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Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. Segments

   37.46 % of total Revenue
Food Network
   32.32 % of total Revenue
   6.21 % of total Revenue
Cooking Channel
   5.05 % of total Revenue
Great American Country
   1.14 % of total Revenue
   67.55 % of total Revenue
Affiliate fees
   30.06 % of total Revenue
Lifestyle Media
   94.52 % of total Revenue
Interactive Services
   5.48 % of total Revenue
Travel Channel
   11.05 % of total Revenue
   1.3 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
248.32 37.46 % 0.00 -
Food Network
214.22 32.32 % 0.00 -
41.14 6.21 % 0.00 -
Cooking Channel
33.49 5.05 % 0.00 -
Great American Country
7.52 1.14 % 0.00 -
447.79 67.55 % 0.00 -
Affiliate fees
199.23 30.06 % 0.00 -
Lifestyle Media
626.54 94.52 % 330.28 52.71 %
Interactive Services
36.31 5.48 % 0.00 -
Travel Channel
73.25 11.05 % 0.00 -
8.60 1.3 % 0.00 -
662.85 100 % 330.28 49.83 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
6.33 % -8.63 % - -
Food Network
1.11 % -6.07 % - -
11.4 % -14.27 % - -
Cooking Channel
17.58 % -4.6 % - -
Great American Country
-1.89 % -7.24 % - -
5.9 % -9.88 % - -
Affiliate fees
6.32 % -2.07 % - -
Lifestyle Media
5.25 % -8.19 % 11.34 % -15.8 %
Interactive Services
57.61 % 5.74 % - -
Travel Channel
-0.36 % -10.37 % - -
159.39 % -11.21 % - -
8.62 % -7.53 % 11.34 % -15.8 %

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  Scripps Networks Interactive's

Business Segments Description

Lifestyle Media

Our Lifestyle Media business segment includes five national television networks and SN Digital, our growing portfolio of related interactive lifestyle brands. The segment generates revenue principally from the sale of advertising time on national television networks and interactive media platforms and from affiliate fees paid by cable television operators, direct-to-home satellite services and other distributors that carry our network programming. Our Lifestyle Media segment also earns revenue from the licensing of its content to third parties, primarily in international markets, and the licensing of its brands for consumer products such as videos, books, kitchenware and tools.

The advertising revenue generated by our national television networks depends on the number of households subscribing to each service and on viewership ratings as determined by Nielsen Media Research and other third party research companies.

HGTV and Food Network and their targeted food and shelter programming categories appeal strongly to women viewers with higher incomes in the 18 to 49 age range, an audience demographic that is traditionally valued by advertisers. GAC also appeals to women viewers, while DIY typically has a higher percentage of adult male viewers. FLN is intended to appeal to both higher income men and women. Our advertising revenue is typically highest in the fourth quarter. Advertising revenue can fluctuate relative to the popularity of specific programs and blocks of programming during defined periods of the day.

Affiliate fee revenues are negotiated with individual cable television and direct-to-home satellite operators and other distributors. The negotiations typically result in multi-year carriage agreements with scheduled, graduated rate increases. As an incentive to obtain long-term distribution agreements for our newer networks, we may make cash payments to cable and direct-to-home satellite operators, provide an initial period during which a distributor’s affiliate fee payments are waived, or both. The amount of the fee we receive is determined by the number of subscribers with access to our network programming.

As consumer acceptance of high-definition television grows, the company is developing an increasing amount of original programming in high-definition format. Lifestyle Media has launched two high-definition channels, HGTV-HD and Food Network-HD, which are distributed by cable television and direct-to-home satellite system operators.

SN Digital’s lifestyle-oriented interactive businesses are a valuable component of our growth strategy. We are particularly focused on the internal development and acquisition of interactive, digital media brands that are intended to diversify sources of revenue and enhance our competitive advantage as a leading provider of food, shelter and lifestyle content. Revenue generated by SN Digital interactive businesses is derived primarily from the sale of display, banner, rich media and video advertising and sponsorships.

SN Digital consists of multiple Web sites, including our five network-branded Web sites, FoodNetwork.com, HGTV.com, DIYNetwork.com, FineLiving.com and GACTV.com. In addition to serving as the home Web sites for the segment’s television programming networks, the Web sites provide informational and instructional content on specific topics within their broader lifestyle content categories. Features such as HGTV KitchenDesign, HGTV BathDesign, DIY Automotive, DIY Home Improvement, and DIY Woodworking are intended to aggregate engaged audiences with interests in specific lifestyle topics. All of the segment’s interactive services benefit from archived television network programming of which approximately 95 percent is owned by the company. Our ownership of programming enables us to efficiently and economically repurpose it for use on the Internet and our other interactive distribution channels, including mobile and video-on-demand.

SN Digital also consists of other digital services including HGTVPro.com, which appeals to construction professionals and advanced do-it-yourself enthusiasts; RecipeZaar.com, a recipe-sharing social networking Web site; and FrontDoor.com, a local real estate search and consumer information site that features millions of home listings and thousands of videos. The strategic focus at SN Digital is to grow advertising and sponsorship revenues by increasing the number of page views and video plays and attracting more unique visitors to our Web sites through site enhancements, adding more video, new tools, etc. Our strategy also includes attracting a broader audience through the placement of our video programming on national video streaming sites, and developing new sources of revenue that capitalize on traffic growth at our Web sites.


HGTV is America’s leader in home and lifestyle television programming and is one of cable and satellite television’s top-rated networks. HGTV reaches about 98 million domestic households via cable and direct satellite television services. The network’s companion Web site is one of the nation’s leading online home and garden destinations. HGTV owns 33 percent of HGTV Canada. The network’s programming also can be seen in 119 countries and territories.

HGTV television programming and Internet content commands an audience interested specifically in home and shelter-related topics. HGTV is television’s only network dedicated solely to such topics as decorating, interior design, home remodeling, home improvement, landscape design and real estate. HGTV strives to engage audiences by creating original programming that is entertaining, instructional and informative.

Programming highlights included HGTV Design Star, House Hunters, and My First Place. The network also has developed successful programming events, including the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway and HGTV Green Home Giveaway and annual live coverage of the Rose Bowl Parade.


Food Network is a leading cable and satellite television network that has defined the television food genre. The network engages viewers with likable hosts and personalities who explore interesting and different ways to approach food and food-related topics. Food Network is available in 98 million U.S. television households and its programming can be seen internationally in 149 countries and territories. The company owns approximately 69 percent of the Food Network and is the managing partner. The Tribune Company has a minority interest of approximately 31 percent in Food Network.

Food Network programming and Internet content attracts audiences interested in food-related topics. Food Network is television’s only network dedicated solely to such topics as food preparation, dining out, entertaining, food-related travel, food manufacturing, nutrition and healthy eating. Food Network engages audiences by creating original programming that is entertaining, instructional and informative.

Programming highlights included Next Food Network Star, Ace of Cakes, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and Iron Chef America. Many of the programs on Food Network feature or are hosted by high-profile television personalities such as Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, Guy Fieri and Paula Deen.


DIY is America’s only television network and Web site dedicated solely to presenting entertaining and informational programming and content across a broad range of do-it-yourself categories including home building; home improvement; automotive restoration and repair; crafts; gardening; landscaping, hobbies and woodworking. The network is available in approximately 50 million U.S. households via cable and direct satellite television services. DIY programming also is distributed internationally in 39 countries and territories. The television network’s companion Web site – DIYNetwork.com – consistently ranks among America’s top fifteen home and garden Internet destinations. The Web site features step-by-step instructions for the network’s on-air programming.


FLN is the first television programming service in the U.S. that was created to provide entertaining and informative content to viewers who are interested in quality lifestyle experiences. One of America’s fastest growing emerging television networks, FLN is available in about 55 million households. Original television programming and Internet content categories include adventure, weekend escapes, smart shopping, real estate, buyers’ guides, design and food and drink. FLN television programming also can be seen internationally in 57 countries and territories. The company owns approximately 94 percent of FLN.


Distributed in the U.S. via cable and direct satellite television services, the network reaches about 56 million households with original programming, special musical performances and live concerts. The network operates a companion Web site, GACTV.com.


HGTVPro.com is a video-rich interactive service delivered via the Internet which appeals to professional builders, remodelers and contractors. Content includes professional-level best practices, tips and techniques, new product information and industry trends. HGTVPro.com attracts about 1 million unique visitors per month. HGTVPro.com is an authoritative source of information on the Internet for home construction professionals and advanced do-it-your self, home-improvement enthusiasts. The Web site features original video content, industry news and detailed tips and instructions on a wide variety of home construction topics.


RecipeZaar.com is a leading user-generated recipe and community Internet site featuring more than 340,000 recipes. RecipeZaar.com provides food enthusiasts with a browsing tool, search capabilities and personalized features. RecipeZaar.com is one of the Internet’s top 10 food and cooking category sites, attracting about 6 million unique visitors per month. RecipeZaar.com aggregates an audience on the Internet by creating an engaged community of food enthusiasts interested in home recipes, menu planning and other food-related topics. The social-networking Web site features volumes of user-generated content, including recipes, photos, menus and reviews.


FrontDoor.com is an online real estate listing service that provides localized, in-depth information on homes in neighborhoods and communities across the U.S. The interactive service provides consumers with original video content, financial tools and calculators. FrontDoor.com is a comprehensive resource on the Internet for home buyers and home sellers. The Web site features searchable national real estate listings, video of featured properties for sale, buyers’ and sellers’ guides, calculators and other tools, and a library of video content on real estate-related topics.

Interactive Services

Our Interactive Services segment includes Internet-based businesses that strive to simplify online shopping for consumers by aggregating, organizing, ranking and displaying relevant and searchable consumer information. Consumers who use our Interactive Services Web sites are presented with easy-to-use search results generated from continuously growing databases of information on a wide range of products and services that are offered for sale on the Internet by third-party retailers and service providers. Our Interactive Services businesses operate principally in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The segment’s businesses strive to help online consumers make educated purchasing decisions by ranking products and services on such factors as comparative pricing, availability, quality and reliability. The quality and reliability of individual online merchants and service providers are ranked based on the collective, shared experiences of consumers using the segment’s Web sites. Users also are presented with supporting consumer news and information, user-generated and professional product reviews, calculators and other tools that are intended to help them complete their purchasing decisions.

The Interactive Services segment derives the largest percentage of its revenue from direct referral fees paid by online merchants and service providers (advertisers) that enter into contractual agreements allowing them to place text-based, linked advertisements on the segment’s Web sites. The referral fees paid by advertisers are based on a cost-per-click pricing structure, which means that advertisers pay only when consumers click on their linked ads. Cost-per-click pricing provides advertisers with an efficient means of evaluating the effectiveness of their advertising. Of particular importance for advertisers is the number of sales resulting from users clicking on their linked advertising. The segment’s search businesses encourage sustained advertising relationships with merchants and service providers by demonstrating a measurable return on investment for the referral fees they pay.

The advertising links placed by merchants and service providers serve as the primary database of information for the segment’s Web sites. Because the success of our Interactive Services businesses depends largely on a quality user experience and repeated visits by users, ad links are intentionally presented in an unobtrusive and uniform format that provides users with impartial and factual information on products and services.

The Interactive Services segment also derives revenue from contractual advertising agreements with general search engines. The agreements allow the general search engines to leverage relationships with their respective advertisers by placing sponsored links on our Interactive Services Web sites. Similar to our direct advertising relationships with merchants and service providers, the general search engines pay referral fees on a cost-per-click basis.

In addition to referral fees from linked ads and advertising links sponsored by general search engines, the segment’s Web sites also derive revenue from “switching” fees earned in the U.K. for brokering purchase transactions between consumers and service providers.

Revenue categories as a percentage of total Interactive Services segment revenue are as follows:

The Interactive Services segment measures operating performance in terms of net revenue, which is defined as total revenue minus traffic acquisitions costs. Traffic acquisition costs are those marketing expenses related to generating user traffic to the segment’s Web sites. The success of the segment’s businesses is largely dependent on their ability to efficiently and economically attract a high volume of user traffic.

The company expects all of its Interactive Services businesses to benefit from the growth in online shopping and overall consumer acceptance of Internet commerce internationally and in the United States.


Shopzilla is a network of online search and comparison shopping services that help consumers find and compare prices of millions of products that are offered for sale by thousands of retail merchants via the Internet.

Shopzilla network brands include Shopzilla.com, BizRate.com and LowPriceShopper.com in the United States; Shopzilla.co.uk and BizRate.co.uk in the United Kingdom; Shopzilla.fr and PrixMoinsCher.fr in France; and Shopzilla.de and SparDeinGeld.de in Germany. Shopzilla Web sites collectively attract 35 to 40 million unique visitors each month.

Shopzilla has established BizRate.com and Shopzilla.com as leading online search and comparison shopping Web sites by aggregating one of the Internet’s largest organized indexes of products and services. Shopzilla comparison shopping services are free to consumers who access the index via simplified, intuitively designed Internet pages that feature prominently displayed and easy-to-use search boxes. Shopzilla also operates a consumer feedback network within the BizRate brand that annually collects and publishes on its Web sites millions of consumer reviews of stores and products.

Shopzilla’s proprietary shopping search logic system and patented relevance function, ShopRank, make it possible for consumers to instantly obtain accurate search results for specific products and services. Search query results are organized and displayed on graphically designed, layered presentation pages that include product listings, images, comparative pricing information, links to online merchants and service providers and user-generated and professional product reviews. Search results also include merchant reliability rankings based on the shared experiences of Shopzilla users.

The index of products and services serves as the primary database for Shopzilla Web sites. The database is aggregated using a highly automated system for identifying products, building online catalogs and classifying and organizing product information feeds from merchants and service providers. Shopzilla builds advertising relationships with participating online merchants by providing them with a scalable, self-service sign-up process, an efficient cost-per-click pricing structure and a real-time reporting system that enables them to manage the return on the investment they are making to advertise on Shopzilla.

Shopzilla devotes considerable time and financial resources to continuously improving the user experience, the effectiveness of its proprietary search logic system for consumers and merchant advertisers, the design of its Web sites and the expansion of its searchable index of products and services.


uSwitch operates two Web sites – uSwitch.com and buy.co.uk – in the United Kingdom that were created to make it easy for consumers to shop for and compare prices on a range of home services, including gas, electricity, water, car insurance, home telephone, digital television, broadband, credit cards, personal loans, and secured loans.

The uSwitch business model capitalizes on growing consumer acceptance of broadband Internet services and growth in the comparison shopping and switching market in the U.K. uSwitch is the U.K.’s leading provider of energy-related price comparison and switching services, but also has completed multiple product launches in a diverse range of other vertical markets.

uSwitch derives revenue primarily from fees paid by service providers for consumer leads that are delivered via the Internet and converted into actual sales. The success of uSwitch is directly proportional to the number of leads directed to service providers that are converted into sales. The business closely monitors user traffic characteristics and conversion ratios.

Consumers who use uSwitch are presented with a continuously updated and proprietary dataset of information including prices and product characteristics, impartial content listings of industry suppliers, service ratings and customer advice. Consumers also are presented with online calculators and other personalization tools that are designed to help them evaluate purchase decisions. uSwitch Web sites feature simple, easy-to-use home pages with intuitive, prominently displayed search boxes. The Web site’s proprietary search algorithm enables consumers to quickly and easily identify and switch to service providers that offer the most economically advantageous rates, fees or costs.

User traffic at uSwitch is generated through a variety of marketing techniques, including offline advertising that builds brand awareness and encourages direct access by consumers to the uSwitch Web site. Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, personal e-mail alert services and contractual partnerships with affiliate Internet services featuring links to uSwitch Web sites also are employed to generate user traffic. uSwitch relies on effective and proactive public relations campaigns to generate general consumer interest in switching services.

The quality of the user experience at uSwitch relies on strong, contractual relationships the business has established with a diverse range of service providers and other strategic partners. uSwitch is not reliant on any single service provider in any of its product verticals. Suppliers provide continuously updated pricing and product information that serves as the primary database of information accessed by consumers. Fees are paid by suppliers on a cost-per-click and space-rental basis, and are dependant on the number of switches that are ultimately converted.


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