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Sanmina Corporation Segments

   18.14 % of total Revenue
   81.86 % of total Revenue
   23.36 % of total Revenue
Industrial or defense & medical
   79.81 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
IV. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
IV. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
296.91 18.14 % 0.00 -
1,339.67 81.86 % 0.00 -
382.36 23.36 % 0.00 -
Industrial or defense & medical
1,306.16 79.81 % 0.00 -
1,636.58 100 % 0.00 -

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
IV. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
IV. Quarter
Q/Q Income
20.5 % 17.61 % - -
-6.95 % 4.11 % - -
-1.42 % 12.74 % - -
Industrial or defense & medical
-4.12 % 4.85 % - -
-2.94 % 6.32 % - -

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Business Segments Description

Our Products and Services

We offer our OEM customers end-to-end services that span the entire product life cycle. Examples of products that we manufacture for OEMs include wireless and wireline communications switches, personal computers, high-end computers and servers, avionics, medical imaging systems and digital satellite set-top boxes. The manufacture of these products may require us to use all or some of our end-to-end services.

Each element of our end-to-end services is described in greater detail below.

Product Design and Engineering. Our design and engineering group, which we believe is one of the strongest in the EMS industry, provides customers with design and engineering services for initial product development, detailed product design and preproduction. This group complements our vertically integrated volume manufacturing capabilities by providing manufacturing design services for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, backplanes and enclosures. We provide initial product development and detailed product design and engineering services for products such as communications base stations, optical switches and modules, radio frequency amplifier modules, network switches, personal computers and servers.

• Initial Product Development. We provide a range of design and engineering services to customers to complement their initial product development efforts. During this phase, our design engineers work with our customers’ product development engineers to assist with design reviews and product concepts.

• Detailed Product Design. During the detailed product design phase, we work with our customers’ product development engineers to optimize product designs to improve the efficiency of the volume manufacturing of these products and reduce manufacturing costs. We further analyze product design to improve the ability of tests used in the manufacturing process to identify product defects and failures. We provide software development support for product development, including installing operating systems on hardware platforms, developing software drivers for electronic devices, and developing diagnostic, production test and support software. We design components that are incorporated into our customers’ products, including printed circuit boards, backplanes and enclosures.

• Preproduction. After a detailed product design has been completed and the product is released for prototype production, we can build a prototype on a quick turn around basis. We then analyze the feasibility of manufacturing the product prototype and make any necessary design modifications to the prototype and test the prototype to validate its design. We also provide early-stage test development during the prototype phase. We evaluate prototypes to determine if they will meet safety and other standards, such as standards published by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent product safety testing and certification organization, and other similar domestic and international organizations. We review the material and component content of customers’ designs with a view to designing in alternative components that may provide cost savings. Our preproduction services help our customers reduce the time required to bring new products to market.

• Manufacturing Design Services. We provide our own designs for our vertically integrated system components and subassemblies, including:

— Printed Circuit Board and Backplane Design. We have a dedicated printed circuit board design group that designs and engineers complex printed circuit boards and backplanes. These printed circuit boards and backplanes incorporate high layer counts and large form factors and are used in complex products such as optical networking products and communications switches. Our designs also incorporate component miniaturization technologies and other advanced technologies that increase the number and density of components that can be placed on a printed circuit board. These technologies enable OEMs to provide greater functionality in smaller products. We also provide signal integrity engineering services, which involve the maintenance of the quality and integrity of high speed electrical signals as they travel through a system.

— Enclosure Design. We have a dedicated enclosure design group that designs and engineers complex enclosures. We can design custom enclosures to meet customer specifications and offer a range of proprietary designs tailored to particular applications. Our enclosure design services include the design of thermal management systems, which dissipate heat generated by the components within an enclosure. We design enclosures that are used in both indoor and outdoor environments. We also design enclosures that include both stackable and rackmount chassis configurations. In stackable configurations, component modules are stacked on top of each other, while in rackmount configurations, component modules slide into racks within the enclosure. Rackmount configurations often are used for complex products, such as communications switches that are frequently upgraded in the field by inserting new components. Our design engineers work with a range of materials, including metal, plastic and die-cast material. We design indoor and outdoor wireless base station cabinets, enclosures for high-end servers and data storage systems and enclosures for magnetic resonance imaging systems. We recently developed a sophisticated proprietary enclosure with a thermal management system for high density servers used for managed hosting in data center applications. We offer this enclosure platform to our customers who can then customize it with modules and subsystems designed and manufactured to their specifications. By using our common platform customers reduce their enclosure costs.

Volume Manufacturing. Volume manufacturing includes our vertically integrated manufacturing services described in greater detail below.

• Printed Circuit Boards. Our ability to reliably produce printed circuit boards with high layer counts and narrow circuit track widths makes us an industry leader in complex printed circuit board fabrication. Printed circuit boards are made of laminated materials and contain electrical circuits and connectors that interconnect and transmit electrical signals among the components that make up electronic devices. We are among a small number of manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing complex multi-layer printed circuit boards. Multi-layering, which involves placing numerous layers of electrical circuitry on a single printed circuit board, expands the number of circuits and components that can be contained on a printed circuit board and increases the operating speed of the system by reducing the distance that electrical signals must travel. Increasing the density of the circuitry in each layer is accomplished by reducing the width of the circuit tracks and placing them closer together on the printed circuit board. We are currently capable of efficiently producing printed circuit boards with up to 60 layers and circuit track widths as narrow as three mils. We use sophisticated circuit interconnections between certain layers to improve the performance of printed circuit boards. We have developed a proprietary material technology known as buried capacitance as well as various other processes that are designed to provide improved electrical performance and greater connection densities on printed circuit boards.

• Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Test. Printed circuit board assembly involves attaching electronic components, such as integrated circuits, capacitors, microprocessors, resistors and memory modules, to printed circuit boards. The most common technologies used to attach components to printed circuit boards are surface mount technology, or SMT, and pin-through-hole assembly, or PTH. SMT involves the use of an automated assembly system to solder components to the printed circuit board. In PTH, components are placed on the printed circuit board by insertion into holes punched in the circuit board. Components also may be attached using press-fit technology in which components are pressed into connectors affixed to the printed circuit board. We use SMT, PTH, press-fit as well as new attachment technologies that are focused on miniaturization and increasing the density of component placement on printed circuit boards. These technologies, which support the needs of our OEM customers to provide greater functionality in smaller products, include chip-scale packaging, ball grid array, direct chip attach and high density interconnect. We perform in-circuit and function testing of printed circuit board assemblies. In-circuit testing verifies that all components have been properly inserted and attached and that the electrical circuits are complete. We perform functional tests to confirm that the board or assembly operates in accordance with its final design and manufacturing specifications. We either design and procure test fixtures and develop our own test software, or we use our customers’ test fixtures and test software. In addition, we provide environmental stress tests of the board or assembly that are designed to confirm that the board or assembly will meet the environmental stresses, such as heat, to which it will be subject.

• Backplanes and Backplane Assemblies. Backplanes are very large printed circuit boards that serve as the backbones of sophisticated electronics products and provide interconnections for printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and other electronic components. We fabricate backplanes in our printed circuit board plants. Backplane fabrication is significantly more complex than printed circuit board fabrication due to the large size of backplanes. We manufacture backplane assemblies by attaching electronic components and printed circuit boards to backplanes using SMT, PTH, press-fit and other advanced component attachment technologies. We also perform in-circuit and functional tests on backplane assemblies. We manufacture complex optical backplanes that are 30 by 50 inches in size, have 48 layers and 65,000 holes for component placement, as well as our 10-gigabit copper-based backplane design. These are among the largest and most complex commercially manufactured backplanes, and we are one of a limited number of manufacturers of these complex backplanes.

• Enclosures. Enclosures are cabinets that house and protect complex and fragile electronic components, modules and subsystems. Our enclosure manufacturing services include fabrication of cabinets and chassis and racks that are placed inside the cabinets to hold the subassemblies and modules that comprise electronic devices. We integrate power and thermal management subsystems into our enclosures. We manufacture a broad range of enclosures with a broad range of materials including metal, plastics and die cast materials. Enclosures we manufacture range from basic enclosures, such as enclosures for personal computers, to large and highly complex enclosures, such as those for indoor and outdoor communications base station products. We have recently developed a proprietary enclosure with a thermal management system designed for high density servers for managed hosting in data center applications. Our customers can have their unique products built on this platform by inserting their proprietary modules and subsystems.

• Cable Assemblies. Cable assemblies are used to connect modules, assemblies and subassemblies in electronic devices. We provide a broad range of cable assembly products and services. We design and manufacture a broad range of high-speed data, radio frequency and fiber optic cabling products. Cable assemblies that we manufacture are often used in large rack systems to interconnect subsystems and modules.

• Optical Modules. Optical modules are integrated subsystems that use a combination of industry standard and/or custom optical components. We are a leading provider of complete optical systems for customers in telecommunications, networking, and military markets. Our recent experience in optical communications and networking products spans long haul/ultra long haul and metro regions for transport, access and switching applications, including last mile solutions. Our service offerings for optical communications customers are designed to deliver end-to-end solutions with special focus on system design, optical module assembly, optical test and integration, ranging from traditional OC3-12-48 to OC192 and OC768 applications.

• Memory Modules. Memory modules are integrated subsystems that use industry standard integrated circuits including digital signal processors, or DSPs, non-volatile flash memory and random access memory, or RAM. These modules consist of standard products that are sold for a range of applications to a broad base of customers and custom modules that are built for use in a particular OEM’s product or system. We design and manufacture a variety of modular solutions, including standard and custom DSP, flash memory modules and RAM. In addition, we are a leading supplier of solutions to increase memory component density on printed circuit boards. We offer advanced NexMod memory modules that contain multiple memory layers vertically stacked and mounted to a printed circuit board. NexMod solutions are tailored for network infrastructure and complex server applications. We also provide innovative DDRI and DDRII DRAM modules utilizing stacked CSP technology offering high densities and small form factors. We provide custom module solutions including mixed memory and our proprietary foldable rigid assembly microelectronics module, or FRAMM. Our FRAMM technology incorporates two memory modules with a flexible cable between them. The module folds over itself, effectively doubling the memory capacity that can be plugged into a memory slot. We integrate both standard and custom modules in products that we manufacture.

Final System Assembly and Test. We provide final system assembly and test in which assemblies and modules are combined to form complete, finished products. We often integrate printed circuit board assemblies manufactured by us with enclosures, cables and memory modules that we also produce. Our final assembly activities also may involve integrating components and modules that others manufacture. The complex, finished products that we produce typically require extensive test protocols.

Our test services include both functional and environmental tests. We also test products for conformity to applicable industry, product integrity and regulatory standards. Our test engineering expertise enables us to design functional test processes that assess critical performance elements, including hardware, software and reliability. By incorporating rigorous test processes into the manufacturing process, we can help to assure customers that their products will function as designed. Products for which we currently provide final system assembly and test include wireless base stations, wireline communications switches, optical networking products, high-end servers and personal computers.

Direct Order Fulfillment. We provide direct order fulfillment for our OEM customers. Direct order fulfillment involves receiving customer orders, configuring products to quickly fill the orders and delivering the products either to the OEM, a distribution channel (such as a retail outlet) or directly to the end customer. We manage our direct order fulfillment processes using a core set of common systems and processes that receive order information from the customer and provide comprehensive supply chain management, including procurement and production planning. These systems and processes enable us to process orders for multiple system configurations, and varying production quantities, including single units.

Our direct order fulfillment services include BTO and CTO capabilities. BTO involves building a system having the particular configuration ordered by the OEM customer. CTO involves configuring systems to an end customer’s order. The end customer typically places this order by choosing from a variety of possible system configurations and options. We are capable of meeting a 48 to 72 hour turn-around-time for BTO and CTO by using advanced manufacturing processes and a real-time warehouse management system and data control on the manufacturing floor. We support our direct order fulfillment services with logistics that include delivery of parts and assemblies to the final assembly site, distribution and shipment of finished systems, and processing of customer returns. Our systems are sufficiently flexible to support direct order fulfillment for a variety of different products, such as desktop and laptop computers, servers, workstations, set-top boxes, medical devices, scanners, printers and monitors.

After-Market Product Service and Support. We provide a range of after-market product service and support services, including replacing products at customer locations, product repair, re-manufacturing and maintenance at repair depots, logistics and parts management, returns processing, warehousing and engineering change management. We also provide support services for products that are nearing the end of their life cycles. These end-of-life support services involve both customer support and manufacturing support activities. We support the customer by providing software updates and design modifications that may be necessary to reduce costs or design-in alternative components due to component obsolescence or unavailability. Manufacturing support involves test engineering support and manufacturability enhancements. We also assist with failure product analysis, warranty and repair and field service engineering activities.


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