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Cummins Inc Segments

   38.96 % of total Revenue
Power Generation
   8.35 % of total Revenue
Filtration & Other
   33.4 % of total Revenue
   19.29 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30. 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30. 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
1,800.00 38.96 % 252.00 14 %
Power Generation
386.00 8.35 % 42.00 10.88 %
Filtration & Other
1,543.00 33.4 % 123.00 7.97 %
891.00 19.29 % 156.00 17.51 %
4,620.00 100 % 573.00 12.4 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30. 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30. 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
-17.47 % -12.54 % -23.64 % -26.1 %
Power Generation
-19.75 % -14.79 % -30 % -26.32 %
Filtration & Other
63.11 % 3.77 % -28.49 % 8.85 %
-30.5 % -12.39 % 19.08 % -30.04 %
-5.52 % -7.88 % -17.32 % -21.93 %

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  Cummins Inc 's

Business Segments Description

Our Business Segments

We operate four complementary business segments that share technology, customers, strategic partners, brands and our distribution network to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. With our size and global presence, we provide world-class products, service and support to our customers in a cost-effective manner. In each of our business segments, we compete worldwide with a number of other manufacturers and distributors that produce and sell similar products. Our products primarily compete on the basis of price, performance, fuel economy, speed of delivery, quality and customer support.

Engine Business

Our Engine Business manufactures and markets a broad array of diesel and natural gas-powered engines under the Cummins brand name for the heavy-and medium-duty truck, bus, recreational vehicle (RV), light-duty automotive, agricultural, construction, mining, marine, oil and gas, rail and governmental equipment markets. We offer a wide variety of engine products with displacement from 1.4 to 91 liters and horsepower ranging from 31 to 3,500. In addition, we provide a full range of new parts and service, as well as remanufactured parts and engines, through our extensive distribution network.

The principal customers of our heavy-and medium-duty truck engines include truck manufacturers, such as International Truck and Engine Corporation (Navistar International Corporation), Volvo Trucks North America, PACCAR and Freightliner, manufacturers of school, transit and shuttle buses and manufacturers of construction, agricultural and marine equipment. The principal customers of our light-duty automotive engines are DaimlerChrysler and manufacturers of RVs.

In the markets served by our Engine Business, we compete with independent engine manufacturers as well as OEMs who manufacture engines for their own products. Our primary competitors in North America are Caterpillar, Inc., Detroit Diesel Corporation, Mack Trucks, Inc. and International Truck and Engine Corporation (Engine Division). Our primary competitors in international markets vary from country to country, with local manufacturers generally predominant in each geographic market. Other engine manufacturers in international markets include Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Renault Vehicules Industriels, Scania and Nissan Diesel Motor Co.,  Ltd.

Our Engine Business organizes its engine, parts and service businesses around the following end-user focused groups:

Heavy-Duty Truck

We manufacture a complete line of diesel engines that range from 310 horsepower to 565 horsepower serving the worldwide heavy-duty truck market. We offer the ISM and ISX engines and in Australia, the Signature 620 series engines, which we believe comprise the most modern product engine line in our industry. Most major heavy-duty truck manufacturers in North America offer our diesel engines as standard or optional power. In 2003, we held a 22 percent share of the engine market for NAFTA heavy-duty trucks. We also have significant market share overseas, including the U.K. and Latin America, and are the market leader in Mexico, South Africa and Australia.

In order to reduce our cost structure, improve customer service and increase market share, we entered into long-term supply agreements with three key customers. In 2000, we entered into a long-term agreement with Volvo Trucks North America,  Inc. under which we act as its sole external engine supplier. In 2001, we entered into long-term supply agreements with PACCAR and International Truck and Engine Corporation (Navistar International Corporation) covering our heavy-duty engine product line. These supply agreements provide long-term, stable pricing for engines and eliminate certain dealer and end-user discounts, in order to provide our customers with full responsibility for total vehicle cost and pricing. In addition, these agreements provide for joint work on engine/vehicle integration with a focus on reducing product proliferation. These efforts are expected to reduce product cost while creating enhanced value for end-users through better product quality and performance. The joint sales and service efforts also will provide better customer support at a significantly reduced cost to the partners.

Medium-Duty Truck and Bus

We manufacture a product line of diesel engines ranging from 185 horsepower to 315 horsepower serving medium-duty and inter-city delivery truck customers worldwide. We believe that our ISB, ISC and ISL series diesel engines comprise the most advanced product line in the industry. We sell our ISB and ISC series engines and engine components to medium-duty truck manufacturers in Asia, Europe and South America. In 1990, we entered the North American medium-duty truck market and had a 10 percent share of the market for diesel powered medium-duty trucks in 2003. Freightliner LLC, (a division of DaimlerChrysler), PACCAR, Ford and Volkswagen AG are our major customers in this worldwide market.

We also offer our ISB and ISC diesel engines and alternative-fuel engines for school buses, transit buses and shuttle buses and our B and C series engines for natural gas applications, which are focused primarily on transit and school bus markets. The demand for alternative-fuel products continues to grow both domestically and internationally. Cummins Westport Inc., a joint venture formed in 2001 with Westport Innovations, Inc., offers low emission, propane and natural gas engines that are currently used in municipal transportation markets in Los Angeles, Boston, Salt Lake City and Vancouver, BC.

Light-Duty Automotive

We are the exclusive provider of diesel engines used by DaimlerChrysler in its Dodge Ram trucks. Our relationship with DaimlerChrysler extends over 14  years, and in 2003 we shipped approximately 128,200 engines for use in Dodge Ram trucks. DaimlerChrysler was our largest customer for midrange engines. In 2003, our selection as the exclusive diesel power provider for Dodge Ram truck models was extended beyond the 2007 model year.

We are the leading manufacturer of diesel engines for use in the Class A motorhome market. Sales of diesel engines to the recreational vehicle market have increased significantly during the last five years, and approximately 43 percent of Class  A motorhomes were diesel powered in 2003, indicating strong growth in the use of diesel power for these applications.

In 2003, our contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a light-duty automotive engine suitable for use in light pickup truck and sport utility vehicles was renewed. Prototype engines are currently undergoing test and development. We believe that we are well positioned to take advantage of the growing interest in diesel engines for use in these vehicles.


Our medium-duty, heavy-duty and high-horsepower engines power a wide variety of equipment in the construction, agricultural, mining, rail, government, oil and gas, power generation and commercial marine applications throughout the world. Our major construction OEM customers are in North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan. These OEMs manufacture approximately one million pieces of equipment per year for a diverse set of applications and use engines from our complete product range. Agricultural OEM customers are primarily in North America, South America and Europe, serving end-use markets that span the globe. In the marine markets, our joint venture, Cummins MerCruiser Diesel Marine, is the market share leader in the North American recreational boat segment. Our engines are sold to both recreational and commercial boat builders, primarily in North America, Europe and Asia. We offer a full product line of high-horsepower engines for mining applications that compete in all segments from small underground mining equipment to 400-ton haul trucks. The launch of our QSK78 engine at MINExpo 2000 extended our mining products up to 3,500 horsepower, the largest in the mining industry, where we occupy the number two market position. In this market, we are the exclusive external supplier of engines to Komatsu, a large construction and mining equipment OEM. Our sales to the rail market are primarily to railcar builders in Europe and Asia, and we are a leader in the worldwide railcar market. With our new QSK60 and QSK78 engines, we will be able to move into a larger proportion of the locomotive and railcar markets outside North America and commercial marine markets worldwide. Government sales represent a small portion of the high-horsepower market and are primarily to defense contractors in North America and Europe. Our new high-horsepower engines allow us to offer our customers in the oil and gas business a full line of high-horsepower products.

Power Generation Business

This business is one of the most integrated providers of power solutions in the world, designing or manufacturing most of the components that make up power generation systems, including engines, controls, alternators, transfer switches and switchgear. This business is a global provider of power generation systems and services for a diversified customer base needing self-generated or standby power. Standby power solutions are provided to customers that rely on uninterrupted sources of power to meet the needs of their customers. Prime power solutions are provided to customers with less reliable electrical power infrastructures, typically in developing countries. We are also a key player in the distributed power generation market, in which generating capacity is purchased by utilities, independent power producers and large power customers for use as prime or peaking power and located close to its point of use. Distributed power solutions can offer customers more reliable or higher quality power and relieve pressure on congested areas of the electrical grid.

Our power generation products are principally marketed under the Cummins Power Generation, Onan, Stamford, Markon, and AVK brands, and include diesel-and alternative-fuel electrical generator sets for commercial, institutional and consumer applications, such as office buildings, hospitals, factories, municipalities, utilities, universities, recreational vehicles, boats and homes. We offer reciprocating engine based power generation systems worldwide with a power range of 2 kilowatts to 2.7 megawatts for standby peaking or prime power applications. We are the worldwide leader in auxiliary generator sets for recreational vehicles (RVs) commercial vehicles and marine applications. Our PowerRent business offers the rental of power equipment for both standby and prime power purposes. Our Energy Solutions Business provides full service power solutions for customers including generating equipment, long-term maintenance contracts and turn-key power solutions.

Our Newage AVK SEG division is a leader in the alternator industry and supplies its products internally as well as to other generator set assemblers. Newage products are sold under the Stamford, AVK and Markon brands and range in output from 0.6 kVA to 30,000 kVA. We also sell reciprocating generator drive engines across a large power range to other generator set assemblers.

This business segment continuously explores emerging technologies, such as microturbines and fuel cells, and provides integrated power generation products utilizing technologies other than reciprocating engines. We use our own research and development capabilities as well as leveraging business partnerships to develop cost-effective and environmentally sound power solutions.

Our customer base for our power generation products is highly diversified, with customer groups varying based upon their power needs. China, Brazil and India are three of our largest markets outside of North America.

This business competes with a variety of engine manufacturers and generator set assemblers across the world. Caterpillar remains our primary competitor as a result of its acquisition of MAK Americas Inc., Perkins Engines Inc. and FG Wilson Inc. DaimlerChrysler, through its acquisition of Detroit Diesel Corporation, and Volvo are other major engine manufacturers with a presence in the high-speed generation segment of the market. We also compete with Kohler, Generac, SDMO and other regional generator set assemblers. Newage competes globally with Emerson Electric Co., Marathon Electric and Meccalte, among others.

Filtration and Other Business

Our Filtration and Other Business produces filters, silencers and intake and exhaust systems under the Fleetguard, Nelson, Kuss and Universal Silencer brand names and is the largest worldwide supplier of turbochargers for commercial applications through our Holset brand. This segment manufactures filtration and exhaust systems for on-and off-highway heavy-duty equipment and is a supplier of filtration products for industrial and passenger car applications, exhaust systems for small engine equipment and silencing systems for gas turbines. In addition, we operate an Emission Solutions business through which we develop systems to help our customers meet increasingly stringent emissions standards.

Fleetguard is the world's leading supplier of filtration and exhaust products offering over 12,000 products including air, coolant, fuel and hydraulic filters, antifreeze and coolant additives, catalysts, particulate filters, controllers and other filtration systems to OEMs, dealer/distributor and end user markets. Its products are produced and sold in global markets, including Europe, North America, South America, India, China, Australia and the Far East. In a recent North America on-highway truck market survey published by a leading independent market research company, Fleetguard ranked as the top brand preference for diesel engine air, oil, fuel and coolant filtration products. Our Filtration and Other Business also makes products for the automotive specialty filtration market and the industrial filtration market through our Kuss subsidiary, located in Findlay, OH, and Universal Silencer, located in Stoughton, WI.

Holset designs, manufactures and markets turbochargers with manufacturing facilities in five countries and sales and distribution worldwide. Holset provides critical technologies for engines to meet challenging performance requirements and worldwide emissions standards, including variable geometry turbochargers, and is the market leader in turbochargers for heavy-duty equipment. Holset's joint venture in India with Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (now known as Tata Motors  Ltd.) assembled and shipped its first turbochargers in 1996. A joint venture with Wuxi Power Engineering Company Ltd. in China also began production in 1996. In 2001, Holset completed consolidation of its U.S. manufacturing facilities into one site located in Charleston, SC.

International Distributor Business

In the fourth quarter of 2001, we realigned our reporting structure and created the International Distributor Business as a result of the growing size and importance of the retail distribution business. Our International Distributor Business consists of 18 company-owned distributors and two joint ventures that distribute the full range of our products and services to end-users at 111 locations in 50 countries and territories. Through this network, our trained personnel provide parts and service to our customers, as well as full-service solutions, including maintenance contracts, engineering services, and integrated products where we customize our products to cater to specific end-users. Our company-owned distributors are located in key markets, including India, China, Japan, Australia, the U.K. and South Africa. Our distributors also serve the dealers and end-users in their territories by providing product maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

Our International Distributor Business serves a highly diverse customer base consisting of various end-users in the specific geographic markets in which our distributors are located.

In our International Distributor Business, each distributor that we own or operate in a particular geographic region competes with other distributors and dealers that offer similar products within that region. In many cases, competing distributors and dealers are owned by, or affiliated with, OEMs of those competing products.


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