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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2020)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2020)
(Profit Margin)
1,152.80 100 % 159.40 13.83 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2020)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2020)
Q/Q Income
0.42 % 1.29 % 31.63 % -5.96 %

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Business Segments Description

Our products and services allow professionals in the financial services industry to automate complex business processes within financial services providers and are instrumental in helping our clients manage significant information processing requirements. Our solutions enable our clients to focus on core operations, better monitor and manage investment performance and risk, improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our portfolio of approximately 90 products and software-enabled services allows our clients to automate and integrate front-office functions such as trading and modeling, middle-office functions such as portfolio management and reporting, and back-office functions such as accounting, performance measurement, reconciliation, reporting, processing and clearing.

Software-enabled Outsourcing Services

SS&C provides a range of software-enabled outsourcing services that include fund administration, managed services with our world-class data centers, and technology and operations outsourcing.

SS&C GlobeOp. We provide comprehensive on- and offshore fund administration services to hedge fund and other alternative investment managers using our proprietary software products. SS&C GlobeOp offers fund manager services, transfer agency services, funds-of-funds services, tax processing, compliance services and accounting processing. SS&C GlobeOp supports all fund types and investment strategies. Our proprietary modules, “Go-Apps” including GoTrade+ and GoRisk, target specific processes in the post-trade investment cycle and are fully integrated within the SS&C GlobeOp service. Market segments served include hedge funds, funds-of-funds, private equity, and real assets firms.

Black Diamond. Black Diamond offers independent advisors and wealth managers a cloud-based portfolio management platform with aggregation, customizable reporting and rebalancing, and daily reconciliation features. As a cloud-based product offering, advisors can access Black Diamond’s customizable portfolio management and reporting online from anywhere, anytime without the need to maintain costly technology infrastructures. Black Diamond also provides outsourced daily reconciliation and data management services so firms can focus their efforts on servicing clients and growing their business rather than managing complex back office functions.

Advent OnDemand. SS&C Advent OnDemand is the SaaS delivery of SS&C Advent’s suite of asset management solutions, which are hosted either by Advent or a third-party and are offered with or without data management services. Data management services include full account aggregation, daily portfolio reconciliation, corporate actions processing and reference data management.

SS&C Direct. We provide comprehensive software-enabled services through our SS&C Direct operating unit for portfolio accounting, reporting and analysis functions. Since 1997, SS&C Direct has offered ASP, business process outsourcing (“BPO”) and blended outsourcing services to institutional asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and financial institutions. The SS&C Direct service includes full BPO investment accounting and operations services, the hosting of a company’s application software, automated workflow integration and quality control mechanisms, and extensive interface and connectivity services to custodian banks, data service providers, depositories, and other external entities.

Evare. Evare is a leader in financial data acquisition, transformation and delivery services. Global managed services connect our clients and their counterparties using each firm’s preferred method of connectivity, custom data formats, and industry standards. All parties utilize their existing systems and protocols without having to upgrade or install software.

e-Investor. SS&C’s e-Investor provides an end-to-end investor transaction processing platform designed to automate the delivery, completion, submission, and tracking of all investor transactions. When coupled with SS&C’s e-Fulfillment, the solution can deliver targeted marketing material and subscription documents through a secure web interface to potential investors, with detailed activity tracking. Once delivered, the prospect (or financial advisor) can complete the subscription document online, leveraging e-Investor’s extensive and flexible data validation and dependency rules.

SSCNet. SSCNet is a global trade network linking investment managers, broker-dealers, clearing agencies, custodians and interested parties. SSCNet’s real-time trade matching utility and delivery instruction database facilitate integration of front-, middle- and back-office functions, reducing operational risk and costs.

SVC. SVC is a single source for securities data that consolidates data from leading global sources to provide clients with the convenience of one customized data feed. SVC provides clients with seamless, timely and accurate data for pricing, corporate actions, dividends, interest payments, foreign exchange rates and security master for global financial instruments.

FIXLink. FIXLink is a large, multi-asset FIX connectivity network for IOIs, trades, orders, and allocations, providing a reliable broker-neutral and platform-neutral FIX connectivity service to broker-dealers and institutions.

Portfolio management/accounting software

Our products and services for portfolio management span most of our vertical markets and offer our clients a wide range of investment management solutions. Some of our portfolio management products include:

Geneva. Geneva is a global portfolio management platform designed to meet the real-time needs of global asset managers, hedge funds, prime brokers, fund administrators, private equity firms and family offices worldwide. Geneva integrates all phases of the investment management process – portfolio management, reconciliation and light trade capture and risk capabilities. Its “main memory” database offers more accurate and flexible reporting, and eliminates batch processing and time-consuming error corrections. Geneva enables firms to grow into new markets, deliver greater operational efficiencies, enhance investor service, process high trade volumes across multiple securities, improve compliance and security, and lower operating costs and risks.

Advent Portfolio Exchange. Advent Portfolio Exchange (“APX”) is a comprehensive portfolio management solution for asset managers and wealth managers worldwide, which integrates the front-office functions of prospecting, marketing, customer relationship management and internal business management with the back office operations of portfolio accounting, performance measurement and reporting. It allows firms to manage both high-net-worth and institutional clients through a comprehensive range of capabilities, including customized reporting, automated report packaging, and performance analytics. APX can be deployed locally as well as the cloud.

Global Wealth Platform. A web-based service, Global Wealth Platform combines our core asset management product functions with an innovative, easy-to-use interface. Global Wealth Platform provides an integrated suite with key components — modeling, trading, portfolio accounting, client communications and other mission critical workflows — as an on-demand, software-enabled service.

PORTIA. PORTIA is a comprehensive middle-to-back-office software solution designed to streamline the operations of global investment managers. PORTIA’s functionality supports a broad range of global asset types, fixed income analytics & analysis, multi-currency transaction processing, corporate actions and presentation-quality reporting implemented with flexible deployment options. Built on an open architecture, PORTIA enables real-time integration with other systems, applications, data providers and counterparties to run operations more efficiently and effectively.

HiPortfolio. HiPortfolio is an investment accounting and asset servicing solution. It provides full life cycle processing including comprehensive investment and fund accounting capabilities, flexible transaction processing from order capture to post-trade activity, and proven support for middle- and back-office operations.

CAMRA. CAMRA (Complete Asset Management, Reporting and Accounting) software supports the integrated management of asset portfolios by investment professionals operating across a wide range of institutional investment entities. CAMRA is a multi-user, integrated solution tailored to support the entire portfolio management function and includes features to execute, account for and report on all typical securities transactions.

Pacer. Pacer is a portfolio management and accounting system designed to manage diversified global portfolios and meet the unique management and accounting needs of all business streams, from institutional and pension management, to separately managed accounts, private client portfolios, mutual funds and unit trusts.

TNR Solution. TNR Solution is a software product for private equity, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and family offices. Built around Microsoft’s .NET platform, the product gives end users the flexibility to manage all aspects of their operations from contact management, fund raising, investor relations, fund, portfolio and deal management, general ledger and reporting.

Total Return. Total Return is a portfolio management and partnership accounting system directed toward the hedge fund and family office markets. It is a multi-currency system, designed to provide financial and tax accounting and reporting for businesses with high transaction volumes.

AdvisorWare. AdvisorWare software supports hedge funds, funds-of-funds and family offices with sophisticated global investment, trading and management concerns, and/or complex financial, tax, partnership and allocation reporting requirements. It delivers comprehensive multicurrency investment management, financial reporting, performance fee calculations, net asset value calculations, contact management and partnership accounting in a straight-through processing environment.

Axys. Axys is a turnkey portfolio management and reporting system for small to mid-size investment management organizations. Axys provides investment professionals with broad portfolio accounting functionality on a variety of investment instruments, including equities, fixed income, mutual funds and cash. By using Axys, clients have a timely decision support tool with immediate access to portfolio holdings, asset allocation, realized and unrealized gains and losses, actual and projected income and other data including performance measurement and flexible reporting.

Debt & Derivatives. Debt & Derivatives is a comprehensive financial application software package designed to process and analyze all activities relating to derivative and debt portfolios, including pricing, valuation and risk analysis, derivative processing, accounting, management reporting and regulatory reporting. Debt & Derivatives delivers real-time transaction processing to treasury and investment professionals, including traders, operations staff, accountants and auditors.

MAXIMIS. MAXIMIS is a real-time intranet-enabled portfolio management solution for insurance companies, pension funds and institutional asset managers. Its key product functions include portfolio analysis, investment management, trade processing, cash processing, multi-currency accounting, regulatory reporting, operations and analysis and management reporting.

Recon. Recon is a transaction, position and cash reconciliation system that streamlines reconciliation by identifying exceptions and providing effective workflow tools to resolve issues faster, thereby reducing operational risk. Recon automatically reconciles transactions, holdings and cash from multiple sources.

Performance measurement and attribution

Our performance measurement and attribution solutions calculate rates of return, attribution, composite returns, and ex-post risk measures. These solutions better explain investment strategies and performance to our clients’ investors, giving them greater transparency into their portfolios.

Sylvan. Sylvan is a performance measurement, attribution and composite management platform that is designed to streamline the calculation and reporting of performance measurement requirements.

Insight. Insight is a web-based performance measurement and attribution solution that combines in-depth analytical capabilities with cutting-edge visualization technology. Insight brings clarity to alternative investment firm’s performance analytic with interactive visual displays, benchmark customization, presentation formation, and fulfills GIPs compositing, reporting, and compliance requirements.

Anova. SS&C Anova acts as a central data hub, consolidating and aggregating critical holding, position and transaction data in near real time. Its robust performance and attribution engine provides a detailed breakdown of the sources of risk and return from portfolio holdings, enabling clients to understand and react to their portfolio performance.

Banking and Lending Solutions

SS&C offers end-to-end banking and lending solutions to support the full range of types, including commercial and syndicated, consumer direct, auto, mortgage and lines of credit. Our solutions help streamline and modernize loan operations, bringing “future-proof” flexibility, scalability and transparency to the management of loan assets.

Precision LM. Precision LM is a single database application that provides comprehensive commercial loan management from initial request to final disposition. It is a fully integrated system that supports both loan origination and servicing, and offers a single point of entry that increases efficiency by eliminating redundant data, reducing errors and lowering maintenance and operating costs. Precision LM offers a centralized loan portfolio that maintains a detailed loan history and audit trail from inception and generate comprehensive loan portfolio reporting from a single database, giving the client ability to proactively measure and mitigate risk through the integrated portfolio analytics. Precision LM is fully integrated with commercial mortgage-backed securities (“CMBS”), including complete CMBS pooling, servicing, advances, recoveries and Commercial Mortgage Securities Association reporting.

SS&C Primatics. SS&C Primatics automates processes, enables compliance with changing regulations, and accurate data analysis that is aimed to improve real-time decision-making. The SS&C Primatics Evolv product eliminates the manual processes and spreadsheets by automating all of the loan accounting functions (data, calculations, processes, workflows and reporting) that are not being addressed by core banking systems.

Global Debt Manager (“GDM”). GDM is a suite of industry-leading solutions, seamlessly integrated under a common core with single-sign on. GDM enables global banks and securities firms to streamline global registrar and transfer and paying agency operations, providing a full range of corporate trust support, encompassing money market issuance, long-term debt and common depository, with multi-currency and local market support world-wide. The GDM suite includes Long-term debt manager, Common Depository Manager, GDM Match, and Money Market Manager.

Global Treasury Manager (“GTM”). GTM is a suite of industry-leading solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of broker/dealers, credit unions, and banks. SS&C’s solutions for financial institutions include fixed-income securities trading, safekeeping, money market processing, collateral management, repo processing, portfolio accounting and analytics as well as asset/liability management. GTM’s suite of products include TradeThru, MarginMan, Lightning, and PortPro.

Trading and Treasury operations

Our comprehensive real-time trading systems offer a wide range of trade order management solutions that support both buy-side and sell-side trading. Our full-service trade processing systems deliver comprehensive processing for global treasury and derivative operations. Solutions are available to clients either through a license or as a software-enabled service. Some of our trading and treasury operations products include:

Moxy. Moxy automates and streamlines the portfolio construction, trading and order management process for the investment management community. Moxy also provides internet-ready electronic order routing based on the industry standard FIX messaging protocol so that users can route trades electronically to any FIX-compliant broker, crossing networks, and various dark pools of liquidity that supports the internet or other TCP/IP connections. Trades are executed, processed, settled and accounted for without manual intervention.

Antares. Antares is a comprehensive, real-time, event-driven trading and profit and loss reporting system designed to integrate trade modeling with trade order management. Antares enables clients to trade and report fixed-income, equities, foreign exchange, futures, options, repos and many other instruments across different asset classes. Antares also offers an add-on option of integrating Heatmaps’ data visualization technology to browse and navigate holdings information.

Client Reporting

Our powerful client communications solutions serve investment managers, wealth managers, insurance companies, and alternative investors and allow our customers to create on-demand, custom reports.

SS&C VisionFI. VisionFI (Financial Insights) is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for designing, producing and distributing client communications content for the financial services industry. It enables firms to deliver high-end, customized reports and deliver via print, email, or online portal.

Pages. Pages is a powerful client communications solution for investment managers, insurance companies, and banks that generate distinctive client statements and slide presentations for print, electronic or face-to-face meetings. Features include desktop publishing-quality statements, personalized and multilingual capabilities, automated processes and a simplified workflow, and complex business logic, including "if-then-else" capabilities to handle one-off situations or other special cases.

Financial modeling

We offer several powerful analytical software and financial modeling applications for the insurance industry. We also provide analytical software and services to the municipal finance groups market. Some of our financial modeling products include:

DBC Debt Structuring Solutions. The DBC family of solutions provides technology for structuring and reporting on municipal finance, general obligation and revenue bond issues, including asset-backed housing and student loan securitization. Underwriters, investment banks, municipal issuers and financial advisors use DBC solutions for structuring new issues, securitizations, strategic planning and asset/liability management. The DBC suite includes DBC Finance, DBC Debt Manager, DBC PortOpt, DBC Housing, DBC Multi-Family/Healthcare, and DBC Student Loan.

Global Markets Risk. Global Markets Risk provides a comprehensive view of risk across all asset classes for banks, hedge funds, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds. Risk Analytics is designed for risk managers who need better tracking, managing and reporting of value-at-risk and ex-ante risk measures across all asset classes.

Property management

We provide technology solutions for commercial and multifamily property management firms, as well as timeshare and resort operators. Our solutions automate and streamline daily accounting and administrative functions, and give clear insights into our clients’ assets.

SKYLINE. SKYLINE Property Management Software Solutions and Services is a comprehensive property management system that integrates all aspects of real estate property management, from prospect management to lease administration, work order management, accounting and reporting. By providing a single-source view of all real estate holdings, SKYLINE functions as an integrated lease administration system, a historical property/portfolio knowledge base and a robust accounting and financial reporting system, enabling users to track each property managed, including data on specific units and tenants.

TimeShareWare. TimeShareWare Enterprise incorporates a Service Oriented Architecture and provides the tools, structure, and performance needed to accommodate management of complex and demanding resort operations, including sales and marketing, management, contract processing, loan servicing and property management.

Professional services

We offer a range of professional services to assist clients. Professional services consist of consulting and implementation services, including the initial installation of systems, conversion of historical data and ongoing training and support. Our in-house consulting teams work closely with the client to ensure the smooth transition and operation of our systems. Our consulting teams have a broad range of experience in the financial services industry and include certified public accountants, chartered financial analysts, mathematicians and IT professionals from the asset management, real estate, investment, insurance, hedge fund, municipal finance and banking industries. We believe our commitment to professional services facilitates the adoption of our software products across our target markets. For the year ended December 31, 2017, revenues from professional services represented 5% of total revenues.

Product support

We believe a close and active service and support relationship is important to enhancing client satisfaction and furnishes an important source of information regarding evolving client issues. We provide our larger clients with a dedicated client support team whose primary responsibility is to answer questions and provide solutions to address ongoing needs. Direct telephone support is provided during extended business hours, and additional hours are available during peak periods. Approximately every two weeks, we distribute our software and services eBriefings, which are industry-specific newsletters available for key geographic regions around the world. We supplement our service and support activities with comprehensive training. Training options include regularly hosted classroom and online instruction, Zoologic Learning Academy, and online client seminars, or “webinars,” that address current, often technical, issues in the financial services industry.

We periodically make maintenance releases of licensed software available to our clients, as well as regulatory updates (generally during the fourth quarter, on a when and if available basis), to meet industry reporting obligations and other processing requirements.


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