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 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 1,218
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 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 490

Synopsys Inc

Synopsys, Inc. provides software, intellectual property, and services used by designers across the entire silicon to
software spectrum, from engineers creating advanced semiconductors to software developers seeking to ensure
the quality and security of their applications. We are a global leader in supplying the electronic design automation
(EDA) software that engineers use to design and test integrated circuits (ICs), also known as chips. We also offer intellectual property (IP) products, which are pre-designed circuits that engineers use as components of larger chip designs rather than design those circuits themselves. We provide software and hardware used to develop the electronic systems that incorporate chips and the software that runs on them. To complement these offerings, we provide technical services and support to help our customers develop advanced chips and electronic systems. We are also a leading provider of software tools and services that are used to improve the security and quality of software code in a wide variety of industries, including electronics, financial services, media, automotive, medicine, energy and industrials.

Recent years have seen a remarkable proliferation of consumer and wireless electronic products, particularly mobile devices. The growth of the Internet and cloud computing has provided people with new ways to create, store and share information. At the same time, the increasing use of electronics in cars, buildings, appliances and other consumer products is creating a connected landscape of “smart” devices. Numerous software applications (apps) have been developed to expand the potential of these connected devices.

These developments have been fueled by innovation in the semiconductor and software industries. It is common for a single chip to combine many components (processor, communications, memory, custom logic, input/output) and embedded software into a single system-on-chip (SoC), necessitating highly complex chip designs. The most complex chips today contain more than a billion transistors. Transistors are the basic building blocks for ICs, each of which may have features that are less than 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair. At such small dimensions, the wavelength of light itself can become an obstacle to production, proving too big to create such dense features and requiring creative and complicated new approaches from designers. Designers have turned to new manufacturing techniques to solve these problems, such as multiple-patterning lithography and FinFET transistors, which in turn have introduced new challenges to design and production.

Revenue from our products and services is categorized into four groups:

Core EDA, which includes digital, custom and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC design software, and our verification products;

IP, Systems and Software Integrity, which includes our DesignWare® IP portfolio, system-level products, and software security and quality testing solutions;

Manufacturing Solutions; and

Professional Services and Other.

Core EDA

The process of designing ICs contains many complex steps: architecture definition, register transfer level (RTL) design, functional/RTL verification, logic design or synthesis, gate-level verification, floorplanning, and place and route, to name just a few. Designers use our Core EDA products to automate the IC design process and to reduce errors. We offer a platform that features a large number of Core EDA products intended to address the process comprehensively. Our Core EDA products generally fall into the following categories:

Digital, custom and FPGA IC design, which includes software tools to design an IC; and

Verification, which includes technology to verify that an IC design behaves as intended.
Digital and Custom IC Design

Our Galaxy™ Design Platform provides customers with a comprehensive design implementation solution that includes industry-leading products and incorporates common libraries and consistent timing, delay calculation, UPF power intent descriptions, and constraints throughout the design process. The platform gives designers the flexibility to integrate internally developed and third-party tools. With innovative technologies, a common foundation, and flexibility, our Galaxy Design Platform helps reduce design times, decrease uncertainties in the design steps, and minimize the risks inherent in advanced, complex IC design. Our products span digital, custom, and analog/mixed-signal designs, and support multiple technology nodes, including 16/14nm, 12nm, 10nm, 7/8nm, and many others.

Key design products, available as part of the Galaxy Design Platform or as individual point tools, are our IC Compiler™ II physical design solution, Design Compiler® logic synthesis product, Custom Compiler™ full custom design solution, PrimeTime® static timing analysis products, StarRC™ tool for extraction, and IC Validator tool for physical verification.
FPGA Design

FPGAs are complex chips that can be customized or programmed to perform a specific function after they are manufactured. For FPGA design, we offer Synplify® (Pro® and Premier) implementation and Identify® debug software tools.

Our Verification Continuum™ platform is built from our industry-leading and fastest verification technologies, providing virtual prototyping, static and formal verification, simulation, emulation, FPGA-based prototyping, and debug in a unified environment with verification IP and planning and coverage technology. By providing a consistent model and debug environment across the flow of verification tasks and by enabling seamless transitions between simulation, emulation, and prototyping, the platform helps our customers accelerate hardware verification, bring up software earlier, and get to market sooner with advanced SoCs.

The individual products included in the Verification Continuum platform are reported in our Core EDA and IP, Systems & Software Integrity revenue categories. The solutions reported in our Core EDA revenue include the following:

SpyGlass® family of static verification technologies including lint, CDC (clock domain crossing), RDC (reset domain crossing), DFT (design for test), and low-power analysis and verification;

VCS® functional verification solution, our comprehensive RTL and gate-level simulation technology, including Fine-Grained Parallelism (FGP);

Verdi® debug technology, the industry’s most compressive SoC debug;

VC Formal, our next-generation formal verification product;

Verdi Coverage, our verification planning and coverage technology;

ZeBu® emulation systems, which use high-performance hardware to emulate SoC designs so that designers can accelerate verification of large complex SoCs and perform earlier verification of the SoC together with software; and

Other principal individual verification solutions, including CustomSim™ FastSPICE and FineSim® SPICE/FastSPICE circuit simulation and analysis products, HSPICE® circuit simulator, and CustomExplorer™ Ultra mixed-signal regression and analysis environment.

The verification IP, virtual prototyping and FPGA-based prototyping solutions that are part of our Verification Continuum platform are included in our IP, Systems & Software Integrity category and further described below.
IP, Systems and Software Integrity

IP Products

As more functionality converges into a single device or even a single chip, and as chip designs grow more complex, the number of third-party IP blocks incorporated into designs is rapidly increasing. We are a leading provider of high-quality, silicon-proven IP solutions for SoCs. Our broad DesignWare IP portfolio includes:

High-quality solutions for widely used wired and wireless interfaces such as USB, PCI Express, DDR, Ethernet, SATA, MIPI, HDMI, and Bluetooth Low Energy;

Logic libraries and embedded memories, including memory compilers, non-volatile memory, standard cells, and integrated test and repair;

Processor solutions, including configurable ARC® processor cores, software, Embedded Vision processor cores and application-specific instruction-set processor (ASIP) tools for embedded applications;

IP subsystems for audio, sensor, and data fusion functionality that combine IP blocks, an efficient processor, and software into an integrated, pre-verified subsystem;

Security IP solutions, including cryptographic cores and software, security subsystems, platform security and content protection IP;

Analog IP including data converters and audio codecs; and

SoC infrastructure IP, datapath and building block IP, mathematical and floating point components, ARM® AMBA® interconnect fabric and peripherals, and verification IP.

Our IP Accelerated initiative augments our established, broad portfolio of silicon-proven DesignWare IP with IP Prototyping Kits and customized IP subsystems to accelerate prototyping, software development, and integration of IP into SoCs.

We also offer a broad portfolio of IP that has been optimized to address specific application requirements for the mobile, automotive, digital home, internet of things, and cloud computing markets, enabling designers to quickly develop SoCs in these areas.

Our Verification IP portfolio, part of our Verification Continuum platform, is also part of the IP Products category.

ystem-Level Solutions

Our System-Level verification solutions include the following elements of our Verification Continuum platform:

HAPS® FPGA-based prototyping systems, which provide design and verification teams an integrated and scalable hardware-software solution for early software development and to improve their SoC schedules;

Virtualizer™ virtual prototyping solutions, which addresses the increasing development challenges associated with software-rich semiconductor and electronic products by accelerating both the development and deployment of virtual prototypes; and

Platform Architect solution, which provides architects and system designers with tools and efficient methods for early analysis and optimization of multi-core SoC architectures for performance and power.

We also provide a series of tools used in the design of optical systems and photonic devices. Our CODE V® solution enables engineers to model, analyze and optimize designs for optical imaging and communication systems. Our LightTools® design and analysis software allows designers to simulate and improve the performance of a broad range of illumination systems, from vehicle lighting to projector systems.
Software Integrity Solutions

Our Software Integrity platform is a comprehensive solution for building integrity—security and quality—into our customers’ software development lifecycle and supply chain. These testing tools, services and programs enable our customers to detect and remediate defects across their entire software development lifecycle. Our offerings include security testing, managed services, programs and professional services, and training.

Key offerings in the security testing space include:

SecureAssist and Coverity® static analysis tools, which analyze software code to find crash-causing bugs, incorrect program behavior, security vulnerabilities, memory leaks and other performance-degrading flaws;

Defensics® fuzz testing tools, which examine security vulnerabilities in software binaries and libraries, particularly network protocols and file formats, by systematically sending invalid or unexpected inputs to the system under test;

Protecode™ software composition analysis tools, which scan binary and source code for license issues and other known security vulnerabilities stemming from incorporated third-party and open source code; and

Seeker® IAST tool, which identifies exploitable security vulnerabilities while web applications are running, thereby verifying results and eliminating false positives.

Managed Services allow developers to test code across many dimensions, and to rapidly respond to changing testing requirements and evolving threats. This includes Mobile AST services to find vulnerabilities in mobile applications as well as DAST services which identify security vulnerabilities while web applications are running, without the need for source code.

Programs and Professional Services address unique security and quality needs with specialized consulting by skilled experts, including Building Security in Maturity Mode (BSIMM), which measures the effectiveness of software security initiatives by assessing the current state as compared to industry benchmarks.

Finally, training includes eLearning and instructor-led training that prepares developers and security professionals to build security and quality into their software development process and remediate found vulnerabilities and defects.
Manufacturing Solutions

Our Manufacturing Solutions software products and technologies enable semiconductor manufacturers to more quickly develop new fabrication processes that produce production-level yields. These products are used in the early research and development phase, as well as in the production phase where designers use these products to help convert IC design layouts into the masks used to manufacture the devices.

Our Manufacturing Solutions include Sentaurus™ technology computer-aided design (TCAD) device and process simulation products, Proteus™ mask synthesis tools, CATS® mask data preparation software, Yield Explorer® Odyssey, and Yield-Manager® yield management solutions.

   Company Address: 675 Almanor Avenue Sunnyvale 94085 CA
   Company Phone Number: 584-5000   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ SNPS

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Synopsys Inc

The Software & Programming company announced 24.537%, revenue Increase, during the fourth quarter of 2023

Over the course of the last five trading days, shares of Synopsys Inc have experienced a drop of -2.16%. However, despite this recent decline, the stock has shown significant growth year-to-date, with a performance of 67.09%. Additionally, Synopsys Inc is just 5.4% away from its 52-week high, indicating a positive trend for the company.
One of the factors contributing to this positive trend is the company's strong performance in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2023. During this period, Synopsys Inc demonstrated impressive growth in EPS (Earnings per Share), which improved by 129.72% year-on-year to $2.25 per share. Moreover, the company's revenue increased by 24.537% to $1.60 billion. This improvement in revenue aligns favorably with the growth seen in its Software & Programming sector peers, who on average experienced a 12.38% increase during the same period.

Synopsys Inc

Synopsys Inc Shines with Strong Double Digit Revenue Growth, Outperforming Competitors in the Software & Programming Industry

During the past week, Synopsys Inc stock experienced a decline of -2.03%, which brings the year-to-date performance to a positive 33.26%. Additionally, the stock is currently 9% short of its 52-week high. Despite this recent drop, the company showcased promising earnings for the period between May and July 31, 2023.
During this timeframe, Synopsys Inc reported revenue of $1.49 billion, a significant increase of 19.157% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, there was a quarter-on-quarter revenue growth of 6.592%. This growth outpaced many of its contemporaries in the Software & Programming industry. On average, the two-third corporations in this industry saw a revenue growth of 12.03% during the third quarter of 2022.

Synopsys Inc

Synopsys Inc Sees Dwindling EPS despite 9.039% Revenue Growth in Q2 2023: Profitability Takes a Dip

Investors in Synopsys Inc. received a mixed bag of news in the company's latest report, as the software company faced shrinking earnings per share (EPS) amid expanding sales. The report covering the period ending April 30, 2023, showed a 9.039% increase in revenue to $1.39 billion, compared to $1.28 billion on a year-over-year basis. However, earnings per share fell by 6.88% to $1.76, from $1.89 in the previous year's quarter.
Despite the decrease in earnings, the company saw a 2.463% increase in revenue in the previous quarter and improved earnings by 0.57% from $1.75 a share. The bottom line of $269.948 million in the fiscal period ending April 30, 2023, fell by 8.15% from $293.892 million in the corresponding period in the previous year.


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