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Nov Inc Segments

Rig Systems
   45.25 % of total Revenue
Wellbore Technologies
   25.23 % of total Revenue
Completion & Production Solutions
   24.14 % of total Revenue
   -11.86 % of total Revenue
Rig Aftermarket
   17.24 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Rig Systems
1,496.00 45.25 % 253.00 16.91 %
Wellbore Technologies
834.00 25.23 % -7.00 -
Completion & Production Solutions
798.00 24.14 % 3.00 0.38 %
-392.00 -11.86 % -160.00 -
Rig Aftermarket
570.00 17.24 % 0.00 -
3,306.00 100 % 89.00 2.69 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Rig Systems
-43.74 % -22.49 % -52.53 % -35.46 %
Wellbore Technologies
-43.23 % -12.76 % - -
Completion & Production Solutions
-33 % -8.59 % -98.38 % -96.15 %
- - - -
Rig Aftermarket
-31.9 % -13.24 % - -
-40.83 % -15.43 % -88.27 % -69.83 %

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  Nov Inc 's

Business Segments Description

Products and Technology

National Oilwell designs, manufactures and sells drilling systems and components for both land and offshore drilling rigs as well as complete land drilling and well servicing rigs. Mechanical components include drawworks, mud pumps, top drives, solids control equipment (used to remove particulates from drilling fluids), traveling equipment (hooks and blocks used to hoist and lower drill pipe) and rotary tables (used to rotate drill pipe). These components are essential to pump fluids and hoist, support and rotate the drill string. Many of these components are designed specifically for applications in offshore, extended reach and deep land drilling operations. This equipment is installed on new rigs and often replaced during the upgrade and refurbishment of existing rigs.

We design and manufacture masts, derricks and substructures for use on land rigs and on fixed and mobile offshore platforms suitable for drilling applications to depths of up to 30,000 feet or more. Other products include cranes, jacking and mooring systems, reciprocating and centrifugal pumps and fluid end expendables for all major manufacturers' pumps. Our business includes the sale of replacement parts for our own manufactured machinery and equipment.

We also design and manufacture electrical systems and control and data acquisition systems for drilling related operations and automated and remotely controlled machinery for drilling rigs. Our control systems can control and monitor many simultaneous operations on a drilling rig and often form the basis for our state-of-the-art driller's cabin. Our automated pipe handling system provides an efficient and cost effective method of joining lengths of drill pipe or casing, as does our iron roughneck. These and similar technologically advanced products can greatly improve the safety on rigs, often by reducing the number of persons working on the drilling floor.

While offering a complete line of conventional rigs, National Oilwell has extensive experience in providing rig designs to satisfy requirements for harsh or specialized environments. Such products include drilling and well servicing rigs designed for the Arctic, highly mobile drilling and well servicing rigs for jungle and desert use, modular well servicing rigs for offshore platforms and modular drilling facilities for North Sea platforms. We also design and produce fully integrated drilling equipment packages for offshore rigs.

National Oilwell designs and manufactures drilling motors, drilling jars and specialized drilling tools for rent and sale. We also design and manufacture a complete line of fishing tools, used to remove objects stuck in the wellbore, and progressive cavity pumps.

Distribution Services

National Oilwell provides distribution services through its network of 147 distribution service centers. National Oilwell's distribution service centers are located throughout the oil and gas producing regions of North America, with 90 in the United States, 41 in Canada, and the remainder in various international locations. These distribution service centers stock and sell a variety of expendable items for oilfield applications and spare parts for our proprietary equipment. As oil and gas companies and drilling contractors have refocused on their core competencies and emphasized efficiency initiatives to reduce costs and capital requirements, our distribution services have expanded to offer outsourcing and alliance arrangements that include comprehensive procurement, inventory management and logistics support. In addition, we believe we have a competitive advantage in the distribution services business by distributing products manufactured by us and from the association of this business with our Products and Technology segment.

The supplies and equipment stocked by our distribution service centers vary by location. Each distribution point generally offers a large line of oilfield products including valves, fittings, flanges, spare parts for oilfield equipment and miscellaneous expendable items.

Most drilling contractors and oil and gas companies typically buy supplies and equipment pursuant to non-exclusive contracts, which normally specify a discount from list price for each product or product category. Our goal is to create strategic alliances with our customers whereby we become the customer's primary supplier of those items. In certain cases, we assume responsibility for procurement, inventory management and product delivery for the customer, occasionally by working directly out of the customer's facilities.

We believe e-commerce brings a significant advantage to larger companies that are technologically proficient. Our e-commerce system can interface directly with customers' systems to maximize efficiencies for us and for our customers. We believe we have an advantage in this effort due to our investment in technology, geographic size, knowledge of the industry and customers, existing relationships with vendors and existing means of product delivery.

Petroleum Services & Supplies

The Company provides a broad range of support equipment, spare parts, consumables and services through the Petroleum Services & Supplies segment. The Petroleum Services & Supplies group sells directly to drilling contractors; well servicing companies; oil and gas producers; national oil companies; tubular processors, manufacturers and distributors; oilfield distributors; and pipeline operators.

The Petroleum Services & Supplies group provides a variety of tubular services, composite tubing, and coiled tubing to oil and gas producers, national oil companies, drilling contractors, well servicing companies, pipeline operators, and tubular processors, manufacturers and distributors. These include inspection and reclamation services for drill pipe, casing, production tubing, sucker rods and line pipe at drilling and workover rig locations, at yards owned by its customers, at steel mills and processing facilities that manufacture tubular goods, and at facilities which it owns. The group also provides internal coating of tubular goods at several coating plants worldwide and through licensees in certain locations. Additionally, the Company designs, manufactures and sells high pressure fiberglass and composite tubulars for use in corrosive applications and coiled tubing for use in well servicing applications; and provides in-service inspection of oil, gas and product transmission pipelines through its application of instrumented survey tools (“smart pigs”) which it engineers, manufactures and operates.

The Company’s customers rely on tubular inspection services to avoid failure of tubing, casing, flowlines, pipelines and drill pipe. Such tubular failures are expensive and in some cases catastrophic. The Company’s customers rely on internal coatings of tubular goods to prolong the useful lives of tubulars and to increase the volumetric throughput of in-service tubular goods. The Company’s customers sometimes use fiberglass or composite tubulars in lieu of conventional steel tubulars, due to the corrosion-resistant properties of fiberglass and other composite materials. Tubular inspection and coating services are used most frequently in operations in high-temperature, deep, corrosive oil and gas environments. In selecting a provider of tubular inspection and tubular coating services, oil and gas operators consider such factors as reputation, experience, technology of products offered, reliability and price.

The Company’s Petroleum Services & Supplies group also provides products and services that are used in the course of drilling oil and gas wells. The Downhole Tools business sells and rents drilling motors and specialized downhole tools that are incorporated into the drill stem during drilling operations (“Downhole Tools”), and are also used during fishing, well intervention, re-entry, and well completion operations. The Solids Control business is engaged in the provision of highly-engineered equipment, products and services which separate and manage drill cuttings produced by the drilling process (“Solids Control”). Drill cuttings are usually contaminated with petroleum or drilling fluids, and must be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. Additionally, efficient separation of drill cuttings enables the re-use of often costly drilling fluids. The Instrumentation business rents and sells proprietary drilling rig instrumentation packages and control systems which monitor various processes throughout the drilling operation, under the name MD/Totco (“Instrumentation”). The Pumps & Expendables business provides centrifugal, reciprocating, and progressing cavity pumps and pump expendables (“Pumps & Expendables”) into the global oil and gas and industrial markets.

Tubular Coating. The Company develops, manufactures and applies its proprietary tubular coatings, known as Tube-Kote® coatings, to new and used tubulars. Tubular coatings help prevent corrosion of tubulars by providing a tough plastic shield to isolate steel from corrosive oilfield fluids such as CO2, H2S and brine. Delaying or preventing corrosion extends the life of existing tubulars, reduces the frequency of well remediation and reduces expensive interruptions in production. In addition, coatings are designed to increase the fluid flow rate through tubulars by decreasing or eliminating paraffin and scale build-up, which can reduce or block oil flow in producing wells. The smooth inner surfaces of coated tubulars often increase the fluid through-put on certain high-rate oil and gas wells by reducing friction and turbulence. The Company’s reputation for supplying quality internal coatings is an important factor in its business, since the failure of coatings can lead to expensive production delays and premature tubular failure.

In 2005, NOV created a 60%-owned joint venture in China with the Huabei Petroleum Administration Bureau, which coats Chinese produced drill pipe using NOV’s proprietary coatings.

Tubular Inspection. Newly manufactured pipe sometimes contains serious defects that are not detected at the mill. In addition, pipe can be damaged in transit and during handling prior to use at the well site. As a result, exploration and production companies often have new tubulars inspected before they are placed in service to reduce the risk of tubular failures during drilling, completion, or production of oil and gas wells. Used tubulars are inspected by the Company to detect service-induced flaws after the tubulars are removed from operation. Used drill pipe and used tubing inspection programs allow operators to replace defective lengths, thereby prolonging the life of the remaining pipe and saving the customer the cost of unnecessary tubular replacements and expenses related to tubular failures.

Tubular inspection services employ all major non-destructive inspection techniques, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, magnetic flux leakage and gamma ray. These inspection services are provided both by mobile units which work at the wellhead as used tubing is removed from a well, and at fixed site tubular inspection locations. The group provides an ultrasonic inspection service for detecting potential fatigue cracks in the end area of used drill pipe, the portion of the pipe that traditionally has been the most difficult to inspect. Tubular inspection facilities also offer a wide range of related services, such as API thread inspection, ring and plug gauging, and a complete line of reclamation services necessary to return tubulars to useful service, including tubular cleaning and straightening, hydrostatic testing and re-threading.

In addition, the Company applies hardbanding material to drillpipe, to enhance its wear characteristics and reduce downhole casing wear as a result of the drilling process. In 2002, the Company introduced its proprietary line of hardbanding material, TCS — 8000ä. The group also cleans, straightens, inspects and coats sucker rods at 11 facilities throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Additionally, new sucker rods are inspected before they are placed into service, to avoid premature failure, which can cause the oil well operator to have to pull and replace the sucker rod.

Mill Systems and Sales. The Company engineers and fabricates inspection equipment for steel mills, which it sells and rents. The equipment is used for quality control purposes to detect defects in the pipe during the high-speed manufacturing process. Each piece of mill inspection equipment is designed to customer specifications and is installed and serviced by the Company.

Fiberglass & Composite Tubulars. When compared to conventional carbon steel and even corrosion-resistant alloys, resin-impregnated fiberglass and other modern plastic composites often exhibit superior resistance to corrosion. Some producers manage the corrosive fluids sometimes found in oil and gas fields by utilizing composite or fiberglass tubing, casing and line pipe in the operations of their fields. In 1997, the Company acquired Fiber Glass Systems, a leading provider of high pressure fiberglass tubulars used in oilfield applications, to further serve the tubular corrosion prevention needs of its customers. Fiber Glass Systems has manufactured fiberglass pipe since 1968 under the name “Star®,” and was the first manufacturer of high-pressure fiberglass pipe to be licensed by the API in 1992. Through acquisitions and investments in technologies, the Company has extended its fiberglass and composite tubing offering into industrial and marine applications, in addition to its oilfield market.

Coiled Tubing. Coiled tubing provides a number of significant functional advantages over the principal alternatives of conventional drill pipe and workover pipe. Coiled tubing allows faster “tripping,” since the coiled tubing can be reeled quickly on and off a drum and in and out of a wellbore. In addition, the small size of the coiled tubing unit compared to an average workover rig or drilling rig reduces preparation time at the well site. Coiled tubing permits a variety of workover and other operations to be performed without having to pull the existing production tubing from the well and allows ease of operation in horizontal or highly deviated wells. Thus, operations using coiled tubing can be performed much more quickly and, in many instances, at a significantly lower cost. Finally, use of coiled tubing generally allows continuous production of the well, eliminating the need to temporarily stop the flow of hydrocarbons. As a result, the economics of a workover are improved because the well can continue to produce hydrocarbons and thus produce revenues while the well treatments are occurring. Continuous production also reduces the risk of formation damage which can occur when the flow of fluids is stopped or isolated. NOV designs, manufactures, and sells coiled tubing under the Quality Tubing brand name at its mill in Houston, Texas.

Pipeline Inspection. In-service inspection services for oil and gas pipelines identify anomalies in pipelines without removing or dismantling the pipelines or stopping the product flow, giving customers a convenient and cost-effective method of identifying potential defects. The Petroleum Services & Supplies group inspects pipelines by launching a sophisticated survey instrument into the pipeline. Propelled by the product flow, the instrument uses electromagnetics, ultrasonics, and mechanical measurements received on digital and analog media to monitor the severity and location of internal and external pitting-type corrosion as well as other mechanical anomalies in the pipeline, providing a basis for evaluation and repair by the customer. Once the test is complete, the survey instrument is returned to the Company, refurbished and used for future pipeline inspections.


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