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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 592
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 15
 Employees 230
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 181
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) -3
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) -121
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 8

Clearfield Inc

Clearfield, Inc. manufactures, markets and sells an end-to-end fiber management and enclosure platform that consolidates, distributes and protects fiber as it moves from the inside plant to the outside plant and all the way to the home, business and cell site. The Company has extended this product line with a fiber delivery platform of optical cable, connectors and microduct that delivers fiber to environments previously not economically or environmentally viable. The Company has successfully established itself as a value-added supplier to its target market of broadband service providers, including incumbent local exchange carriers (Traditional Carriers, within the Tier 2 and Tier 3 broadband markets), large national and global telecom providers (Tier 1), wireless operators, MSO/cable TV companies, utility/municipality, enterprise, data center and military markets, while also serving the broadband needs of the competitive local exchange carriers (Alternative Carriers). The Company also provides contract manufacturing services for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requiring copper and fiber cable assemblies built to their specifications. Clearfield has continued to expand its product offerings and broaden its customer base during its years of operation.

By aligning its in-house engineering and technical knowledge alongside its customers’ needs, the Company has been able to develop, customize and enhance products from design through production. Substantially all of the final build and assembly is completed at Clearfield’s plants in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and Mexico, with manufacturing support from a network of domestic and global manufacturing partners. Clearfield specializes in producing these products on both a quick-turn and scheduled delivery basis. The Company deploys a hybrid sales model with some sales made directly to the customer, some made through two-tier distribution partners and some sales through original equipment suppliers who private label its products.

Clearview Cassette

The Clearview™ Cassette, a patented technology, is the main building block of the Company’s product platform. The value of the building block approach is that Clearfield is the only company to provide the needs of every leg of the telecommunications network with a single building block architecture, reducing the customers’ cost of deployment by reducing labor costs associated with training and reducing inventory carrying costs.

Clearview Classic and Clearview Blue: Clearview Classic and Clearview Blue, is a system of five parts that nest together in the cassette’s main housing to support a wide range of applications. Parts can be added or removed as needed to support the environment in which it is deployed. Clearview Blue, while fully compatible with Clearview Classic, is designed for the utmost in modularity and scalability. It builds upon the Clearview Classic by offering a smaller footprint and integrated slack storage and splicing functionality.

Clearview xPAK: Engineered to land small port count fiber terminations and optical components, the patented xPAK is shipped flat and unassembled. Following simple pictorial user instructions, a technician will assemble the device to match the field requirements of the installation site. Application environments include cell back-haul, business class service delivery, node segmentation, fiber exhaust scenarios, utility sub-stations or fiber-to-the-desk deployment.

Clearview Black: Designed to handle harsh environments, Clearview Black incorporates the same flexibility and scalability of both the Clearview Classic and Clearview Blue in a 50% smaller footprint. All types of fiber cable construction can be integrated within the cassette to support all patch only, patch and splice (in-cassette), passive optical component hardware and multi-fiber push on plug-and-play scenarios.

Connectivity and Optical Components

The Clearview system consolidates, distributes and protects fibers as they move from the inside plant to the home and business. These fibers are either connectorized directly for cable-to-cable deployment or are connectorized onto optical components that may amplify or divide the signals they carry. We provide products that meet a customer’s cable-to-cable deployment or optical component needs.

Cable-to-Cable Deployment: Fiber Deep is a class of fiber assemblies that guarantees performance at .02dB insertion loss – fully half that of the industry standard. This metric extends the link loss budget effectively, extending the distance upon which fiber can be deployed. In addition, achieving 2dB improvement in optical budget reduces power consumption by 10%. The power savings, multiplied by even a small thousand home network, is a significant contribution to a community’s sustainability efforts.

Optical Components: Clearfield packages optical components for signal coupling, splitting, termination, multiplexing, demultiplexing and attenuation for a seamless integration within its fiber management platform. This value-added packaging allows the customer to source from a single supplier and reduces space requirements. The products are built and tested to meet the strictest industry standards ensuring customers trouble-free performance in extreme outside plant environments.


Utilizing the Clearview Cassette and xPAK as building blocks, FieldSmart is a series of panels, cabinets, wall boxes and other enclosures that house the Clearview components to provide a consistent design from the inside plant of the telco’s “central office” or cable television’s “head-end”, all the way through the outside plant to the access network and through to the home. At each leg of the network, the FieldSmart platform delivers a modular and scalable architecture that allows the service provider to align their capital equipment expenditures alongside their subscriber revenues.

Inside Plant: The FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Distribution System (“FxDS”) and high density FieldSmart FxHD provides complete fiber management modularity and scalability across the fiber network. Using the Clearview building block approach, each fiber management element provides modularity of physical fiber protection in the environment in which it is placed. Easily configured for initial placement and scaling from 12-ports to a full rack of 1,728-ports, the FieldSmart FxDS requires only four unique blocks to configure initial deployment. The user then places what is needed on the frame as subscriber take rates dictate. The FxHD is an integrated fiber management solution delivered via the Clearview Blue Cassette. With instant access to all cassettes, adapters, and jumpers, the frame is designed as a front access frame, meaning all installation is done from one side of the frame providing the option to reclaim the aisle space required for frame solutions that require rear access – and to use that space for other equipment or more frames. The FxHD can be placed against a wall, within a cage in data center co-location environments, or back to back.

Outside Plant: The FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (“FSC”) is a modular and scalable outside plant cabinet that allows rollout of Fiber-to-the-Premise services by communication service providers without a large initial expense. Each outside plant cabinet stores feeder and distribution splices, splitters, connectors and slack cable neatly and compactly, utilizing field-proven designs to maximize bend radius protection, connector access, ease of cable routing and physical protection, thereby minimizing the risk of fiber damage. The FieldSmart Makwa incorporates all of the features found in our above ground cabinets and adds the ability to deploy the FieldSmart FSC Distribution Hub in a below grade application. The FSC product, with the Clearview cassette at its heart, has been designed to scale with the application environment as demand requires and to reduce service turn-up time for the end-user.

Access Network: FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (“FDP”) is a series of enclosure systems that incorporates the delivery of fiber connectivity to the neighborhood or business district in the most cost-effective footprint possible. This family of wall-mount enclosures provides 12 to 144 ports of connectivity for multi-dwelling unit fiber deployments, fiber demarcation, security systems (CCTV), telecommunications room needs and horizontal/intermediate cross-connects.

Access Network: FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (“SCD”) is a series of enclosure systems that are packaged to make landing small count fiber more cost-effective and efficient than previously thought possible. This family of wall-mount enclosures, panels and drop cable cases provide up to 12 ports of connectivity when fiber management is critical but high-count density is required. The FieldSmart SCD is targeted for application environments such as cell backhaul, business class service delivery, node segmentation, fiber exhaust in a field pedestal, sub-station turn-up or fiber-to-the-desk deployment.


FieldShield is both a patented and patent-pending fiber pathway and protection method aimed at reducing the cost of broadband deployment. FieldShield takes industry standard glass and makes it easier and less expensive to install. FieldShield starts with a ruggedized microduct designed to support all aerial, direct bury, and inside plant “last mile” needs. Created from the most rugged HDPE polymers, FieldShield Microduct is strong enough to be placed using traditional methods of boring and plowing, leveraging existing conduit placement equipment, as well as newer, less disruptive technologies such as micro trenching or saw cutting.

FieldShield Pushable Fiber easily slips through the microducts smooth inner wall. Utilizing bend-insensitive glass, FieldShield Pushable Fiber is available in a variety of fiber counts, with bulk reels or factory terminated options offering total installation flexibility. A factory pre-connectorized FieldShield Pushable Connector eliminates costly labor in the field and presents reliable, consistent and guaranteed performance along with lower installation costs. After being pushed into the microduct, the slip-resistant protective housing of the FieldShield Pushable connector is removed and the connector snaps together - all in seconds, providing a cost-effective, tech-friendly means of installing optical fiber without jeopardizing fiber protection.

The FieldShield YOURx platform consists of hardened terminals, test access points, and multiple drop cable options designed for the most challenging portion of the access network across all fiber drop cable media. FieldShield FLEXdrop, FieldShield Flat Drop, and FieldShield Strong Fiber, through the use of the FieldShield Flexport and Flex Connector, provide same port connectivity regardless of the media being deployed.

The hardened FieldShield YOURx terminal provides a single product use approach at the drop for below grade, pedestal and pole mount options. The FieldShield YOURx-TAP provides a secure demarcation between the service provider and customer equipment and eliminates slack storage problems by utilizing a deploy reel. The pathways between these hardened closures are all interfaced using same port connectivity for both duct and flat drop cable. The YOURx platform continues the Company theme of using a modular, building block approach with tool-less system design focusing on the fiber drop to the customer.


CraftSmart is a full line of optical protection field enclosures, extending Clearfield presence in the fiber industry. The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Pedestals (“FPP”) and CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vaults (“FPV”) are integrated solutions, optimized to house FieldSmart products at the last mile access point of the network in above-grade or below-grade installations.

CraftSmart aims to optimize fiber protection and storage while ensuring industry standards. Utilizing methods of sealing and below-grade protection, along with Clearfield innovation, CraftSmart is a turn-key solution for the deployment of passive optics from the central office/head-end to the customer premise.

Cable Assemblies

Clearfield manufactures high quality fiber and copper assemblies with an industry-standard or customer-specified configuration. Industry-standard assemblies built include but are not limited to: single mode fiber, multimode fiber, multi-fiber, CATV node assembly, DS1 Telco, DS 3 (734/735) coax, Category 5e and 6, SCSI, Token Ring, and V.35. In addition, Clearfield’s engineering services team works alongside the engineering design departments of our original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) customers to design and manufacture custom solutions for both in-the-box as well as network connectivity assemblies specific to that customer’s product line.

   Company Address: 7050 Winnetka Avenue North Brooklyn Park 55428 MN
   Company Phone Number: 476-6866   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ CLFD

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Clearfield Launches Groundbreaking 3D Interactive Fiber Installation Tool to Uphold Broadband Installations

Published Tue, Mar 5 2024 2:00 PM UTC

Clearfield Inc. (NASDAQ:CLFD), renowned for its leadership in community broadband fiber connectivity, has introduced an innovative 3D interactive fiber installation tool, a first in the industry. This ground-breaking product is now available to installers via the user-friendly BILT mobile app, providing them with seamless assistance to optimize the installation process, all ...

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Clearfield FiberFlex 600: Empowering Rural Connectivity Expansion with its Small Footprint

Published Thu, Feb 29 2024 2:00 PM UTC

Clearfield Inc., a leading provider of community broadband fiber connectivity solutions, has unveiled its latest innovative offering, the FieldSmart FiberFlex 600. This compact and versatile active cabinet option is specifically designed to support various applications such as remote OLTs with PON distribution, wireless base stations with fiber backhaul aggregation, and acti...

Clearfield Inc

Revised headline: Clearfield Inc Takes Proactive Measures to Combat First Quarter Deficit in 2024 Earnings Season

Clearfield Inc, a leader in fiber connectivity, has recently announced its results for the fiscal first quarter of 2024. While the company experienced some challenges during this period, there are positive indications that they are taking proactive measures to streamline their supply chain and improve their costs and revenue.
During the first quarter of 2024, Clearfield Inc reported a loss of $-0.35 per share, which is a significant decrease compared to the $1.00 per share earnings from the previous year. Additionally, the company saw a decline in EPS from $0.16 per share in the prior reporting period. These numbers may cause concern for investors, as there was a sharp drop in revenue by -60.791% to $33.70 million from $85.94 million in the similar reporting period a year prior. Sequentially, revenue tumbled by -31.571% from $49.24 million.

Product Service News

Clearfield Inc Revolutionizes Supply Chain with Innovative CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vault, Boosts Costs and Revenue in Q3

Published Mon, Jan 22 2024 2:00 PM UTC

Clearfield Streamlines its Supply Chain with CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vault for Underground Deployments, Seeing Improvement in Costs and Revenue in Q3Clearfield Inc, a leader in community broadband fiber connectivity, has announced the availability of the CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vault, a groundbreaking design that revolutionizes the supply chain and offers a notable 3...

Clearfield Inc

Clearfield Inc Experiences Severe Financial Decline: Income, Profit, and Revenue Plummet in Q3 of 2023

Minneapolis, - Clearfield Inc (NASDAQ: CLFD), a leading provider of community broadband fiber connectivity solutions, finds itself grappling with a significant decline in financial performance, as evident from its latest earnings report for the financial time-frame ending September 30, 2023. The company reported a sharp drop in income, profit, and revenue on a year-over-year basis, highlighting the challenges it faces in the current market landscape.
According to the report, Clearfield Inc's income plummeted by -86.7% to $0.16 per share, a significant decrease from $1.22 per share reported a year ago. Moreover, profit margins also took a hit, falling by -50.8% from $0.33 per share in the preceding reporting season. The decline was exacerbated by a -48.18% drop in revenue to $49.24 million from $95.03 million during the same reporting season last year. Sequentially, the revenue also fell by -19.646% from $61.28 million.


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