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Accenture Plc Segments

Communications Media & Technology
   19.49 % of total Revenue
Financial Services
   19.79 % of total Revenue
Health & Public Service
   16.73 % of total Revenue
   22.76 % of total Revenue
   15.08 % of total Revenue
   0.05 % of total Revenue
   6.1 % of total Revenue
   44.04 % of total Revenue
   32.06 % of total Revenue
Asia Pacific
   17.8 % of total Revenue
   49.69 % of total Revenue
   44.21 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (May 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(May 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Communications Media & Technology
1,613.00 19.49 % 238.00 14.76 %
Financial Services
1,638.00 19.79 % 266.00 16.24 %
Health & Public Service
1,384.00 16.73 % 203.00 14.67 %
1,883.00 22.76 % 255.00 13.54 %
1,248.00 15.08 % 172.00 13.78 %
4.00 0.05 % 0.00 -
505.00 6.1 % 0.00 -
3,644.00 44.04 % 0.00 -
2,653.00 32.06 % 0.00 -
Asia Pacific
1,473.00 17.8 % 0.00 -
4,112.00 49.69 % 0.00 -
3,658.00 44.21 % 0.00 -
8,275.00 100 % 1,134.00 13.7 %

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Growth rates by Segment (May 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(May 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Communications Media & Technology
5.77 % 6.34 % 6.73 % 18.02 %
Financial Services
-2.33 % 3.05 % 5.14 % 16.58 %
Health & Public Service
5.33 % 4.86 % -4.69 % 23.91 %
-1.67 % 1.73 % 0.79 % -6.19 %
-4.15 % 2.99 % -27.12 % 10.57 %
0 % -7.26 % - -
0 % 15.3 % - -
0.19 % 6.8 % - -
-15.24 % -0.26 % - -
Asia Pacific
52.01 % 3.59 % - -
0.64 % 7.11 % - -
0.25 % 0.11 % - -
0.4 % 10.43 % -3.74 % 11.06 %

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  Accenture Plc's

Business Segments Description

Communications, Media & Technology
Our Communications, Media & Technology operating group serves the communications, electronics, high technology, media and entertainment industries. Professionals in this operating group help clients accelerate and deliver digital transformation, enhance their business results through industry-specific solutions and seize the opportunities made possible by the convergence of communications, computing and content. Examples of our services include helping clients develop cost-effective operations, create business model innovations, and digitally engage and entertain their customers. Our Communications, Media & Technology operating group comprises the following industry groups:

Communications. Our Communications industry group serves most of the world’s leading wireline, wireless, cable and satellite communications and service providers. We provide a range of services designed to help our communications clients grow revenues, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction. We offer a portfolio of consulting, technology and outsourcing services designed to address major business and operational issues related to sales and service channels, billing and revenue management, new product innovation, network services, corporate and enterprise functions and information technology.

Electronics & High Tech. Our Electronics & High Tech industry group serves the following industries: information and communications technology, software, semiconductor, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, and medical equipment. We provide services in areas such as strategy, enterprise resource management, customer relationship management, integrated mobile services, embedded software services, product lifecycle management, sales transformation, digital marketing services, supply chain management, and merger/acquisition integration.

Media & Entertainment. Our Media & Entertainment industry group serves the broadcast, entertainment, print, publishing and Internet/social media industries. We provide a wide range of digital services, including video solutions, marketing, performance advertising, intellectual property management, and content and media technologies designed to help clients effectively manage, access, distribute, sell and protect content across multiple platforms and devices. We also provide additional comprehensive turn-key solutions that help content owners and distributors adapt business processes and systems to enable digital monetization.

Financial Services
Our Financial Services operating group serves the banking, capital markets and insurance industries. Professionals in this operating group work with clients in a dynamic global market environment to address growth, cost and profitability pressures, industry consolidation, regulatory changes and the need to continually adapt to new technologies. We offer services designed to help our clients increase cost efficiency, grow their customer base, manage risk and transform their operations. Our Financial Services operating group comprises the following industry groups:

Banking. Our Banking industry group works with retail and commercial banks, mortgage lenders and diversified financial enterprises. We help these organizations execute strategies to lower costs; acquire and retain customers; expand product and service offerings; manage risks; comply with new regulations; and leverage new technologies and distribution channels. We also provide software and services to improve the performance of our clients’ core banking, credit and payments operations.

Capital Markets. Our Capital Markets industry group helps investment banks, broker/dealers, asset management firms, depositories, exchanges and clearing and settlement organizations by providing consulting and outsourcing services to improve business performance. We also help clients develop and implement trading, wealth and asset-management, and market infrastructure systems and solutions.

Insurance. Our Insurance industry group helps property and casualty insurers, life insurers, reinsurance firms and insurance brokers improve business processes, modernize their technologies and improve the quality and consistency of risk underwriting decisions. We offer claims and policy management software and services designed to enable better customer service while optimizing costs and delivering products faster. We also provide outsourcing solutions designed to help insurers improve working capital and cash flow, deliver cost savings and enhance long-term growth.

Health & Public Service
Our Health & Public Service operating group serves healthcare payers and providers, as well as government departments and agencies, public service organizations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world. The group’s service offerings and research-based insights are designed to help clients deliver better social, economic and health outcomes to the people they serve. Our Health & Public Service operating group comprises the following industry groups:

Health. Our Health industry group works with healthcare providers, such as hospitals, public health systems, policy-making authorities, health insurers (payers) and industry organizations and associations around the world to improve the quality, accessibility and productivity of healthcare. Our key industry business services address a variety of areas, including clinical services, such as electronic medical records; health management and administration services, such as health insurance exchanges; claims excellence/cost containment, and improving and connecting health information technology systems.

Public Service. Our Public Service industry group helps governments position themselves for the future by transforming the way they deliver public services and engage with citizens. We provide services designed to help them increase the efficiency of their operations, improve service delivery to citizens and reduce their overall costs. We work primarily with defense departments and military forces; public safety authorities, such as police forces and border management agencies; justice departments; human services agencies; educational institutions, such as universities; non-profit organizations; and postal, customs, revenue and tax agencies. Our clients include national, state and local-level governments as well as multilateral organizations.

Our Products operating group serves a set of increasingly interconnected consumer-relevant industries. Our Products operating group comprises the following industry groups:

Air, Freight & Travel Services. Our Air, Freight & Travel Services industry group serves airlines, freight and logistics companies, and travel services companies, including hotels, tour operators, rental car companies and cruise operators. We help clients address organizational effectiveness by developing and implementing more efficient networks, optimizing back-office functions, integrating supply chains, developing procurement strategies and building improved customer relationship management capabilities. We also offer industry-specific solutions, such as Navitaire for the airline industry and a proprietary end-to-end shipment management solution for the freight and logistics industry. For hospitality and travel services companies, we provide services ranging from multichannel commerce and global personalization services to transforming and automating back-office functions such as IT and finance and accounting.

Automotive. Our Automotive industry group works with original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We help clients respond to the evolving needs of their customers with offerings that range from in-vehicle infotainment to customer-centered sales and marketing. In addition, our global capabilities are designed to improve efficiencies and drive value in areas including global manufacturing, aftersales and services and product lifecycle optimization.

Consumer Goods & Services. Our Consumer Goods & Services industry group serves food and beverage, alcoholic beverage, household goods, personal care, tobacco, fashion/apparel, agribusiness and consumer health companies around the world. Our offerings are designed to help companies improve their performance by addressing core IT, enterprise services, channel and sales management, consumer engagement, working capital productivity improvement and supply chain collaboration. We also help clients build operating models that support end-to-end processes needed to improve business results.

Industrial Equipment. Our Industrial Equipment industry group serves the industrial and electrical equipment, automotive supplier, consumer durable and heavy equipment industries. We help our clients increase operating and supply chain efficiencies by improving processes and leveraging technology, and also help clients generate value from strategic mergers and acquisitions. In addition, our Industrial Equipment industry group develops and deploys solutions in the areas of cloud computing, product lifecycle management, channel management, collaborative product design, remote field maintenance, enterprise application integration and outsourcing.

Infrastructure & Transportation Services. Our Infrastructure & Transportation Services industry group serves companies in the construction, infrastructure management (ports, airports, seaports and road-tolling facilities) and mass transportation industries. We help clients develop and implement strategies and solutions designed to improve their information technology and customer relationship management capabilities, operate more efficient networks, integrate supply chains, develop procurement and electronic business marketplace strategies, and more effectively manage maintenance, repair and overhaul processes and expenses—all in the context of increasing priorities around mobility services and sustainability.

Life Sciences. Our Life Sciences industry group works with pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology companies. We provide services in large-scale business and technology transformation, business performance improvement, post-merger integration, and business process and technology outsourcing. Our life sciences expertise covers the key business areas of research and development, marketing and sales/commercial services, supply chain, manufacturing and select back-office functions.

Retail. Our Retail industry group serves a wide range of companies, including supermarkets, hardline retailers, mass-merchandise discounters, department stores, and fashion and other specialty retailers. We provide offerings designed to help retailers become integrated digital enterprises and provide a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels for their customers. We use analytics to revamp traditional approaches to marketing, pricing, promotion, assortment and fulfillment.

Our Resources operating group serves the chemicals, energy, forest products, metals and mining, utilities and related industries. Market conditions are driving energy companies to seek new ways of creating value for shareholders; deregulation and climate change are fundamentally reforming the utilities industry and yielding cross-border opportunities; and there is an intensive focus on productivity and portfolio management in the chemicals and natural resources industries. We work with clients to address all of these challenges and to create solutions designed to help them differentiate themselves in the marketplace, gain competitive advantage and manage their large-scale capital investments. We also work with clients across all industry groups on sustainability to help them meet emission targets and increase energy efficiency. Our Resources operating group comprises the following industry groups:

Chemicals. Our Chemicals industry group works with a wide cross-section of industry segments, including petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, polymers and plastics, gases and agricultural chemicals, among others. We help chemical companies develop and implement new business strategies, redesign business processes, manage complex change initiatives, and integrate processes and technologies to achieve higher levels of performance.

Energy. Our Energy industry group serves a wide range of companies in the oil and gas industry, including upstream, downstream, oil services and clean-energy companies. We help our clients optimize production, manage their hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon supply chains, streamline marketing operations and realize the potential of third-party enterprise-wide technology solutions.

Natural Resources. Our Natural Resources industry group serves the metals, mining, forest products and building materials industries. We help our clients—which primarily include mining companies in the coal, iron ore, copper and precious metals sectors, as well as steel and aluminum producers—develop and execute innovative strategies, improve operations and reduce risk.

Utilities. Our Utilities industry group works with electric, gas and water utilities around the world to respond to an evolving marketplace. Our services and solutions enable transformation across the entire value chain for generation and energy markets, transmission and distribution, retail and customer operations. These offerings include customer relationship management, workforce enablement, smart-grid development, supply chain optimization, and trading and risk management. Accenture’s capabilities additionally support corporate services and outsourcing for our utilities clients.

Growth Platforms
Our management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing (“BPO”) growth platforms are the skill-based innovation engines through which we build world-class skills and capabilities; develop our knowledge capital; and create, acquire and manage key assets central to the development of solutions for our clients. The professionals within these areas work closely with those in our operating groups to develop and deliver integrated services and solutions to clients.

Management Consulting
Our management consulting growth platform is responsible for the development and delivery of our strategic, operational, functional, industry, process and change consulting capabilities, working closely with the professionals in our operating groups and the other growth platforms. Our management consulting professionals help large, complex organizations design and execute changes to their business and operating models, either for one or more business units or across the entire organization. This growth platform comprises seven function-based service areas, as well as industry-focused teams of management consulting professionals with deep skills in the numerous industry segments that we serve. The majority of management consulting professionals have a primary focus on either one of the seven service areas or on an industry, with a secondary focus on the other (i.e., industry or service area).

The service areas are as follows:

Finance & Enterprise Performance. The professionals in Finance & Enterprise Performance work with our clients’ finance and business unit executives to develop financial transaction processing, corporate finance and business performance reporting capabilities. Among the services we provide are strategic consulting on the design and structure of the finance function and the establishment of shared service centers for multiple business functions. Our finance capability services also address revenue cycle management, billing, credit and collection effectiveness, electronic invoicing and settlement, tax processing, treasury operations, trading operations, lending and debt recovery, real estate optimization and benchmarking. Our performance management services address shareholder value targeting, scorecard and performance metrics development, performance reporting solutions and applied business analytics to improve profitability. Our professionals work with finance executives to develop and implement solutions designed to help them align their companies’ investments with their business objectives and establish security relating to the exchange of information with reporting institutions.

Operations. The professionals in Operations work with clients across a broad range of industries to develop and implement measurable, lasting improvements in all aspects of operations to enable profitable growth in new and existing markets. Our professionals combine global industry expertise and skills in a variety of areas, including operations and process transformation; sourcing and procurement; innovation and product development; manufacturing strategy and operations; service strategy and operations; integrated planning and fulfillment; and supply chain education. We work with clients to help align underlying process and operating models to support business strategies; optimize global operations; support profitable product launches; and enhance the skills and capabilities of the operations and supply chain workforce.

Risk Management. The professionals in Risk Management work with clients to develop risk management capabilities to help protect and grow the economic value of their organizations. Our Risk Management services help our clients align business strategy and risk capabilities to evaluate market options and drive profitable growth; develop a risk-conscious culture across their organizations; adapt to industry and geographic regulations to drive positive business impact; and develop capabilities to collect, model and analyze business information for better risk-based decision-making.

Sales & Customer Services. The professionals in Sales & Customer Services (formerly Customer Relationship Management) help companies acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships to accelerate growth, improve sales and profitability, and reduce sales operations and customer service costs. We offer a full range of capabilities that address every aspect of sales and post-sales customer service, including pricing strategy and profitability assessment, customer analytics, direct and indirect salesforce performance improvement, customer service, field support and customer contact operations.

Strategy. Our Strategy professionals combine their strategy and operating model experience to help clients turn insights into results at both the enterprise and business unit level. With deep skills and capabilities in corporate strategy, corporate restructuring, growth and innovation strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and merger integration, we help clients develop and execute pragmatic ways to transform organizations and drive sustained high performance.

Sustainability. Our Sustainability professionals work with clients to integrate sustainability approaches into their business strategies, operating models, critical processes and infrastructure, including technical operations and support, to help them balance positive economic, environmental and social impact.

Talent & Organization. The professionals in Talent & Organization work with clients on a wide range of talent management, human resources, organizational effectiveness, human capital, learning and change issues to deliver improved business and operational results. Our integrated approach and end-to-end capabilities include services and solutions in organization and change management, human resources transformation, learning and collaboration, organizational performance management, talent management and overall transformation of key workforces. We help companies and governments improve the efficiency and effectiveness of talent and organization capabilities while lowering associated costs; deliver improvements in employee, workforce and business performance; improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the human resources function and transform organizations through project-, program- and enterprise-level change management.

In addition to our function-based service areas, we have specialized teams that provide industry-specific management consulting services, which draw from our functional service areas but are customized and adapted to each industry. The majority of our management consultants—whether in a function-based service area or on an industry management consulting team—have a specific industry alignment, underscoring the strength of our industry assets and experience.

Our technology growth platform comprises three service areas: systems integration consulting, technology consulting and technology outsourcing.

Systems Integration Consulting
Our systems integration consulting services and solutions include:

Enterprise Solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”). We implement a variety of application software—including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com and Workday, among others—to consolidate operations, streamline business processes, connect geographies and manage and exploit data to make more informed business decisions.

Industry and Functional Solutions. We provide clients with industry and functional solutions that streamline, integrate and manage business processes, systems and information, based on other vendors’ software assets or our own assets. These are typically “add-ons” to our clients’ core ERP systems or software to support industry-unique functions such as trading solutions and billing systems. From design to implementation, these end-to-end services help our clients improve analytics-based decision-making, financial management, customer service excellence, supply chain management and human resource management.

Information Management Services. We provide services to help organizations manage the full range of their information needs to improve data quality, enhance decision-making capabilities and meet compliance requirements across social media, cloud and mobile platforms, as well as legacy environments. Our services include business intelligence; content management and portals; data management; and data quality solutions.

Custom Solutions. With deep skills and expertise in both J2EE (Java-based) and .NET technology architectures, we work with clients to develop custom solutions that meet unique business needs, often using open-source technology products and platforms.

Microsoft Solutions. Together with our alliance partner Microsoft and our Avanade subsidiary, we develop and deliver cost-efficient, innovative business solutions across the Microsoft platform and full set of software, leveraging our deep industry expertise and practical applications of technologies. We have also helped a significant number of clients implement Microsoft’s BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard Suite) and other cloud-based tools using Microsoft’s Azure platform.

Technology Consulting
Our key technology consulting services and solutions include:

Information Technology (“IT”) Strategy. We help client CEOs and CIOs link IT investments to business results and help manage those investments to ensure that the planned business impact is achieved. We also help CIOs transform how IT works, both internally and with business partners, so that IT is “run like a business” to deliver high performance.

Infrastructure Consulting. We provide solutions to help clients optimize their IT infrastructures—whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid—while reducing costs. From virtualization of servers and desktops and service integration, to data center operations engineering and enterprise network design and implementation, our services are designed to enable clients to rationalize, standardize, optimize, secure and transform their IT infrastructures for improved performance of mission-critical business processes, applications and end-users.

IT Security Consulting. We help clients integrate security into key business processes and implement security tools and processes so they can become more agile in response to changing market forces and evolving threats. Working with us, our clients are better able to secure data and applications, protect identities, address threats and vulnerabilities, and meet compliance demands while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Application Modernization and Optimization. We specialize in defining and executing strategies that transform our clients’ application portfolios into rationalized, flexible, cost-efficient and reliable assets. Our services and solutions help clients define and implement innovative approaches to extending the useful life of legacy applications at a significantly reduced cost or help to retire platforms and replace them with more modern, sustainable solutions.

Technology Outsourcing
Our approach to technology outsourcing goes beyond traditional cost-cutting measures to help clients improve the total performance of application and infrastructure development and maintenance. We provide a full range of application outsourcing and infrastructure outsourcing services and solutions:

Application Outsourcing. We provide a wide array of application outsourcing services under flexible arrangements, managing custom or packaged software applications—including enterprise-wide applications such as SAP and Oracle—over their complete development and maintenance lifecycles. Our scope of services ranges from standardized, discrete application outsourcing services—including application testing, application management of enterprise-wide software programs, and capacity services—to large-scale application enhancement and development for individual or multiple applications, or an entire portfolio of applications.

Infrastructure Outsourcing. We provide ongoing management of clients’ IT infrastructure capabilities and functions, with expertise in six service areas: service desk; workplace services; data-center services; network services; security services; and IT spend management. We provide discrete skills (e.g., capacity services) as well as fully managed services. Our services offer clients a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that can be scaled and adapted to their business needs.
Accenture helps business leaders and IT leaders define and execute a digital agenda to support their business strategy, harnessing the power of digital technology innovation, including social media, cloud, big data and analytics, and mobility to help the entire organization better compete, innovate and expand. The following initiatives span our three service areas described above:

Cloud Computing. We provide cloud services in three areas to help clients improve IT efficiency and agility: we help clients plan, implement and manage services from our provider ecosystem; we develop Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions built on our proprietary assets; and we provide provisioning, integration and management of services to bridge operations across traditional and cloud environments through the Accenture Cloud Platform. In addition, we help clients implement SaaS, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to meet their business needs with the added benefits of increasing flexibility and reducing total cost of ownership. Our cloud methodology and toolset enable delivery of cloud solutions across a wide range of services with leading providers including Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle, Pivotal, Salesforce.com, SAP, Verizon and Workday.

Mobility Services. Accenture helps clients deliver mobility solutions, which are designed to run their businesses more efficiently so they can focus on improving connections with their customers and workforces. We develop and implement enterprise mobile solutions incorporating strategies, applications, and managed services; create and deliver mobile commerce solutions; and help organizations become digital businesses.

Business Process Outsourcing
Our business process outsourcing (“BPO”) growth platform provides business process services that help clients drive business value, achieve higher levels of performance and results, and/or reduce costs. Through our BPO services, we manage specific business processes or functions for clients, providing solutions that are more efficient and cost-effective than if the functions were provided in-house while also providing business insight to drive business outcomes.
We offer clients across all industries a variety of BPO services for specific business functions and/or processes, including finance and accounting, human resources, learning and procurement, among others. We also offer industry-specific BPO services, such as credit services, designed to address the unique needs of client organizations and deliver business outcomes. We provide these services on a global basis and across industry sectors through our Global Delivery Network.


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