensive lines of industry-leading insulation, housewrap, sealant and adhesive products and systems, as well as construction chemical solutions. Through its strong sales support, customer service and technical expertise, Dow Building Solutions provides meaningful solutions for improving the energy efficiency in homes and buildings today, while also addressing the industry's emerging needs and demands. Additionally, Dow Construction Chemicals provides solutions for increased durability, greater water resistance and lower systems costs. As a leader in insulation solutions, the businesses’ products help curb escalating utility bills, reduce a building’s carbon footprint and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

· Products: AQUASET™ acrylic thermosetting resins; CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose; FROTH-PAK™ polyurethane spray foam; GREAT STUFF™ polyurethane foam sealant; INSTA-STIK™ roof insulation adhesive; METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers; RHOPLEX™ aqueous acrylic polymer emulsions; STYROFOAM™ brand insulation products (including extruded polystyrene and polyisocyanurate rigid foam sheathing products); THERMAX™ insulation; TILE BOND™ roof tile adhesive; WALOCEL™ cellulose polymers; WEATHERMATE™ weather barrier solutions (housewraps, sill pans, flashings and tapes)

Dow Coating Materials is the largest coatings supplier in the world and a premier supplier of raw materials for architectural paints and industrial coatings. The business manufactures and delivers solutions that leverage high quality, technologically advanced product offerings for paint and coatings. The business also offers technologies used in industrial coatings, including packaging, pipelines, wood, automotive, marine, maintenance and protective industries. The business is also the leader in the conversion of solvent to water-based technologies, which enable customers to offer more environmentally friendly products, including low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints and other sustainable coatings.

· Products: ACRYSOL™ rheology modifiers; AVANSE™, ELASTENE™, PRIMAL™ and RHOPLEX™ acrylics; CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose; CELLOSOLVE™ and the CARBITOL™ and DOWANOL™ series of oxygenated solvents; D.E.H.™ curing agent and intermediates; D.E.R.™ and D.E.N.™ liquid and epoxy resins; FORTEGRA™ Epoxy Tougheners; OROTAN™ and TAMOL™ dispersants; ROPAQUE™ opaque polymers; TRITON™, TERGITOL™, DOWFAX™ and ECOSURF™ SA surfactants


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