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 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 73
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 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 15
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On Track Innovations Ltd.
Our vision is to strengthen our global presence with innovative solutions and provide our customers with the best possible support in superior service and reliable advanced products.

OTI continually strives to discover the technology of the future and keep abreast of new developments in the fintech marketplace. At this time, we are trying to develop Bitcoin capability in the Crypto-currency marketplace and we intend to become Bitcoin acceptable in transactions via NFC, Bluetooth or QR code.

Our IP portfolio includes registered patents and patent applications worldwide. Since our incorporation in 1990, we have built an international reputation for reliability and innovation, deploying many solutions for unattended retail, mass transit, banking, medical smart card, Internet of Payment Things, or IoPT, and the petroleum management industries.

We operate a global network of regional offices, distributors and partners to support various solutions deployed across the globe.

We focus on our core business of providing innovative cashless payment solutions based, among other things, on our contactless NFC technology.

We continue to focus our efforts to further develop new and unique product solutions, including by the introduction of our new products and solutions for the unattended payment market and IoPT technology.

We were incorporated under the laws of the State of Israel on February 15, 1990, under the name of De-Bug Innovations Ltd., with unlimited duration. Our name was changed to On Track Innovations Ltd. on July 8, 1991. We are registered with the Israeli Registrar of Companies, under registration number 52-004286-2 and our Ordinary Shares are traded in the Nasdaq Capital Market, or Nasdaq, under the symbol OTIV.

OTI Readers – UNO + TRIO

We supply NFC and contactless payment reader products and solutions. Our products and solutions are approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., or UL, and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, and certified by MasterCard TQM (Terminal Quality Management). Our reliability and performance are based on more than a quarter of a century of experience with NFC and contactless solutions.

Our readers are certified by the leading card associations, including, amongst others, EMVCo, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Interac, and are compatible as well for use with various NFC mobile payments solutions such as Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ (previously known as Android Pay), Samsung Pay™, MIFARE™, FeliCa™ and others. EMVCo modular meets the requirements of different applications and platforms, and saves certification implementation and reduces the cost and time of any EMVCo project.

Below you can find a description of our principal OTI Readers:

OTI UNO Series – UNO-6, UNO-8, UNO-Plus

OTI UNO is a single interface and contactless reader packed in an ultra-compact form-factor. Uno is the ideal solution for meeting the complete range of NFC cashless payment industry requirements. The reader, which supports the major card associations’ applications as well as wallets such as Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and was designed specifically for attended and unattended retail environments. Uno’s unique form-factor and features enable easy integration and installation in unattended self-service payment stations, including Automatic Teller Machines, or ATMs, Automatic Vending Machines, or AVMs, electric vehicle charging stations ticket vending machines, toll roads, gaming machines, kiosks, access control, mass transit gates and more.

The OTI UNO range is currently available in 3 models:


UNO-8 – EMV modular + FeliCa + P2P

UNO-Plus – EMV modular + FeliCa + P2P + Display

OTI Trio

OTI TRIO is an NFC and contactless reader built specifically for the unattended machine market, such as vending machines, and provides quick and easy support for cashless payments.

OTI TRIO offers convenient three-in-one cashless payment card options: magnetic stripe (swipe), contact (chip) and contactless (tap), in one small and stylish package. With modular design for easy installation and multiple connection options, the OTI TRIO is ideal for vending, pay-at-the-pump, and unattended payment services.

The OTI TRIO is optimized to read data from a variety of sources, including NFC enabled phones, all types of credit cards, contactless key fobs and smart stickers that comply with ISO/IEC 14443 type A, B and MIFARE™.

The reader’s LCD display, LEDs and buzzer provide users with on-the-spot transaction confirmation and clear interactive feedback.


The OTI TRIO is also available in partial configurations including:

Tap + Swipe (Contactless + MagStripe)

Tap only (Contactless)

OTI Interno

The OTI Interno global original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, reader module with integrated antenna is a compact and cost-effective contactless card reader board, designed for easy integration into mass transit validators and terminals.

Designed for seamless and simple OEM integration, the OTI Interno includes a full-featured development environment, preloaded on-board payment applications (MasterCard, PayPass, Visa, PayWave, etc.) and smart or transparent mode options. Delivering price-performance, the OTI Interno supports contactless payments and loyalty programs.

Payment Gateways and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Controllers

Controllers and gateways are hardware devices that manage or direct the flow of data between two machines and are used to “control” a peripheral device (e.g., a vending machine). OTI has a range of controllers and gateways that provide secured and certified access to payment service providers which enable cashless payment acceptance, connectivity and cloud-based management for machines.

OTI TeleBox– M2M Telemetry Controller

The OTI TeleBox is a machine-to-machine, or M2M, controller designed to enable communication between machines, particularly vending machines, kiosks and meters via various optional communication methods, allowing operators to easily remotely manage and be notified about a specific machine or the entire fleet.

The OTI TeleBox serves three main functionalities:

M2M connectivity using cellular modem, Ethernet or WIFI;
Host for connected devices such as card readers, PIN pad, camera, barcode reader, etc.; and
A communication channel to the vending machine controller using the major protocols that are in use by the unattended vending, kiosk and pulse machine industries.

The OTI TeleBox supports a wide range of configurations while supporting optional hardware like backup batteries, external memory extension using SD card, mini USB connection, onboard memory and more.

OTI GoBox - Gateway, Payment and Multimedia Services Enabler for Machines

OTI GoBox is a highly modular, powerful and scalable M2M cashless payment and telemetry gateway, featuring advanced connectivity, processing power and multimedia functionality.

OTI GoBox is designed for unattended retail machine operators who require a modular and powerful M2M gateway with enough processing power to stream Full-HD media and run either Linux or Android. GoBox is one of the most versatile and easy-to-integrate M2M gateway units available today.

OTI GoBox can collect and transmit inputs from different components of the machine such as sensors, all types of serial payment acceptance devices like readers, security devices such as PIN pads, inventory events, security and anti-vandalism events, operation transaction events, and data collection devices like QR-Code scanners and more.

Payment and Management Solutions for Vending, Kiosk and Coin-op Pulse Machines

otiMetry – Vending Telemetry Solution


otiMetry is a modular and cost-effective telemetry solution for smart vending which also enables cashless payments. It is a complete system designed for the unattended vending machine market.

otiMetry incorporates telemetry, sales, operations, and marketing into an affordable all-inclusive solution that makes any vending business a smart and interactive one, with real-time online management capabilities and alerts.

OTI’s otiMetry solution is a modular telemetry system which includes:

Cashless Reader Hardware – OTI UNO or OTI Trio readers

M2M Controller/Gateway – enables connectivity and M2M communications (TeleBox/GoBox)

TMS (Terminal Management System) – a pre-integrated cloud service that is responsible for remote terminal management

Telemetry – Cloud-based software which provides all the data insights required to turn a vending operation into a smart vending business

otiMetry supports the entire business lifecycle management and includes:
Cashless payment
Online terminal and vending machine remote management
Telemetry information such as cash, stock levels, alerts, route planning, and business optimization.

otiMetry offers a modular and scalable approach supporting an easy method for adding and removing modules. Another unique feature is that the system is based on an open platform allowing integrators to add their own modules into the system.

otiKiosk – Unattended Self-Checkout Kiosk Payment Solution

otiKiosk is a cashless payment acceptance and remote management solution for kiosks and self-service environments. otiKiosk provides kiosk operators with an easy and affordable way to integrate a pre-certified EMV payment acceptance solution into their system, which includes remote management of the kiosk’s hardware and software.

otiKiosk combines the following components into an integrated solution:

Cashless Reader Hardware – OTI UNO or OTI Trio readers

otiKiosk Client – Windows-based application integrating between kiosk software, gateway, and the cashless reader to support the payment process and the payment functionality for the kiosk system integrator

otiKiosk TMS (Terminal Management System) – a pre-integrated cloud service that is responsible for remote terminal management

otiPulse – Cashless Payment Solution for Coin-Operated Pulse Machine

otiPulse is a modular and cost-effective cashless payment solution for pulse operated machines, such as:


Game & Prize Machines

Air and Vacuum machines

Lockers and restrooms

Car wash

Amusement rides

Massage chairs

otiPulse is a complete system for the unattended pulse machine market. otiPulse adds cashless payment to coin-operated machines. It turns coin-only machines into smart connected machines capable of accepting cashless payments.

otiPulse system components include:

Cashless Reader Hardware – OTI UNO or OTI Trio readers

Controller – enables connectivity and communications (TeleBox)

Control Cable – compatible with pulse machine operational activities

TMS (Terminal Management System) – a pre-integrated cloud service that is responsible for remote terminal management

otiPulse connectivity supports the entire business lifecycle management and provides real-time online management capabilities and alerts including:

Logging and reports for both cash and cashless sales

Payment terminal online management (e.g., price updates)

Elimination of unnecessary visits and service time

Optimization of field staff productivity

Decreasing machine downtime (i.e., power status alerts)

Remote configuration of system parameters (price, pulse duration, etc.)

   Company Address: Hatnufa 5 Yokneam 2069200
   Company Phone Number: 4-6868000   Stock Exchange / Ticker: OTIV

Customers Net Income fell by OTIV's Customers Net Profit Margin fell to

-31.66 %

24.23 %

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