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What are Adobe Inc's Business Segments?

Digital Media
Digital Media Opportunity
Recent trends in digital communications, including ever increasing data speeds which enable greater usage by consumers of mobile devices and tablets to access online content and services, continue to provide a significant market opportunity for Adobe in digital media. Due to the increase in rich media consumed in digital environments and the rise of online social communities, the demand for digital media tools and solutions to create engaging online experiences is higher than ever. We believe Adobe is in a unique position to capitalize on this opportunity by delivering rapid innovation to increase our customer reach, deepen engagement with communities and accelerate long-term revenue growth by focusing on a cloud-based model where our products and solutions are licensed on a subscription basis.

The flagship of our Digital Media business is our Adobe Creative Cloud offering. Creative Cloud is a subscription service that allows members to download and install the latest versions of our creative products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe InDesign, as well as utilize other tools such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Creative Cloud members can also access online services to sync, store, and share files, participate in our Behance community of more than 1.5 million creative professionals, publish and deliver digital content such as digital magazines to tablets via app stores, develop mobile apps, and create and manage websites. Adobe is redefining the creative process with Creative Cloud, an integrated cloud and application service where our creative customers can obtain everything they need to create, collaborate and deliver engaging digital content.

The cornerstone of Creative Cloud is our creative family of products, which address the needs of creative professionals including graphic designers, production artists, web designers and developers, user interface designers, writers, videographers, motion graphic artists, prepress professionals, video game developers, mobile application developers, students and administrators. They rely on our solutions for publishing, web design and development, video and animation production, mobile app and gaming development and document creation and collaboration. End users of our creative tools work in businesses ranging from large publishers, media companies and global enterprises, to smaller design agencies, small and medium-sized businesses and individual freelancers. Moreover, our creative products are used to create much of the printed and online information people see, read and interact with every day, including video, animation, mobile and advertising content. Knowledge workers, educators, hobbyists and high-end consumers also use our creative products to create and deliver content that is of professional quality.

In addition to Creative Cloud, our Digital Media business offers many of the products included in Creative Cloud on a standalone basis, including subscriptions to the Creative Cloud version of certain point products, and also offers a range of other products and creative tools, including our hobbyist products Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, PhoneGap, Revel, TypeKit and apps such as Photoshop Touch and Revel that run on tablets and mobile devices. For over two decades Adobe Acrobat has provided for the reliable creation and exchange of electronic documents, regardless of platform or application source type. Users can collaborate on documents with electronic comments and tailor the security of a file in order to distribute reliable Adobe PDF documents that can be viewed, printed or filled out utilizing our free Adobe Reader. Acrobat provides essential electronic document capabilities and services to help knowledge workers accomplish a wide range of tasks ranging from simple publications and forms to mission-critical engineering and architectural plans. With our Acrobat XI product and its innovative cloud services, we have extended the capabilities of our solution. Users can take advantage of electronic document signing with Adobe EchoSign, complete form management with Adobe FormsCentral, and utilize other features such as Adobe CreatePDF, ExportPDF and Acrobat.com.

Digital Media Strategy
Our goal is to be the leading provider of tools and services that allow individuals, small businesses and enterprises to create, publish, promote and monetize their content anywhere.

We believe our Creative Cloud offering, marketed as a subscription model with attractive monthly pricing, will be a catalyst for revenue growth in the coming years. We also believe the monthly subscription pricing model will be attractive to users of older versions of our products who desire to use our latest releases and services, but who have not been willing to upgrade to newer versions due to price sensitivity. Similarly, we anticipate we can drive new user adoption of our creative tools business over the next several years outside of our core creative professional targeted market because of the attractive monthly subscription pricing combined with the strong brand of our creative tools and the broad value proposition provided by Creative Cloud. We anticipate that our shift to a subscription model will increase the amount of our recurring revenue that is ratably reported, driven by broader Creative Cloud adoption over the next several years.

To accelerate the adoption of Creative Cloud, we have focused on migrating existing users of our creative products from perpetual licenses to the subscription offering, as well as driving new customer adoption. Aspects of this strategy include: focusing future innovation by our engineering teams on delivering new and incremental functionality only through our newest Creative Cloud based products; increasing the value of Creative Cloud by delivering frequent product updates and enhancements to subscribers to address their content creation challenges; using promotions to attract customers to the offering; expanding our go-to-market reach through channel partners to reach new customers particularly in the small and medium business space; and utilizing Creative Cloud for teams and Creative Cloud for enterprise offerings to drive broad adoption with customers who license our products in volume.

As part of our Creative Cloud strategy, we plan to utilize our digital marketing solutions to drive customer awareness of our creative products and improve conversion on our website and across other channels. We believe Adobe.com will increasingly be the destination site where we engage individual and small business customers to sign up for and renew Creative Cloud subscriptions. We utilize channel partners such as corporate resellers to target mid-size creative customers with our Creative Cloud for teams offering. Our direct sales force is focused on building relationships with our largest customers and driving adoption of our Creative Cloud for enterprise offering.

In our Document Services business, although Acrobat has achieved strong market adoption in document-intensive industries such as government, financial services, pharmaceutical, legal, aerospace, insurance and technical publishing, we believe there are tens of millions of users who still need the capabilities provided by Acrobat. We plan to continue to market the benefits of our Document Services solutions to small-and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and government institutions around the world and increase our seat penetration in these markets through the utilization of our corporate and volume licensing programs. We also intend to increase our focus on marketing and licensing Acrobat in targeted vertical markets such as education, financial services, telecommunications and government, as well as expanding into emerging markets, while simultaneously enhancing and building out the delivery of cloud-based document services to our Acrobat and Adobe Reader users. We intend to continue to promote the capabilities of our cloud-based EchoSign solution to millions of Acrobat users and hundreds of millions of Adobe Reader users. EchoSign provides a green alternative to costly paper-based solutions, and is an easier way for customers to manage their contract workflows. We believe that by growing the awareness of Adobe EchoSign in the broader contract delivery and signing market, we can help our customers migrate away from paper-based express mailing and adopt our solution, growing our revenue with this business in the process.

Creative Cloud
Creative Cloud is a subscription offering that brings together everything creative professionals need to create rich and engaging content. Membership gives our members and their teams access to the latest Creative Cloud versions of all the Adobe professional creative desktop applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and more—plus new features and upgrades as soon as they’re available. Cloud storage and file syncing capabilities allow members to reliably access their files wherever they are, even on mobile devices, and members can share concepts with clients or colleagues more easily than ever. Cloud-based services let members build and publish websites, mobile apps, tablet publications, and content for any medium or device. And with Behance integration, members can publish their customized portfolio on their own websites and plug into the world’s largest creative social network to get inspired, get feedback, and find new opportunities. With Creative Cloud, our members get their own central dashboard to keep their ideas, files, fonts, settings, notifications, desktop applications, and team members in sync.
We license Creative Cloud to individuals and teams of users through Adobe.com either on a monthly subscription basis or as an annual subscription. Channel partners also license Creative Cloud with annual team subscriptions to small or medium-sized businesses, or to workgroups in enterprises. With larger enterprise customers, our direct sales force utilizes enterprise term license agreements, or ETLAs, for volume-based agreements often for multi-year terms.

Photoshop is the world’s most advanced digital imaging software. It is used by photographers, designers, web professionals, and video professionals, and is available to Creative Cloud subscribers. Customers can also subscribe to Photoshop CC as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of Photoshop CS6. For photographers and photo hobbyists, we also offer Elements and Lightroom versions of Photoshop to address their unique photography workflow needs, as well as a Touch version enabling sophisticated photo editing using a touch-based interface on tablet and mobile devices.

Illustrator is our industry-standard vector graphics software used worldwide by designers of all types who want to create digital graphics and illustrations for all kinds of media: print, web, interactive, video, and mobile. Illustrator is available to Creative Cloud subscribers, and customers can also subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of Illustrator CS6.

InDesign is the leading professional page layout software for print and digital publishing. Our customers use it to design, preflight, and publish a broad range of content including newspapers and magazines for print, online, and tablet app delivery. Customers can create simple or complex layouts quickly and efficiently with precise control over typography, built-in creative tools, and an intuitive design environment. Tight integration with other Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Flash Professional enables customers to work productively in print and digital workflows. Customers can also access Adobe Digital Publishing Suite from within InDesign to create and publish engaging apps for a broad range of devices, including iOS, Android and Amazon-based devices.

InDesign is built for designers, prepress and production professionals, and print service providers who work for magazines, design firms, advertising agencies, newspapers, book publishers, and retail/catalog companies, as well as in corporate design, commercial printing, and other leading-edge publishing environments. Customers using InDesign often use Adobe InCopy, a companion product used for professional writing and editing to enable an efficient collaborative workflow between design and editorial staff. InDesign and InCopy are available to Creative Cloud subscribers, and customers can also subscribe to use InDesign as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of InDesign CS6.

Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere is our powerful, customizable, nonlinear video editing tool used by video professionals. Customers can import and combine virtually any type of media, from video shot on a phone to raw 5K and higher resolution footage, and then edit in its native format without transcoding. The user interface includes a customizable timeline and numerous editing shortcuts which enable faster, keyboard-driven editing.

With the demands of shorter production schedules and high-resolution digital media formats, real-time performance is crucial to videographers. Premiere utilizes our Mercury Playback Engine to provide the fastest performance solution in the industry. It also supports a vast majority of formats, and customers can now use multiple GPU cards to accelerate render and export times. As part of Creative Cloud, Premiere tightly integrates with other Adobe creative applications. Customers can also subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of Premiere Pro CS6.

We also offer an Elements version of Premiere, which is a powerful yet easy-to-use video-editing software for home video editing. Premiere Elements provides tools for hobbyists to quickly edit and enhance video footage with fun effects and transitions and create custom DVDs for sharing video with friends and family.

After Effects
After Effects is our industry-leading animation and creative compositing software used by a wide variety of motion graphics and visual effects artists. It offers superior control, a wealth of creative options, and integration with other post-production applications. After Effects is available to Creative Cloud subscribers, and customers can also subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of After Effects CS6.

Adobe Dreamweaver is our professional web development software development application used by designers and developers to create and edit HTML websites and mobile apps. Dreamweaver provides a broad range of capabilities for web publishing, enabling online commerce, and providing online customer service and educational content, and includes capabilities for visually designing HTML5 pages, coding HTML5 and application logic. As part of Creative Cloud, Dreamweaver tightly integrates with other Adobe creative applications. Customers can also subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of Dreamweaver CS6.

Flash Professional
Adobe Flash Professional provides an advanced development environment for creating interactive content which integrates animations, motion graphics, sound, text and additional video functionality. Content built with Flash Professional is deployed via the web to browsers that run Adobe Flash Player. Flash Professional is available to Creative Cloud subscribers, and customers can also subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product, or acquire a perpetual license of Flash CS6.

Adobe Muse
Adobe Muse is built for designers who want to create and publish HTML websites without writing code. Muse is available to Creative Cloud subscribers, or customers can subscribe to use it as an individual subscription product.

Edge Tools & Services
Our Edge web tools and services include: Edge Animate, a web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to create animated content for websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3; Edge Inspect, an inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to efficiently preview and debug HTML content on mobile devices; Edge Code, a code editor, built on the Brackets open source project, optimized for web designers and developers working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript; Edge Reflow, a web design tool to help users create responsive layouts and visual designs with CSS; Edge Web Fonts, a free web font service for using a growing library of open source fonts on websites and in apps; Typekit, a service that gives designers and developers access to a library of hosted, high-quality fonts to use on their websites; and PhoneGap Build, a service for packaging mobile apps built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for popular mobile platforms. Our Edge tools and services are available to Creative Cloud subscribers and are also licensed as individual subscription products.

Digital Publishing Suite
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that enables individual designers, traditional media publishers, large brand organizations, enterprise customers and ad agencies to transform their print publications into interactive digital reading experiences for tablet devices. Consisting of hosted services and viewer technology, Digital Publishing Suite tightly integrates with our Creative Cloud applications for efficient design, distribution, and monetization of a new class of innovative magazines, newspapers, brand loyalty materials, merchandising content, marketing communications, and more. A wide range of media publishers have used Digital Publishing Suite to produce well-known titles. Businesses are also using Digital Publishing Suite to produce corporate publications.

Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition is offered to large enterprise customers, and we also offer the Professional Edition and Single Edition to smaller organizations and individuals. Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition is also available to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Adobe Revel is our consumer-focused, touch-based photo app and service. Offered through app stores, Revel gives access to photo libraries from browsers and multiple Apple and Windows 8 devices and allows users to utilize powerful photo-processing technology based on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software to enhance their images.

Acrobat and Document Services
Adobe’s Acrobat line of products is headlined by Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is the industry standard for PDF creation and conversion. Acrobat enables users to create secure, reliable and compact Adobe PDF documents from desktop authoring applications such as Microsoft Office software, graphics applications and more. Use of Acrobat enables automated collaborative workflows with a rich set of commenting tools and review tracking features; includes everything needed to create and distribute rich, secure electronic documents that can be viewed easily within leading web browsers or on computer desktops via the free Adobe Reader.

Acrobat Pro is available to Creative Cloud subscribers. Customers can also license Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Standard (which has a subset of Acrobat Pro features) as individual point products, either on a subscription or perpetual license, as well as other offerings from our Document Services business.

Through Acrobat.com we also offer a set of a cloud-based document and collaboration subscription services which provide simple PDF creation, centralized online file sharing and storage capabilities, and document/contract signing solutions. These services include Adobe CreatePDF, Adobe ExportPDF and Adobe EchoSign for safe electronic signatures.

All of our document service solutions utilize Adobe Reader, which is our free software for reliable viewing, searching, reviewing and printing of Adobe PDF documents on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms.


Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Opportunity
Consumers today increasingly demand personalized content and experiences in their online interactions, across multiple channels and devices. As a result, businesses or any entity with an online presence must figure out how to best attract, engage, acquire and retain customers in a world where the reach and quality of experiences directly impacts success. Delivering the best experience to a consumer at a given moment requires the right combination of data, insights and content. Marketing executives desire to know that their investment is optimizing their consumers’ experiences and delivering the greatest return on their marketing spend so they can demonstrate the success of their programs using objective metrics.

We believe there is a significant opportunity to address these challenges and help customers transform their businesses. Chief Marketing Officers (“CMOs”), digital marketers, advertisers and publishers are increasingly steering their marketing and advertising budgets toward digital media. As they make this move to digital, our market opportunity is accelerating as customers look for vendors to help them navigate this transition. However, marketing in a digital world is not simply about executing campaigns in each digital channel. Marketers also need to ensure that they deliver meaningful experiences to their consumers across both digital and traditional channels.

Our Digital Marketing business targets this large and growing opportunity by providing comprehensive solutions that include analytics, social marketing, targeting, media optimization, web experience management and cross-channel campaign management, as well as premium video delivery and monetization. We deliver these capabilities through our Adobe Marketing Cloud, an integrated offering enabling marketers to measure, personalize and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences across channels for optimal marketing performance. With its broad set of solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign, as well as real-time dashboards and a collaborative interface, customers of Adobe Marketing Cloud are able to combine data, insights and digital content to deliver a personalized brand experience to their consumers.

With the increase in the number of consumers that watch premium video content via the web on PC, tablet and mobile devices, the monetization of video delivery is an emerging opportunity within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. To address this opportunity, we have worked closely with video content owners and distributors to develop and deliver Adobe Primetime, a modular platform that enables a more complete workflow to meet our customers’ needs in areas such as video publishing, advertising and analytics. We believe customers using our Primetime solution can drive greater audience engagement, resulting in increased revenue from ad sales and subscriptions, while lowering operating costs.

In addition to CMOs and digital marketers, users of our Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions include marketing professionals such as search engine marketers, media managers, media buyers and marketing research analysts. Customers also include web content editors, web analysts and web marketing managers. These customers often are involved in workflows that utilize other Adobe products, such as our Digital Media offerings and our video workflow and delivery technologies. By combining the creativity of our Digital Media business with the science of our Digital Marketing business, we help our customers to more efficiently and effectively make, manage, measure and monetize their content across every channel with an end-to-end workflow and feedback loop.

Our Digital Marketing segment also contains two legacy enterprise software offerings: our Adobe Connect web conferencing platform and Adobe LiveCycle, an enterprise document and form platform. At the beginning of fiscal year 2012 we narrowed the focus of marketing and licensing of these products to financial services and government markets, driven by a subset of our enterprise sales force.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Our goal is to be the leading provider of marketing solutions and a standard for the way digital advertising and marketing is measured, managed, executed and optimized.

We believe that our success will be driven by focusing our efforts on making the Adobe Marketing Cloud the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution available. Adobe Marketing Cloud consists of six key solutions—Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign (which we added through our acquisition of Neolane during fiscal 2013)—as well as Adobe Primetime, our emerging video solution. We believe the Adobe Marketing Cloud provides marketers with key capabilities, such as the ability to:

Combine data across solutions and third-party data sources, such as customer relationship management, point of sale, email, and survey, to create a single view of the consumer;

Deliver personalized customer experiences across channels and on any device;
Use predictive analytics to enable marketers to utilize past marketing program data and success to predict and drive their future success with digital marketing programs;

Access all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions from one centralized platform and visualize, socialize, and collaborate across teams with the interface;

Interact with creatives through integration with Creative Cloud, enabling content creators and marketers to collaborate and communicate in real time within a cloud-based platform;

Accurately forecast and continually optimize their mix of paid campaigns across digital media;

Provide robust cross-channel campaign management capabilities utilizing real-time insights, rich customer data and a sophisticated automation and execution platform;

Manage, publish, track, and monetize social programs;
Store, assemble, and distribute digital assets to deliver high-quality brand, campaign, and content experiences;
Easily add, alter, and deploy marketing tags on their website, resulting in consistent page performance and accurate data collection; and Integrate with over 200-plus partners in 20-plus countries, covering the expansive digital marketing ecosystem.
To drive growth of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we also intend to streamline how customers learn about, acquire and deploy Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. We believe we can accelerate the growth of our business by expanding our go-to-market strategy to include new geographies and vertical markets where Adobe has a strong presence. We plan to continue to build out more direct sales capacity and resources to support them in our field organization focusing on driving adoption of our Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. We believe these investments will result in continued growth in revenue in our Digital Marketing segment in fiscal 2014 and beyond.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics helps our customers create a holistic view of their business by turning consumer interactions into actionable insights. With intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports, our customers can sift, sort, and share real-time information to provide insights that can be used to identify problems and opportunities and to drive conversion and relevant consumer experiences. Adobe Analytics enables web, social, video and mobile analytics across online and offline channels to continuously improve the performance of marketing activities. It also provides the ability to perform advanced ad-hoc segmentation and to integrate data from offline and third-party sources.

Adobe Target
Adobe Target lets our customers test, target and personalize content across multiple devices. With Adobe Target, our customers have the tools they need to quickly discover what gets noticed, what increases conversion, and what keeps consumers coming back for more. Adobe Target paves a path from simple testing to targeting to true segmentation and optimization through: A/B and multivariate testing; rules-based targeting; and automated decision-making.

Adobe Social
Adobe Social provides marketers a comprehensive solution to build stronger connections through content guided by tangible data. Customers can create more relevant posts, monitor and respond to conversations, measure results, and connect social activities to business results. With Adobe Social, our customers can: manage social content and activities across multiple social networks and profile pages; listen and respond to consumer conversations in real time; create social campaigns; and track performance with integrated analytics.

Adobe Media Optimizer
Adobe Media Optimizer is a powerful ad management platform. Customers get a consolidated view of how their media is performing, along with tools to both accurately forecast and continually optimize their mix of paid campaigns across digital media. Media Optimizer includes cross-channel optimization capabilities, search engine marketing management, and display and social advertising management.

Adobe Experience Manager
Adobe Experience Manager helps customers organize, create, and manage the delivery of creative assets and other content across digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, email, communities and video. It enables customers to manage content on premise or host it in the cloud, delivering agile and rapid deployment. With this ultimate control of content and campaigns, customers are able to deliver relevant experiences to consumers that help build the customers’ brand, drive demand and extend reach. Adobe Experience Manager includes digital asset management, web content management and social capabilities, providing customers with tools enabling users to improve their market and brand perception and provide a personalized experience to their consumers.

Adobe Campaign
Adobe Campaign enables marketers to orchestrate personalized experiences determined by each consumer’s habits and preferences. As part of its feature set, it provides visual campaign orchestration, allowing for intuitive design and automated consumer experiences across channels, from one-off campaigns to triggered messages, with a graphically rich interface. Marketers can also integrate consumer data from across marketing channels to develop and deliver more relevant marketing experiences to their consumers. Features also included targeted segmentation, email execution, real-time interaction, and operational reporting to easily see how well campaigns are performing.

Print and Publishing
Our Print and Publishing segment contains legacy products and services that address diverse market opportunities including eLearning solutions, technical document publishing, web application development and high-end printing. Graphics professionals and professional publishers continue to require quality, reliability and efficiency in production printing, and our Adobe PostScript and Adobe PDF printing technologies provide advanced functionality to meet the sophisticated requirements of this marketplace. As high-end printing systems evolve and transition to fully digital, composite workflows, we believe we are uniquely positioned to be a supplier of software and technology based on the PostScript and Adobe PDF standards for use by this industry.
We generate revenue by licensing our technology to OEMs that manufacture workflow software, printers and other output devices. In fiscal 2013, we maintained a consistent quarterly revenue run-rate with the mature products we market and license in our Print and Publishing business.


Adobe Inc Tax Rate Companies within the Software & Programming Industry

Adobe Inc Segments

Digital Media solutions
   63.2 % of total Revenue
Digital Marketing
   33.05 % of total Revenue
Print & Classic Publishing
   3.75 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Aug. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Aug. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Digital Media solutions
769.63 63.2 % 713.12 92.66 %
Digital Marketing
402.53 33.05 % 270.13 67.11 %
Print & Classic Publishing
45.61 3.75 % 43.54 95.45 %
1,217.77 100 % 1,026.78 84.32 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Aug. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Aug. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Digital Media solutions
23.84 % 2.96 % 22.37 % 2.34 %
Digital Marketing
19.6 % 9.84 % 23.05 % 15.18 %
Print & Classic Publishing
-3.72 % -5.41 % -4.14 % -4.68 %
21.12 % 4.79 % 21.13 % 5.1 %

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