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Energy Efficiency Services

In fiscal year 2008, we acquired our subsidiary, Willdan Energy Solutions ("WES"), formerly known as Intergy. WES is an energy efficiency consulting firm that provides specialized, innovative, comprehensive energy solutions nationwide to businesses, utilities, state agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Our experienced engineers and staff help our clients realize cost and energy savings by tailoring efficient and cost-effective solutions to assist them in maximizing their energy spend. WES' energy efficiency services include comprehensive surveys, program design, master planning, benchmarking analysis, installation, alternative financing, and measurement and verification services.

Our range of energy efficiency services are described below:

Energy Efficiency. We provide complete energy efficiency consulting and engineering services, including: program design, management and administration; marketing, customer outreach, and project origination; energy audits and feasibility analyses; retro-commissioning; implementation, training and management; data management and reporting; retro-commissioning services; and measurement and verification services.

Program Design and Implementation. We assist utilities and governmental clients with the design, development and implementation of energy efficiency plans and programs. These plans include energy efficiency design, outreach implementation, water conservation, renewable, and Green House Gas ("GHG") reduction strategies.

Direct Customer Support. We assist clients (including utilities, schools and private companies) in developing and managing facilities and infrastructures through a holistic, practical approach to facility management. Our services cover audits, local compliance, operations and maintenance review, renewable energy planning, master plans, infrastructure analysis, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for buildings, and energy spend and GHG reduction strategies.

Representative Projects. The following are examples of typical ongoing projects in the Energy Efficiency Services segment:

Consolidated Edison Company of New York. We serve as Consolidated Edison's program manager and implementer for its Small Business Direct Install ("SBDI") Program in New York City. The Program helps small businesses achieve energy efficiency and financial savings, offering both free and cost-shared energy efficiency retrofits, including installation of high-efficiency lighting and refrigeration energy conservation measures. As the program implementer, we are responsible for moving a high volume of projects from survey to retrofit; tracking, analyzing, and reporting on project status and program data; and completing installation through self-performance or in cooperation with small group of contractors. We initially operated the program in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens areas and, in July 2014, we were awarded an expanded contract to add the Manhattan, Staten Island and Westchester County areas to our scope of services. In August 2014, we started a significant effort to reduce a load pocket (an area of intensive power use) in Brooklyn and Queens with a goal of achieving an electric demand reduction of 9 million watts by May 2015. In 2014, across the SBDI program, we achieved a reduction of 93 million kilowatt hours.

New York State Energy Research & Development Authority ("NYSERDA"). We serve as NYSERDA's Commercial and Industrial Outreach Contractor for its Existing Facilities Program, Flexible Technical Assistance Services Program, and Industrial and Process Efficiency Data Center Program. Additionally, WES is an Outreach Contractor for two joint initiatives that NYSERDA has with Consolidated Edison: the Demand Management Program and the Data Center Efficiency Program. As an Outreach Contractor, we provide targeted, statewide marketing and customer outreach services that include the performing market research, developing market partnerships, conducting direct outreach, calculating energy savings, and assisting with customer project development and implementation. Contract goals are set forth to successfully usher utility customer energy efficiency projects through the programs at a value of 510,000 megawatt-hours ("MWh"), 233,400 dekatherms ("Dth"), and 24.26 peak megawatts ("MW").

Pacific Gas & Electric ("PG&E"), Southern California Edison ("SCE"), and San Diego Gas & Electric ("SDG&E")—Hospital Energy Efficiency Program ("HEEP"). We serve as program implementer for HEEP, which offers energy efficiency services for hospitals and healthcare-related buildings in the territories of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E, including acute hospitals (ambulatory surgery centers licensed under acute hospitals and acute hospital outpatient services), acute psychiatric hospitals, medical or healthcare-related office buildings; chemical dependency recovery hospitals; skilled nursing facilities; free-standing trauma centers, community clinics, convalescent hospitals, and extended care facilities. In 2014, these programs delivered total approximate energy savings of 24 million kWh, 1,717 kW, and 358,000 therms (1 Therm equals 100,000 BTU).

Southern California Edison ("SCE") and San Diego Gas & Electric ("SDG&E")—Lodging Energy Efficiency Program ("LEEP"). We serve as the program implementer for LEEP, which provides customized energy-saving solutions for lodging facilities including full-service development, management, and implementation support of energy-savings projects. In 2014, the program delivered total approximate energy savings of 23 million kWh, 108,000 therms, and 3,400 kW of peak demand reduction.

Puget Sound Energy ("PSE") Direct Install Program. We serve as the program administrator for the PSE Direct Install Program, which offers incentives for small-sized businesses to make energy efficiency upgrades. Typical upgrades include lighting, refrigeration, electric water heating, occupancy sensors, and LED signs. We completed the initial contract in December 2013, producing energy savings of 11 million kWh and 30,000 therms, which exceeded contract goals. A new 2-year contract began in January 2014 with the express goal of delivering total approximate energy savings of 16 million kWh and 20,000 therms. We are currently ahead of this savings target, reporting 8.6 million kWh of energy savings in 2014 alone.

American Electric Power Ohio ("AEP Ohio") Data Center Efficiency Program. We implement AEP Ohio's Data Center Efficiency Program, which includes program design, energy efficiency consulting and engineering, and incentive processing. The program offers incentives to data center operators, owners and customers for making energy efficiency upgrades in their current facilities or implementing them in the construction of new facilities. We also create program literature, case studies, and marketing material specific to the data center industry in the central

Ohio region. In 2014, we delivered over 14 million kWh in energy savings from nearly 50 projects for AEP Ohio. During the 2014 program year, Willdan, AEP Ohio and one program customer received the Uptime Institute's 2014 Brill award for Efficient IT, an international award selected from hundreds of entries.

Engineering Services

We provide a broad range of engineering-related services to the public sector and limited services to the private sector. In general, contracts for engineering services (as opposed to construction contracts) are awarded by public agencies based primarily upon the qualifications of the engineering professional, rather than the proposed fees. We have longstanding relationships with many of these agencies and are recognized as an engineering consultant with relevant expertise and customer focused services. A substantial percentage of our engineering-related work is for existing clients that we have served for many years.

Our engineering-related services are described individually below:

Building and Safety. Our building and safety services range from managing and staffing an entire municipal building department to providing specific outsourced services, such as plan review and field inspections. Other related services that we offer under this umbrella include performing accessibility compliance and providing disaster recovery teams, energy compliance evaluations, permit processing and issuance, seismic retrofitting programs, and structural plan review. Many of our building and safety services engagements are with municipalities and counties where we supplement the capacity of in-house staff.

City Engineering. We specialize in providing engineering services tailored to the unique needs of municipalities. City engineering services range from staffing an entire engineering department to carrying out specific projects within a municipality, such as developing a pavement management program or reviewing engineering plans on behalf of a city. This service is the core of our original business and was the first service offered when we were founded.

Code Enforcement. We assist municipalities with the development and implementation of neighborhood preservation programs and the staffing of code enforcement personnel. Our code enforcement and neighborhood preservation services include reviewing, studying and analyzing existing programs, developing and implementing community educational programs, developing ordinances and writing grant proposals, and providing project managers and/or supervisors.

Development Review. We offer development plan review and inspection service to clients throughout California and the Southwest. Our experience in plan review and inspection includes Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, preliminary and final plats (maps), grading and drainage, complete infrastructure improvements for residential site plans, commercial site plans, industrial developments, subdivision, and major master planned developments. Our development review services include grading plans, street lighting and traffic signal plans, erosion control plans, storm drain plans, street improvement plans, sewer water and utility plans.

Disaster Recovery. We provide disaster recovery services to cities, counties and local government. Our experience in disaster recovery includes assisting communities in the disaster recovery process following earthquakes, firestorms, mudslides and other natural disasters. We typically organize and staff several disaster recovery centers which function as "one-stop permit centers" which guarantee turn-around performance for fast-track plan checking and inspection services. In addition, we have experience in dealing with street and storm drain clean-up, replacement or repair of damaged storm drains, streets, and bridges, debris management and preparation and implementation of a near-term erosion and sediment control program.

Environmental Engineering. We provide environmental consulting and remediation services to cities, counties, and local governments. Our environmental services encompass many technical disciplines and programs, including environmental assessments and audits, environmental characterization and assessment, soil and groundwater investigations and information technology services.

Geotechnical. Our geotechnical and earthquake engineering services include soils engineering, earthquake and seismic hazard studies, geology and hydrogeology engineering, and construction inspection. We operate a licensed, full-service geotechnical laboratory at our headquarters in Anaheim, California, which offers an array of testing services, including construction materials testing and inspection.

Landscape Architecture. We assist public agencies in the design and planning of parks and recreation developments, as well as redevelopment and community-wide beautification plans. Our services in the area of landscape architecture include design, landscape management, urban forestry and planning. Specific projects include park design and master planning, bidding and construction documents, water conservation plans, urban beautification programs, landscape maintenance management, site planning, and assessment district management.

Planning. We assist communities with a full range of planning services, from the preparation of long-range policy plans to assistance with the day to day operations of a planning department. For several cities, we provide contract staff support. We provide environmental documentation services (including National Environmental Policy Act, California Environmental Quality Act and Environmental Impact Report compliance and document preparation), mitigation monitoring programs and third party environmental review. We also provide urban planning and design services focused on investigation of specific planning and design issues and the formulation of plans, policies, and strategies for communities as a whole or for specific study areas. Typical assignments include land use studies, development of specific plans or general plan elements, design guidelines, and zoning ordinances. Our urban planning services include assisting communities with the implementation of general plans, land use enforcement, capital improvement planning, community development and redevelopment programs, and economic development strategies. We typically perform the development services function for emerging and newly incorporated cities.

Program and Construction Management. We provide comprehensive program and construction management services to our public-sector clients. These services include construction administration, inspection, observation, labor compliance, and community relations, depending on the client's needs and the scope of the specific project. Our construction management experience encompasses projects such as streets, bridges, sewers and storm drains, water systems, parks, pools, public buildings, and utilities.

Contract Staff Support Services. We provide cities and counties with both interim and long-term contract staff support services, including capital improvement planning, contract administration and code enforcement management. Public agencies have contracted with us when it is not cost-effective to have a full-time engineer on staff; to relieve peak workload situations; or to fill vacant positions during a job search. We have also provided small or newly incorporated cities with the functions of entire departments, such as building and safety, engineering, planning, or public works. In other instances, public agencies have retained our personnel to serve as city engineers, building officials, case planners, public works directors, or project managers for large or unusually complex projects.

Structures. Our structural engineering services include bridge design, bridge evaluation and inspection, highway and railroad bridge planning and design, highway interchange design, railroad grade separation design, bridge seismic retrofitting, building design and retrofit, sound wall and retaining wall design, and planning and design for bridge rehabilitation and replacement.

Survey. Our surveying and mapping services include major construction layout, design survey, topographic survey, aerial mapping, Geographic Information Systems, and right-of-way engineering.

Traffic. We specialize in providing traffic engineering and planning services to governmental agencies. Our services range from responding to citizen complaints to designing and managing multimillion dollar capital improvement projects. Traffic engineering services include serving as the contract city traffic engineer in communities, as well as performing design and traffic planning projects for our clients. These services and projects include parking management studies, intersection analyses and improvements, traffic impact reports, and traffic signal and control systems. We develop geometric design and channelization, traffic signal and street lighting plans, parking lot designs, and traffic control plans for construction.

Transportation. Our engineers design streets and highways, airport and transit facilities, freeway interchanges, high-occupancy vehicle lanes, pavement reconstruction, and other elements of city, county, and state infrastructure. Our transportation engineering services cover a full spectrum of support functions, including right of way, utility relocation, landscape, survey and mapping, geographic information systems, public outreach, and interagency coordination. These services are typically provided to local public works agencies, planning and redevelopment agencies, regional and state transportation agencies and commissions, transit districts, ports, railroads, and airports.

Water Resources. We assist clients in addressing the many facets of water development, treatment, distribution and conservation, including energy savings, technical, financial, legal, political, and regulatory requirements. Our core competencies include hydraulic modeling, master planning, rate studies and design and construction services. Our design experience includes reservoirs, pressure reducing stations, pump and lift stations, and pipeline alignment studies, as well as water/wastewater collection, distribution, and treatment facilities. We also provide a complete analysis and projection of storm flows for use in drainage master plans and for individual storm drain systems to reduce flooding in streets and adjacent properties. We design open and closed storm drain systems and detention basin facilities, for cities, counties and the Army Corp of Engineers.

Representative Projects. The following are examples of typical projects we have in the Engineering Services segment:

County of Orange, California. We have been retained to evaluate the County's Road Fee Programs to determine how land use changes affect the programs, how Construction Price Index rates have changed since the programs were established, and if changes or improvements are needed. Three Road Fee Programs—Santiago Canyon Improvements, South County Road Improvements, and Coastal Area Road and Traffic Signal Improvements—are involved in our evaluation. These fee programs were initiated to ensure timely construction of needed public infrastructure to match land development growth within the respective communities. Hundreds of millions of dollars are involved and the Board of Supervisors retained our services to ensure that adequate funding is available within the current fee structure. Our evaluation includes providing engineering feasibility studies for new improvements and reviewing costs of existing projects that are programmed but awaiting additional program fee collections to fund construction. We are also evaluating surplus program funds to determine potential methods of equitably distributing the surplus. Our Engineering Services and Public Finance Services segments are involved in the Road Fee Program evaluation.

City of Henderson. We were retained by the City to provide professional civil engineering plan review and staff augmentation services. The services include onsite assistance at the public counter, review of drainage studies and grading plans, review of offsite improvement plans; review of additional documents as requested by Public Works, meeting with applicants and the applicants' engineers to address review comments as requested by Public Works, and performing site visits to observe site conditions as related to documents being reviewed. Document review will be conducted both onsite at the City of Henderson Public Works and offsite at our offices.

County of Mariposa, California. As part of a $1.9 million contract with the County, we are providing project management, traffic staging, roadway and bridge engineering, utility coordination, and geotechnical engineering services to the County for replacement of Tip Top Road Bridge. This single-span, 21-foot long by 16-foot wide bridge was originally constructed in 1945 and has been classified as Functionally Obsolete by Caltrans. The new single-span, 25-foot long by 24-foot 10-inch wide replacement bridge will accommodate two lanes of traffic.

City of South Gate, California. We were selected to provide engineering services for roughly $15.4 million of improvements to the Firestone Boulevard Regional Corridor from Alameda Street to Hunt Avenue, a project for which we secured $15 million in funding. Funding is intended to convert the existing four-lane road to a six-lane road during peak hours to accommodate additional vehicle traffic created by improvements to Interstate 710 and to complete a gap of six-lane road on Firestone Boulevard. The project will be designed as a Complete Street and integrate with the City's general plan desire to create a themed, high-density urban corridor of walkable mixed-used development. To the maximum extent practical, the design will emphasize sustainability, including but not limited to, in pavement technologies, air quality, storm water treatment, water conservation, green-street technologies, and complete streets.

City of Winters, California. We were selected by the city of Winters to provide professional services to assist their staff in managing state and federally funded projects. In January 2015, the City approved a three-year contract to provide project management, including coordination with Caltrans Local Assistance, consultant selection and contract oversight, document preparation and review, funding programming, design, utility, right-of-way and construction phase coordination, and schedule and budget monitoring. The City has issued the first task order to assist with the bidding and award process for the Railroad Avenue and Dry Creek bridge replacement.

County of Sacramento, California. In January 2014, we were retained by the County of Sacramento with a three-year, $2 million renewable contract to provide comprehensive planning services involving three main service areas—current planning, long-range and special projects, and environmental review. Currently, there are six full-time planners assigned to the County's Department of Community Development. In conjunction with this contract, we are preparing a draft environmental impact report for the Barrett Ranch East project—a proposed development consisting of mixed low- and medium-density residential homes, commercial shopping center and parks, and open spaces on the largest undeveloped property (128.1 acres) remaining within the Antelope community. In October 2014, we were additionally selected by the County for a four-year further contract to provide on-call improvement plan review, permit support, and land surveying services.

US Navy, California. We partnered with another firm for a design-build project to replace/repair 3.3 miles of sewer pipeline and 80 manholes within the Marine Corps Recruit Depot base facilities in San Diego. In this capacity, we were responsible for field survey, geotechnical investigation, CCTV investigation, design of sewer replacement/repair facilities and affected surface replacement, and submittals for approval prior to construction. Engineering during construction will also be provided. We again partnered with the firm to provide design and construction of the U.S. Navy's Naval Weapons Station Small Arms Range in Seal Beach. The range is comprised of two small-caliber ranges and three shotgun ranges. The design-build team will design and construct modifications to two small-caliber-gun ranges with a vertical baffling system and a wooden brow for bullet and bullet fragment containment. These upgrades involve installing new granular bullet traps, replacing vertical baffle systems, replacing sidewall protection systems, modifying concrete slab-on-grade, removing a timber divider wall, removing timber retaining wall, installing reinforced concrete retaining wall, replacing lighting, and relocating the target retrieval system. We are providing geotechnical engineering, foundation, retaining wall, structural baffles design; and hydrology/hydraulics services.

City of Davis, California. We are providing a full range of development review services including inspection and material testing for a 100 acre, mixed use subdivision. The project consists of two major phases with 6 smaller sub-phases within each major phase (12 phases total). We are tasked with attending client and developer coordination meetings; process reviews for grading plans, improvement plans, storm drain pump station, joint trench plans, agricultural water well (for landscape irrigation), off-site improvements, map reviews, bond estimates and other related services. The estimated cost of all public improvements is $26 million.

Ridgecrest, California. We are under contract with the City of Ridgecrest to provide over $0.5 million of design, bidding assistance, and construction engineering services for this federally-funded street reconstruction project on China Lake Boulevard—a four-lane principal arterial street. Our services include utility notices and coordination, geotechnical investigation, environmental clearances, plans, specifications, and estimate preparation, bidding assistance, engineering support during project bidding and construction, and construction management, inspection, labor compliance, quality assurance materials testing, and federal funding administration.

City of Phoenix, Arizona. Following a competitive bid process, we were awarded two contracts with the City of Phoenix—one for plan review and the other for inspection. Plan review services include building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, energy, and fire code compliance for permit issuance purposes. Under the second contract, we will provide field inspections for building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, energy, and fire code compliance for construction of new development with the City. Both contracts are multi-year contracts with the potential to capture $1.5 million annually per discipline.
Public Finance Services

We acquired our subsidiary Willdan Financial Services (formerly known as MuniFinancial), a public finance consulting business, in 1999 to supplement the engineering services that we offer our clients. In general, we supply expertise and support for the various financing techniques employed by public agencies to finance their operations and infrastructure. We also support the mandated reporting and other requirements associated with these financings. We do not provide underwriting or financial advisory services for municipal securities.

Unlike our Engineering Services business, we often compete for business, at least initially, through a competitive bid process. Agencies competitively bid out services on a regular basis. The new contract terms are generally one, three or five years per contract.

Our services in this segment include the following:

District Administration. We administer special districts on behalf of public agencies. The types of special districts administered include community facilities districts (in California, Mello-Roos districts), assessment districts, landscape and lighting districts, school facilities improvement districts, benefit assessment districts, fire suppression districts, and business improvement districts. Our administration services include calculating the annual levy for each parcel in the district; billing charges directly or through a county tax roll; preparing the annual Engineer's Report, budget and resolutions; reporting on collections and payment status; calculating prepayment quotes; and providing financial analyses, modeling and budget forecasting.

The key to our District Administration services is our proprietary software package, MuniMagicSM: Municipal Administration & Government Information Coordinator, which we developed internally to redefine the way we administer special districts. MuniMagic is a database management program that maintains parcel data; calculates special taxes, assessments, fees and charges; manages payment tracking; maintains bond-related information in a single, central location; and provides reporting, financial modeling and analysis at multiple levels of detail. MuniMagic offers a significant competitive advantage in an industry driven by the ability to accurately process large quantities of data. MuniMagic is also available for licensing by our existing clients. See "—Intellectual Property" for a discussion of the licensing terms.

Financial Consulting. We perform economic analyses and financial projects for public agencies, including:

Fee and rate studies, such as cost allocation studies and user fee analysis;

Utility rate analysis for water, wastewater and stormwater;

Fiscal and economic impact analysis;

Strategic economic development and redevelopment plans;

Real estate and market analysis associated with planning efforts, and development fee studies;

Proposition 218 studies, assessment balloting, and re-engineering;

Special district formation, which involves the feasibility determinations, design, development and initiation of community facilities districts, school facilities improvement districts, tax increment financing districts, assessment districts, landscape and lighting districts, benefit assessment districts, business improvement districts, and fire suppression assessments;

Other special projects, including facility financing plans, formation of new public entities, annexations and incorporations; reassessment engineering and financial analysis for bond offerings or refundings; development and financial projections; and nexus studies between public and private enterprises, including public-private partnerships and the benefits of economic development to municipalities and to state, provincial, regional and national governments.
Federal Compliance. We offer federal compliance services to issuers of municipal securities, which can be cities, towns, school districts, housing authorities and other entities that are eligible to issue tax-exempt securities. Specifically, we provide arbitrage rebate calculations and municipal disclosure services that help issuers remain in compliance with federal regulations. We provide these reports, together with related compliance services such as bond elections, temporary period yield restriction, escrow fund monitoring, rebate payments and refund requests. In terms of continuing disclosure services, we both produce the required annual reports and disseminate those reports on behalf of the issuers. We provide federal compliance services to approximately 750 issuers in 42 states and the District of Columbia on more than 2,500 bond issues totaling over $60 billion in municipal debt.

Representative Projects. Examples of typical projects we have in the Public Finance Services segment include:

Durango, Colorado. We worked with the City to develop a balanced long-term water and wastewater financial plan incorporating a combination of rate increases and debt issuances to fully fund the City's operations while minimizing rate impacts on the City's customers. One of the challenges facing the City is the need to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant in order to meet and maintain compliance with State wastewater treatment standards and to provide available capacity for new growth. The project cost for the upgrade is approximately $50 million over 3 years.

San Benito County, California. We were hired by the County of San Benito to provide professional consulting services specific to the replacement of its Enterprise Resource Planning system. We assisted the County with several project components including review of the draft contract, coordination with County staff to ensure that comprehensive functional and technical specifications were developed and added as a contract addendum. In addition, we are involved in the design the Chart of Accounts to facilitate employee time tracking, and internal/external financial reporting, including internal management reporting, monthly financial reporting, grant reporting, project accounting and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report preparation. Also, we interface with the software developer's project manager to resolve issues, develop the project task list and schedule, and monitor the work plan and project schedule.

Bay County, Florida. The County owns and operates a water and sewer system that provides wholesale water to eight municipal customers within the County, as well as to retail customers within the unincorporated communities. The County is in the process of issuing bonds to refund certain outstanding debt obligations and provide funding for system improvements. We are currently developing the financial feasibility report contained within the offering documents for the bonds.

Columbia, Missouri. In partnership with the City of Columbia, we are preparing a solid waste collection cost-of-service, benchmarking and rate Study. This multi-faceted project included observation of the City collection system and development of full cost rates for the City's landfill and Material Recovery Facility, as well as collection rates for residential, commercial dumpster, and commercial roll-off rates. Our tasks included the development of a utility rate model, which would serve as a long-term planning and decision-making tool as the City's solid waste system evolves over time.

Brighton, Colorado. We were hired by the City to prepare a comprehensive fee and rate study for utility services, including water, wastewater and storm drainage. Due to the increase in residential development over the past few decades, the Brighton community doubled in size causing water distribution and collection pipelines to triple. This relatively sudden increase in system growth diverted needed attention and resources away from the appropriate maintenance of the existing utility system components and focused City resources primarily on new installations and growth planning, which accelerated the need for the study and updated fees. Working with City staff, we identified and prioritized the utility system objectives and desired rate attributes, reviewed existing rates and made recommendations on refinements that effectively meet these goals. This information was used to develop a comprehensive multi-year capital financing analysis as well as rate policies that will guide the rate setting process.

Flagstaff, Arizona. Willdan was retained by the City, in second quarter of 2014, to conduct a comprehensive utility rate analyses for water, wastewater and reclaimed water rates, as well as connection/capacity fees. We had previously completed a similar analysis for the City in 2010. Willdan is currently working with the City to create a new comprehensive revenue sufficiency analysis and financial plan from the ground up, and design updated utility rates and fees that effectively meet previously identified project goals. Key issues being addressed include the equity of utility rates for customers inside the City, as compared with those outside the City, and ensuring that capacity fee and rates reflect the proper burden on new development. The project team is also actively involved in stakeholder meetings, which are necessary to gain political and community acceptance of the proposed rate structures by explaining the process and results at each key milestone of the project.

Homeland Security Services

In fiscal year 2004, we formed our subsidiary Willdan Homeland Solutions ("WHS"), formerly known as American Homeland Solutions. WHS provides emergency preparedness planning, emergency preparedness training, emergency preparedness exercises, communications and technology, and water security services that focus on integrating local resources and assets within state and federal systems to cities, counties and related municipal service agencies, such as utility and water companies, as well as school districts, port and transportation authorities, tribal governments and large business enterprises with a need for homeland security related services. We staff our projects in this area with former high-level local and regional public safety officers and focus on solutions tailored for local agencies and their personnel. Our services include the following:

Emergency Preparedness Planning. We design, develop, implement, review, and evaluate public and private agencies' emergency operations and hazard mitigation plans, including compliance and consistency with federal, state and local laws and policies. Plans are tailored to respond to terrorism, intentional acts of sabotage, and natural disasters. We also provide command and control and emergency response training for all types of unusual occurrences. We have developed emergency operations, hazard mitigation, continuity of operations and business continuity and recovery plans for municipal governments, special districts, school districts, and private-industry clients.

Emergency Preparedness Training. We design customized training courses for all aspects of disaster, unusual occurrence and emergency responses. In this regard, we have developed and own several training courses that meet or exceed the requirements for the federal National Incident Management System ("NIMS") training. These courses assist clients in meeting their obligations to prepare their staff to utilize the NIMS. Our courses have been approved by California's Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training, the California Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal National Integration Center, Training and Education Division, formerly the Department of Homeland Security's "Office of Grants and Training."

Emergency Preparedness Exercises. We conduct planning sessions and exercises, including those relating to weapons of mass destruction, large events, mass casualty transportation disasters, terrorism incident response, natural disaster response and recovery, and civil disorder events. We design these exercises for multi-agency involvement so they are fully compliant with the federal government's Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, the State Emergency Management System for California, and the National Response Framework. Exercises are designed to evaluate and test "first responders" and support personnel, as well as elected officials and agency management.

Communications and Technology. We provide homeland security, public safety, and emergency response capabilities for government and corporate clients that focus on integrating local resources and assets within federal, state, and local systems. Core competencies include requirements development, integration, life cycle analysis, system design, procurement and selection, deployment, interoperability, project management, quality management, assessments, conceptual and final design and gap analysis in the public safety radio land mobile communications and corporate market including broadband networks, commercial cellular test plans, data networks, microwave network planning and related engineering design.

Water Security. We offer NIMS and Incident Command System courses specific to water and wastewater agencies. Our instructors and course facilitators have significant experience in water and wastewater security, emergency preparedness, and business continuity. All courses are DHS-certified. Eligible agencies may use DHS Transit Security Grant Program funds for this approved training. The program is one in a number of comprehensive measures authorized by congress to directly support transportation infrastructure security activities.

Representative Projects. Examples of typical Homeland Security Services projects include:

New York State Mass Transit Authority Training Program ("NYS MTA"). For several years we have been contracted to develop and deliver NYS MTA's Phase III Advanced Security and Emergency Response training courses for NYS MTA employees. The NYS MTA is the largest public transportation provider in the western hemisphere, serving approximately 14.4 million people. The program covers several NYS MTA agencies and course development and includes topical material focused on Behavioral Recognition, Counter Terrorism, Evacuation, Emergency Command and Control, Critical Incident Management, Crisis Communications and Leadership. Phase III was successfully completed in fiscal year 2014 and work on NYS MTA's Phase IV preparedness training has been started.

Amtrak Security Exercise Program. In 2013, WHS was part of the Obsidian Analysis team that was awarded a one year contract to design, develop, and deliver preparedness exercises for Amtrak stations across the United States. The purpose of the Amtrak Security Exercise Program was to evaluate the plans, policies, and procedures Amtrak will use to respond to a natural or man-caused event involving Amtrak stations, trains, or property. Successfully completed in fiscal year 2014, this contract adds to our expanding portfolio of professional transportation security services, which now includes work at the national level. Moreover, in 2014, Amtrak selected the Obsidian Analysis and Willdan team to provide the follow on training and exercise program in 2015.

Alameda County-Bay Area UASI Training Services. In 2014, WHS was awarded a three-year contract to provide the Alameda County-Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative ("Bay Area UASI") with a wide range of training courses taught by subject matter experts and/or recognized professionals in the fields of law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, emergency management, and public health. The Bay Area UASI consists of 12 counties, including three major cities, with a total population of seven and a half million residents. Prior to this, from 2011 to 2014, we provided instruction to participants from all 12 Bay Area counties on a range of topics, including, underwater hazard devices, improvised explosive device electronics, maritime interdiction, and situational awareness for Emergency Operations Centers. We expect that our training and exercise services will be used to prepare the Bay Area to host Super Bowl 50 in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.


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