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Price: $7.2000 $-0.07 -0.963%
Day's High: $7.385 Week Perf: 1.69 %
Day's Low: $ 7.03 30 Day Perf: -18 %
Volume (M): 2,560 52 Wk High: $ 25.87
Volume (M$): $ 18,434 52 Wk Avg: $15.92
Open: $7.24 52 Wk Low: $6.77

 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 969
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 135
 Employees 976
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 521
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) -132
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) -198
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 33

Fastly Inc
Online developers are reimagining how we live, work, and play. However, when it comes to delivering modern digital experiences, they frequently run into innovation roadblocks. Digital experiences must be fast, secure, and highly personalized; expectations are at an all-time high. End users simply take their business elsewhere if they are untrustworthy. Todays challenge is to enable developers to provide a modern digital experience while also providing scale, security, and performance. To address this issue, we created our edge cloud platform.
The edge cloud is an emerging category of Infrastructure as a Service ("IaaS") that enables developers to build, secure, and deliver digital experiences, at the edge of the internet. This service represents the convergence of the Content Delivery Network ("CDN") with functionality that has been traditionally delivered by hardware-centric appliances such as Application Delivery Controllers ("ADC"), Web Application Firewalls ("WAF"), Bot Detection, Distributed Denial of Service ("DDoS") and observability solutions. It also includes the emergence of a new, but growing, edge computing market which aims to move compute power and logic as close to the end-user as possible. The edge cloud uses the emerging cloud computing, serverless paradigm in which the cloud provider runs the server and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources while offering flexibility and control to developers. When milliseconds matter, processing at the edge is an ideal way to handle highly dynamic and time-sensitive data. This has led to its acceptance and adoption by organizations who monetize or grow their user base with every millisecond saved. Organizations that want their websites to load faster for every user can benefit from processing at the edge. The edge cloud complements data center, central cloud, and hybrid solutions.
Our mission is to fuel the next modern digital experience by providing developers with a programmable and reliable edge cloud platform that they adopt as their own.
Organizations must keep up with complex and ever-evolving end-user requirements. We help them surpass their end-users' expectations by powering fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences. We built a powerful edge cloud platform, designed from the ground up to be programmable and support agile software development. We believe our platform gives our customers a significant competitive advantage, whether they were born into the digital age or are just embarking on their digital transformation journey. Our platform consists of four key components: a programmable edge, a software-defined modern network, safety in depth, and a philosophy of customer empowerment. Our programmable edge provides developers with real-time visibility and granular control, where they can write and deploy code in a serverless environment and to push application logic to the edge. It provides tooling and templates to deploy some of the most commonly used workflows and leverages modern application delivery processes, thus freeing developers to innovate without constraints. Our software-defined modern network is built for the software-defined future. It is powerful, efficient, and flexible, designed to enable us to rapidly scale to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and never be a barrier to their growth. Our 184 terabit software-centric network is located across 71 markets as of December 31, 2021.We define markets as unique metropolitan areas where we have one or more Points of Presence ("POPs"). Our safety in depth approach integrates security into multiple layers of development: architecture, engineering, and operations. Thats why we invest in building security into the fabric of our platform, alongside performance. We provide developers and security operations teams with a fast, safe environment to create, build, and run modern applications.
Our platform provides developers and security operations teams with solutions that foster innovation without impacting performance. Finally, being developers ourselves, we empower customers to build great things while supporting their efforts through frictionless tools and a deeply technical support team that facilitates ongoing collaboration.
We serve both established enterprises, mid-market companies and technology-savvy organizations. Our customers represent a diverse set of organizations across many industries with one thing in common: they are competing by using the power of software to build differentiation at the edge. With our edge cloud platform, our customers are disrupting existing industries and creating new ones. For example, several of our customers have reinvented digital publishing by connecting readers through subscription models to indispensable content, helping people understand the world through deeply reported independent journalism. Our customers' software applications use our edge cloud platform to deliver consistently excellent online shopping experiences, fast and more secure financial transactions, and broadcast quality live streaming on any device. The range of applications that developers build with our edge cloud platform continues to expand rapidly.
Our edge cloud is a globally distributed, programmable platform designed for highly performant and secure web and application delivery. Our platform supports modern software development processes and empowers developers to innovate without constraints, as they lead the charge for their organizations' digital transformation. We operate a single, software-centric network. Our POPs reside between a customer's end-users and computing and data storage solutions, whether on-premise, in the cloud or a mixture of both. Our position on the network allows us to move functionality closer to end-users at the network edge for faster, more secure experiences. This includes edge compute, edge delivery, edge security, edge applications like load balancing and image optimization, video on demand, and managed edge delivery. All of our products are designed by developers for developers.
Edge Compute
We enable developers to write their own custom logic and entire applications to solve complex business problems at the network edge.

Compute@Edge. This next generation serverless offering is intended to provide developers with a powerful new language-agnostic compute environment. Like all our offerings, Compute@Edge is built to be secure, performant and scalable; it offers 100x faster startup times than other solutions on the market.
Fastly Developer Hub. This is a central place for developers to easily access all the tools they need to build fast, scalable and secure modern applications on our edge cloud platform. The Developer Hub includes:
Solution Library patterns and recipes: Ready-to-deploy code snippets and deployment instructions to teach developers how to do basically anything on Fastly, with everything they need to implement in their own configurations;
API and language references and change logs: Robust reference documentation and release notes provide complete access to all of the features available through the Fastly web interface and VCL; and
Fastly Fiddle: A testing sandbox to experiment with Fastly configurations and debug custom code without impacting developers' production services. Many of the initial use cases we saw in our Compute@Edge offering were originally built in our Varnish-based development environment. We also offer a number of reusable modules based on commonly deployed Varnish custom code, including:
Device Detection and Geolocation. Gives developers the ability to rapidly adjust the content served to end-users based on location, device type, and language detection;
Edge Dictionaries. Empower developers to make real-time decisions from every server in our network. Edge dictionaries act as a distributed database at the edge, made up of key-value pairs. For example, Edge Dictionaries allow customers to redirect end-users to a specific country site or update large referrer spam blacklists in real time;
Edge Access Control Lists ("ACLs"). Help mitigate evolving threats from attackers by letting developers make changes at scale. ACLs block bad internet protocol ("IP") addresses from visiting customer sites, and for added security, they can create their own allow-lists; and
Edge authentication. Developers can add custom Varnish-based code to their app to generate tokens and authenticate users at the edge, avoiding the extra cost and latency associated with going back to origin to verify a user's identity. Edge Delivery
Our edge delivery offerings include full site delivery and streaming for high value media. Full Site Delivery
Dynamic Site Acceleration. Speeds up requests and responses between cache nodes in our POPs and customers' origin servers, so their dynamic web and mobile content is served faster.
Origin Shield. Allows us to designate a specific POP to serve as a shield for a customer's origin servers. When web content is refreshed, and multiple end-users request the new content simultaneously, it can lead to a deluge of requests hitting a customer's origin server. This can result in poor web or application performance. With Origin Shield, we collapse all these content requests into a single request and hold it in queue at the Origin Shield POP. That allows us to go back to the customer's origin server only once to retrieve the new content, then serve it to all end-users who requested it. This approach reduces costs for our customers, while improving performance for their end-users.
Instant Purge. Lets customers clear the cached copy of their content globally in an average of 150 milliseconds or less. We allow customers to send a command to our platform that invalidates an old version of their content throughout our global edge infrastructure. This causes a new version of content to be retrieved from the application server the next time it is requested. This feature enables our customers to serve highly dynamic content at the edge more quickly and allows for delightful application experiences. Rapidly changing content like shopping cart items, flight search results, sports scores, or current weather conditions in any given location can all be served faster from the network edge.
Surrogate Keys. Allow customers to fine-tune purging by tagging related objects across their site with a key name and description, then purging by that key. They can purge their entire site of a given object or set of objects at once, without impacting performance. For example, they could purge any images and content related to discontinued sale items, discounted products, or outdated news across their site all in one go.
Real-time Logging and Stats. Provide metrics and full visibility into end-user requests in real time from the network edge. Log traffic is encrypted using Transport Layer Security ("TLS") and logs can be streamed to most major logging endpoint solutions.
Cloud Optimizer. Cloud Optimizer targets eCommerce and high tech organizations who commonly work with multi-cloud or multi-CDN architectures. Cloud Optimizer sits between a customer's CDNs and cloud providers, delivering intelligent routing capabilities without the need to rearchitect their infrastructure. Like Origin Shield, it also features request collapsing, to reduce origin traffic and costs and empowers customers with greater visibility and control over their network traffic.
Programmatic Control. Fastly provides direct programmatic control of edge delivery services to our customers via the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), allowing them to precisely control what content is cached, for how long and when it should be refreshed. Combined with comprehensive APIs, VCL allows our customers to build, test and deploy custom logic, using their own development, test and deployment environment, for even the most complex digital experience.
Edge databases. As described for our Edge Compute offerings, Full Site Delivery customers also have access to powerful Edge Dictionaries and Access Control Lists to enable secure and personalized digital experiences that are faster when implemented at the edge, closer to end users.
Content compression. Compressing content with technologies like Gzip and Brotli provides direct performance improvements and a more responsive web experience for end users.
Reliability. Full Site Delivery services leverage a number of features and technologies that help ensure a customer's content is highly available including origin health checks, a 'grace mode' feature that will continue serving content even when customer origin(s) fail, Multipath TCP, and real time error dashboards and API feeds that are backed by a 100% uptime Availability SLA.

Modern protocols and performance. Fastly helps invent, standardize and deploys numerous next generation web technologies and protocols such as HTTP/3, QUIC, client hints and HTTP prioritization which ensure our customers, and the Internet in general, receive the best possible performance regardless user device, connectivity or location. Streaming
Live Streaming. Our platform is designed to concurrently deliver millions of near real-time, high-quality live streams to our customers' viewers. Our edge cloud supports the delivery of all major HTTP video streaming formats, and we partner with multiple online video platform vendors to improve the flexibility and scale of live streaming workflows, while also reducing total cost of ownership;
Media Shield. Large streaming customers often route traffic across multiple CDNs for redundancy. Our Media Shield solution supports these efforts, while reducing total cost of ownership and improving visibility and performance. It does so by collapsing requests for the same video streaming content across all CDNs into one single request to the customer's origin server. This reduces requests to origin and allows us to serve streaming content faster; and
Origin Connect. Ideal for companies moving more than one gigabyte of data per second, such as media, video, and streaming companies, Origin Connect provides a direct private network connection between an organization's origin server and an Origin Shield POP. It is an effective way to lower transit costs, reduce engineering complexity, and improve reliability for high-volume streaming content. Edge Security
DDoS Protection. Our high-bandwidth, globally distributed network is built to absorb DDoS attacks without impacting performance. Customers can respond to attacks in real time, filtering malicious requests at the network edge, before they reach their origin.
Edge WAF. Our Fastly edge WAF is designed to protect applications from malicious attacks that would otherwise compromise web servers. It is integrated into our edge cloud platform, minimizing the impact on performance, since we only inspect requests going to a customer's origin. Customers get real-time access to security events and notifications from the edge and can make instant changes to their WAF rules via our API.
TLS. As part of our standard product, our platform terminates HTTPS connections at our network edge, offloading encrypted traffic from customer's web servers for better performance. We provide a number of different certificate procurement and hosting options.
Platform TLS. Our Platform TLS offering is designed to allow customers with multiple web properties to manage TLS certificates at scale, while enabling a fast, secure experience for their end-users. It supports delivery and management of hundreds of thousands of certificates, supported by our worldwide TLS termination and acceleration solution.
Compliance. We speed up the caching and delivery of sensitive content at the edge, helping customers meet data compliance and privacy regulations such as HIPAA, the European Unions General Data Protection Regulation ("EU GDPR") and the United Kingdom's GDPR ('U.K. GDPR'), in addition to industry standards such as PCI Data Security Standard and SOC. Our Assurance Services offering includes support for additional documentation and audit procedures for customers with these needs.

   Company Address: 475 Brannan Street, Suite 300 San Francisco 94107 CA
   Company Phone Number: 432-7859   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NYSE FSLY

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Fastly Faces Multiple Class Action Lawsuits Over Alleged Violations of Federal Securities Laws

Published Wed, Jun 5 2024 3:06 PM UTC

Fastly, Inc. (Fastly) is currently facing several class action lawsuits filed by notable law firms Pomerantz LLP and Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. These lawsuits allege that the company and certain executives violated federal securities laws, causing losses to shareholders who purchased or acquired Fastly securities between February 15, 2024 and May 1, 2024.The first class act...


Rosen Law Firm Urges Fastly, Inc. Investors to Seek Legal Counsel Before Critical Deadl...

Published Thu, May 30 2024 6:13 PM UTC

NEW YORK, May 30, 2024 - Rosen Law Firm, a renowned global investor rights law firm, has recently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of purchasers of Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY) securities between February 15, 2024, and May 1, 2024, covering the entire Class Period. With a class action lawsuit already in motion, potential lead plaintiffs must take action and move the Court...



Published Wed, May 29 2024 1:00 AM UTC

'Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Fastly, Inc. Amid Revenue Growth in 2024 Despite Competitors' Contraction'In a recent turn of events, Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY), the global edge cloud platform provider, finds itself at the center of a legal whirlwind while simultaneously exhibiting commendable revenue growth amidst a turbulent market climate. Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C., ...


Fastly Faces Legal Turbulence Amidst Corporate Growth and Financial Flux

Published Tue, May 28 2024 2:30 PM UTC

''Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY), a significant player in the cloud computing and edge cloud platform service industry, finds itself amidst turbulent waters. The company is currently being implicated in a class action lawsuit that could have substantial repercussions on its financial health and investor confidence. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the No...

Fastly Inc

Fastly Inc Surpasses Expectations with 13.329% Revenue Increase in Latest Fiscal Period

As a financial analyst covering the technology sector for the CSIMarket.com, I closely followed Fastly Inc's recent financial results and subsequent stock performance.
Fastly Inc reported a 13.329% increase in revenue from the same period a year prior, reaching $133.23 million in the most recent quarter. Despite this positive top-line growth, the company still experienced a loss of $-0.32 per share. However, it is worth noting that Fastly outperformed its industry peers in terms of revenue growth, as the Software & Programming industry as a whole only saw a 12.25% improvement during the same time period.
Looking back at the preceding reporting period, Fastly Inc's revenue actually decreased by -3.346% compared to the previous quarter, and the company's per share loss increased from $-0.17 to $-0.32. Despite this, Fastly managed to reduce its net shortfall from $-44.687 million to $-43.427 million year-over-year.


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