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What are Patterson Companies Inc's Business Segments?

Dental Supply

As Patterson’s largest business, Patterson Dental is one of the two largest distributors of dental products in North America. The business has operations in the United States and Canada. Patterson Dental, a full-service, value-added supplier to dentists, dental laboratories, institutions, and other healthcare professionals, provides: consumable products (including x-ray film, restorative materials, hand instruments and sterilization products); basic and advanced technology dental equipment; practice management and clinical software; patient education systems; and office forms and stationery. Patterson Dental offers its customers a broad selection of dental products including more than 90,000 stock keeping units (“SKUs”) of which approximately 4,000 are private-label products sold under the Patterson name. Patterson Dental also offers customers a full range of related services including dental equipment installation, maintenance and repair, dental office design and equipment financing. Patterson Dental markets its dental products and services through approximately 1,425 direct sales representatives, 348 of whom are equipment specialists.

Dental products and techniques. Technological developments in dental products have contributed to advances in dental techniques and procedures, including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

In fiscal 2002, the Company introduced its newest order entry system, eMAGINE®. eMAGINE® has become the standard platform for the sales representative and includes many new features and upgrades including: up to three years of order history for the customer’s reference, faster searches for products and reports, order tracking, instant information on monthly product specials, descriptions and photographs of popular products and an electronic custom catalog, including a printable version with scannable bar codes.

For those dental customers not using eMAGINE®, the Company offers two alternative order entry products. REMOSM gives customers direct and immediate ordering access through a personal computer to a database containing Patterson’s complete inventory. PDXpress® is a handheld order entry system that eliminates handwritten order forms by permitting a user to scan a product bar code from an inventory tag system or from Patterson’s bar-coded catalog. These systems, including eMAGINE®, are provided at no additional charge to customers who maintain certain minimum purchase requirements.

The goal of the Company’s Internet strategy is to distribute information and service related products over the Internet to enhance customers’ practices and to increase sales force productivity. The Company’s Internet environment includes order entry, access to “Patterson Today” articles and manufacturers’ product information. Additionally, Patterson utilizes a tool, InfoSource, to provide real time customer and Company information to the Company’s sales force, managers and vendors via the Internet.

In addition to enhancing customer service, by offering electronic order entry systems to its customers, the Company enables its sales representatives to spend more time with existing customers and to call on additional customers.

The Company’s propriety practice management and clinical software, EagleSoft®, is developed and maintained by the Patterson Technology Center, which the Company believes is unique among dental distribution companies. Software and digital radiography customers also have access to the support capabilities of the Patterson Technology Center. In addition to troubleshooting problems through its customer call center, the Patterson Technology Center designs and configures local area networks and assembles custom hardware. The Patterson Technology Center also develops and supports the Company’s order entry systems.

Dental Supplies. Patterson offers a broad product line of consumable dental supplies such as x-ray film and solutions; impression materials; restorative materials (composites and alloys); hand instruments; sterilization products; anesthetics; infection control products such as protective clothing, gloves and facemasks; paper, cotton and other disposable products; toothbrushes and a full line of dental accessories including instruments, burs, and diamonds. Patterson markets its own private label line of dental supplies including anesthetics, instruments, preventive and restorative products, and cotton and paper products. Compared to most name brand supplies, the private label line provides lower prices for the Company’s customers and higher margins for the Company.

Printed Office Products. Patterson Dental provides a variety of printed office products, office filing supplies, and practice management systems to office-based healthcare providers including dental, veterinary and medical offices. Products include custom printed products, insurance and billing forms, stationery, envelopes and business cards, labels, file folders, appointment books and other stock office supply products. Products are sold through two channels:

•The Company’s dental and veterinary supply sales force

•Direct mail catalogs distributed to over 100,000 customers several times a year

A staff of telemarketing personnel located in Champaign, Illinois supports both channels. Orders are received by telephone, through the mail or electronically from the dental and veterinary distribution order processing system.

Equipment and Software

Dental Equipment. Patterson Dental is the largest supplier of dental equipment in the U.S. and Canada by a factor of more than two times when compared to its next largest competitor. It offers a wide range of dental equipment products including x-ray machines, high-and low-speed handpieces, dental chairs, dental handpiece control units, diagnostic equipment, sterilizers, dental lights and compressors. The Company also distributes newer technology equipment that provides customers with the tools to improve productivity and patient satisfaction. Examples of such innovative and high-productivity products include the CEREC® family of products, a chair-side restoration system; digital x-rays; and inter-oral cameras.

Software. Patterson develops and markets its own line of practice management and clinical software for dental professionals. Products include software for scheduling, billing, charting and storage/retrieval of digital images. The Company also sells software products developed by third parties including Sidexis by Sirona, Dimax2 by Planmeca and VixWin by Gendex. These value-added products are designed to help achieve office productivity improvements, which translates into higher profitability for the customer.

Hardware. Patterson Dental offers custom hardware and networking solutions required for integrating the entire dental office. This product offering is available to all of the Company’s dental customers. This initiative marked another step in Patterson’s overall strategy of providing customers with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a virtually complete range of products and value-added services and is one of the newest components of Patterson’s single-source solution for dental offices.

Patient Education Services. With the acquisition of CAESY Education Systems, Inc., Patterson Dental expanded its offering of value-added services to include patient education services. These communications tools are designed to influence patient decisions about services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


Software Services. The Company offers a variety of services to complement its software products such as service agreements, electronic claims processing and billing statement processing. These services provide value to customers by allowing them to keep products current, or receive payments more rapidly while obtaining greater productivity.

Equipment Installation, Repair and Maintenance. To keep their practices running efficiently, dentists require reliable performance from their equipment. All major equipment sold by Patterson includes installation and Patterson’s 90-day labor warranty at no additional charge. Patterson also provides complete repair and maintenance services for all dental equipment, whether or not purchased from Patterson, including 24-hour handpiece repair service. In addition to service technicians who provide installation and repair services on basic dental equipment, the Company has also invested in personnel who specialize in installing and troubleshooting issues with technology solutions such as practice management software, digital imaging products, hardware and networking. The goal of this group, which is comprised of both local service technicians and the Patterson Technology Center, is to help customers integrate newer technology into their dental practice. The Patterson Technology Center helps the customer minimize costly downtime by offering a single point of contact for post-sale technology related issues. A new technical service tool is being developed and implemented that will both enhance customer service as well as reduce costs of the Company’s traditional and technology-specific service personnel.

Dental Office Design. Patterson provides dental office layout and design services through the use of a computer-aided design (CAD) program. Equipment specialists can create original or revised dental office designs in a fraction of the time required to produce conventional drawings. Customers purchasing major equipment items receive dental office design services at no additional charge.

Equipment Financing. Patterson Dental provides a variety of options to fulfill its customers’ financing needs. For qualified purchasers of equipment, the Company will arrange financing for the customer through Patterson or a third party. For non-equipment related needs, customers are referred to a third party organization. This alternative allows the Company to offer its customers convenience while still meeting their diverse financing needs.

Veterinary Supply

Webster Veterinary, or “Webster,” is the leading distributor of veterinary supplies to companion-pet (dogs, cats and other common household pets) veterinary clinics in the eastern United States. Management believes Webster is the second largest distributor of companion-pet veterinary supplies nationally. In addition, through its fiscal 2005 acquisition of Milburn Distributions, Inc., Webster is the leading national equine distributor in the United States. Webster provides products used for the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of diseases in companion pets and equine animals. Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Sterling, Massachusetts, Webster has developed a strong brand identity as a value-added, full-service distributor of a virtually complete range of consumable supplies, equipment, diagnostic supplies, biologicals (vaccines) and pharmaceuticals. Webster does not distribute pet foods. Webster’s product offering, totaling more than 10,000 items, is sold by approximately 136 field sales representatives. In addition to its core business of distributing veterinary products, Webster has a significant agency commission business with a few large pharmaceutical manufacturers. Under the agency relationships, Webster typically earns a commission for soliciting orders through its sales force. In the agency relationship, Webster processes the order to the manufacturer but handles none of the product nor does Webster bill and collect from the customer.

Consumable and Printed Products

Webster offers its customers a broad selection of veterinary supply products including consumable supplies, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and biologicals. Consumable supplies distributed by Webster include lab supplies, various types and sizes of paper goods, needles and syringes, gauze and wound dressings, sutures, latex gloves, orthopedic and casting products. Webster’s pharmaceutical products include anesthetics, antibiotics, injectibles, ointments and nutraceuticals. The diagnostics product category includes on-site testing products for heartworm, FIV, FELV and Parvo virus. Biological products are comprised of vaccines and injectibles. Many of the office supply products sold to the dental supply market are also offered to the veterinary supply market.


Equipment sold by Webster generally consists of machines for hospital, laboratory and general surgical use within the veterinary practice. Webster offers innovative, quality equipment that differentiates Webster from the competition. New equipment offerings included Scan X Veterinary Digital Imaging System, Radiograph Digital Converter, Canis Major “Wet” Dental/Treatment Lift Table and Fixed Exam Lift Table, Suburban Surgical Company’s quality cages, runs, tables and treatment centers and Ultrasource ultrasound. About 50% of veterinary equipment orders are drop shipped directly to the customer, of which 15% are custom ordered from the manufacturer. The balance of veterinary equipment is distributed in a fashion similar to consumable supplies.


Other products and services include commissions on agency sales, finance charges on customer accounts and freight recovery on shipments to customers.

Rehabilitation Supply

Patterson Medical, formerly known as AbilityOne Corporation, is headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois and is the world’s leading distributor of rehabilitation medical supplies and non-wheelchair assistive products. Patterson Medical believes it offers the most comprehensive range of distributed and self-manufactured rehabilitation products to health care professionals globally. Its mission is to provide health care professionals and their patients with access to products that improve peoples’ lives by helping them to attain their highest achievable level of independence, safety and comfort. Patterson Medical operates as Sammons Preston Rolyan in North America and Homecraft in International markets.

Patterson Medical serves as the gateway through which over 30,000 rehabilitation products originating from more than 2,000 suppliers and manufacturers are sold to a diverse customer base with an emphasis on physical therapists (“PTs”) and occupational therapists (“OTs”). It offers its customers a “one-stop shop” through what it believes to be the most comprehensive catalog in the industry, the largest direct sales force and the category’s most efficient customer service and distribution operations. Major channels of distribution are acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation clinics, dealers and schools. In addition, Patterson believes Patterson Medical’s reputation, global market presence and highly transferable business model will facilitate entry into new markets.

Patterson Medical offers a wide range of differentiated, non-invasive products and expertise to users and their health care providers, while focusing on niches, worldwide, where its capabilities, reputation and customer partnerships can result in a competitive advantage. Its goal is to become its customers’ first choice for rehabilitation medical supplies and assistive products in each of its chosen markets.

Patterson Medical is highly diversified with no single product, customer or purchasing group representing a significant percentage of total revenue. In addition, given the relatively small average and median order size (approximately $225 and $70, respectively), Patterson Medical’s products often do not represent a major expense category for its customers.

Patterson Medical believes that the demand for rehabilitation products will continue to be influenced by the following factors:

•Favorable Demographics. Favorable demographic trends such as extended life expectancy, active lifestyles and a general willingness to spend discretionary income on health care and well being, are expected to contribute to increased demand for products distributed by Patterson Medical. Specifically, the aging baby-boomer population, together with their increased disposable income and desire for independence, will fuel product purchases to assist with the frailties associated with old age and provide sustained sales growth.

The U.S. Census Bureau has projected the 85 and older population in the U.S. to more than triple from four million in 2000 to 14 million by 2040. The 65 to 84 year old population is expected to more than double during the same time period. Current trends indicate that these age groups represent the majority of home and community-based health care patients.

The aging of the population is a revenue growth driver because approximately 10% of people over the age of 65 and approximately 50% of people over the age of 85 need assistance with everyday activities. Patterson Medical believes it is well positioned to benefit from this trend by providing aids to daily living, namely dressing devices; toileting, dining, bathing aids; and grooming devices, all of which promote greater patient independence, improved patient responsibility and improved responsiveness to treatment.

•Increasing Number of PTs and OTs, Patterson Medical’s Primary User Groups. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, there were approximately 132,000 PTs and 78,000 OTs in the U.S. in 2000. Approximately two-thirds of PTs were employed in either hospitals or offices of physical therapists. The remaining one-third of PTs was employed in home health agencies, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, physician offices and nursing homes. The majority of OTs work in hospitals, including many in rehabilitation and psychiatric hospitals. The remaining OTs work in outpatient occupational therapy offices and clinics, schools, home health agencies, nursing homes, community mental health centers, adult day care programs, job training services and residential care facilities. The demand for PTs and OTs is expected to remain strong largely driven by the (i) increase in the number of individuals with disabilities or limited function requiring therapy services; (ii) rapidly growing elderly population which is particularly vulnerable to chronic and debilitating conditions that require therapeutic services; (iii) baby-boom generation which is entering the prime age for heart attacks and strokes, increasing the demand for cardiac and physical rehabilitation; (iv) advances in medical technology which permit treatment of more disabling conditions; and (v) widespread interest in health promotion.

•Increasing Frequency of Reconstructive and Implant Surgery. Another important driver of the growth in the PT market is the growing need for rehabilitation products resulting from the increasing frequency of reconstructive implant procedures, including hip and knee replacements. The worldwide reconstructive implant market is currently in excess of $5.0 billion and expected to grow between 7% and 8% annually. This growth trajectory is largely driven by favorable demographics, as patient populations are expanding at both ends of the age spectrum. Among seniors, more active lifestyles and longer life expectancies are responsible for the increasing frequency of reconstructive implants. Younger patients are opting for reconstructive implants over less invasive alternatives due to improved and longer lasting implant technology. Patterson Medical believes it is well positioned to benefit from the growth in reconstructive implants, by providing orthopedic products, namely Continuous Passive Motion machines and splinting, which are critical to post-operatory rehabilitation.

International Operations

Patterson Medical’s international operations are based in the United Kingdom (“U.K.”) and made up of two divisions: Homecraft in the U.K. and Kinetec in France. The international operations broadly reflect the same business model as used in the North American market. In the U.K., Homecraft operations include sales and marketing, customer service, distribution, purchasing and administration. In France, Kinetec is a self-contained manufacturing unit with limited sales and marketing, distribution, administration and purchasing.

Homecraft is a leading supplier of aids to daily living (“ADL”) and rehabilitation products in the U.K., and a significant player in the international markets. Having developed and designed many proprietary products, Homecraft is the prime source for numerous established and market leading ADL brands, including products sold under the Sammons Preston Rolyan brand. The Homecraft catalog offers a broad line of ADL, therapy, rehabilitation and pediatric products containing over 10,000 items. Their catalog is circulated to PTs, OTs, loan equipment stores and private clinics, trade outlets and the general public.

Homecraft’s central sales and marketing strategy is to provide a “one-stop shop” proposition to hospitals, local government and trade customers throughout the U.K. Customers are reached through a combination of mail order, a 13 person sales force, telemarketing and in-market promotional and exhibition activity.

Kinetec consists of two operations, the manufacturing and distribution of Continuous Passive Motions machines (“CPMs”) on a worldwide basis and the sale and distribution of Sammons Preston Rolyan and Homecraft products in France. Products are marketed to customers through product brochures, mailings, tele-marketing and a 6 person sales force that covers the French rehabilitation market.

Consumable and Printed Products

Patterson Medical offers a large selection of supply products that can be categorized as follows:

•Aids to Daily Living – dressing devices, toileting, dining, bathing aids and grooming devices

•Orthopedic Soft Goods / Splints – braces, splints and orthonics for protecting, supporting and positioning

•Clinical – product that assists in the examination and treatment of patients, such as exercise bands, putty, weights balls and mats

•Mobility – walkers, canes and wheelchair accessories such as gloves, trays and carrying bags

•Pediatric Seating and Positioning – rolls, wedges, specialty seating and standers and mobility assistance products for special needs children. This category also includes sensory motor stimulation products such as toys, crafts and devices to assist with balance.

•Modalities – products for heating and cooling therapies, electrical stimulation, laser, ultrasound, paraffin, iontophoresis and therapeutic creams and lotions


Rehabilitation equipment consists of exercise, examination, treatment and therapy equipment and furniture. These products include parallel bars, treatment tables, mat platforms, treadmills, stationary bicycles and CPMs.


Patterson Companies Inc Tax Rate Companies within the Medical Equipment & Supplies Industry

Patterson Companies Inc Segments

Dental supply
   43.29 % of total Revenue
Veterinary supply
   55.75 % of total Revenue
Consumable printed products
   78.28 % of total Revenue
Equipment & software
   14.96 % of total Revenue
   0.97 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Oct. 29, 2015)
(in millions $)
II. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Oct. 29, 2015)
(in millions $)
II. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Dental supply
601.32 43.29 % 74.09 12.32 %
Veterinary supply
774.45 55.75 % 25.18 3.25 %
Consumable printed products
1,087.49 78.28 % 0.00 -
Equipment & software
207.81 14.96 % 0.00 -
13.44 0.97 % -15.81 -
1,389.21 100 % 83.46 6.01 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Oct. 29, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
II. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Oct. 29, 2015)
Y/Y Income
II. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Dental supply
-0.07 % 4.56 % 25.57 % 10.17 %
Veterinary supply
105.71 % 38.97 % 75.62 % 94.09 %
Consumable printed products
37.51 % 21.47 % - -
Equipment & software
-9.08 % 35.4 % - -
-83.99 % 28.49 % - -
25.91 % 21.55 % -8.5 % 34.23 %

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