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Business Description

OSI Systems, Inc., together with our subsidiaries, is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems and components for critical applications. We sell our products and provide related services in diversified markets, including homeland security, healthcare, defense and aerospace. Our company was originally incorporated in 1987 in California. In March 2010, we reincorporated our company in the State of Delaware. Our principal office is located at 12525 Chadron Avenue, Hawthorne, California 90250.

We have three operating divisions: (a) Security, providing security and inspection systems, turnkey security screening solutions and related services; (b) Healthcare, providing patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and anesthesia delivery and ventilation systems; and (c) Optoelectronics and Manufacturing, providing specialized electronic components and electronic manufacturing services for the Security and Healthcare divisions, as well as to external original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") customers and end users for applications in the defense, aerospace, medical and industrial markets, among others.

Through our Security division, we provide security screening products and services globally under the "Rapiscan® Systems" and "AS&E®" trade names. Our Security products fall into the following categories: baggage and parcel inspection; cargo and vehicle inspection; hold (checked) baggage screening; people screening; radiation detection; and explosive and narcotics trace detection. In addition to these products, we provide site design, installation, training and technical support services to our customers. We also provide under the "S2®" trade name turnkey security screening solutions, which can include the construction, staffing and long-term operation of security screening checkpoints, including ports and borders, for our customers.

Through our Healthcare division, we design, manufacture, market and service patient monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, and anesthesia delivery and ventilation systems globally to end users and provide related supplies and accessories under the "Spacelabs®" trade name. These products are used by care providers in critical care, emergency and perioperative areas within hospitals as well as physicians offices, medical clinics and ambulatory surgery centers.

Through our Optoelectronics and Manufacturing division, we design, manufacture and market optoelectronic devices and flex circuits and provide electronics manufacturing services globally for use in a broad range of applications, including defense and aerospace, X-ray security inspection systems and medical imaging, chemistry analysis and diagnostics instruments, telecommunications, scanners and industrial automations, automotive diagnostic systems, IoT and wearable consumer products. We sell our optoelectronic devices primarily under "OSI Optoelectronics," "OSI LaserDiode," and "OSI Laserscan" trade names and perform our electronics manufacturing services primarily under the "OSI Electronics," "APlus Products," "Altaflex," and "PFC" trade names. We provide our optoelectronic devices and electronics manufacturing services to OEM customers and end users, as well as to our own Security and Healthcare divisions.

Security and Inspection Systems. We design, manufacture and market security and inspection systems globally to end users under the "Rapiscan Systems" and "AS&E" trade names. Our Security products are used to inspect baggage, parcels, cargo, people, vehicles and other objects for weapons, explosives, drugs, radioactive and nuclear materials and other contraband. These systems are also used for the safe, accurate and efficient verification of cargo manifests for the purpose of assessing duties and monitoring the export and import of controlled materials. Our Security products fall into the following categories: baggage and parcel inspection; cargo and vehicle inspection; hold (checked) baggage screening; people screening; radiation detection; and explosive and narcotics trace detection. We also offer under the "S2" trade name turnkey security screening services, including the staffing and operation of security screening checkpoints.

As a result of terrorist attacks worldwide, security and inspection products have increasingly been used at a wide range of facilities other than airports, such as border crossings, railways, seaports, cruise line terminals, freight forwarding operations, government and military installations and nuclear facilities. As a result of the use of security and inspection products at additional facilities, we have diversified our sales channels for security and inspection products.

Many of our security and inspection systems include dual-energy X-ray technology with computer software enhanced imaging methods to facilitate the detection of materials such as explosives, weapons, narcotics, bulk currency or other contraband. While all X-ray systems produce a two-dimensional image of the contents of the inspected object, the dual-energy X-ray systems also measure the X-ray absorption of the inspected objects contents at two different X-ray energies to determine the atomic number, density and other characteristics of the objects contents. The various organic and inorganic substances in the inspected object appear to operators of the inspection systems in various colors, and this visual information can be used to identify and differentiate the inspected materials. In addition, we offer dual-view X-ray screening systems, now available on many of our systems that allow operators to examine objects from two directions simultaneously, thereby reducing the need for re-scanning of objects and improving the operators ability to detect threats quickly and effectively. Our baggage and parcel inspection, cargo and vehicle inspection and hold (checked) baggage screening inspection systems range in size from compact mobile systems to large systems comprising entire buildings in which trucks, shipping containers or pallets are inspected. Many of our inspection systems are also designed to be upgradeable to respond to new customer requirements as they emerge or change.

Our cargo and vehicle inspection applications, in which vehicles, cars, trucks, shipping containers, pallets and other large objects can be inspected, are designed in various configurations, including gantry, portal and mobile systems. These products are primarily used to verify the contents of cars, trucks or cargo containers and to detect the presence of contraband, including narcotics, weapons, explosives, radioactive and nuclear materials and other smuggled items. They offer significant improvements over past methods of cargo screening, such as manual searches, as our cargo systems are faster, more thorough and do not subject the cargo to pilferage. Entire shipping containers or trucks containing densely packed goods can be screened rapidly.

Most of our cargo and vehicle inspection systems employ X-ray imaging to non-intrusively inspect objects and present images to an inspector, showing shapes, sizes, locations and relative densities of the contents. These systems utilize transmission imaging technology, backscatter imaging technology, or both technologies. We also manufacture passive radiation detection devices for detecting nuclear threat material utilizing their gamma and neutron signatures. Additionally, we have developed isotope-specific identification algorithms. Many of these systems have been built to meet specific customer inspection requirements.

Our Security division is among the only companies in the market offering inspection systems at a wide range of energy levels. We believe that we offer one of the broadest technology platforms in the baggage and parcel and cargo and vehicle inspection systems industry. Our broad platform permits us to offer customers solutions, which optimize flexibility, performance and cost to meet the customers unique application requirements.

Our Security division also offers hold (checked) baggage screening systems that are utilized by airports, freight forwarders and other parties responsible for screening baggage and cargo before it is placed in the cargo hold of airplanes. Certain of our currently available systems utilize multiple X-ray beams to provide high-quality images able to discriminate materials and to enable algorithms that assist operators in the detection of explosives and narcotics. Other systems utilize a very large number of distributed X-ray emitters that rapidly capture approximately 1,000 views of a bag and then utilize sophisticated software to reconstruct high resolution images. These systems are designed to meet the high-speed screening and analysis demands of regulators in the United States and European Union. They can be operated in stand-alone mode, where a single operator views the images produced by a single system, or can be networked, allowing operators stationed at a remote computer terminal to monitor multiple systems.

Our Security division also offers people screening products, such as a line of "Metor®" brand walk-through metal detector (WTMD) products for use at security checkpoints at airports, amusement parks, banks, courthouses, government buildings, sports arenas and other venues. We also offer trace detection systems that are designed to detect trace amounts of explosives as well as narcotics. These systems are designed to be used in screening people, cargo, baggage and other items for illicit materials and weapons.

Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Cardiology, and Anesthesia Systems. Our Healthcare division designs, manufactures and markets products globally to end users primarily under the "Spacelabs" trade name.

Spacelabs products include patient monitors for use in perioperative, critical care and emergency care environments with neonatal, pediatric and adult patients. Our patient monitoring systems comprise monitors and central nursing stations connected by wireless or hardwired networks, as well as standalone monitors that enable patient data to be transported physically from one monitor to another as the patient is moved. These systems enable hospital staff to access patient data where and when it is required. In addition, these products are designed with an "open architecture" to interact with hospital information systems. Many of these products allow clinicians to view and control various software applications on the patient monitors display, eliminating the need for separate computer terminals in the patients room. Attending nurses can check laboratory results and other reports, enter orders, review protocols and complete medical charting at the patients bedside.

For electrocardiograph monitoring or multiparameter monitoring of ambulatory patients, we offer a digital telemetry system. The system operates in government-protected bands, which are not used for private land mobile radio, business radio services or broadcast analog or digital television. Spacelabs Intesys® Clinical Suite (ICS) provides a software suite allowing hospitals to leverage their infrastructure to capture all data from the bedside, compact and telemetry monitors. Retrospective data formerly only found at a central station monitor is made available at any PC in the hospital.

Spacelabs has introduced a number of new products, including the Xprezzon® patient monitor, Qube® compact monitor, Qube® Mini monitor with transport capabilities, and Xhibit XC4 which brings additional flexibility to caregivers, enabling central monitoring of patient data in the patient vicinity. We also introduced a new telemetry transmitter, the AriaTele®, with subsequent product additions to enable the AriaTele to broadcast on a number of specialized frequency bands that are prescribed for global healthcare use.

Our Healthcare division also develops cardiac diagnostic systems, including Holter analyzers and recorders. Our PathfinderSL® analysis tool provides simple, actionable Holter reports to any PC, inside or outside the hospital. Our EvoTM Holter recorders provide low cost of ownership through, for example, the elimination of disposable batteries, memory cards with no moving parts to maintain and other advances. Our Lifecard® CF Holter recorders are worn by patients for up to seven days in order to capture heart arrhythmias that may occur in a patient only a few times per week. This product is helpful in identifying the presence of atrial fibrillation. Patients that may be experiencing even less frequent heart arrhythmias wear our CardioCall® product, which stays with the patient over several weeks and transmits its findings over the phone to a receiving station in the hospital.

We are also a supplier of ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitors which are routinely used by physicians around the world and by clinical research organizations. Many physicians are using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to detect "white coat" hypertension, a condition in which people experience elevated blood pressure in the doctors office but not in their daily lives. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring helps improve diagnostic accuracy and minimize the associated costs of treatment. Spacelabs OnTrak ambulatory blood pressure system has been validated for both pediatric and adult patient types and includes the capability to measure activity correlation with non-invasive blood pressure readings.

Our Sentinel® 10 Cardiology Information Management System is designed to provide an electronic, enterprise-wide scalable system for diagnostic cardiology. Sentinel integrates data from Spacelabs-branded products into a central enterprise-wide database system that can be accessed by care providers and medical facility administrators, thereby providing enhanced workflow and efficiencies. The systems web-based solution enables the secure transfer of data from multiple remote sites.

Our anesthesia delivery and ventilation group designs and manufactures anesthesia delivery systems and ventilators. Our BleaseSirius, BleaseFocus and BleaseGenius anesthesia delivery systems enable us to provide flexible anesthesia solutions for operating room environments, anesthesia induction areas, day surgery centers, magnetic resonance imaging facilities and other locations where the administration of anesthesia is required.

Optoelectronic Devices and Manufacturing Services. Optoelectronic devices generally consist of both active and passive components. Active components sense light of varying wavelengths and convert the light detected into electronic signals, whereas passive components amplify, separate or reflect light. The active components we manufacture consist of silicon, gallium arsenide and indium gallium arsenide photodetectors and light sources. Passive components include lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors and other precision optical products that are used by us in the manufacture of our optoelectronic products or are sold to third parties for use in telescopes, laser printers, copiers, microscopes and other detection and vision equipment. The devices we manufacture are both standard products and products customized for specific applications and are offered either as components or as subsystems. Our optoelectronic products and services are provided primarily under the "OSI Optoelectronics" trade name.

In addition to the manufacture of standard and OEM products, we also specialize in designing and manufacturing customized value-added subsystems for use in a wide range of products and equipment. An optoelectronic subsystem typically consists of one or more optoelectronic devices that are combined with other electronic components and packaging for use in an end product. The composition of a subsystem can range from a simple assembly of various optoelectronic devices that are incorporated into other subsystems (for example, a printed circuit board containing our optoelectronic devices) to complete end-products (for example, pulse oximetry equipment).

We also provide electronics design and manufacturing services both in North America, the United Kingdom and in the Asia Pacific region with enhanced, RoHS-compliant, printed circuit board and cable and harness assemblies and box-build manufacturing services utilizing state-of-the-art automated surface mount technology lines. We offer electronics manufacturing services to OEM customers and end users for medical, automotive, defense, aerospace, industrial and consumer applications that do not utilize optoelectronic devices. We also manufacture LCD displays for medical, industrial and consumer electronics applications, and flex circuits and touch panels for OEM customers at the prototype stage. Our electronics manufacturing services are provided primarily under the "OSI Electronics," "APlus Products," "Altaflex," and "PFC" trade names.

We develop, manufacture and sell laser-based remote sensing devices that are used to detect and classify vehicles in toll and traffic management systems under the "OSI Laserscan" and "Autosense" trade names. We offer solid-state laser products for aerospace, defense, telecommunication and medical applications under the "OSI LaserDiode" trade name.

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