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The Manitowoc Company Inc Segments

Cranes & related products
   50.75 % of total Revenue
Foodservice equipment
   49.25 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Cranes & related products
438.20 50.75 % 4.30 0.98 %
Foodservice equipment
425.30 49.25 % 70.40 16.55 %
863.50 100 % 74.70 8.65 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Cranes & related products
-23.01 % -8.27 % -89.66 % -83.59 %
Foodservice equipment
1.97 % 4.32 % 13.73 % 10.69 %
-12.45 % -2.47 % -27.83 % -16.82 %

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  The Manitowoc Inc 's

Business Segments Description

Cranes and Related Products

Our Crane segment designs, manufactures and/or distributes a diversified line of crawler and truck mounted lattice-boom cranes, which we sell under the “Manitowoc” name. Our Crane segment also designs and manufactures a diversified line of top slewing and self erecting tower cranes, which we sell under the “Potain” name. We design and manufacture mobile telescopic cranes which we sell under the “Grove” name. We also design and manufacture a comprehensive line of hydraulically powered telescopic and articulated boom trucks, which we sell under the “National” brand name. We also provide crane product parts and services, and crane rebuilding and remanufacturing services which are delivered under the “Crane CARE” brand name. In some cases our products are manufactured for us or distributed for us under strategic alliances. Our crane products are used in a wide variety of applications throughout the world, including energy, petrochemical and industrial projects, infrastructure development such as road, bridge and airport construction, commercial and high-rise residential construction, mining and dredging. Many of our customers purchase one or more crane(s) together with several attachments to permit use of the crane in a broader range of lifting applications and other operations. Various crane models combined with available options have lifting capacities up to 1,433 U.S. tons.

Lattice-boom Cranes. Under the Manitowoc brand name we design, manufacture and distribute lattice-boom crawler cranes. Lattice-boom cranes consist of a lattice-boom, which is a fabricated, high-strength steel structure that has four chords and tubular lacings, mounted on a base which is either crawler or truck mounted. Lattice-boom cranes weigh less and provide higher lifting capacities than a telescopic boom of similar length. The lattice-boom cranes are the only category of crane that can pick and move simultaneously. The lattice-boom sections, together with the crane base, are transported to and erected at a project site.

We currently offer models of lattice-boom cranes with lifting capacities up to 1,433 U.S. tons, which are used to lift material and equipment in a wide variety of applications and end markets, including heavy construction, bridge and highway, duty cycle and infrastructure and energy related projects. These cranes are also used by the crane rental industry, which serves all of the above end markets.

Lattice-boom crawler cranes may be classified according to their lift capacity — low capacity and high capacity. Low capacity crawler cranes with 150-U.S. ton capacity or less are often utilized for general construction and duty cycle applications. High capacity crawler cranes with greater than 150-ton capacity are utilized to lift materials in a wide variety of applications and are often utilized in heavy construction, energy-related, stadium construction, petrochemical work, and dockside applications. We offer six low-capacity models and eight high-capacity models. We also manufacture lattice-boom, self erecting truck cranes. These cranes serve the same markets as our high capacity crawler cranes. They differ from their crawler counterparts only in that they are mounted on a truck rather than a crawler and can travel at highway speeds.

We also offer our lattice-boom crawler crane customers various attachments that provide our cranes with greater capacity in terms of height, movement and lifting. Our principal attachments are: MAX-ER™ attachment, luffing jibs, and RINGER® attachments. The MAX-ER is a trailing, counterweight, heavy-lift attachment that dramatically improves the reach, capacity and lift dynamics of the basic crane to which it is mounted. It can be transferred between cranes of the same model for maximum economy and occupies less space than competitive heavy-lift systems. A luffing jib is a fabricated structure similar to, but smaller than, a lattice-boom. Mounted at the tip of a lattice-boom, a luffing jib easily adjusts its angle of operation permitting one crane with a luffing jib to make lifts at additional locations on the project site. It can be transferred between cranes of the same model to maximize utilization. A RINGER attachment is a high-capacity lift attachment that distributes load reactions over a large area to minimize ground-bearing pressure. It can also be more economical than transporting and setting up a larger crane.

Tower Cranes. Under the Potain brand name we design and manufacture tower cranes utilized primarily in the building and construction industry. Tower cranes offer the ability to lift and distribute material at the point of use more quickly and accurately than other types of lifting machinery without utilizing substantial square footage on the ground. Tower cranes include a stationary vertical tower and a horizontal jib with a counterweight, which is placed near the vertical tower. A cable runs through a trolley which is on the jib, enabling the load to move along the jib. The jib rotates 360 degrees, thus increasing the crane’s work area. Except when using a remote control device, operators occupy a cabin, located where the jib and tower meet, which provides superior visibility above the worksite. We offer a complete line of tower crane products, including top slewing, luffing jib, topless, self-erecting, and special cranes for dams, harbors and other large building projects. Top slewing cranes are the most traditional form of tower cranes. Self-erecting cranes are bottom slewing cranes which have counterweight located at the bottom of the tower and which are able to be erected, used and dismantled on job sites without assist cranes.

Top slewing tower cranes have a tower and multi-sectioned horizontal jib. These cranes rotate from the top of their mast and can increase in height with the project. Top slewing cranes are transported in separate pieces and assembled at the construction site in one to three days depending on the height. We offer 37 models of top slewing tower cranes with maximum jib lengths of 85 meters and lifting capabilities ranging between 40 and 3,600 meter-tons. These cranes are generally sold to medium to large building and construction groups, as well as rental companies.

Topless tower cranes are a type of top slewing crane and, unlike all others, have no cathead or jib tie-bars on the top of the mast. The cranes are utilized primarily when overhead height is constrained or in situations where several cranes are installed close together. We currently offer 7 models of topless tower cranes with maximum jib lengths of 75 meters and lifting capabilities ranging between 90 and 300 meter-tons.

Luffing jib tower cranes, which are a type of top slewing crane, have an angled rather than horizontal jib. Unlike other tower cranes which have a trolley that controls the lateral movement of the load, luffing jib cranes move their load by changing the angle of the jib. The cranes are utilized primarily in urban areas where space is constrained or in situations where several cranes are installed close together. We currently offer 7 models of luffing jib tower cranes with maximum jib lengths of 60 meters and lifting capabilities ranging between 90 and 600 meter-tons.

Self-erecting tower cranes are mounted on axles or transported on a low-loader trailer. One line of tower cranes is marked under the name Igo. The lower segment of the range (Igo cranes up to Igo36) unfolds in four sections, two for the tower and two for the jib. The smallest of our models unfolds in less than 8 minutes; larger models erect in a few hours. Self erecting cranes rotate from the bottom of their mast. We offer 25 models of self erecting cranes with maximum jib lengths of 50 meters and lifting capacities ranging between 10 and 120 meter-tons which are utilized primarily in low to medium rise construction and residential applications.

Mobile Telescopic Cranes. Under the Grove brand name we design and manufacture 35 models of mobile telescopic cranes utilized primarily in industrial, commercial and construction applications, as well as in maintenance applications to lift and move material at job sites. Mobile telescopic cranes consist of a telescopic boom mounted on a wheeled carrier. Mobile telescopic cranes are similar to lattice-boom cranes in that they are designed to lift heavy loads using a mobile carrier as a platform, enabling the crane to move on and around a job site without typically having to re-erect the crane for each particular job. Additionally, many mobile telescopic cranes have the ability to drive between sites, and some are permitted on public roadways. We currently offer the following four types of mobile telescopic cranes capable of reaching tip heights of 427 feet with lifting capacities up to 550 tons: (i) rough-terrain, (ii) all-terrain, (iii) truck-mounted, and (iv) industrial.

Rough-terrain cranes are designed to lift materials and equipment on rough or uneven terrain. These cranes cannot be driven on public roadways, and, accordingly, must be transported by truck to a work site. We produce, under the Grove brand name, 10 models of rough-terrain cranes capable of tip heights of up to 279 feet and maximum load capacities of up to 130 U.S. tons.

All-terrain cranes are versatile cranes designed to lift materials and equipment on rough or uneven terrain and yet are highly maneuverable and capable of highway speeds. We produce, under the Grove brand name, 14 models of all-terrain cranes capable of tip heights of up to 427 feet and maximum load capacities of up to 550 tons.

Truck-mounted cranes are designed to provide simple set-up and long reach high capacity booms and are capable of traveling from site to site at highway speeds. These cranes are suitable for urban and suburban uses. We produce, under the Grove brand name, 4 models of truck-mounted cranes capable of tip heights of up to 237 feet and maximum load capacities of up to 90 U.S. tons.

Industrial cranes are designed primarily for plant maintenance, storage yard and material handling jobs. We distribute, under the Grove brand name, 8 models of industrial cranes capable of tip heights of up to 92 feet and maximum load capacities of up to 22 tons. On January 3, 2007 we acquired from our private label manufacturer all the rights to manufacture the industrial cranes.

Boom Trucks. We offer our hydraulic and articulated boom truck products under the National Crane product line. A boom truck is a hydraulically powered telescopic crane or articulated crane mounted on a truck chassis. Telescopic boom trucks are used primarily for lifting material on a job site, while articulated boom trucks are utilized primarily to load and unload truck beds at a job site. We currently offer, under the National Crane brand name, 15 models of telescoping and 8 models of articulating cranes capable of reaching maximum heights of 176 feet and lifting capacity up to 40 U.S. tons.

Foodservice Equipment

Our Foodservice segment designs, manufactures and markets commercial ice-cube and flaker machines and storage bins; walk-in refrigerators and freezers; reach-in refrigerators and freezers; refrigerated undercounter and food preparation tables; ice/beverage dispensers; post-mix beverage dispensing valves; cast aluminum cold plates; carbonator tanks; long-draw beer dispensing systems; compressor racks and modular refrigeration systems; pumps; valves; and backroom beverage equipment distribution services. Products are sold under the brand names Manitowoc, SerVend, Multiplex, Kolpak, Harford-Duracool, McCall, McCann’s, Koolaire, Flomatic, Kyees, RDI, and other brand names.

Ice-Cube Machines, Ice Flaker Machines and Storage Bins. Ice machines are classified as either self-contained or modular machines and can be further classified by size, capacity and the type of ice they produce. There are two basic types of ice made by ice machines: cubes and flakes. Machines that make ice cubes, the most popular type of machine, are used by the foodservice industry for drinks, ice displays and salad bars. Flake ice is used to a great extent in processing applications, such as keeping meats and seafood fresh, as well as in medical facilities for use in ice packs.

Our subsidiary Manitowoc Ice, Inc. manufactures 26 models of commercial ice machines under the Manitowoc and Snoball brand names, serving the foodservice, convenience store, healthcare, restaurant and lodging markets. Our ice machines make ice in cube and flake form, and range in daily production capacities from 45 to 2,150 pounds. The ice-cube machines are either self-contained units, which make and store ice, or modular units, which make, but do not store ice. We offer the world’s only commercial ice making machines with patented cleaning and sanitizing technology. This feature eliminates the downtime and labor costs associated with periodic cleaning of the water distribution system. Majority of the units feature patented technology with environmentally friendly hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants. We also manufacture the patented QuietQube ice-cube machines, which feature CVD, or cool vapor defrost, technology, operate heat-free, are 75% quieter than non-CVD units and produce more ice in a smaller footprint. These QuietQube machines are ideally suited for use in new restaurants, which often feature more open designs, and for use with the self-service beverage systems increasingly found in quick service restaurants and convenience stores. Our ice machines are sold throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers. We manufacture under the brand names Kolpak and Harford-Duracool. Products include modular and fully assembled walk-in refrigerators, coolers and freezers for restaurants, institutions, commissaries and convenience stores. Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are large, insulated storage spaces fitted with refrigeration systems. Most walk-ins are custom-made from modular insulated panels constructed with steel or aluminum exteriors and foamed-in-place urethane insulation. Refrigerator/blower units are installed in order to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerated space. Walk-ins come in many models with various types of doors, interior shelving, and viewing windows. We also produce a complete line of express or pre-assembled walk-ins.

Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers. Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are typically constructed from stainless steel and have a thick layer of insulation in the walls, doors and floor. The cabinets have one to three doors, made of either glass or steel, and come in a variety of sizes with storage capabilities up to 72 cubic feet. Although reach-ins resembles household refrigerators, commercial versions utilize few plastic parts, incorporate larger compressor units and do not usually combine refrigerator and freezer compartments in the same unit. These design features stem from the heavy duty usage needs of most reach-ins by customers. For example, in contrast to the typical household refrigerator, commercial reach-ins may be opened and closed hundreds of times per day, placing mechanical strain on the structure and greatly increasing the cooling load on the refrigeration system. We market these products under our McCall, Kolpak, and Koolaire brand names. We offer over 60 self-contained upright and under-counter refrigeration equipment units, including a full line of reach-ins and refrigerated food preparation equipment for restaurants, institutions and commissaries. We also manufacture custom-built units for select national chains restaurants.

Beverage Dispensers and Other Products. Our subsidiary Manitowoc Beverage Equipment, Inc. produces, beverage dispensers, ice/beverage dispensers, post-mix dispensing valves and cast aluminum cold plates and related equipment for use by quick service restaurants, convenience stores, bottling operations, movie theaters, and the soft-drink industry. Ice/beverage dispensers include traditional combination ice/beverage dispensers, drop-in dispensers and electric countertop units. Dispensing systems are manufactured for the dispensing of soda, juice, water, beer and other specialty drinks. Soda systems include remote systems that produce cold carbonated water and chill incoming water and syrup prior to delivery to dispensing towers.

Beer systems offer technically advanced remote beer delivery systems which are superior by design, allow increased yields, provide better under-bar space utilization and allow multiple stations to operate from one central unit.

Our subsidiary Manitowoc Beverage Systems, Inc., or MBS, is a systems integrator with nationwide distribution of beverage dispensing and backroom equipment and support system components. MBS serves the needs of major beverage and bottler customers, restaurants, convenience stores and other outlets and provides our customers with one point of contact for their beverage dispenser and backroom equipment needs. It operates throughout the United States, with locations in Ohio, California, and Virginia.

On May 26, 2006, we acquired substantially all of the net assets and business operated by McCann’s. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and with a manufacturing location in Tijuana, Mexico, McCann’s is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of beverage dispensing equipment primarily used in fast food restaurants, stadiums, cafeterias and convenience stores. McCann’s primary products are backroom beverage equipment such as carbonators, water boosters and racks. McCann’s also produces accessory components for beverage dispensers including specialty valves, stands and other stainless steel components.


We operate three shipyards located in Marinette, Wisconsin; Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin; and Cleveland, Ohio.

Marinette, Wisconsin. Marinette Marine Corporation (Marinette) was founded along the Menominee River in Marinette, Wisconsin in 1942 to meet America’s growing need for naval construction. Since its first contract to build five wooden barges, Marinette has built more than 1,300 vessels. Marinette is a full service shipyard with in-house capabilities to design and construct the most complex military and commercial vessels. The Marinette facility has 300,000 square feet of heated indoor production area, 53,000 square feet of secure indoor warehouse and receiving area, a 4,500 long ton certified ship launch ways and a 1,600 ton ship transport system. These features of the Marinette facility allow the vessels to be constructed and outfitted completely indoors. When ready for launching, they are moved outdoors. Typically, vessels are significantly material and labor complete when launched which allows for high quality of finished product and greater manufacturing efficiency.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Located in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Bay Shipbuilding Co. (Sturgeon Bay) is an industry leader in the construction of Oil Pollution Act (OPA) ‘90 double-hulled tank vessels, articulated tug and barge (AT/B) units, dredges, and dredging support equipment, along with bulk cargo self unloading solutions. This shipyard specializes in large ship construction projects and repair work. Our Sturgeon Bay shipyard consists of approximately 55 acres of waterfront property, approximately 295,000 square feet of enclosed manufacturing and office space, a 140-foot by 1,158-foot graving dock, a 250-foot graving dock, and a 600-foot, 7,000-ton, floating dry dock.

Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland Shiprepair Company specializes in all types of voyage and topside marine repair.


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