Sanmina Corporation  (SANM)
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Price: $41.8600 $0.68 1.651%
Day's High: $41.83 Week Perf: -3.92 %
Day's Low: $ 41.36 30 Day Perf: 5.63 %
Volume (M): 13 52 Wk High: $ 44.26
Volume (M$): $ 562 52 Wk Avg: $39.52
Open: $43.11 52 Wk Low: $35.06

 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 2,690
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 64
 Employees 43,854
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 6,971
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 286
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) -15
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 100

Sanmina Corporation
We are a leading independent global provider of customized, integrated electronics manufacturing services, or EMS. We provide these comprehensive services primarily to original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, in the communications, computing, multimedia, industrial and semiconductor capital equipment, defense and aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. The combination of our advanced technologies, extensive manufacturing expertise and economies of scale enables us to meet the specialized needs of our customers in these markets in a cost- effective manner.

Our end-to-end services in combination with our global expertise in supply chain management enable us to manage our customers’ products throughout their life cycles. These services include:

• product design and engineering, including initial development, detailed design and preproduction services;

• volume manufacturing of complete systems, components and subassemblies;

• final system assembly and test;

• direct order fulfillment and logistics services; and

• after-market product service and support.

Our volume manufacturing services are vertically integrated, allowing us to manufacture key system components and subassemblies for our customers. By manufacturing key system components and subassemblies ourselves, we enhance continuity of supply and reduce costs for our customers. In addition, we are able to have greater control over the production of our customers’ products and retain incremental profit opportunities for the company. System components and subassemblies that we manufacture include volume and high-end printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assemblies, backplanes and backplane assemblies, enclosures, cable assemblies, optical modules and memory modules.

We manufacture products in over 20 countries on five continents. We seek to locate our facilities near our customers and our customers end markets in major centers for the electronics industry or in lower cost locations. Many of our plants located near customers and their end markets are focused primarily on final system assembly and test, while our plants located in lower cost areas engage primarily in less complex component and subsystem manufacturing and assembly.

EMS companies are the principal beneficiaries of the increased use of outsourced manufacturing services by the electronics and other industries. Outsourced manufacturing refers to OEMs’ use of EMS companies, rather than internal manufacturing capabilities, to manufacture their products. Historically, EMS companies generally manufactured only components or partial assemblies. As the EMS industry has evolved, OEMs have increased their reliance on EMS companies for additional, more complex manufacturing services, including design services. Some EMS companies now often manufacture and test complete systems and manage the entire supply chains of their customers. Industry leading EMS companies offer end-to-end services, including product design and engineering, volume manufacturing, final system assembly and test, direct order fulfillment, after-market product service and support and global supply chain management.

We have become one of the largest global EMS providers by capitalizing on our competitive strengths, including our:

• end-to-end services;

• product design and engineering resources;

• vertically integrated volume manufacturing services;

• advanced technologies;

• global capabilities;

• high quality manufacturing, assembly and test services;

• customer focused organization;

• expertise in serving diverse end markets; and

• experienced management team.

This business strategy enables us to win large outsourcing programs from leading multinational OEMs. Our customers consist of OEMs that operate in a range of industries, and include Alcatel, Cisco, Dell, EchoStar, Ericsson, HP, IBM, McData, Nokia, Nortel and Roche.

We have targeted markets that offer significant growth opportunities and for which OEMs sell complex products that are subject to rapid technological change, as the manufacturing of these products requires higher value added services. We believe that markets involving complex, rapidly changing products offer us opportunities to produce products with higher margins because these products require higher value added manufacturing services and may also include our advanced vertically integrated components. Our approach to our target markets is two-fold  — we intend to strengthen our significant presence in the communications and computing markets, while also focusing on other under-penetrated target markets, including the medical, automotive, industrial and semiconductor capital equipment and defense and aerospace industries, many of which have not extensively relied upon EMS companies in the past. Our diversification across market segments and customers reduces our dependence on any particular market.

Communications: Wireless, Optical and Wireline Transmission and Enterprise. In the communications sector, we focus on wireless transmission systems, optical networking and wireline transmission systems and enterprise networking systems. Our product design and engineering staff has extensive experience designing advanced communications products for these markets. Products we manufacture include optical switches, wireless base stations, wireline switches, routers, transceivers, satellite receivers, radio frequency and point-to-point microwave systems, and Bluetooth appliances among others. Selected customers in communications equipment include Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, Nokia, Nortel, and Tellabs.

Computing: Personal and Business (Enterprise) Computing and Storage Systems. We provide services for OEMs of personal computer, or PC, systems, enterprise computing, and storage systems.

We provide services to multiple major PC manufacturers. These services include primarily BTO and CTO manufacturing of desktop PC systems serving primarily the enterprise markets. Our PC manufacturing plants can build and configure systems and have them ready for shipment within 48 to 72 hours of receipt of a customer order. These plants are typically located in the geographic region to which the finished system will be shipped to rapidly deliver finished products. We manufacture a wide variety of desktop and laptop PCs and other PC components for our customers, including Dell, HP and IBM.

We also provide services to the storage and server markets. Our expertise in manufacturing products for the storage and server markets stems from our technological capabilities and vertical integration. We are also the leading vertically integrated supplier of complex, multilayer printed circuit boards and backplanes, and many high-end computer designs incorporate these components. We have developed a proprietary enclosure design for high density servers used in data center applications. High-end computing products we manufacture include complex, fault tolerant servers and enterprise storage. Our customers in the storage and server markets include EMC, HP, IBM and Sun.

Multimedia. We manufacture digital satellite set-top boxes, personal video recorders, digital home gateways and internet protocol entertainment devices. For our multimedia OEM customers, we manage the production process for multimedia products, including product design and engineering, test development, supply chain management, manufacturing of printed circuit boards and assemblies, final system assembly and test, and direct order fulfillment, including our BTO and CTO capabilities. Our major multimedia customers include EchoStar, Nokia, and Royal Philips Electronics.

Industrial and Semiconductor Systems. Our expertise in manufacturing industrial instrumentation products includes production of semiconductor capital equipment, front-end environmental chambers, computer controllers, and test and inspection equipment. We also have significant experience manufacturing scanning equipment and devices, flat panel display test and repair equipment, optical inspection and x-ray equipment for use in the printed circuit board assembly industry, and deep ultraviolet photolithography equipment. Our industrial and semiconductor systems customers include GE and Honeywell International Inc, or Honeywell.

Defense and Aerospace. In December 2001, we merged with SCI Systems, Inc., or SCI. SCI began operations as Space-Craft, Inc., in the early 1960’s and was then principally a supplier to the defense and aerospace industries. We continue to offer our end-to-end services to the defense and aerospace industry. We believe that this industry currently represents a significant growth opportunity due to increased defense spending, as well as the growing desire of defense and aerospace OEMs to outsource non-core manufacturing activities to reduce costs. Our experience in serving the aerospace industry, as well as our product design and engineering capabilities, represent key competitive strengths for us in the defense and aerospace market. Defense and aerospace products that we manufacture include avionics systems, weapons guidance systems, cockpit communications systems, spread spectrum communications systems, and space systems. Key defense and aerospace customers include The Boeing Company, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon Company.

Medical. We provide comprehensive manufacturing and related services to the medical industry, including design and regulatory approval support. The manufacturing of products for the medical industry requires compliance with domestic and foreign regulations, including the Food and Drug Administration’s, or FDA’s, quality system regulations and the European Union’s medical device directive. In addition to complying with these standards, our medical manufacturing facilities comply with ISO 13485 (formerly EN 46002) and ISO 9001:2000. Medical products that we manufacture include magnetic resonance imaging equipment, blood glucose meters, computer tomography scanners, respiration monitors, ventilators, anesthesia workstations, infusion pumps, thermo-regulation devices, and cardio-resuscitation systems. Our medical customers include GE Medical Systems, Philips Medical Systems, Siemens Medical Health Services Corporation and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Automotive. In recent years, the electronics content in automobiles has increased substantially as new entertainment, wireless communication and navigation systems are being offered as standard features or factory options. We believe that this increased usage of electronic devices in automobiles will continue, and that there will be significant opportunities for EMS companies to manufacture automotive electronics. Accordingly, we have formed an automotive products group to focus on these opportunities.


Our ten largest customers (listed in alphabetical order) are Alcatel, Dell, EchoStar, Ericsson, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Nokia, Nortel and Roche.

We typically enter into supply agreements with our major OEM customers with terms ranging from three to five years. Many of these supply agreements were entered into in connection with divestiture transactions, which are transactions in which we also acquire plants, equipment and inventory from the OEM. In these divestiture-related supply agreements, the customer typically agrees to purchase its requirements for particular products in particular geographic areas from us. Our OEM customer supply agreements that were not entered into in connection with divestitures typically do not require the customer to purchase their product requirements from us, and in these cases customers may have alternate sources of supply available to them.

Our supply agreements with our OEM customers generally do not obligate the customer to purchase minimum quantities of products. However, the customer typically remains liable for the cost of the materials and components that we have ordered to meet the customer’s production forecast but which are not used, provided that the material was ordered in accordance with an agreed-upon procurement plan. In some cases, the procurement plan contains provisions regarding the types of materials for which our customers will assume responsibility. Our supply agreements typically contain provisions permitting cancellation and rescheduling of orders upon notice and subject, in some cases, to cancellation and rescheduling charges. Order cancellation charges typically vary by product type and depend upon how far in advance of shipment a customer notifies us of the cancellation of an order. In some circumstances, our supply agreements with customers provide for cost reduction objectives during the term of the agreement.


We face competition from other major global EMS companies such as Celestica, Inc., Flextronics International Ltd., Jabil Circuit, Inc. and Solectron Corporation, as well as other EMS companies that often have a regional or product, service or industry specific focus. In addition, our potential customers may also compare the benefits of outsourcing their manufacturing to us with the merits of manufacturing products themselves.

We compete with different companies depending on the type of service or geographic area. We believe that the primary basis of competition in our target markets is manufacturing technology, quality, responsiveness, the provision of value-added services and price. To remain competitive, we must continue to provide technologically advanced manufacturing services, maintain quality levels, offer flexible delivery schedules, deliver finished products on a reliable basis and compete favorably on the basis of price. We believe that our primary competitive strengths include our ability to provide global end-to-end services, our product design and engineering resources, advanced technologies, high quality manufacturing assembly and test services, customer focus, expertise in serving diverse end markets and an experienced management team.

In addition to EMS companies, we also compete, with respect to certain of the EMS services we provide, with ODMs. These companies, typically based in Asia, design products and product platforms that are then sold to OEMs, system integrators and others who configure and resell them to end users. To date, ODM penetration has been greatest in the personal computer, including both desktop and notebook computers, and server markets.

   Company Address: 2700 N. First St., San Jose, 95134 CA
   Company Phone Number: 964-3500   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ SANM
   SANM is expected to report next financial results on August 03, 2022.

Customers Net Income grew by SANM's Customers Net Profit Margin grew to

4.43 %

18.89 %

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Year to Date Decrease / Increase
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Sanmina's Segments
 Segment    18.14 % of total Revenue
 Segment    81.86 % of total Revenue
 Segment    23.36 % of total Revenue
Industrial or defense & medical
 Segment    79.81 % of total Revenue
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  Revenue Outlook
Sanmina does not provide revenue guidance.

Earnings Outlook
Susglobal Energy Corp. does not provide earnings estimates.

Geographic Revenue Dispersion
Domestic 16.16 %
International 83.84 %


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