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General Electric Company Segments

   19.92 % of total Revenue
Power & Water
   20.39 % of total Revenue
Energy Infrastructure
   38.2 % of total Revenue
   13.43 % of total Revenue
Corporate items eliminations
   -2.76 % of total Revenue
Appliances & Lighting
   7.24 % of total Revenue
   5.03 % of total Revenue
   18.94 % of total Revenue
   5.6 % of total Revenue
Oil & Gas
   12.21 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
6,312.00 19.92 % 734.00 11.63 %
Power & Water
6,461.00 20.39 % 1,270.00 19.66 %
Energy Infrastructure
12,102.00 38.2 % 1,270.00 10.49 %
4,255.00 13.43 % 652.00 15.32 %
Corporate items eliminations
-875.00 -2.76 % 0.00 -
Appliances & Lighting
2,293.00 7.24 % 165.00 7.2 %
1,593.00 5.03 % 379.00 23.79 %
6,001.00 18.94 % 1,353.00 22.55 %
1,773.00 5.6 % 0.00 -
Oil & Gas
3,868.00 12.21 % 584.00 15.1 %
31,681.00 100 % 4,553.00 14.37 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
71.48 % 1.51 % 18.96 % 236.7 %
Power & Water
1.35 % -5 % 6.63 % 4.01 %
Energy Infrastructure
-5.34 % -4.19 % -83.18 % -32.66 %
-5.13 % -1.89 % -10.32 % -7.52 %
Corporate items eliminations
- - - -
Appliances & Lighting
8.31 % 2.6 % 87.5 % 0 %
3.44 % 12.18 % 10.82 % 14.5 %
5.32 % -4.01 % 7.04 % 6.62 %
-2.21 % 0.28 % - -
Oil & Gas
-15.86 % -4.78 % -11.52 % 0.17 %
-12.56 % -3.28 % -54.33 % -0.46 %

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  General Electric's

Business Segments Description

Operating businesses that are reported as segments include Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Home & Business Solutions and GE Capital. Net earnings of GECC and the effect of transactions between segments are eliminated to arrive at total consolidated data. A summary description of each of our operating segments follows.

Power & Water

Power & Water is a leader in the field of development, implementation and improvement of products and technologies that harness resources such as wind, oil, gas and water to produce electric power.

Our operations are located in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Power & Water serves power generation, industrial, government and other customers worldwide with products and services related to energy production. We sell gas turbines and generators that are used principally in power plants for generation of electricity and for industrial cogeneration and mechanical drive applications. We are a leading provider of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology design and development. IGCC systems convert coal and other hydrocarbons into synthetic gas that is used as the primary fuel for gas turbines in combined-cycle systems. IGCC systems produce fewer air pollutants compared with traditional pulverized coal power plants. We sell steam turbines and generators to the electric utility industry and to private industrial customers for cogeneration applications. We offer wind turbines as part of our renewable energy portfolio, which also includes solar technology. We also sell aircraft engine derivatives for use as industrial power sources. Nuclear reactors, fuel and support services for both new and installed boiling water reactors are offered through joint ventures with Hitachi and Toshiba. We provide our customers with solutions to meet their needs through a broad portfolio of aftermarket services, including equipment upgrades, long-term maintenance service agreements, repairs, equipment installation, monitoring and diagnostics, asset management and performance optimization tools, remote performance testing and Dry Low NOx (DLN) tuning. We continue to invest in advanced technology development that will provide more value to our customers and more efficient solutions that comply with today’s strict environmental regulations.

Power & Water also offers water treatment solutions for industrial and municipal water systems including the supply and related services of specialty chemicals, water purification systems, pumps, valves, filters and fluid handling equipment for improving the performance of water, wastewater and process systems, including mobile treatment systems and desalination processes.

On February 1, 2011, we completed the acquisition of Dresser, Inc., which broadened the product portfolio with technologies for gas engines.

Power & Water is party to revenue sharing programs that share the financial results of certain aeroderivative lines. These businesses are controlled by Power & Water, but counterparties have an agreed share of revenues as well as development and component production responsibilities.

Worldwide competition for power generation products and services is intense. Demand for power generation is global and, as a result, is sensitive to the economic and political environment of each country in which we do business. The balance of regional growth and demand side management are important factors to evaluate as we plan for future development.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas helps oil and gas companies make more efficient and sustainable use of the world's energy resources.

Our operations are located in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa.

Oil & Gas supplies mission critical equipment for the global oil and gas industry, used in applications spanning the entire value chain from drilling and completion through production, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and pipeline compression, pipeline inspection, and downstream processing in refineries and petrochemical plants. The business designs and manufactures surface and subsea drilling and production systems, equipment for floating production platforms, compressors, turbines, turboexpanders, high pressure reactors, industrial power generation and a broad portfolio of auxiliary equipment.

To ensure that the installed base is maintained appropriately, our service business has over 40 service centers and workshops in the world's main oil and gas extraction and production regions. The business also provides upgrades to customers’ machines, using the latest available technology, to extend production capability and environmental performance. We also provide pipeline integrity solutions, sensor-based measurement, inspection, asset condition monitoring, controls, and radiation measurement solutions. Oil & Gas also offers integrated solutions using sensors for temperature, pressure, moisture, gas and flow rate as well as non-destructive testing inspection equipment, including radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual and eddy current.

On February 4, 2011 and April 26, 2011, we completed the acquisitions of Wellstream PLC and the Well Support division of John Wood Group PLC, respectively. Wellstream PLC expands the Oil & Gas portfolio with flexible subsea risers and flow lines. The Well Support division of John Wood Group PLC adds equipment, including electrical submersible pumps, that helps extract more oil and gas from mature fields. On February 1, 2011, we completed the acquisition of Dresser, Inc. which broadens the Oil & Gas product portfolio in control and relief valves, measurement, regulation and control solutions for gas and fuel distributions.

Demand for oil and gas equipment and services is global and, as a result, is sensitive to the economic and political environment of each country in which we do business. The balance of regional growth and demand side management are important factors to evaluate as we plan for future development.

Energy Management

Energy Management designs, manufactures and services leading technology solutions for the delivery, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries.

Our operations are located in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Energy Management provides integrated electrical products and systems used to distribute, protect and control energy and equipment. We manufacture electrical distribution and control products, lighting and power panels, switchgear and circuit breakers that are used to distribute and manage power in a variety of residential, commercial, consumer and industrial applications. We also provide customer-focused solutions centered on the delivery and control of electric power, and a full portfolio of field services including engineering, inspection, mechanical and emergency services. Energy Management also provides advanced products and services that modernize the grid, from the power plant to the power consumer, such as protection and control, industrial strength communications, smart meters, monitoring & diagnostics, visualization software and advanced analytics. We manufacture advanced motor, drives and control technologies to improve the operational efficiency of energy intensive industries such as metals, mining, marine, oil and gas. Energy Management also provides plant automation, hardware, software and embedded computing systems including advanced software, controllers, single board computers, motion control and operator interfaces.

On March 2, 2011 and September 2, 2011, we completed the acquisitions of Lineage Power Holdings, Inc. (Lineage Power) and Converteam, respectively. The acquisition of Lineage Power, a provider of high-efficiency power conversion infrastructure technology and services for the telecommunications and datacenter industries, continues the expansion of Energy’s offerings from the electric grid to datacenters, cell towers, routers, servers and circuit board electronics. Converteam, a provider of electrification and automation equipment and systems, adds significant product and service capabilities in power electronics, industrial automation and process controls.


Aviation (13.6%, 12.8% and 11.8% of consolidated revenues in 2012, 2011 and 2010, respectively) is one of the world’s leading providers of jet engines and related services with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Aviation produces, sells and services jet engines, turboprop and turbo shaft engines, and related replacement parts for use in military and commercial aircraft. Our military engines are used in a wide variety of aircraft including fighters, bombers, tankers, helicopters and surveillance aircraft, as well as marine applications, and our commercial engines power aircraft in all categories of range: short/medium, intermediate and long-range, as well as executive and regional aircraft. We also produce and market engines through CFM International, a company jointly owned by GE and Snecma, a subsidiary of SAFRAN of France, and Engine Alliance, LLC, a company jointly owned by GE and the Pratt & Whitney division of United Technologies Corporation. New engines are also being designed and marketed in a joint venture with Honda Aero, Inc., a division of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Aviation is party to agreements in which the financial results, as well as production responsibilities, of certain aircraft and marine engine lines are shared. These agreements take the form of both joint ventures and revenue sharing programs.

Joint ventures market and sell particular aircraft engine lines, but require negligible direct investment because the venture parties conduct essentially all of the development, production, assembly and aftermarket support activities. Under these agreements, Aviation supplies certain engine components and retains related intellectual property rights. The CFM56 engine line is the product of CFM International and the GP7000 engine line is the product of Engine Alliance, LLC.

Revenue sharing programs are a standard form of cooperation for specific product programs in the aviation industry. These businesses are controlled by Aviation, but counterparties have an agreed share of revenues as well as development and component production responsibilities. At December 31, 2012, such counterparty interests ranged from 1% to 47% of various programs; associated distributions to such counterparties are accounted for as costs of production.

Aviation also produces global aerospace systems and equipment, including airborne platform computing systems, power generation and distribution products, mechanical actuation products and landing gear, plus various engine components for use in both military and commercial aircraft.

We provide maintenance, component repair and overhaul services (MRO), including sales of replacement parts for many models of engines and repair and overhaul of engines manufactured by competitors. These MRO services are often provided under long-term maintenance contracts.

The worldwide competition in aircraft jet engines and MRO (including parts sales) is intense. Both U.S. and export markets are important. Product development cycles are long and product quality and efficiency are critical to success. Research and development expenditures are important in this business, as are focused intellectual property strategies and protection of key aircraft engine design, manufacture, repair and product upgrade technologies. Our products and services are subject to a number of regulatory standards.

Potential sales for any engine are limited by, among other things, its technological lifetime, which may vary considerably depending upon the rate of advance in technology, the relatively small number of potential customers and the limited number of relevant airframe applications. Aircraft engine orders tend to follow military and airline procurement cycles, although these cycles differ from each other.


Healthcare is one of the world’s leading providers of essential healthcare technologies to developed, developing and emerging countries. Our operations are located in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

Healthcare has expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, disease research, drug discovery and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. We are dedicated to predicting and detecting disease earlier, monitoring its progress and informing physicians, and helping physicians tailor treatment for patients. Healthcare manufactures, sells and services a wide range of medical equipment that helps provide a fast, non-invasive way for doctors to see broken bones, diagnose trauma cases in the emergency room, view the heart and its function, and identify early stages of cancers or brain disorders. With diagnostic imaging systems such as Magnetic Resonance (MR), Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners, X-ray, nuclear imaging, digital mammography, and Molecular Imaging technologies, Healthcare creates products that allow clinicians to see inside the human body more clearly than ever. In addition, Healthcare-manufactured technologies include patient and resident monitoring, diagnostic cardiology, ultrasound, bone densitometry, anesthesiology and oxygen therapy, and neonatal and critical care devices. Medical diagnostics and life sciences products include diagnostic imaging agents used in medical scanning procedures, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and purification, and tools for protein and cellular analysis for pharmaceutical and academic research, including existing and a pipeline of precision molecular diagnostics in development for neurology, cardiology and oncology applications.

Our product services include remote diagnostic and repair services for medical equipment manufactured by GE and by others, as well as computerized data management, information technologies and customer productivity services.

We compete with a variety of U.S. and non-U.S. manufacturers and services providers. Technological competence and innovation, excellence in design, high product performance, quality of services and competitive pricing are among the key factors affecting competition for these products and services. Products and services are sold worldwide primarily to hospitals, medical facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and to the life science research market.

Throughout the world, we deliver healthymagination solutions that provide greater efficiency to help control costs, better quality to improve patient outcomes, and extended access to healthcare for patients in underserved markets.

Our products are subject to regulation by numerous government agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA), as well as various laws that apply to claims submitted under Medicare, Medicaid or other government funded healthcare programs.


Transportation is a global technology leader and supplier to the railroad, marine, drilling and mining industries. We serve customers in more than 100 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

Transportation manufactures high-horsepower diesel-electric locomotives, including the Evolution Series™ which meets or exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier III requirements. We also offer leading drive technology solutions to the mining, transit, marine and stationary, and drilling industries. We announced the launch of our Energy Storage business in 2012. GE's Durathon Battery technology is designed for energy storage solutions for stationary and motive applications in the telecommunications, power generation, grid operation and energy management applications. Also, on November 30, 2012, we completed the acquisition of Industrea Limited, a provider of mining products and services with a focus in underground mining.

Transportation provides a portfolio of service offerings designed to improve fleet efficiency and reduce operating expenses, including repair services, locomotive enhancements, modernizations, and information-based services like remote monitoring and diagnostics. We provide train control products, railway management services, and signaling systems to increase service levels, optimize asset utilization, and streamline operations for railroad owners and operators. We deliver leading edge tools that improve asset availability and reliability, optimize network planning, and control network execution to plan.

Home & Business Solutions

Home & Business Solutions sells products that share several characteristics - competitive design, efficient manufacturing and effective distribution and service. Home & Business Solutions’ products such as major appliances and a subset of lighting products are primarily directed to consumer applications, while other lighting products are directed towards commercial and industrial applications. Cost control, including productivity, is key in the highly competitive markets in which we compete. We also invest in the development of differentiated, premium products that are more profitable such as energy efficient solutions for both consumers and businesses.

We sell and service major home appliances including refrigerators, freezers, electric and gas ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, microwave ovens, room air conditioners, residential water systems for filtration, softening and heating, and hybrid water heaters. Our brands include GE Monogram®, GE Profile™, GE®, Hotpoint® and GE Café™. We manufacture certain products and also source finished product and component parts from third-party global manufacturers. A large portion of our appliances sales are through a variety of retail outlets for replacement of installed units. Residential building contractors installing units in new construction is our second major U.S. channel. We offer one of the largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service organizations in the appliances industry, providing in-home repair and aftermarket parts.

We also manufacture, source and sell a variety of lamp products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets, including full lines of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, light-emitting diode, automotive and miniature products.

We have global operations located in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

GE Capital

GE Capital businesses offer a broad range of financial services and products worldwide for businesses of all sizes. Services include commercial loans and leases, fleet management, financial programs, home loans, credit cards, personal loans and other financial services. GE Capital also develops strategic partnerships and joint ventures that utilize GE’s industry-specific expertise in aviation, energy, infrastructure and healthcare to capitalize on market-specific opportunities.

During 2012, GE Capital provided approximately $107 billion of new financings in the U.S. to various companies, infrastructure projects and municipalities. Additionally, we extended approximately $96 billion of credit to approximately 57 million U.S. consumers. GE Capital provided credit to approximately 37,100 new commercial customers and 34,000 new small businesses in the U.S. during 2012 and ended the period with outstanding credit to more than 243,000 commercial customers and 201,000 small businesses through retail programs in the U.S.

Within our GE Capital operating segment, we operate the businesses described below along product lines.

Our operations are located in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

GE Capital has communicated its goal of reducing its ending net investment (ENI). To achieve this goal, we are more aggressively focusing our businesses on selective financial services products where we have domain knowledge, broad distribution, and the ability to earn a consistent return on capital, while managing our overall balance sheet size and risk. We have a strategy of exiting those businesses that are underperforming or that are deemed to be non-strategic. We have completed a number of dispositions in our businesses in the past and will continue to evaluate options going forward.

Commercial Lending and Leasing (CLL)

CLL provides customers around the world with a broad range of financing solutions. We have particular mid-market expertise, and primarily offer collateralized loans, leases and other financial services to customers, including manufacturers, distributors and end-users for a variety of equipment and major capital assets. These assets include industrial-related facilities and equipment; vehicles; corporate aircraft; and equipment used in many industries, including the construction, manufacturing, transportation, media, communications, entertainment and healthcare industries.

In 2011, we completed the sale of our CLL marine container leasing business, which consists of our controlling interests in the GE SeaCo joint venture along with other owned marine container assets, and our CLL trailer fleet services business in Mexico.

We operate in a highly competitive environment. Our competitors include commercial banks, investment banks, leasing companies, financing companies associated with manufacturers, and independent finance companies. Competition related to our lending and leasing operations is based on price, that is, interest rates and fees, as well as deal structure and terms. In recent years, there has been a disruption in the capital markets and in access to and availability of capital as well as the exit of some competitors. Profitability is affected not only by broad economic conditions that affect customer credit quality and the availability and cost of capital funding, but also by successful management of credit risk, operating risk and market risks such as interest rate and currency exchange risks. Success requires high quality risk management systems, customer and industry specific knowledge, diversification, service and distribution channels, strong collateral and asset management knowledge, deal structuring expertise and the ability to reduce costs through technology and productivity.


Consumer, through consolidated entities and associated companies, is a leading provider of financial services to consumers and retailers around the world. We offer a full range of financial products to suit customers’ needs. These products include, on a global basis, private-label credit cards; personal loans; bank cards; auto loans and leases; mortgages; debt consolidation; home equity loans; deposit and other savings products; and small and medium enterprise lending.

In January 2013, we acquired the deposit business of MetLife Bank, N.A., which is an online banking platform with approximately $6.4 billion in U.S. retail deposits that will allow us to better serve our customers.

In 2011, we entered into agreements to sell our Consumer Singapore business and our Consumer home lending operations in Australia and New Zealand (Australian Home Lending) and classified them as discontinued operations. Both dispositions were completed during 2011.

In the first quarter of 2011, we sold a substantial portion of our Garanti Bank equity investment. During 2012, we sold our remaining equity interest in Garanti Bank, which was classified as an available-for-sale security.

In 2010, we entered into agreements to sell our U.S. recreational vehicle and marine equipment financing portfolio (Consumer RV Marine) and Consumer Mexico and classified them as discontinued operations. Both dispositions were completed during 2011.

In 2010, we committed to sell our Consumer business in Canada, which was completed during 2011; in 2010, we also purchased sales finance portfolios from Citi Retail Partner Cards, which provides consumer financing programs and related services to small to mid-sized retailers and dealers.

Our operations are subject to a variety of bank and consumer protection regulations. Further, a number of countries have ceilings on rates chargeable to consumers in financial service transactions. We are subject to competition from various types of financial institutions including commercial banks, leasing companies, consumer loan companies, independent finance companies, finance companies associated with manufacturers, and insurance companies. Industry participants compete on the basis of price, servicing capability, promotional marketing, risk management, and cross selling. The markets in which we operate are also subject to the risks from fluctuations in retail sales, interest and currency exchange rates, and the consumer’s capacity to repay debt.

Real Estate

Real Estate offers a range of capital and investment solutions, including equity capital for acquisition or development, as well as fixed and floating rate mortgages for new acquisitions or re-capitalizations of commercial real estate worldwide. Our business finances, with both equity and loan structures, the acquisition, refinancing and renovation of office buildings, apartment buildings, retail facilities, hotels and industrial properties. Our typical real estate loans are intermediate term, senior, fixed or floating-rate, and are secured by existing income-producing commercial properties. We invest in, and provide restructuring financing for, portfolios of commercial mortgage loans, limited partnerships and tax-exempt bonds.

We own and operate a global portfolio of real estate with the objective of maximizing property cash flows and asset values. In the normal course of our business operations we sell certain real estate equity investments when it is economically advantageous for us to do so. However, as real estate values are affected by certain forces beyond our control (e.g., market fundamentals and demographic conditions), it is difficult to predict with certainty the level of future sales, sales prices, impairments or write-offs.

In 2012, we completed the sale of a portion of our Business Properties portfolio (Business Property), including certain commercial loans, the origination and servicing platforms and the servicing rights on loans previously securitized by GECC. The portion retained comprises our owner-occupied/credit tenant portfolio.

Our competitors include banks, financial institutions, real estate companies, real estate investment funds and other financial companies. Competition in our equity investment business is primarily based on price, and competition in our lending business is primarily based on interest rates and fees, as well as deal structure and terms. As we compete globally, our success is sensitive to the economic and political environment of each country in which we do business.

Energy Financial Services

Energy Financial Services invests in long-lived, capital-intensive energy projects and companies by providing structured equity, debt, leasing, partnership financing, project finance and broad-based commercial finance. We also invest in early-to-later-stage companies that are pursuing new technologies and services in the energy industry. In May 2010, we sold our general partnership interest in Regency Energy Partners L.P. (Regency), a midstream natural gas services provider, and retained a limited partnership interest. This resulted in the deconsolidation of Regency.

We operate in a highly competitive environment. Our competitors include banks, financial institutions, energy companies, and other finance and leasing companies. Competition is primarily based on price, that is, interest rates and fees, as well as deal structure and terms. As we compete globally, our success is sensitive to the economic and political environment of each country in which we do business.

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS)

GECAS engages in commercial aircraft leasing and finance, delivering fleet and financing services to companies across the spectrum of the aviation industry. Our product offerings include leases and secured loans on commercial passenger aircraft, freighters and regional jets; engine leasing and financing services; aircraft parts solutions; and airport equity and debt financing. We also co-sponsor an infrastructure private equity fund, which invests in large infrastructure projects including gateway airports.

We operate in a highly competitive environment. Our competitors include aircraft manufacturers, banks, financial institutions, equity investors, and other finance and leasing companies. Competition is based on lease rate financing terms, aircraft delivery dates, condition and availability, as well as available capital demand for financing.

GECC Corporate Items and Eliminations

GECC Corporate Items and Eliminations primarily include unallocated Treasury and Tax operations; Trinity, a group of run-off sponsored special purpose entities; the effects of eliminating transactions between GE Capital’s five operating businesses; results of our run-off insurance operations remaining in continuing operations attributable to GECC; unallocated corporate costs; and certain non-allocated amounts determined by the GECC Chairman.


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