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What are Arch Capital Group Ltd's Business Segments?

Insurance Operations
Our insurance operations are conducted in Bermuda, the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Our insurance operations in Bermuda are conducted through Arch Insurance (Bermuda), a division of Arch Re Bermuda, and Alternative Re Limited.

In the U.S., our insurance group’s principal insurance subsidiaries are Arch Insurance, Arch Specialty, Arch Indemnity and Arch E&S. Arch Insurance is an admitted insurer in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Arch Specialty is an approved excess and surplus lines insurer in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and an authorized insurer in one state. Arch Indemnity is an admitted insurer in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Arch E&S, which is not currently writing business, is an approved excess and surplus lines insurer in 47 states and the District of Columbia and an authorized insurer in one state. The headquarters for our insurance group’s U.S. support operations (excluding underwriting units) is in Jersey City, New Jersey. The insurance group has offices throughout the U.S., including four regional offices located in Alpharetta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York and San Francisco, California and additional branch offices.

Our insurance operations in Canada are conducted through Arch Insurance Canada, a Canada domestic company which is authorized in all Canadian provinces and territories. Arch Insurance Canada is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with other regional offices in Canada. Our insurance operations in Europe are conducted on two platforms, Arch Insurance Company Europe and Arch Syndicate 2012 (the U.K. insurance operations are collectively referred to as “Arch Insurance Europe”). Arch Insurance Europe conducts its operations from London, England. Arch Insurance Company Europe is approved as an excess and surplus lines insurer in 27 states and the District of Columbia and also has branches in Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s Ltd (“AUAL”) is the managing agent of Arch Syndicate 2012 and is responsible for the daily management of Arch Syndicate 2012. Arch Syndicate 2012 has enhanced our underwriting platform by providing us with access to Lloyd’s extensive distribution network and worldwide licenses. Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s (Australia) Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, Australia, and Arch Underwriting Managers at Lloyd’s (South Africa) (Pty) Limited, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, are Lloyd’s services companies which underwrite exclusively for Arch Syndicate 2012. Arch Underwriting Agency (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is an Australian agency which also underwrites for Arch Syndicate 2012 and third parties.

Strategy. Our insurance group’s strategy is to operate in lines of business in which underwriting expertise can make a meaningful difference in operating results. The insurance group focuses on talent-intensive rather than labor-intensive business and seeks to operate profitably (on both a gross and net basis) across all of its product lines. To achieve these objectives, our insurance group’s operating principles are to:

Capitalize on profitable underwriting opportunities. Our insurance group believes that its experienced management and underwriting teams are positioned to locate and identify business with attractive risk/reward characteristics. As profitable underwriting opportunities are identified, our insurance group will continue to seek to make additions to its product portfolio in order to take advantage of market trends. This may include adding underwriting and other professionals with specific expertise in specialty lines of insurance.

Centralize responsibility for underwriting. Our insurance group consists of a range of product lines. The underwriting executive in charge of each product line oversees all aspects of the underwriting product development process within such product line. Our insurance group believes that centralizing the control of such product line with the respective underwriting executive allows for close management of underwriting and creates clear accountability for results. Our U.S. insurance group has four regional offices, and the executive in charge of each region is primarily responsible for all aspects of the marketing and distribution of our insurance group’s products, including the management of broker and other producer relationships in such executive’s respective region. In our non-U.S. offices, a similar philosophy is observed, with responsibility for the management of each product line residing with the senior underwriting executive in charge of such product line.

Maintain a disciplined underwriting philosophy. Our insurance group’s underwriting philosophy is to generate an underwriting profit through prudent risk selection and proper pricing. Our insurance group believes that the key to this approach is adherence to uniform underwriting standards across all types of business. Our insurance group’s senior management closely monitors the underwriting process.

Focus on providing superior claims management. Our insurance group believes that claims handling is an integral component of credibility in the market for insurance products. Therefore, our insurance group believes that its ability to handle claims expeditiously and satisfactorily is a key to its success. Our insurance group employs experienced claims professionals and also utilizes experienced external claims managers (third party administrators) where appropriate.

Utilize a brokerage distribution system. Our insurance group believes that by utilizing a brokerage distribution system, consisting of select international, national and regional brokers, both wholesale and retail, it can efficiently access a broad customer base while maintaining underwriting control and discipline.

Our insurance group writes business on both an admitted and non-admitted basis. Our insurance group focuses on the following areas:

Construction and national accounts: primary and excess casualty coverages to middle and large accounts in the construction industry and a wide range of products for middle and large national accounts, specializing in loss sensitive primary casualty insurance programs (including large deductible, self-insured retention and retrospectively rated programs).

Excess and surplus casualty: primary and excess casualty insurance coverages, including middle market energy business, and contract binding, which primarily provides casualty coverage through a network of appointed agents to small and medium risks.

Lenders products: collateral protection, debt cancellation and service contract reimbursement products to banks, credit unions, automotive dealerships and original equipment manufacturers and other specialty programs that pertain to automotive lending and leasing.

Professional lines: directors’ and officers’ liability, errors and omissions liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime, professional indemnity and other financial related coverages for corporate, private equity, venture capital, real estate investment trust, limited partnership, financial institution and not-for-profit clients of all sizes and medical professional and general liability insurance coverages for the healthcare industry. The business is predominately written on a claims-made basis.

Programs: primarily package policies, underwriting workers’ compensation and umbrella liability business in support of desirable package programs, targeting program managers with unique expertise and niche products offering general liability, commercial automobile, inland marine and property business with minimal catastrophe exposure.

Property, energy, marine and aviation: primary and excess general property insurance coverages, including catastrophe-exposed property coverage, for commercial clients. Coverages for marine include hull, war, specie and liability. Aviation and stand alone terrorism are also offered.

Travel, accident and health: specialty travel and accident and related insurance products for individual, group travelers, travel agents and suppliers, as well as accident and health, which provides accident, disability and medical plan insurance coverages for employer groups, medical plan members, students and other participant groups.

Other: includes alternative market risks (including captive insurance programs), excess workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance coverages for qualified self-insured groups, associations and trusts, and contract and commercial surety coverages, including contract bonds (payment and performance bonds) primarily for medium and large contractors and commercial surety bonds for Fortune 1,000 companies and smaller transaction business programs.
Underwriting Philosophy. Our insurance group’s underwriting philosophy is to generate an underwriting profit (on both a gross and net basis) through prudent risk selection and proper pricing across all types of business. One key to this philosophy is the adherence to uniform underwriting standards across each product line that focuses on the following:

risk selection;

desired attachment point;

limits and retention management;

due diligence, including financial condition, claims history, management, and product, class and territorial exposure;

underwriting authority and appropriate approvals; and

collaborative decision making.

Reinsurance Operations

Our reinsurance operations are conducted on a worldwide basis through our reinsurance subsidiaries, Arch Re Bermuda, Arch Re U.S., Arch Re Europe and Gulf Reinsurance Limited. Arch Re Bermuda is a registered Class 4 insurer and long-term insurer and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Arch Re U.S. is licensed or is an accredited or otherwise approved reinsurer in 50 states and the District of Columbia and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada with its principal U.S. offices in Morristown, New Jersey. Our property facultative reinsurance operations are conducted primarily through Arch Re U.S. with certain executive functions conducted through Arch Re Facultative Underwriters Inc. located in Farmington, Connecticut. The property facultative reinsurance operations have offices throughout the U.S., Canada and in Europe. Arch Re Europe, licensed and authorized as a non-life reinsurer and a life reinsurer, is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with branch offices in Zurich and London.

In May 2008, we provided $100.0 million of funding to Gulf Reinsurance Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Re Holdings Limited (collectively, “Gulf Re”), pursuant to the joint venture agreement with Gulf Investment Corporation GSC (“GIC”). Under the agreement, Arch Re Bermuda and GIC each owned 50% of Gulf Re. Gulf Re provides property and casualty reinsurance primarily in the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We entered into a number of strategic initiatives related to Gulf Re in the 2014 fourth quarter, including an agreement to acquire complete ownership and effective control of Gulf Re. Such agreement was approved by the Dubai Financial Services Authority in April 2015 and the transaction closed on May 14, 2015. GIC will continue to participate equally with us in the financial results of Gulf Re and have the ability to purchase shares in Gulf Re over the next seven years.

In October 2008, Arch Re Europe was licensed and authorized as a non-life reinsurer and as a life reinsurer in November 2009. In April 2012, we acquired the credit and surety reinsurance operations of Ariel Re based in Zurich, Switzerland. Treaty operations in Canada commenced in 2011 and, beginning in 2015, the business is written through the Canadian branch of Arch Re U.S. (“Arch Re Canada”).

Strategy. Our reinsurance group’s strategy is to capitalize on our financial capacity, experienced management and operational flexibility to offer multiple products through our operations. The reinsurance group’s operating principles are to:

Actively select and manage risks. Our reinsurance group only underwrites business that meets certain profitability criteria, and it emphasizes disciplined underwriting over premium growth. To this end, our reinsurance group maintains centralized control over reinsurance underwriting guidelines and authorities.

Maintain flexibility and respond to changing market conditions. Our reinsurance group’s organizational structure and philosophy allows it to take advantage of increases or changes in demand or favorable pricing trends. Our reinsurance group believes that its existing platforms in Bermuda, the U.S., Europe, Dubai and Canada, broad underwriting expertise and substantial capital facilitate adjustments to its mix of business geographically and by line and type of coverage. Our reinsurance group believes that this flexibility allows it to participate in those market opportunities that provide the greatest potential for underwriting profitability.

Maintain a low cost structure. Our reinsurance group believes that maintaining tight control over its staffing level and operating primarily as a broker market reinsurer permits it to maintain low operating costs relative to its capital and premiums.

Our reinsurance group writes business on both a proportional and non-proportional basis and writes both treaty and facultative business. In a proportional reinsurance arrangement (also known as pro rata reinsurance, quota share reinsurance or participating reinsurance), the reinsurer shares a proportional part of the original premiums and losses of the reinsured. The reinsurer pays the cedent a commission which is generally based on the cedent’s cost of acquiring the business being reinsured (including commissions, premium taxes, assessments and miscellaneous administrative expenses) and may also include a profit factor. Non-proportional (or excess of loss) reinsurance indemnifies the reinsured against all or a specified portion of losses on underlying insurance policies in excess of a specified amount, which is called a “retention.” Non-proportional business is written in layers and a reinsurer or group of reinsurers accepts a band of coverage up to a specified amount. The total coverage purchased by the cedent is referred to as a “program.” Any liability exceeding the upper limit of the program reverts to the cedent.

The reinsurance group’s treaty operations generally seek to write significant lines on less commoditized classes of coverage, such as specialty property and casualty reinsurance treaties. However, with respect to other classes of coverage, such as property catastrophe and casualty clash, the reinsurance group’s treaty operations participate in a relatively large number of treaties where they believe that they can underwrite and process the business efficiently. The reinsurance group’s property facultative operations write reinsurance on a facultative basis whereby they assume part of the risk under primarily single insurance contracts. Facultative reinsurance is typically purchased by ceding companies for individual risks not covered by their reinsurance treaties, for unusual risks or for amounts in excess of the limits on their reinsurance treaties.

Our reinsurance group focuses on the following areas:

Casualty: provides coverage to ceding company clients on third party liability and workers’ compensation exposures from ceding company clients, primarily on a treaty basis. Exposures include, among others, executive assurance, professional liability, workers’ compensation, excess and umbrella liability, excess motor and healthcare business.

Marine and aviation: provides coverage for energy, hull, cargo, specie, liability and transit, and aviation business, including airline and general aviation risks. Business written may also include space business, which includes coverages for satellite assembly, launch and operation for commercial space programs.

Other specialty: provides coverage to ceding company clients for non-excess motor, including U.K. business primarily emanating from two clients, and other lines including surety, accident and health, workers’ compensation catastrophe, agriculture, trade credit and political risk.

Property catastrophe: provides protection for most catastrophic losses that are covered in the underlying policies written by reinsureds, including hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, hail and fire, and coverage for other perils on a case-by-case basis. Property catastrophe reinsurance provides coverage on an excess of loss basis when aggregate losses and loss adjustment expense from a single occurrence or an aggregation of losses from a covered peril exceed the retention specified in the contract.

Property excluding property catastrophe: provides coverage for both personal lines and commercial property exposures and principally covers buildings, structures, equipment and contents. The primary perils in this business include fire, explosion, collapse, riot, vandalism, wind, tornado, flood and earthquake. Business is assumed on both a proportional and excess of loss basis. In addition, facultative business is written which focuses on commercial property risks on an excess of loss basis.

Other. includes life reinsurance business on both a proportional and non-proportional basis, casualty clash business and, in limited instances, non-traditional business which is intended to provide insurers with risk management solutions that complement traditional reinsurance.
Underwriting Philosophy. Our reinsurance group employs a disciplined, analytical approach to underwriting reinsurance risks that is designed to specify an adequate premium for a given exposure commensurate with the amount of capital it anticipates placing at risk. A number of our reinsurance group’s underwriters are also actuaries. It is our reinsurance group’s belief that employing actuaries on the front-end of the underwriting process gives it an advantage in evaluating risks and constructing a high quality book of business.

As part of the underwriting process, our reinsurance group typically assesses a variety of factors, including:

adequacy of underlying rates for a specific class of business and territory;

the reputation of the proposed cedent and the likelihood of establishing a long-term relationship with the cedent, the geographic area in which the cedent does business, together with its catastrophe exposures, and our aggregate exposures in that area;

historical loss data for the cedent and, where available, for the industry as a whole in the relevant regions, in order to compare the cedent’s historical loss experience to industry averages;

projections of future loss frequency and severity; and

the perceived financial strength of the cedent.


Mortgage Operations

Our mortgage group includes direct mortgage insurance in the United States primarily provided by Arch MI U.S. and through an affiliate of Arch MI U.S., Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company; mortgage reinsurance provided primarily by Arch Re Bermuda to mortgage insurers on both a proportional and non-proportional basis globally; direct mortgage insurance in Europe provided by Arch MI Europe; and various GSE credit risk-sharing products provided primarily by Arch Re Bermuda.
On January 30, 2014, we completed the acquisition of CMG Mortgage Insurance Company from its owners, PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., in Rehabilitation (“PMI”) and CMFG Life Insurance Company (“CUNA Mutual”) and acquired PMI’s mortgage insurance platform and related assets. CMG Mortgage Insurance Company was renamed “Arch Mortgage Insurance Company” (Arch MI U.S.) and entered the U.S. mortgage insurance marketplace in 2014. Arch MI U.S., based in Walnut Creek, California, is licensed and operates in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. It has been approved as an eligible mortgage insurer by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, each a GSE, subject to maintaining certain ongoing requirements.

In addition, Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company, an affiliate of Arch MI U.S., offers direct mortgage insurance to U.S. mortgage lenders with respect to mortgages that lenders intend to retain in portfolio or include in non-agency securitizations. Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company is licensed in all states. Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company insures mortgages that are not intended to be sold to the GSEs, and it is therefore not approved by either GSE as an eligible mortgage insurer.

Strategy. The mortgage insurance market operates on its own distinct underwriting cycle, with demand driven mainly by the housing market and general economic conditions. As a result, the creation of the mortgage group provides us with a more diverse revenue stream. Our mortgage group’s strategy is to capitalize on its financial capacity, the mortgage insurance technology platform of Arch MI U.S. and its experienced management and operational flexibility to offer mortgage insurance, reinsurance and other risk-sharing products in the United States and around the world. Our mortgage group’s operating principles and goals are to:

Expand Arch MI U.S.’s business. Prior to its acquisition, Arch MI U.S. was the leading provider of mortgage insurance products and services to credit unions in the U.S. and was approved by the GSEs as an eligible mortgage insurer solely for credit union customers. Our mortgage group’s strategy is to continue to broaden Arch MI U.S.’s customer base to national and regional banks and mortgage originators, while maintaining and increasing Arch MI U.S.’s share of the mortgage insurance credit union market.

Capitalize on profitable underwriting opportunities. Our mortgage group believes that its experienced management, analytics and underwriting teams are positioned to identify and evaluate business with attractive risk/reward characteristics.

Maintain a disciplined credit risk philosophy. Our mortgage group’s credit risk philosophy is to generate underwriting profit through disciplined credit risk analysis and proper pricing. Our mortgage group believes that the key to this approach is adherence to uniform underwriting standards across all phases of the applicable housing and mortgage lending cycles.

Provide superior and innovative mortgage products and services. Our mortgage group believes that it can leverage our financial capacity, experience across insurance product lines, and its analytics and technology to provide innovative products and superior service. The mortgage group believes that its delivery of tailored products that meet the specific, evolving needs of its customers will be a key to the group’s success.
Our mortgage group focuses on the following areas:

Direct mortgage insurance in the United States. Under their monoline insurance licenses, Arch MI U.S. and Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company may only offer private mortgage insurance covering first lien, one-to-four family residential mortgages. Nearly all of Arch MI U.S.’s mortgage insurance written provides first loss protection on loans originated by mortgage lenders and sold to the GSEs. Each GSE’s Congressional charter generally prohibits it from purchasing a mortgage where the principal balance of the mortgage is in excess of 80% of the value of the property securing the mortgage unless the excess portion of the mortgage is protected against default by lender recourse, participation or by a qualified insurer. As a result, such “high loan-to-value mortgages” purchased by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac generally are insured with private mortgage insurance.
Mortgage insurance protects the insured lender, investor or GSE against loss in the event of a borrower’s default. If a borrower defaults on mortgage payments, private mortgage insurance reduces and may eliminate losses to the insured. Private mortgage insurance may also facilitate the sale of mortgage loans in the secondary mortgage market because of the credit enhancement it provides. Our primary U.S. mortgage insurance policies predominantly cover individual loans at the time the loan is originated. We also may enter into insurance transactions with lenders and investors, under which we insure a portfolio of loans at or after origination. In the future, Arch MI U.S. or Arch Mortgage Guaranty Company may offer mortgage insurance on a “pool” basis. Under pool insurance, the mortgage insurer provides coverage on a group of specified loans, typically for 100% of all contractual or policy-defined losses on every loan in the portfolio, subject to an agreed aggregate loss limit.

Direct mortgage insurance in Europe and other countries where we identify profitable underwriting opportunities. Since 2011, Arch MI Europe has offered mortgage insurance to European mortgage lenders. Arch MI Europe’s mortgage insurance is primarily purchased by European mortgage lenders in order to reduce lenders’ credit risk and regulatory capital requirements associated with the insured mortgages. In certain European countries, lenders purchase mortgage insurance to facilitate regulatory compliance with respect to high loan-to-value residential lending. Arch MI Europe offers mortgage insurance on both a “flow” basis to cover new originations and through structured transactions to cover one or more portfolios of previously originated residential loans.

Reinsurance. Arch Re Bermuda provides quota share reinsurance covering U.S. and international mortgages. Such amounts include a quota share reinsurance agreement with PMI pursuant to which it agreed to provide 100% quota share indemnity reinsurance to PMI for all certificates of insurance that were issued by PMI from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2011 that were not in default as of an agreed upon effective date. Other than this quota share, no PMI legacy mortgage insurance exposures were assumed.

Other credit risk-sharing products. In addition to providing traditional mortgage insurance and reinsurance, we offer various credit risk-sharing products to government agencies and mortgage lenders. The GSEs have reduced their exposure to mortgage risk and continue to shift more of it to the private sector, creating opportunities for insurers like Arch. In 2013, Arch Re Bermuda became the first (re)insurance company to participate in Freddie Mac’s program to transfer certain credit risk in its single-family portfolio to the private sector.


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