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Layne Christensen Co  (LAYN)
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Layne Christensen Co

Business Description

Layne Christensen Company is a global water management, construction and drilling company. Layne provides responsible solutions for water, mineral and energy. This integrated approach allows Layne to offer more than individual services, it ensures streamlined communications, expedited timelines, and a constant focus on its overriding values of safety, sustainability, integrity and excellence. Layne’s solutions enhance the lives of people by providing and protecting the world’s essential resources. Layne’s customers include government agencies, investor-owned utilities, industrial companies, global mining companies, consulting engineering firms, heavy civil construction contractors, oil and gas companies, power companies and agribusiness.

We operate on a geographically dispersed basis, with approximately 85 sales and operations offices located throughout North America, Africa, Australia, South America, and through our affiliates in Latin America countries. Layne maintains its executive offices at 1800 Hughes Landing Boulevard, Suite 700, The Woodlands, Texas 77380. The telephone number is (281) 475-2600 and the website address is www.layne.com which is where you can find periodic and current reports, free of charge, as soon as reasonably practicable after such material is filed with or furnished to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our teams are responsible for effectively managing water throughout its lifecycle including supply, treatment, delivery and maintenance. Throughout each phase, we work to ensure compliance with complex state and federal regulations, and to meet increasingly high demand for quality, reliability and efficiency. We engage in the development and deployment of new and innovative water technologies to meet these higher standards and to continue improving on the safety and sustainability of our work.
Layne provides specialized construction solutions for the responsible management of water in many industries and environments. With extensive heavy civil expertise and a proven reputation for safety, we design and construct comprehensive, end-to-end water management systems, as well as individual intakes, reservoirs, pump stations, pipelines and plants. Our geotechnical capabilities allow us to improve soil conditions and support subterranean structures in underground construction projects where effective water management is critical, such as dams and levees, tunnels, water lines, subways, highways and marine facilities.

Layne’s business segments are Water Resources, Inliner, Heavy Civil, Geoconstruction, Mineral Services and Energy Services. Each of our segments has major customers; however, no single customer accounted for 10% or more of revenues in any of the past three fiscal years.

Throughout the U.S., Water Resources provides our customers with sustainable solutions for every aspect of water supply system development and technology. We provide a full suite of water-related products and services, including hydrologic design and construction, source of supply exploration, well and intake construction and well and pump rehabilitation. Water Resources also brings new technologies to the water and wastewater markets, whether through internal development, acquisition or strategic alliance. We also offer water treatment equipment engineering services, providing systems for the treatment of regulated and “nuisance” contaminants, specifically iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, radium, nitrate, perchlorate and volatile organic compounds.

Our target groundwater drilling market consists of high-volume water wells drilled principally for municipal and industrial customers. These high-volume wells, by necessity, have more stringent design specifications than residential or agricultural wells and are typically deeper and larger in diameter. We have strong technical expertise, an in-depth knowledge of U.S. geology and hydrology, a well-maintained fleet of appropriately sized, modern drilling equipment and a demonstrated ability to procure the sizable performance bonds often required for water related projects.

Water supply solutions for government agencies, industry and agriculture require the integration of hydrogeology and engineering with proven knowledge and application of drilling techniques. We expect demand for water treatment will be strongest in the industrial sector where the water quality challenges are more significant. The drilling methods, size and type of equipment required depend upon the depth of the wells and the geological formations encountered at the project site. We have extensive well archives in addition to technical personnel who can determine geological conditions and aquifer characteristics. We provide feasibility studies using complex geophysical survey methods and have the expertise to analyze the survey results and define the source, depth and magnitude of an aquifer. We can estimate recharge rates, recommend well design features, plan well field design and develop water management plans. To conduct these services, we maintain a staff of professional employees including geological engineers, geologists, hydrogeologists and geophysicists. These attributes enable us to locate suitable water-bearing formations to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Our expertise includes all sources of water supply including groundwater and surface sources. We design and construct bank intake structures, submerged intakes, infiltration galleries and horizontal collector wells. We also design and construct the pipelines and pump stations necessary to convey water from its source to the users.

Our involvement in the initial drilling of wells positions us to win follow-up rehabilitation business, which is generally a higher margin business than well drilling. Such rehabilitation is periodically required during the life of a well, as groundwater may contain bacteria, iron, high mineral content, or other contaminants and screen openings may become blocked, reducing the capacity and productivity of the well.

We offer complete diagnostic and rehabilitation services for existing wells, pumps and related equipment with a network of local offices throughout our geographic markets in the U.S. In addition to our well service rigs, we have equipment capable of conducting downhole closed circuit televideo inspections, one of the most effective methods for investigating water well problems, enabling us to effectively diagnose and respond quickly to well and pump performance problems. Our trained and experienced personnel can perform a variety of well rehabilitation techniques, using both chemical and mechanical methods. To complement this effort, we perform bacteriological well evaluation and water chemistry analyses. We also have the capability and inventory to repair, in our own machine shops, most water well pumps, regardless of manufacturer, as well as to repair well screens, casings and related equipment such as chlorinators, aerators and filtration systems.

Water Resources also offers investigative services to assist in assessing, monitoring and characterizing water quality and aquifer parameters. The customers are typically national and regional consulting firms engaged by federal and state agencies, as well as industrial companies that need to assess, define or clean up groundwater contamination sources. We assist the customer in determining the extent of groundwater contamination, installation of recovery wells that extract contaminated groundwater for treatment, which is known as pump and treat remediation, and specialized site safety programs associated with drilling at contaminated sites. In our Safety & Health department, we employ full-time staff qualified to prepare site-specific health and safety plans for hazardous waste cleanup sites as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (“MSHA”).

Layne provides comprehensive turnkey drilling solutions for water management, mineral services and specialty drilling needs. We employ a team of specialists to help us understand specific site characteristics and proactively overcome and plan for any challenges. Our experts are able to define the source, depth, magnitude and overall feasibility of water aquifers, and drill high-volume wells suitable for supplying water to governmental, industrial and agricultural customers. We also drill deep injection wells to facilitate the disposal of treated wastewater. Our mineral services teams extract contaminant-free samples that accurately reflect the underlying mineral deposits for our global mining customers.

Inliner is a full service rehabilitation company offering a wide range of solutions for wastewater, storm water and process sewer pipeline networks. The foundation of our services is our proprietary Inliner® cured-in-place pipe (“CIPP”). The product allows us to rehabilitate aging and deteriorated infrastructure and provide structural rebuilding as well as infiltration and inflow reduction. Its trenchless nature reduces rehabilitation costs, minimizes environmental impact and reduces or eliminates surface and social disruption.

Layne Inliner, LLC began as the first U.S. licensee of the Inliner® technology in 1991. We own and operate Inliner Technologies and Liner Products, the technology company and lining tube manufacturer, respectively. This vertical integration gives us control of the Inliner® product from raw material purchases to product installation. Since our start we have successfully installed more than 19.0 million feet of CIPP throughout the U.S. Pipe diameters have ranged from 4-inches to 90-inches in traditional round as well as non-circular geometries. Inliner’s saturation facilities installation techniques and lining tube manufacturing facility are ISO 9001:2008 certified bringing an added element of quality control to tube construction, product design and field installation.

Inliner has the ability to supply both traditional felt based CIPP lining tubes cured with water or steam as well as fiberglass based lining tubes cured with ultraviolet light. Layne installs both the felt based and fiberglass/UV product with internal crews as well as offers outside sales of dry felt liners and saturated fiberglass/UV liners to other installers.

While Inliner focuses on CIPP, it is committed to full system renewal. Inliner also provides a wide variety of other rehabilitative methods including Janssen structural renewal for service lateral connections and mainlines, slip lining, traditional excavation and replacement and manhole renewal with cementitious and epoxy products. Inliner’s expertise, experience and customer-oriented contracting combined with its ability to provide a diverse line of products and services differentiates it from other rehabilitation contractors and allows Inliner to provide clients with single source accountability when it comes to rehabilitative services.

Heavy Civil delivers sustainable solutions to government agencies and industrial clients by overseeing the design and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants and pipeline installation. In addition, Heavy Civil builds radial collector wells (Ranney Method), surface water intakes, pumping stations, hard rock tunnels and marine construction services – all in support of the world’s water infrastructure. Beyond water solutions, Heavy Civil also designs and constructs biogas facilities (anaerobic digesters) for the purpose of generating and capturing methane gas, an emerging renewable energy resource.

The Ranney® method specializes in the design and turnkey construction of high capacity water supply systems including radial collector wells, surface water intakes, infiltration galleries, riverbank filtration and sea water systems. Collector wells typically combine high yields with lower operating and maintaining costs. In most cases, they are less intrusive on the environment. Complete hydrogeological services for optimum siting are also available.

Heavy Civil, a water treatment plant contractor, specializes in new facility construction, expansions and modifications. Heavy Civil is experienced in the construction of municipal and industrial plants using the latest process technologies including reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration, ultra-violet and ozone disinfection, regeneration services and air stripper repacking to provide fully sustainable systems. Recent projects have included complex chemical feed systems and fully automated control systems.

Layne is experienced in all types of pipe materials and systems that deliver water from the source to the plant and to the end user. In addition to the clean water side of the business, Heavy Civil constructs pipeline systems that handle the discharge end of the product. Interceptor sewers and sanitary pipelines play a key role in the full water cycle by enabling the used water to be transported to facilities for required treatment prior to being discharged, utilized by others or otherwise disposed. Heavy Civil can also develop special piping needs for process piping and cooling systems. Heavy Civil has the capability to install deep, large diameter piping in rock or other difficult soil conditions. It has the capability to design and install support systems and provide tunneling and marine installation.

Geoconstruction provides specialized geotechnical foundation construction services to the heavy civil, industrial, commercial and private construction markets. It has the expertise and equipment to provide the most appropriate deep foundation system, ground improvement and earth support solution to be applied given highly variable geological and site conditions. In addition, Geoconstruction has experience in completing complex and schedule-driven major underground construction projects. It provides services that are focused primarily on the foundation systems for dams/levees, tunnel shafts, utility systems, subways or transportation systems, commercial building and port facilities. Services offered include jet grouting, structural diaphragm and slurry cutoff walls, cement and chemical grouting, drilled piles, ground improvement and earth retention systems. Highly specialized equipment and technology is used such as hydromills and bentonite slurry technology to execute its jobs.

Global mining and junior mining companies hire Mineral Services to extract rock and soil samples from their sites that they analyze for mineral content and grade before investing heavily in development to extract these minerals. Mineral Services drilling services require a high level of expertise and technical competence because the samples extracted must be free of contamination and accurately reflect the location and orientation of underlying mineral deposits.

Mineral Services conducts primarily above ground drilling activities, including all phases of core drilling, reverse circulation, dual tube, hammer and rotary air-blast methods. Its service offerings include both exploratory (‘greenfield’) and definition (‘brownfield’) drilling. Greenfield drilling is conducted to determine if there is a minable mineral deposit, which is known as an orebody, on the site. Brownfield drilling is typically conducted at a site to assess whether it would be economical to mine and to assist in mapping the mine layout. Mineral Services provides information to its clients that assist them in determining if a minable mineral deposit exists on a site, the economic viability of mining the site, the geological properties of the ground and mine planning.

Mineral Services has country managers who are responsible for operations throughout Africa, North America and Australia. These managers are responsible for maintaining contact and relationships with large mining operations that perform work on a global basis, as well as junior mining companies that operate more regionally.

In the case of Mineral Services’ foreign affiliates, where it does not have majority ownership or operating control, day-to-day operating decisions are made by local management. Mineral Services manages interests in the foreign affiliates through regular management meetings and analysis of comprehensive operating and financial information. The foreign affiliates are engaged in similar operations to Mineral Services, in addition to the manufacture and supply of drilling equipment, parts and supplies. The affiliates operate primarily in Latin America.
Mineral Services has experienced the effects of the global decline in demand for mineral exploration and the overall soft market for base and precious metals during. In response to this, Mineral Services has continually adjusted its operations to react to market conditions experienced by the industry. This has included reducing operating expenses, shifting assets to the Americas where exploration has been slightly less affected than in Africa and Australia, and exiting certain countries in Africa. The minerals exploration business is cyclical in nature. The longer term mining industry fundamentals remain positive. Layne’s safety record and ability to re-deploy assets quickly when called upon makes Mineral Services well positioned for opportunities as they present themselves.

Energy Services focuses on bringing responsible water management solutions to the exploration and production (E&P) industry’s growing water related challenges. In FY2015, Energy Services increased its efforts to address the unique and substantial water demands of the energy industry in a responsible and sustainable fashion. Energy Services will provide solutions to manage every phase of the water cycle as it relates to its use in the oil and gas industry (conventional and unconventional). In FY2015, Energy Services introduced its cradle-to-cradle solutions, trademarked ALLclear™, to its clients. The segment specializes in hydrogeological assessments and sourcing, transfer and storage, treatment and vibration technology.
The hydrogeological assessments evaluate feasibility; determining potential capacity, leading to the appropriate well designs for developing local groundwater supplies. Energy Services highly skilled technical staff has extensive experience with aquifer testing. Over the years, it has developed groundwater flow models for hydrologic systems across the U.S. It can provide geophysical surveys, exploratory test drilling, aquifer test pumping and well testing evaluations.

The transfer services include various no-leak solutions for surface and subsurface transfer, pit-to-pit transfers, surface transfers, fluids infrastructure design and construction and other high-volume fluids handling capabilities. Energy Services can also provide expert construction services for applications in the energy sector through construction of retaining ponds for frac water, flowback fluids and produced water.

Energy Services’ pipe vibration services has numerous applications in stuck pipe recovery from freeing stuck coil tubing without cutting or damaging the coil to recovering stuck pipe, casing, pumps, screens, screen packers, liners and other tubulars. Sanded or mud-stuck tubing can be recovered without the need for washover or jarring. Stuck rod strings and pumps can be recovered as well as stuck washover pipe and jars normally used in conventional fishing operations. It offers the potential to solve these problems from the surface without downhold intervention in a minimum amount of time. Energy Services has developed proprietary equipment and procedures that are highly effective in the recovery of stuck pipe from wells.

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