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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2019)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2019)
(Profit Margin)
9.58 100 % -12.47 -

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2019)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2019)
Q/Q Income
107.11 % 13.23 % - -

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Business Segments Description

Cryoport Express® Solutions

Our Cryoport Express® Solutions are currently made up primarily of the Cryoportal™ software platform, Cryoport Express® Shippers, Cryoport Express® SmartPak condition monitoring systems and our life sciences cold chain logistics expertise. Cryoport Express® Solutions are focused on improving the reliability of frozen shipping while reducing our clients’ overall operating costs. This is accomplished by providing complete end-to-end solutions for the transport and monitoring of frozen or cryogenically preserved biological or other materials shipped primarily through distribution partners, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, and specialty couriers.

The information technology is centered on a cryogenic logistics operating platform called the Cryoportal™. The Cryoportal™ is a cloud-based cryogenic logistics operating platform. Among its functions, the Cryoportal™ programmatically assists in the management of all aspects of the logistics operations beginning with order entry and continuing to monitor, log data, track shipments and store vital information. The Cryoportal™ is capable of producing a variety of Cryoport Express® Analytics which report shipment performance metrics and evaluates temperature-monitoring and other data collected by the Cryoport Express® SmartPak during shipment.

Cryoport Express® Solutions are focused on improving the reliability of cryogenic logistics while reducing our clients’ overall operating costs. This is accomplished by providing tailored and complete end-to-end solutions for cryogenic logistics requirements including management, transport, monitoring and data collection regarding frozen/cryogenically preserved biological commodities or pharmaceutical materials shipped primarily though integrators and Cryoport’s logistics network which includes specialty couriers, brokers and other intermediaries. Certain of the intellectual property underlying our Cryoport Express® Solutions, other than that related to the Cryoport Express® Shippers, have been, and continue to be, developed under a contract with an outside software development company, with the underlying technology licensed to Cryoport for exclusive use in our field of use.


The Cryoportal™ is used by Cryoport, our clients and business partners to automate the entry of orders, prepare customs documentation and to facilitate status and location monitoring of shipped orders while in transit. It is used by Cryoport to assist in managing logistics operations and to reduce administrative costs typically provisioned through manual labor relating to order-entry, order processing, preparation of shipping documents and back-office accounting. It is also used to support the high level of customer service expected by the industry. Certain features of the Cryoportal™ reduce operating costs and facilitate the scaling of Cryoport’s business, but more importantly they offer significant value to the customer in terms of cost avoidance and risk mitigation. Examples of these features include automation of order entry, development of Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”) to support our efforts for continuous process improvements in our business, and programmatic exception monitoring to detect and sometimes anticipate delays in the shipping process, often before the customer or the shipping company becomes aware of them.

The Cryoportal™ also serves as the communications center for the management, collection and analysis of SmartPak data collected from SmartPak condition monitoring system in the field. Data is converted into pre-designed reports containing valuable and often actionable information that becomes the quality control standard or “pedigree” of the shipment. This information can be utilized by Cryoport to provide valuable feedback to our clients relating to their shipments.

The Cryoportal™ software platform has been developed as a “carrier-agnostic” system, allowing the client and the Cryoport Client Care team to work with a single or multiple integrators, freight forwarders, couriers and/or brokers depending on the specific requirements and client preferences. To increase operational efficiencies, Cryoportal™ has already been integrated with the tracking systems of FedEx, DHL and UPS and we plan to integrate it with other key logistics providers.

The Cryoportal™ was developed for time- and temperature-sensitive shipments that are required to be maintained at specific temperatures, such as ambient (between 20° and 25° Celsius), chilled (between 2° and 8° Celsius) or frozen (minus 10° Celsius or less all the way down to cryogenic temperatures (minus 150°C) to ensure that the shipped specimen is not subject to degradation or out of its designated “safe” range. While our current focus is on cryogenic logistics within the life sciences industry using the logistics solutions described herein, the use of the Cryoportal™ can and may be extended into other temperature ranges of the cold chain.

To our knowledge, the Cryoportal™ software platform is unique to cold chain logistics in the life sciences industry. It is robust and has considerable capabilities. We frequently are complimented about the Cryoportal™ and our strategic alliance partners chose to license the Cryoportal™ rather than attempt to duplicate its features in their logistics management software. We have engineered in a way that gives us the ability to offer the “powered by CryoportSM” strategy to our strategic alliance partners.

The Cryoport Express® Shippers

Our Cryoport Express® Shippers are cryogenic dry vapor shippers capable of maintaining cryogenic temperatures of minus 150° Celsius or below for a dynamic shipping period of 10 or more days. A dry vapor cryogenic shipper is a device that uses liquid nitrogen contained inside a vacuum insulated vessel which serves as a refrigerant to provide stable storage temperatures below minus 150° Celsius. Our Cryoport Express® Shippers are designed to ensure that there is no pressure build up as the liquid nitrogen evaporates. We have developed a proprietary retention system to ensure that liquid nitrogen stays inside the vacuum container, which allows the shipper to be designated as a dry vapor shipper meeting IATA requirements. Biological or pharmaceutical specimens are stored in a specimen chamber, referred to as a “well” inside the container and refrigeration is provided by gas evolving from the liquid nitrogen entrapped within the proprietary retention system. Specimens that may be transported using our cryogenic shipper include: live cells, scientific or pharmaceutical commodities such as cancer vaccines, diagnostic materials, semen, eggs, embryos, infectious substances, and other commodities that require continuous exposure to frozen/cryogenic temperatures, i.e., temperatures below minus 150° Celsius.

An important feature of our Cryoport Express® Shippers, except for the newly introduced Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper, is their compliance with the stringent packaging requirements of IATA Packing Instructions 602 and 650, respectively. These specifications include meeting internal pressure (hydraulic) and drop performance requirements. Under IATA guidelines, Cryoport Express® Shippers are classified as “Non-hazardous.” Dry ice and liquid nitrogen are classified as “Dangerous Goods.” Our shippers are also in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”) regulations that prohibit egress of liquid nitrogen residue from the shipping packages. The ICAO is a United Nations organization that develops regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air.

We currently offer three sizes of dry vapor shippers, the Cryoport Express® Standard Shipper with a storage capacity of up to 75 2.0 ml vials, the Cryoport Express® High Volume Shipper, which has a storage capacity of up to 500 2.0 ml vials, and the Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper, introduced in August 2014, which has a storage capacity of up to 1,500 2.0 ml vials. Our Cryoport Express® Shippers are composed of an aluminum (aircraft-grade) dewar flask, containing a well for holding the high value biological or other materials in its inner chamber and our proprietary retention foam that absorbs the liquid nitrogen placed in the shipper to provide it with its extreme cold temperature. The dewar flask is vacuum insulated to limit the transmission of heat from outside the flask to the liquid nitrogen captured within the absorption foam and the well.

Cryoport Express® Standard Shippers

The Cryoport Express® Standard Shippers are lightweight, low-cost, re-usable dry vapor liquid nitrogen storage containers that, we believe, combine the best features of life sciences packaging, cryogenics science and vacuum insulation technology. A Cryoport Express® Standard Shipper is composed of an aluminum metallic dewar flask, with a well for holding the biological material in the inner chamber. The dewar vessel is a device in which the conduction, convection and radiation of heat are reduced as much as possible giving it the capability of maintaining its contents at a near-constant temperature over relatively long periods of time. The inner chamber of the shipper is surrounded by a high surface, low-density material which retains the liquid nitrogen in-situ by absorption, adsorption, and surface tension. Absorption is defined as the taking up of matter in bulk by other matter, as in the dissolving of a gas by a liquid, whereas adsorption is the surface retention of solid, liquid or gas molecules, atoms or ions by a solid or liquid. This material absorbs liquid nitrogen several times faster than currently used materials, while providing the shipper with a hold time and capacity to transport biological materials safely and conveniently. The annular space between the inner and outer dewar walls is evacuated to a very high vacuum (10-6 Torr). The specimen-holding chamber has a primary cap to enclose the specimens/commodities, and a removable and replaceable secondary cap to further enclose the specimen/commodity-holding container and to contain the liquid nitrogen dry vapor. The entire dewar vessel is then wrapped in a plurality of insulating and cushioning materials and placed in a disposable outer packaging made of recyclable material. The Cryoport Express® Standard Shippers has a storage capacity of up to 75 2.0 ml vials.

Cryoport Express® High Volume Shippers

The Cryoport Express® High Volume Shipper also uses a dry vapor liquid nitrogen (LN2) technology to maintain minus 150°C temperatures with a dynamic shipping endurance of 10 days. The Cryoport Express® High Volume Shipper is based on the same dry vapor technology as Cryoport’s original standard dry shipper and utilizes an absorbent material to hold LN2, thus providing the extended endurance time and IATA validation as a non-hazardous shipping container. The high volume dry shipper is reusable and recyclable, making it a highly sustainable and cost effective method of transporting life science materials. The Cryoport Express® High Volume Shipper has a storage capacity of up to 500 2.0 ml vials.

Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shippers

The Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper is our largest shipper and can be used either as a dry vapor shipper or a liquid shipper. It is designed to focus on vaccine ampoules or cryovial shipments in canisters. In the case of dry vapor liquid nitrogen (LN2), it maintains minus 150°C temperatures with a dynamic shipping endurance of 20 days. In the case of liquid nitrogen (LN2), it maintains minus 150°C temperatures with a shipping endurance of 72 days. The Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper, in dry vapor form, is based on the same technology as Cryoport’s original standard dry shipper and utilizes an absorbent material to hold LN2, thus providing the extended endurance time and IATA validation as a non-hazardous shipping container. The Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper, in liquid form, is a ‘wet’ dewar with all the characteristics attendant to a wet dewar and with a holding time of 72 days. The Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper is reusable and recyclable, making it a highly sustainable and cost effective method of transporting life science materials. As a point of reference, the Cryoport Express® CXVC1 Shipper has a storage capacity of up to 1,500 0.2 ml vials.

Cryoport Express® Shipper Summary

We believe Cryoport Express® Solutions are the best and most cost effective solution available in the biotechnology and life sciences markets and satisfy customer needs and scientific and regulatory requirements relating to the shipment of time- and temperature-critical, frozen and refrigerated transport of biological materials, such as stem cells, cell lines, pharmaceutical clinical trial samples, gene biotechnology, infectious materials handling, animal and human reproduction markets. Due to our proprietary technology and innovative design, our shippers are less prone to losing functional hold time when not kept in an upright position than the competing products because our proprietary dry vapor technology and innovative design prevent the spilling or leakage of the liquid nitrogen when the container is tipped or on its side which would otherwise adversely affect the functional hold time of the shipper.

The Cryoport Express® SmartPak Condition Monitoring System

Condition monitoring is a high-value feature from our client’s perspective as it is an effective and reliable method to determine that the shipment materials were not damaged and did not experience degradation during shipment due to temperature fluctuations. Our current standard SmartPak System consists of a self-contained automated data logger and thermocouple capable of recording cryogenic temperatures of samples shipped in our Cryoport Express® Shippers. The data-logging temperature probe is positioned within the shipper to record the most accurate reading. The resultant temperature mapping includes both the temperature inside the chamber (which is closest to the actual biomaterial) and the external temperature. This reading, combined with the mapping of shipment check-in points, can provide a holistic view of the complete shipping process.

We recently developed the SmartPak II™ Condition Monitoring System, which is currently in beta testing and is scheduled to be launched during the second quarter of fiscal year 2017. The SmartPak II™ Condition Monitoring System tracks the key aspects of each shipment that could affect the quality and/or timing of delivery of the material to its intended destination. This includes real-time tracking using GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation, monitoring of internal and external temperatures, pressure, shock, orientation of the shipper, as well as light, as a measure of security breaches, compromised packaging or shipper openings during transit. This advanced condition monitoring system is engineered to work in tandem with Cryoport's logistics management platform, the Cryoportal™, enabling predictive and proactive monitoring of materials shipped. At the client’s election, shipments can have a full chain-of-custody and chain-of- condition with data monitoring, analysis, archival storage available for every shipment.

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