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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 6,342
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 72
 Employees 1,800
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 625
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 75
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) 37
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 20

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc

We are a leading provider of high-performance analog semiconductor solutions that enable next-generation Internet applications, the cloud connected apps economy and the modern, networked battlefield across the radio frequency (RF), microwave, millimeterwave and lightwave spectrum. Our technology enables next-generation radars for air traffic control and weather forecasting, as well as mission success on the modern networked battlefield. We help our customers, including some of the world’s leading communications infrastructure and aerospace and defense companies, solve complex challenges in areas including network capacity, signal coverage, energy efficiency and field reliability, utilizing our best-in-class team and broad portfolio of analog RF, microwave, millimeterwave and photonic semiconductor solutions.

We design and manufacture differentiated, high-value products for customers who demand high performance, quality and reliability. We offer a broad portfolio of over 5,000 standard and custom devices, which include integrated circuits (IC), multi-chip modules (MCM), power pallets and transistors, diodes, amplifiers, switches and switch limiters, passive and active components and complete subsystems, across more than 60 product lines serving over 6,500 end customers in three primary markets. Our semiconductor products are electronic components that our customers incorporate into their larger electronic systems, such as, point-to-point wireless backhaul radios, high density networks, active antenna arrays, radar, magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRI) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our primary markets are: Networks, which includes carrier and enterprise infrastructure and Cloud Data Centers, wired broadband and cellular backhaul, cellular infrastructure, photonic solutions and fiber optic applications; Aerospace and Defense (A&D), which includes military and commercial radar, RF jammers, electronic countermeasures, and communication data links; and, Multi-market, which includes industrial, medical, test and measurement and scientific applications.

We have built upon a 60-year heritage of delivering innovative solutions dating back to the founding of Microwave Associates, Inc. We utilize our system-level knowledge and our extensive capabilities in high-frequency modeling, IC design, integration, packaging and manufacturing of semiconductors to address our customers’ needs. Our specialized engineers and technologists located across 27 global design centers collaborate with our customers during the early stage of their system development process to incorporate our standard products and identify custom products we can develop to enhance their overall system performance. We intend to continue to expand our revenue opportunities through our market-facing strategy of aligning our solutions with our customers’ needs and collaborating with them during the product definition stage of their systems toward design-in of our products. We believe this approach will allow us to sell more complete semiconductor solutions that integrate more functions and incorporate more highly-valued content into our products. We believe the combination of our market-facing strategy, targeted development projects, our engineering expertise and our fabrication capabilities enables us to identify profitable growth opportunities and rapidly develop and deliver new products and solutions.

Many of our products have long life cycles ranging from five to ten years, and some of our products have been shipping for over 20 years. We continue to develop or acquire new products and technologies to improve our ability to serve our target markets. Our growth strategy is to increase our market share, strengthen our customer relationships and capture more design wins. As we grow our portfolio and technology base, we believe our customers will select more of our components for use in their systems.
We believe our “fab-rite” manufacturing model provides us with a competitive advantage and an attractive financial model by allowing us to utilize our variable cost structure and enabling us to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. We operate semiconductor fabrication facilities at our Lowell, Massachusetts headquarters, in Ithaca, New York and in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We manufacture compound semiconductors including Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Indium Phosphide (InP), and we are currently in the process of adding Gallium Nitride (GaN) fabrication capacity as well. In the A&D market, a domestic fabrication facility may be a requirement to be a strategic supplier, and we believe our status as a “Trusted Foundry” offers us further competitive differentiation.

We also utilize external semiconductor foundries to supply us with additional capacity and lower costs, and to provide us access to additional process technologies. The ability to utilize a broad array of internal proprietary process technologies and commercially available foundry technologies allows us to select the most appropriate technology to solve our customers’ needs. We believe our fab-rite strategy provides us with dependable domestic supply, control over quality, reduced capital investment requirements, faster time to market and additional outsourced capacity when needed. In addition, the experience base cultivated through the continued operation of our internal fabrication lines provides us with the expertise to better manage our external foundry suppliers.

We serve our broad and diverse customer base through a multi-channel sales strategy utilizing our direct sales force, a global network of independent sales representatives and distributors. Our direct sales force and application engineers are focused on securing design wins by supporting industry-leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. Our external sales representatives, distributors and our e-commerce channel are focused on increasing our design wins with smaller or emerging customers early in their new product development efforts.

The growth of advanced electronic systems using analog RF, microwave, millimeterwave and lightwave semiconductor technologies has created demand for high-performance analog semiconductor components and solutions. The terms RF, microwave and millimeterwave are used to refer to electromagnetic waves in a particular frequency range produced by applying an alternating current to an antenna or conductor. A wide variety of advanced electronic systems rely on electromagnetic waves for high-speed data transmission or reception. We offer high-performance analog semiconductor products for both wireless and wireline applications across the frequency spectrum from RF to millimeterwave and beyond through photonics. We have historically reported our revenue by reference to three primary markets: Networks, A&D and Multi-market. Given the recent increase in the size of the Networks market relative to other markets, and our increasing focus on Cloud Data Center applications, beginning in our fiscal year 2018 we will begin reporting our revenue by reference to the following three primary markets: Industrial and Defense (roughly corresponding to the former A&D and Multi-market combined), Data Center and Telecom.

The market demand for high-performance analog RF, microwave, millimeterwave, and lightwave semiconductors is driven by the growth of mobile Internet devices, cloud computing and streaming video that strain existing network capacity, as well as the growth in advanced information-centric military applications. In addition, the increasing need for real-time information, sensing and imaging functions in industrial, medical, scientific and test and measurement applications is driving demand for our products.
Networks. Growth in the Networks market is driven by the proliferation of wireless and wired devices from smartphones and tablets to data centers, as well as the data rich applications and services they enable such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, video-on-demand, social media, global positioning functionality and location based services. Growth in global next-generation Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) applications drives demand for communications infrastructure equipment requiring amplifiers, filters, receivers, switches, synthesizers, transformers, upconverters and other components to expand and upgrade cellular backhaul, cellular infrastructure, wired broadband and fiber optic networks. Semiconductor products and solutions must continually deliver greater bandwidth and functionality as the demands of our customers and end users increase.
Our expertise in system-level architectures and advanced IC design capability allow us to offer Networks OEM customers highly-integrated solutions optimized for performance and cost. Our portfolio of opto-electronics products includes lasers, clock and data recovery, optical post amplifiers, laser and modulator drivers, transimpedance amplifiers, transmitter and receiver applications in 2.5/6/10/40/100/400 gigabits per second (Gbps) long haul, metro, data center links and fiber-to-the-X (FTTx) fiber optic network components that enable telecommunications carriers and data centers to cost-efficiently increase their network capacity by a factor of four to ten times over earlier generation solutions. We match our opto-electronic components to various lasers enabling our customers to buy more complete solutions for their opto-electronic systems. For optical communications applications, we utilize a proprietary combination of GaAs, InP, and Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technologies to obtain advantages in performance and size. For wired broadband applications, we offer OEM customers the opportunity to streamline their supply chain through our broad catalog of active components such as active splitters, amplifiers, multi-function ICs and switches, as well as passive components such as transformers, diplexers, filters, power dividers, and combiners.
Aerospace & Defense. In the A&D market, military applications require advanced electronic systems, such as radar warning receivers, communications data links and tactical radios, UAVs, RF jammers, electronic countermeasures, and smart munitions. Military applications are becoming more sophisticated, favoring higher performance semiconductor ICs based on GaAs and GaN technologies due to their high power density, improved power efficiency, and broadband capability. Radar systems for mapping and targeting missions are undergoing a major transition from existing mechanically-scanned radar products to a next-generation of active electronically-scanned array (AESA) based products. Consisting of hundreds or thousands of transmit/receive modules commonly based on GaAs and GaN technologies, AESAs deliver greater speed, range, resolution and reliability over mechanically-scanned radar products that utilize a single transmitter and receiver with mechanical steering. Military communications employing wireless infrastructure and tactical radios in the field remain critical for allowing geographically dispersed operators to exchange information quickly and efficiently. UAVs and their underlying semiconductor content require innovative designs to meet rigorous specifications for high performance, small size and low power consumption.
We believe our in-depth knowledge of critical radar system requirements, integration expertise and track record of reliability make us a valued resource for our A&D customers faced with demanding application parameters. Further, we have been accredited by the United States Department of Defense with “Trusted Foundry” status, a designation conferred on microelectronics vendors exhibiting the highest levels of process integrity and protection, which we believe differentiates us as a trusted manufacturer of ICs for U.S. military and aerospace applications. For radar applications, we offer standard and custom power transistor pallets, discrete components, switch limiters, phase shifters and integrated modules for transmit and receive functions in air traffic control, marine, weather, and military radar applications. For military communications data link and tactical radio applications, we offer a family of active, passive and discrete products, such as Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), control components, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), transformers, power transistors and pallets, and diodes. In some cases, we design parts specifically for these applications, while in others, our reputation for quality and our broad catalog allows these demanding customers to reduce the cost of their high-performance systems by designing in standard dual-use or commercial off-the-shelf parts that we have developed for other applications. We believe manufacturing many of these products in our Lowell, Massachusetts Trusted Foundry offers us a competitive advantage in the A&D market because of certain A&D customers’ requirements for a domestic supply chain.

Multi-market. Multi-market encompasses industrial, medical, test and measurement and scientific applications, where analog RF, microwave and millimeterwave semiconductor solutions are gaining prevalence. In addition, evolving medical technology has increased the need for high-performance MMICs and other semiconductor solutions in medical imaging and patient monitoring to provide enhanced analysis and functionality.

In the medical industry, our custom designed non-magnetic diode product line is a critical component for certain MRI applications. For sensing and test and measurement applications, we believe our patented Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (HMIC) process is ideal for high-performance, integrated bias networks and switches. Our catalog of general purpose GaAs ICs includes low noise amplifiers, switches and power amplifiers that address a wide range of applications such as industrial automation systems to test and measurement equipment.

To address our target markets, we offer a broad range of standard and custom ICs, modules and complete subsystems across approximately 60 product lines. Our product catalog currently consists of more than 5,000 products including the following key product platforms: power pallets and transistors, ICs, diodes, switches and switch limiters, passive and active components, MCMs, and complete subsystems. Many of our product platforms are leveraged across multiple markets and applications. For example, our application expertise with regard to power transistor technology is leveraged across both scientific laboratory equipment applications and commercial and defense radar system applications. Our diode technology is used in switch filter banks of military tactical radios as well as medical imaging MRI systems. The table below presents the major product families and major applications in our primary target markets.

   Company Address: 100 Chelmsford Street Lowell 1851 MA
   Company Phone Number: 656-2500   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ MTSI

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Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc Faces Serious Revenue Deterioration in First Quarter of 2024

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc (MTSI) recently reported its financial results for the time-frame ending December 29, 2023. The results signaled a decline in both top and bottom-line figures, with a significant drop in net profit per share and revenue. This article will delve into the implications of these financial results and discuss how they might impact the company moving forward.
1. Disappointing Revenue and Net Profit Decline:
MTSI's revenue decreased by 12.746% year on year, reaching $157.15 million compared to $180.10 million in the previous year. Correspondingly, the net profit per share plummeted by 58.54%, moving from $0.41 to $0.17. These figures indicate a gradual decline in the company's financial performance, which calls for close attention from stakeholders and investors.

Management Changes

MACOM Appoints Raj Shanmugaraj as Independent Director; Financial Performance Reflects Potential for Growth

Published Thu, Jan 4 2024 9:05 PM UTC

MACOM's decision to appoint Mr. Shanmugaraj is a strategic move aimed at strengthening and diversifying its Board. He will actively contribute to the Compensation and Nominating and Governance Committees, leveraging his expertise to enhance the company's operations and overall governance.
The addition of Mr. Shanmugaraj to MACOM's Board of Directors comes at a time ...

Merger and Acquisition

MACOM Completes Acquisition of Wolfspeed's RF Business: Reinforcing Leadership in the Semiconductor Industry

Published Mon, Dec 4 2023 2:00 PM UTC

MACOM Strengthens Semiconductor Portfolio with Acquisition of Wolfspeed's RF Business
LOWELL, Mass. - In a major development in the semiconductor industry, MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTSI) recently announced the completion of its acquisition of the radio frequency business (RF Business) of Wolfspeed, Inc. The deal, officially closed on December 2,...

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc. Records Alarming -15.588% Drop in Fourth Quarter 2023 Revenue

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc, a semiconductor company, recently released its financial results for the fiscal interval ending September 29, 2023. The report indicates a significant decline in income, accompanied by a surge in earnings per share. Additionally, the company's revenue has seen a substantial decline, and there are concerns over the decreasing operating and net margins. This article will outline the key financial facts and interpret the implications of these results.
Financial Facts:
1. Income: Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc's income fell sharply by -89.91% to $0.34 per share compared to $3.36 per share in the previous year.
2. Earnings per Share: Despite the decrease in income, earnings per share soared by 99.27% to $0.17 from the previous reporting period.
3. Revenue: The company's revenue declined significantly by -15.588% to $150.38 million compared to $178.14 million in the same period the previous year. However, sequentially, revenue increased by 1.248% from $148.52 million.
4. Net Earnings: Net earnings for the fiscal interval ending September 29, 2023, amounted to $24.450 million, demonstrating a substantial decline of -89.78% from $239.336 million in the corresponding period a year before.
5. Profitability: The operating margin mitigated to 10.38%, while the net margin shrank to 16.26%.
6. Inventories: Due to the business's seasonal nature, inventories have declined to $136.3 million from the previous quarter, although this marks an increase compared to the same period a year ago.
7. Operating Earnings: Operating earnings fell by -57.85% to $15.607 million, leading to a decrease in the operating margin to 10.38%, down from 20.79% in the fourth quarter of 2022.
8. Accounts Receivable: The level of accounts receivable declined to $91.3 million, causing some analysts to associate it with slowing demand.
9. Fiscal 12 Months 2023: Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc declared revenue of $648.41 million and earnings of $91.58 million. Earnings per share dropped by -79.29% to $1.28 from $6.18 in the previous fiscal 12 months, and revenue decreased by -3.96% from $675.17 million a year prior.

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc

Macom Technology Solutions Battles Major Revenue and Profit Dips in Q3 2023, Experiences 13.78% Contraction

Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc, a prominent technology company, recently released its financial results for the third quarter of 2023. These results indicate a worrying decline in income, profit, revenue, and overall profitability. Analyzing the impact of these figures, it becomes crucial to ponder how these developments will affect the company going forward.
Dive in Income and Profit:
During the third quarter of 2023, Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc witnessed a significant drop in income per share, declining by 62.22% to $0.17 from $0.45 compared to the previous year. Similarly, profit plummeted by 52.78%, from $0.36 per share in the prior reporting season. These staggering decreases raise concerns about the company's ability to maintain its financial performance and meet investor expectations.


Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc's Segments
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