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Business Segments II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jun 30 2022)
(of total Revenues)
II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jun 30 2022)
(Profit Margin)
119.97 100 % -2.45 -

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Growth rates by Segment II. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Jun 30 2022)
Q/Q Revenue
II. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Jun 30 2022)
Q/Q Income
-72.63 % 2.8 % - -

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Business Segments Description

Our System Solutions

Our system solutions consist of point of sale electronic payment devices that run our unique operating systems, security and encryption software, and certified payment software, and that are designed to suit our clients' needs in a variety of environments, including traditional multilane and countertop implementations, self-service and unattended environments, in-vehicle and portable deployments, mobile point-of-sale solutions, as well as fully integrated iPOS solutions. Our system solutions can securely process a wide range of payment types including signature and PIN-based debit cards, credit cards, NFC/contactless/radio frequency identification cards, or RFID cards, smart cards, pre-paid gift and other stored-value cards, electronic bill payment, signature capture and electronic benefits transfer, or EBT. Our unique architecture enables multiple value-added applications, including third-party applications, such as gift card and loyalty card programs, healthcare insurance eligibility, and time and attendance tracking, and allows these services to reside on the same system without requiring recertification upon the addition of new applications. With our Verifone Engage and Carbon payment solutions, we will be able to deliver richer media and more complex commerce enablement services on our payment terminals to our merchant clients.

Countertop and PIN pads

Designed with merchant and consumer needs in mind, our suite of countertop solutions incorporate compact design, easy installation and consumer-friendly features. Our countertop solutions accept a wide variety of payment options including contactless, NFC, mobile wallets, and EMV, and support a range of applications, such as pre-paid products, including gift cards and loyalty programs. We also supply secure PIN pads that support credit and debit card, EBT, EMV, and other PIN-based transactions, and include multiple connectivity options and NFC capability. Our countertop solutions support a wide range of certified applications that are either built into electronic payment systems or connect to electronic cash registers, or ECRs, and POS systems.


Our multimedia consumer facing POS devices are designed to allow merchants, particularly in the multi-lane retail environment, to engage in direct consumer interaction through customized multimedia content, in-store promotions, digital offers, and other value-added services using a POS device. With this, the merchant is able to enrich the customer experience while enabling new merchant revenue opportunities. These products offer features that are important to servicing customers in a multi-lane retail environment, such as user-friendly interfaces, ECR compatibility, durable key pads, multimedia displays and signature capture functionality. Our solutions also support these same features in self-service market segments such as taxis, parking lots/garages, ticketing machines, vending machines, gas pumps, self-checkouts, and quick service restaurants.

Portable and Mobile

Our portable payment devices consist of small, portable, handheld devices that enable merchants to accept electronic payments wherever wireless connectivity is available, and our mobile solutions offer secure mobile payment capabilities for all segments of the mobile point of sale, or mPOS, environment, from large retailers to small merchants, and include devices that attach to, and interface with, iOS, Android or Windows-based smartphones and tablets, enabling these devices to be used as a secure payment device by merchants. Increasingly, clients look for portable options whether to enable electronic payments in new environments or to augment traditional POS or ECR environments. Our portable and mobile devices are designed to meet these needs, offering PCI compliant solutions that securely accept a variety of payment types, and providing merchants with increased flexibility to enrich the overall consumer experience whether in or out of the traditional bricks and mortar store location. We expect that market demand for portable and mobile options will continue to grow, particularly in developing countries where wireless and mobile telecommunications networks are being deployed at a much faster rate than wireline networks. We have deployed our portable and mobile solutions in a number of merchant environments, including for retail, restaurant, hospitality, transportation, and delivery businesses where merchants and consumers desire portability but demand secure payment systems to reduce fraud and identity theft.


Our family of products for petroleum companies consists of integrated electronic payment systems that combine electronic transaction processing, fuel dispensing, and ECR functions, as well as secure payment systems that integrate with leading petroleum pump controllers. These products, which include our Secure PumpPay devices and related software, are designed to meet the needs of petroleum company operations, where rapid consumer turnaround, easy pump control, and accurate record keeping are imperative. Our products allow our petroleum clients to manage fuel dispensing and control, and enable “pay at the pump” functionality, cashiering, store management, inventory management, and accounting for goods and services at the POS. In addition, our PAYmedia service enables digital content, including paid advertising and couponing, at the petroleum forecourt using our VNET media platform on the color screen of our Secure PumpPay units. The enablement of media at the forecourt offers opportunities for merchants to further engage consumers at the point of sale and provides additional commerce opportunities for the retail operator.

Unattended and Self-Service

Our unattended and self-service payment solutions are designed to enable payment transactions in self-service, high-transaction volume environments, such as vending machines, on-street parking meters, petroleum pumps, ticketing machines and store kiosks, as well as public transportation environments, including buses and rail lines. Our public transportation solutions enable contactless and NFC-enabled fare payments, while other unattended and self-service solutions include versions to accept a range of payment options, including mobile wallets, magnetic stripe, EMV chipcard or NFC or other contactless payment schemes.

Network Access Solutions

Our network access solutions are designed and customized to support the unique requirements of the electronic payments industry by providing the networking hardware technology and communications infrastructure necessary to achieve connectivity within the POS environment. Our Integrated Enterprise Networks ("IENs") are designed to reduce operating costs, protect investments in current legacy networks and work on a wide range of standard network technologies and protocols. Our Intelligent Network Access Controller ("IntelliNAC") is an intelligent networking device that provides a wide range of digital and analog interfaces, line and data concentration, protocol conversion and transaction routing, among other features. IntelliNAC is offered with IntelliView, an enterprise-level solution that provides the networking tools needed to manage POS solutions, such as remote downloads, and centralizes network management for reporting and monitoring.

Our Services

We continue to invest in developing a broad portfolio of services complementary to our systems solutions and designed to meet a wide range of merchant and partner needs, including removing complexity from payments, increasing ease of use, adding value by enriching the consumer experience at the POS and helping our clients grow their businesses and strengthen their relationships with consumers. Services are an important part of our business and revenues, accounting for approximately 37.9% of our total net revenues in our fiscal year ended October 31, 2016. We offer a wide portfolio of services, ranging from traditional terminal related support services, transaction services and commerce enablement offerings that are designed to facilitate commerce opportunities for merchants. Our services offerings include our transaction services, managed services and terminal management solutions, payment-enabled media, in-taxi payment solutions, security solutions, and other value-added services at the POS. We also offer a host of support services, including software development, installation and deployment, warranty, post-sale support, repairs, and training.

Transaction services

Our transaction services are hosted and managed by us and offered as a subscription-based model that provide clients with the flexibility to outsource a select set of payment operation services and solutions to be managed by us. Our range of services and solutions includes terminal services such as terminal rental and related installation, deployment, on-site terminal servicing, and hardware repair services, as well as gateway services such as transaction routing, transaction acceptance processing, transaction reporting, remote device management, and payment value-added services using the client’s choice of processor. The solution serves as a platform for deployment of additional value-added programs. Further, the hosted service covers 24x7 support, encrypted transactions, integration of new payment methods, ongoing EMV maintenance, merchant support, and PCI compliance, with the aim of reducing operational complexity and costs for clients. Clients also have the option to enable processing of payment types across different channels of a merchant’s business, including credit and debit card payments, online payments for e-commerce applications and mobile platforms. Clients can select full service or other options that meet their immediate business needs, and adjust their subscription service packages to more advanced features and functions as their business grows or as the payment industry evolves. We anticipate that outsourcing of payment operations may become more attractive to clients as payment complexity and cost of payment operations increase.

Managed Services and Terminal Management Solutions

In addition to our transaction services, we offer a range of other managed services to provide our clients with managed services tools that accommodate their business needs and plans. Our managed services include secure web-based transaction processing that is consolidated across payment types, cloud-based remote loading of supported devices with updates for base files and firmware, software and applications, and estate management, including remote key loading, capabilities to remotely activate contactless, NFC and EMV payment methods, and consolidated reporting and analytics. PAYware Connect, our cloud-based hosted payment solution, consolidates all payment transactions through our payment gateway and enables merchants to process from any internet-connected PC through a single portal. PAYware Connect uses our proprietary VeriShield Total Protect for end-to-end transaction encryption and tokenization and is certified by all of the major payment processing networks. Our VX Direct managed solution combines our VX device with the latest payment applications, automatic updates, security protection with VeriShield Total Protect, and estate management capabilities. Our terminal management solution, VHQ, enables efficient management of an entire estate of devices with minimal on-site intervention, and is targeted to retailers, financial institutions, processors with helpdesk operations, and device maintenance companies. VHQ, which is available for a variety of environments, including retail, healthcare, transit, quick service restaurants and financial services, connects the devices within a merchant's estate to back office operations, enabling remote deployment of software to POS terminals, centralized estate tracking, monitoring and diagnostics, and consolidated information collection and management reports. Our limo, livery, and taxi fleet management solution provides tools for fleets installed with our POS devices, including real-time vehicle and trip/fare activity monitoring, computerized dispatch, vehicle tracking and faster card processing.

These managed solutions are offered globally to retailers, acquirers and merchants in the restaurant and hospitality markets who can host the solution on their own servers, but are also available as part of a total payments solution hosted by us.

Payment-Enabled Media

Our payment-enabled media solutions seek to leverage customer engagement at the POS, in taxi and at petroleum dispensers. Our PAYmedia solution is a media content management tool that enables delivery of digital media, including media content of interest to customers, relevant advertisement, and promotions and merchant loyalty programs, through our media-enabled POS devices. PAYmedia has been implemented on our MX devices, including in taxis and in conjunction with our Secure PumpPay devices in petroleum dispensers. Production, management and delivery of media content can be managed by merchants or outsourced to us.

In conjunction with our in-taxi payment and Secure PumpPay POS devices, we offer digital media content such as local news, weather, traffic, and public service messages, as well as paid advertising, through our VNET media platform. Delivery of the media content may be targeted to a particular geographic location or time of day to optimize customer engagement. Certain of our taxi leasing arrangements for advertising cover the rights to place advertisement on taxi tops or elsewhere on a taxi such as on the trunk or with wraps on the exterior of the taxi. For our VNET platform and other media content on taxis, we typically are engaged by advertisers through ad agencies for display of their advertisements, and we generally do not create or design third-party media content.

In-Taxi Payment Solutions

We provide an integrated suite of hardware, software and services to the taxi industry to enable electronic payment of taxi fares. In-taxi equipment we provide includes our secure electronic payment devices, GPS navigation, wireless communications, and fleet management services. In addition to traditional payment methods, in October 2013, we launched a program in New York City that provides riders the option to pay their taxi fare with their American Express membership reward points. All payment transactions made through our in-taxi electronic payment devices are sent wirelessly through our secure payment gateway and we generally earn a per transaction service fee. Our taxi payment solutions are currently deployed in multiple U.S. cities, including New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Baltimore and Washington D.C., as well as certain cities outside the United States.

Security Solutions

Our security solutions offer clients tools to secure payment transaction data. We have expanded the implementation options of our Secure Commerce Architecture, which directs encrypted payment data from the terminal directly to the processor, thereby eliminating the transfer of payment data through the merchant POS system and simplifying the EMV certification burden. VeriShield Total Protect provides end-to-end encryption coupled with server-based tokenization to securely protect data from the point of capture, whether transmitted from a card or mobile device, to the processor, and tokenizes card data for use post-authorization to eliminate cardholder data from POS applications, networks and servers. In the U.S., the majority of the leading acquirers have selected our end-to-end encryption technology. VeriShield Remote Key enables merchants to remotely and securely manage key injection into PIN pad devices as needed, including as part of scheduled maintenance, in response to changing compliance standards, and in response to suspected security breaches. Our VeriShield Retain file authentication software is designed to secure a merchant’s terminal estate against unauthorized third parties executing software on the payment devices. Our Verifone Secure Data solution allows applications with access to our secure reading and exchange of data compliant encryption library to enable point-to-point encryption capabilities.

Server-based Payment Processing Software and Middleware

Our server-based software allows merchants to integrate advanced payment functionality into PC-based and other retail systems seamlessly. These products handle the business logic steps related to an electronic payment transaction (credit, debit, gift, and loyalty), including collection of payment-related information from the consumer and merchant, and communication with payment processors for authorization and settlement. These solutions also enable the functionality of peripherals that connect to PC-based electronic payment systems, including consumer-facing products such as secure PIN pads and signature capture devices. Our PAYware software product line, consisting of server-based, enterprise payment software solutions, now includes card acceptance and merchant acquiring solutions, POS integration software, value-added payment solutions, and card management systems.

Support Services

We offer a suite of support services, including installation, deployment, standard or customized training, and application development and delivery solutions. We support our installed base by providing payment system 24-hour helpdesk support, consulting, training, repair and/or replacement, asset tracking, and reporting. We also offer customized service programs for specific vertical markets in addition to standardized service plans, per incident repair services and annual software maintenance on some of our licensed software products.

We offer professional services for customized application development and delivery solutions. We also provide specific project management services for turn-key application implementations. We also offer client education programs as well as consulting services regarding selection of product and payment methodologies and strategies such as debit implementation. We believe that our client services are distinguished by our ability to perform large-scale customizations for clients quickly and efficiently.


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