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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jul 31 2022)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Jul 31 2022)
(Profit Margin)
57.64 100 % 1.24 2.15 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Jul 31 2022)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Jul 31 2022)
Q/Q Income
6.51 % -8.25 % 86.73 % -38.98 %

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  Hurco Companies's

Business Segments Description

With the addition of the Milltronics and Takumi businesses, we now have three brands of CNC machine tools in our product portfolio: Hurco is the premium brand focused on sophisticated technology. Milltronics is the entry level brand with a simplified control and straightforward feature sets. Takumi is an industry standard brand with machines that are equipped with industry standard controls instead of the proprietary controls found on Hurco and Milltronics machines. Typically, manufacturing facilities that use industry standard controls focus on medium to high production, wherein they run large batches of a few types of parts instead of small batches of many different types of parts. In addition, through LCM, we produce machine tool components and accessories. The main product categories of each brand are outlined below.

Hurco Brand of CNC Machine Tools

We design, manufacture and sell computerized machine tools equipped with a fully integrated interactive computer control system that features our proprietary WinMax® software. Our computer control system enables a machine tool operator to create complex two-dimensional or three-dimensional machining programs directly from an engineering drawing or computer-aided design geometry file. An operator with little or no machine tool programming experience can successfully create a program with minimal training and begin machining the part in a short period of time. The control features an operator console with a liquid crystal display (LCD), and incorporates an upgradeable personal computer (PC) platform using a high speed processor with solid rendering graphical programming. In addition, WinMax® has a Windows®† based operating system that enables users to improve shop floor flexibility and software productivity. Companies using computer controlled machine tools are better able to:

• maximize the efficiency of their human resources;
• make more advanced and complex parts from a wide range of materials using multiple processes;
• incorporate fast moving changes in technology into their operations to keep their competitive edge; and
• integrate their business into the global supply chain of their customers by supporting small to medium lot sizes for “just in time” initiatives.

Our Windows® based control facilitates our ability to meet these customer needs. The familiar Windows® operating system coupled with our intuitive conversational style of program creation allows our customers’ operators to create and edit part-making programs without incurring the incremental overhead of specialized computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing programmers. With the ability to transfer most computer aided design data directly into a Hurco program, programming time can be significantly reduced.

Machine tool products today are being designed to meet the demand for machining complex parts with greater part accuracies. Our proprietary controls with WinMax® software and high speed processors efficiently handle the large amounts of data these complex part-making programs require, which enable our customers to create parts with higher accuracy at faster speeds. We continue to add technology to our control design as it becomes available. For example, UltiMotion, our patented motion control system, provides significant cycle time reductions and increases the quality of a part’s surface finish. This technology differentiates us in the marketplace and is incorporated into our control.

Our offering of machining centers, currently equipped with either a twin touch-screen console or a single touch-screen console, consists of the following nine product lines:

VM Product Line

The VM product line consists of moderately priced vertical machining centers for the entry-level market. The design premise of the machining center with a large work cube and a small footprint optimizes the use of available floor space. The VM line consists of five models in four sizes with X-axis (horizontal) travels of 18, 26, 40, and 50 inches.

VMX Product Line

The VMX product line consists of higher performing vertical machining centers aimed at manufacturers that require greater part accuracy. It is our flagship series of machining centers. The VMX line consists of 12 models in eight sizes with X-axis travels of 24, 26, 30, 42, 50, 60, 64, and 84 inches.

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Five-Axis Product Line

The five-axis product line is targeted at manufacturers seeking to produce multi-sided parts in a single setup. Machines in this product line can yield significant productivity gains for manufacturers that previously had to process each side of a part separately. Additionally, investing in five-axis technology helps our customers to expand their customer base, as they are able to bid on more complex projects that require simultaneous five-axis operations. The five-axis product line consists of 18 models with three different configurations: swivel head, trunnion table, and cantilever.

HS Product Line

Due to the integral, motorized spindle with a base speed of 18,000 rpm, the HS product line is desirable for the die and mold industry because of that industry’s particular interest in the improvement of surface finish quality and the reduction of cycle time. Additionally, this product line offers us the opportunity to expand our customer base to manufacturers that produce larger batches. The HS product line consists of four models with X-axis travels of 24, 30, 42, and 60 inches.

HMX Product Line

The HMX product line is beneficial to manufacturers entering production manufacturing versus small batch manufacturing. The HMX machines have expanded tool capacity, a comprehensive chip management system, a built-in pallet changer, and a box-in-box design supported at both the top and bottom to increase rigidity for long production runs and heavy cuts. The HMX product line consists of three models in three sizes with X-axis travels of 24, 32, and 41 inches.

HBMX Product Line

The HBMX product line is beneficial to manufacturers that build custom machinery and parts for a multitude of industries, such as packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, and medical. Additionally, boring mills are also used to repair and/or rebuild large components. The HBMX boring mill product line consists of four models with X-axis travels of 55, 79, 94, and 120 inches.

TM/TMM Product Line

The TM/TMM product line of slant-bed lathes (horizontal turning centers) is designed for entry-level job shops and contract manufacturers seeking efficient processing of small to medium lot sizes. There is one TM model in seven sizes, measured by chuck size: the TM6, TM8, TM10, TM12, TM18, TM18L, and TM18BB. The TM18BB big bore turning center targets the energy and aerospace industries because it has a larger chuck diameter and bigger bar capacity for larger parts. We added motorized tooling on the lathe turret to further enhance the capability of the TM turning centers and designated it as the TMM product line. These turning centers with live tooling allow our customers to complete a number of secondary milling, drilling and tapping operations while the part is still held in the chuck after the turning operations are complete, which provides significant productivity gains. The TMM product line consists of three models: TMM8, TMM10, and TMM12.

TMX Product Line

The TMX product line consists of high performance turning centers. There are six models in two sizes. The TMXMY models are equipped with an additional axis and motorized live tooling while the TMXMYS models also have an additional spindle.

DCX Product Line

The double column DCX series includes five models in three sizes. These 2-meter, 3-meter, and 4-meter machining centers are designed to facilitate production of large parts and molds often required by the aerospace, energy and custom machinery industries.

Milltronics Brand of CNC Machine Tools

We manufacture and sell computerized machine tools equipped with a fully integrated interactive computer control system that features compatibility with G & M Code programs (generated from CAD/CAM software) and conversational visual aid programming.

Our offering of Milltronics machining centers, equipped with the Milltronics 8200 B High Speed CNC Control, consists of the following seven product lines:

VM Product Line

The VM product line consists of moderately-priced vertical machining centers for the entry-level market. Customers can choose from 40-taper or 50-taper spindles and inline spindles or belted spindles. The VM line consists of 12 models in six sizes with X-axis (horizontal) travels of 20, 30, 40, 41.7, 50, and 60 inches.

TT Product Line

The TT product line is a twin table machining center that lets the customer access one table to load and unload parts while the other table is safely enclosed in the work zone as parts are being cut. The TT product line consists of the TT24 model with X-axis travels on both tables of 23 inches.

BR Product Line

The BR product line consists of bridge mills that are used in pattern shops and the aerospace industry in addition to job shops, due to the large table and travels that support a wide range of part sizes. The BR line consists of six models in three sizes with X-axis travels of 100, 150, and 200 inches.

MM/MB/RH Product Line

Products with the MM/MB or RH designation are part of the toolroom bed mill category, which are machines that do not have an enclosure, also referred to as open bed machines. The various product lines in this category denote different weights, table sizes and spindle speeds to address different customer needs. In total there are eight models in five sizes with X-axis travels of 30, 40, 60, 78, and 120 inches.

HBM Product Line

The HBM110XT is designed for precision machining of big work pieces and is equipped with a Fanuc® 32i-MB control system. This machine is beneficial to manufacturers that build custom machinery and repair and/or rebuild large components. Additionally, the boring mill can be used to manufacture parts for other sectors, such as packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, and medical.

SL Product Line

The SL product line of slant-bed lathes (horizontal turning centers) is designed for entry-level job shops and contract manufacturers seeking efficient processing of small to medium lot sizes. There are four models with chuck sizes of 6, 10, 12, and 18 inches.

ML Product Line

The ML product line consists of combination lathes that the customer can configure for either toolroom or production applications with the option to add live tooling. There are 17 models available in the following six swing-over bed diameters: 17, 19, 23, 27, 36, and 39.7 inches.

Takumi Brand of CNC Machine Tools

Our Takumi machine tools feature industry standard CNC controls, including Fanuc®, Siemens®, Mitsubishi® or Heidenhain®. Models include drill and tap machines; three-axis vertical machining centers with linear guides; three-axis vertical machining centers with box ways; high-speed, double column vertical machining centers; and heavy duty, double column machining centers.

VT Series

The VT Series includes one high-speed drill and tap machine. Model VT500 features fast tool change times and rapid spindle acceleration/deceleration. This three-axis machine is designed for high volume production applications such as automotive parts or electronics components.

VC Series

The VC Series vertical machining centers are fast, three-axis linear guide machining centers designed for customers doing batch or production work. The VC machines are available in two sizes with X-axis travels of 34 and 42 inches.

V Series

The V Series vertical machining centers are heavy duty, box way machines built for tough applications such as roughing cast iron. These three-axis, massive machines feature belt or geared spindles to provide maximum torque. The V Series product line includes eight models with X-axis travels of 39, 43, 47, 60, 70, 78, 86, and 126 inches.

H Series

Designed to produce parts that require high precision and superior surface finishes, H Series machines offer an extremely rigid and thermally stable double column design. These three-axis models feature high-speed direct drive or built-in HSK spindles with up to 20,000 rpm. One model is specifically built for the machining of graphite or copper electrodes used in electrical discharge machining (EDM). The H Series product line consists of eight models in seven different sizes with X-axis travels of 30, 35, 40, 53, 63, 86, and 126 inches.

BC Series

The BC Series machine is a double column three-axis machining center designed for heavy cutting and applications that require high power and torque, such as mold and die. This model includes a 6,000 rpm geared-head design with X-axis travels of 82 inches.

Hurco Computer Control Systems and Software

The following machine tool computer control systems and software products are sold directly to end-users and/or to original equipment manufacturers.


Autobend® computer control systems are applied to metal bending press brake machines that form parts from sheet metal and steel plate. They consist of a microprocessor-based computer control and back gauge (an automated gauging system that determines where the bend will be made). We have manufactured and sold the Autobend® product line since 1968. We currently market two models of our Autobend® computer control systems for press brake machines, in combination with six different back gauges as retrofit units for installation on existing or new press brake machines.

Software Products

In addition to our standard computer control features, we offer software option products for part programming. These products are sold to users of our Hurco computerized machine tools equipped with our twin touch-screen or single touch-screen consoles featuring WinMax® control software. Each international division packages the options as appropriate for its market. The most common options include: Swept Surface, DXF Transfer, UltiMonitor, UltiPocket with Helical Ramp Entry and Insert Pockets, Conversational Part and Tool Probing, Tool and Material Library, NC/Conversational Merge, Job List, Stream Load, Linear Thermal Compensation, Thread Repair, and Simultaneous Five-Axis Contouring.

Our Swept Surface software option simplifies programming of 3D contours and significantly reduces programming time.

The DXF Transfer software option increases operator productivity because it eliminates manual data entry of part features by transferring AutoCAD®* drawing files directly into our computer control or into our desktop programming software, WinMax® Desktop.

UltiMonitor is a web-based productivity, management and service tool that enables customers to monitor, inspect and receive notifications about their Hurco machines from any location where they can access the internet. Customers can transfer part designs, receive event notifications via email or text, access diagnostic data, monitor the machine via webcam and communicate with the machine operator.

UltiPocket with Helical Ramp Entry and Insert Pockets automatically calculates the tool path around islands, eliminating the arduous task of plotting these shapes. Islands can also be rotated, scaled and repeated.

Conversational Part and Tool Probing options permit the computerized dimensional measurement of machined parts and the associated cutting tools. This “on-machine” technique improves the throughput of the measurement process when compared to traditional “off-machine” approaches.

The Tool and Material Library option stores the tool and material information with the machine instead of storing it with each individual part program. The user enters the tool data and geometry one time and chooses the particular tool from the list when it is needed. Additionally, the library reads the part program and automatically locates the tool or displays an alert if the tool does not exist. In addition to saving time, the Tool and Material Library eliminates the need to enter information repeatedly, and can prevent common tool crash conditions.

NC/Conversational Merge lets the user incorporate conversational features, such as tool probing, pattern operations, and scaling into existing G-Code programs.

Job List provides an intuitive way to group files together and run them sequentially without operator intervention, which promotes automation, lights-out machining, program stitching, file bundling, and adaptive processes.

Stream Load allows the user to run very large NC files without the need to upload the entire file into the control’s memory to avoid exceeding memory limits.

Linear Thermal Compensation is a feature that allows the user to specify corrections to compensate for the effects of thermal growth in high speed machining applications.

* AutoCAD® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Thread Repair is a feature for turning applications that provides an efficient way to repair existing threads, which is especially beneficial for large pipes and other parts manufactured for the oil/energy sector.

Simultaneous Five-Axis Contouring software enables a five-axis machine to command motion concurrently on all axes. This allows the user to create continuous tool-paths along complex geometries with only a single machine/part setup, providing increased productivity along with the performance benefits of using shorter cutting tools. The sale of simultaneous five-axis contouring software is subject to government export licensing requirements.

LCM Machine Tool Components and Accessories

Based in Italy, LCM designs, manufactures and sells mechanical and electro-mechanical components and accessories for machine tools. LCM’s direct drive spindle, swivel head, and rotary torque table are used in our SRT line of five-axis machining centers to achieve simultaneous five-axis machining.

CNC Rotary Tables

LCM has five lines of CNC rotary tables for both horizontal and vertical-horizontal positioning. Customers can choose rotary tables with either hydraulic or pneumatic clamping systems. Additionally, LCM offers CNC rotary tables powered by either a torque motor or a high-precision mechanical transmission.

CNC Tilt Tables

LCM has seven lines of CNC tilting rotary tables, of which four lines are intended specifically for five-axis machining centers. Each of the seven lines is differentiated by the technology used for clamping (hydraulic or pneumatic) and by the type of transmission (either mechanical transmission or torque motor).

Swivel Heads and Electro-spindles

LCM has two primary lines of swivel heads that enable the spindle axis to be tilted with continuous motion and one line of electro-spindles (built-in motors for swivel heads). Two lines of swivel heads are differentiated by the type of transmission (either mechanical transmission or torque motor).

Parts and Service

Our service organization provides installation, warranty, operator training and customer support for our products on a worldwide basis. In the United States, our principal distributors have the primary responsibility for machine installation and warranty service and support for product sales. Our service organization also sells software options, computer control upgrades, accessories and replacement parts for our products. Our after-sales parts and service business strengthens our customer relationships and provides continuous information concerning the evolving requirements of end-users.


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