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Peabody Energy Corp Segments

Western U.S. Mining
   48.58 % of total Revenue
Midwestern U.S. Mining
   16.73 % of total Revenue
Australian Mining
   32.58 % of total Revenue
Trading & Brokerage
   1.64 % of total Revenue
Corporate & Other
   0.47 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
Western U.S. Mining
724.40 48.58 % 192.30 26.55 %
Midwestern U.S. Mining
249.40 16.73 % 72.30 28.99 %
Australian Mining
485.70 32.58 % 34.00 7 %
Trading & Brokerage
24.50 1.64 % 29.40 120 %
Corporate & Other
7.00 0.47 % 0.00 -
1,491.00 100 % 328.00 22 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
Western U.S. Mining
1.87 % 25.07 % -1.28 % 33.36 %
Midwestern U.S. Mining
-20.29 % 2.59 % -16.71 % 7.43 %
Australian Mining
-28.18 % -3.99 % 101.18 % -39.07 %
Trading & Brokerage
63.33 % 1533.33 % 790.91 % -
Corporate & Other
-7.89 % -27.08 % - -
-13.46 % 11.33 % 51.64 % 24.01 %

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  Peabody Energy's

Business Segments Description

Mining Operations
The following describes the operating characteristics of the principal mines and reserves of each of our business units and affiliates.

Powder River Basin Operations
The North Antelope Rochelle and Caballo mines are serviced by both major western railroads, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Union Pacific Railroad. The Rawhide Mine is serviced by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.
Our Wyoming Powder River Basin reserves are classified as surface mineable, subbituminous coal with seam thickness varying from 70 to 105 feet. The sulfur content of the coal in current production ranges from 0.2% to 0.4% and the heat value ranges from 8,300 to 9,000 Btu’s per pound.

North Antelope Rochelle Mine

The North Antelope Rochelle Mine is located 65 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. The North Antelope Rochelle facility is capable of loading its production in up to 2,000 railcars per day. The North Antelope Rochelle Mine produces premium quality coal with a sulfur content averaging 0.2% and a heat value ranging from 8,500 to 8,900 Btu per pound. The North Antelope Rochelle Mine produces the lowest sulfur coal in the United States, using two draglines along with six truck-and-shovel fleets.

Caballo Mine

The Caballo Mine is located 20 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming. Caballo is a truck-and-shovel operation with a coal handling system that includes two 12,000-ton silos and two 11,000-ton silos.

Rawhide Mine

The Rawhide Mine is located ten miles north of Gillette, Wyoming and uses truck-and-shovel mining methods.

Southwest Operations

We own and operate three mines in our Southwest operations — two in Arizona and one in New Mexico. The Arizona mines, which are managed by our Peabody Western Coal Company subsidiary, supply primarily bituminous compliance coal under long-term coal supply agreements to electricity generating stations in the region. In New Mexico, we own and manage, through our Peabody Natural Resources We control 1.0 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves in our Southwest operations.

Black Mesa Mine

The Black Mesa Mine, which is located on the reservations of the Navajo Nation and Hopi Tribe in Arizona. The Black Mesa Mine coal was crushed, mixed with water and then transported 273 miles through an underground pipeline owned by a third party. The coal was conveyed to the Mohave Generating Station near Laughlin, Nevada, which is operated and partially owned by Southern California Edison. The mine and pipeline were designed to deliver coal exclusively to the plant, which had no other source of coal. The Mohave Generating Station coal supply agreement expired on December 31, 2005, and has not been extended.

Legal Proceedings of this report. Hourly workers at this mine were members of the United Mine Workers of America (“UMWA”).

Kayenta Mine

The Kayenta Mine is adjacent to the Black Mesa Mine and uses four draglines in three mining areas. The Kayenta Mine coal is crushed, then carried 17 miles by conveyor belt to storage silos where it is loaded onto a private rail line and transported 83 miles to the Navajo Generating Station, operated by the Salt River Project near Page, Arizona. The mine and railroad were designed to deliver coal exclusively to the power plant, which has no other source of coal. The Navajo coal supply agreement extends until 2011. Hourly workers at this mine are members of the UMWA.

Lee Ranch Mine

The Lee Ranch Mine, located near Grants, New Mexico, sold approximately 5.0 million tons of medium sulfur coal during 2005. Lee Ranch shipped the majority of its coal to two customers in Arizona and New Mexico under coal supply agreements extending until 2020 and 2014, respectively. Lee Ranch is a non-union surface mine that uses a combination of dragline and truck-and-shovel mining techniques and ships coal to its customers via the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.
Colorado Operations
We control approximately 0.2 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves and currently have two mines in the Colorado Region. Our Twentymile underground mine is managed by our Twentymile Coal Company subsidiary. Our Seneca surface mine is managed by our Seneca Coal Company subsidiary and ceased mining operations at the end of 2005.

Twentymile Mine

The Twentymile Mine is located in Routt County, Colorado. This mine uses both longwall and continuous mining equipment. Our Twentymile Mine is non-union and has perennially been one of the largest and most productive underground mines in the United States. The coal quality is high, with less than 15% requiring washing. Approximately 90% of all coal shipped is loaded on the Union Pacific railroad; the remainder is hauled by truck.

Seneca Mine

The Seneca Mine near Hayden, Colorado shipped 1.1 million tons of compliance coal during 2005, operating with two draglines in two separate mining areas. The mine’s coal was hauled by truck to the nearby Hayden Generating Station, operated by the Public Service of Colorado, under a coal supply agreement that extends until 2011. This mine has exhausted its economically recoverable reserves and ceased mining operations at the end of 2005. Reclamation of the final cuts is underway. Grading and re-soiling are anticipated to be complete by the end of 2006. Our Twentymile Mine now supplies the Hayden Generating Station. The Seneca mine closure is not expected to have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations or cash flows. Hourly workers at Seneca are members of the UMWA.
Appalachia/ Highland Operations
The Appalachia/ Highland Operations consist of a joint venture and five wholly-owned business units and related facilities in West Virginia and one business unit in western Kentucky. Our subsidiary, Pine Ridge Coal Company, LLC, manages the Big Mountain Business Unit, and our subsidiary, Rivers Edge Mining, Inc. manages our Rivers Edge Mine in our Wells Business Unit. Our Eastern Associated Coal, LLC subsidiary manages the remaining wholly-owned West Virginia facilities. In addition, Highland Mining manages the Highland No. 9 Mine in western Kentucky. In addition to our wholly-owned facilities, we own a 49% interest in Kanawha Eagle Mine, a joint venture which owns and manages underground mining operations. We control approximately 0.6 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves in our Appalachia operations. Our Appalachia Operations also own a 30% interest in a partnership that leases a coal export terminal from the Peninsula Port Authority of Virginia and utilizes the terminal for exports.

Big Mountain Business Unit and Contract Mines

The Big Mountain Business Unit is based near Prenter, West Virginia. This business unit’s primary source of coal is from the Big Mountain No. 16 operation. In addition, there is contract mine production (about 40% of the total shipped) from coal reserves we control processed at the business unit’s preparation facility. Big Mountain No. 16 is an underground mine using continuous mining equipment. Processed coal is loaded on the CSX railroad. Hourly workers at the Big Mountain Business Unit are members of the UMWA.

Harris Business Unit

The Harris Business Unit is based near Bald Knob, West Virginia. The business unit’s primary source of coal is the Harris No. 1 Mine. The business unit also has a small amount of contract mine production from a mine also located near Bald Knob, West Virginia. This mine uses both longwall and continuous mining equipment. In 2006, the Harris Business Unit will transition to the James Creek reserves, allowing it to access additional metallurgical coal. Hourly workers at the Harris Business Unit are members of the UMWA.

Rocklick Business Unit and Contract Mines

The Rocklick preparation plant, located near Wharton, West Virginia, processes metallurgical coal produced by the Harris Business Unit and steam coal produced from contract mining operations. This preparation plant shipped approximately 2.4 million tons of coal during 2005. Processed coal is loaded at the plant site on the CSX railroad or transferred via conveyor to our Kopperston loadout facility and loaded on the Norfolk Southern railroad. Hourly workers at the Rocklick preparation plant are members of the UMWA.

Wells Business Unit

The Wells Business Unit, located near Wharton, West Virginia, sold approximately 3.5 million tons of metallurgical and steam coal during 2005. Wells operates a preparation plant and processes purchased coal production from the Rivers Edge Mine, and contract mines, using continuous mining equipment. The processed coal is loaded on the CSX railroad. Hourly workers at the Wells preparation plant are members of the UMWA.

Federal Business Unit

The Federal Business Unit consists of the Federal No. 2 Mine, near Fairview, West Virginia, and uses longwall and continuous mining equipment to extract coal. Coal shipped from the Federal No. 2 Mine has sulfur content only slightly above that of medium sulfur coal and has above average heating content. As a result, it is more marketable than some other medium sulfur coals. The CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads jointly serve the mine.

Highland Business Unit

The Highland No. 9 Mine, which uses continuous mining equipment, is managed by our Highland Mining Company, LLC subsidiary and is located near Waverly, Kentucky. This business unit also operates a preparation plant and barge loading facility. Hourly workers at the Highland No. 9 Mine are members of the UMWA.

Kanawha Eagle Coal Joint Venture

We have a 49% interest in the Kanawha Eagle Joint Venture, which owns and manages underground mining operations, a preparation plant and barge-and-rail loading facilities near Marmet, West Virginia. The mines are non-union and use continuous mining equipment.

Midwest Operations
Our Midwest Operations consist of 14 wholly-owned mines in the Illinois Basin and are comprised of our Bluegrass Mine Services, LLC, Indian Hill Company, Coulterville Coal Company, LLC, Black Beauty Holding Company, LLC and Arclar Company LLC subsidiaries. We control approximately 4.2 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves in the Midwest. We ship coal from these mines primarily to electricity generators in the Midwestern United States and to industrial customers that generate their own power.

Bluegrass Coal Company

Bluegrass Mine Services, LLC owns and manages three mines in western Kentucky. Patriot, a surface mine, and Freedom, an underground mine, are located in Henderson County, Kentucky. The Big Run underground mine is located in Ohio County, Kentucky. The two underground mines use continuous mining equipment and the surface mine uses truck and shovel equipment. Bluegrass Mine Services, LLC also owns and operates a preparation plant and a coal loading dock. Bluegrass Mine Services, LLC employees are non-union.

Indian Hill Company

In late 2004, we purchased, through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Indian Hill Company, the remaining 55% interest of Dodge Hill Holding JV, LLC. Dodge Hill Holding manages Dodge Hill No. 1, an underground mine located in Union County, Kentucky, which has non-union employees and sold 1.7 million tons of steam coal in 2005.

Coulterville Coal Company

In 2005, our Coulterville Coal Company, LLC subsidiary acquired coal reserves and mining equipment from Lexington Coal Company and subsequently opened Gateway Mine in Randolph County, located in southwestern Illinois. The Gateway Mine began production in the second half of 2005. The mine, which has non-union employees, is managed and operated by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Black Beauty Coal Company.

Black Beauty Coal Company

Black Beauty’s principal Indiana mines include Air Quality, Farmersburg, Francisco and Somerville.
In east central Illinois, Black Beauty’s Riola Mine Complex is an underground mining facility. Due to unforeseen geologic conditions, and for the safety of our employees, Black Beauty is in the process of reorienting its mine plan. All Black Beauty Coal Company employees are non-union.

Black Beauty owns a 75% interest in United Minerals Company, LLC. United Minerals, which utilizes a non-union workforce, currently acts as a contract miner for Black Beauty on a portion of the Somerville Mine Complex reserves and is a contract operator for Black Beauty at the Evansville River Terminal coal dock located on the Ohio River.

Arclar Company LLC

We operate the Wildcat Hills surface mine and Willow Lake underground mining complex located in Gallatin and Saline counties in southern Illinois. During 2005, these mines sold 2.6 million tons and 3.7 million tons, respectively, of medium sulfur coal that is primarily shipped by barge to downriver utility plants. Black Beauty provides a non-union contract workforce to mine the surface reserves at Wildcat Hills. The hourly workforce at the Willow Lake underground mine, which is represented under an International Brotherhood of Boilermakers labor agreement that expires in October 2006, is supplied by our Big Ridge, Inc. subsidiary.
Australian Mining Operations

We manage five mines in Queensland, Australia through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Peabody Pacific Pty Limited. In July 2005, we began development of the Baralaba coal mine, with coal sales to commence in early 2006. Coal from these mines is shipped via rail from the mine to the loading point at Dalrymple Bay and the Port of Brisbane, where the coal is loaded onto ocean-going vessels. All sales from our Australian mines are denominated in U.S. dollars. Our Australian mines operate with site-specific collective bargaining labor agreements. Our Australian operations control 0.3 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves.

Wilkie Creek Mine

Our Wilkie Creek Coal Mine is a surface, truck-and-shovel operation.

Burton Mine

Burton is a surface mine using the truck-and-shovel terrace mining technique. We own 95% of the Burton operation and the remaining 5% interest is owned by the contract miner that operates on reserves that we control. During 2005, we sold 3.8 million tons of metallurgical coal and 0.5 million tons of steam coal from the Burton Mine.

North Goonyella Mine

The North Goonyella Mine is a longwall underground operation. The North Goonyella Mine operates in a difficult geologic environment and produces a unique metallurgical coal product. During 2005, the North Goonyella Mine sold 0.7 million tons of metallurgical coal.

Eaglefield Mine

The Eaglefield Mine is a surface operation utilizing truck-and-shovel mining methods. It is adjacent to, and fulfills contract tonnages in conjunction with the North Goonyella underground mine. Coal is mined by a contractor from reserves that we control. During 2005, the Eaglefield mine sold 1.3 million tons of metallurgical coal.

Baralaba Mine

The recently opened Baralaba Mine is a contractor operated surface operation utilizing truck-and-shovel mining methods. The mine will produce a pulverized coal injection (“PCI”) product, a substitute for metallurgical coal used primarily by steel makers, and steam coal. All production will be shipped through the Port of Gladstone with shipments scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2006. We anticipate production of approximately 0.6 million tons in 2006. We own 62.5% interest in the Baralaba Mine and manage the operations utilizing a contractor for overburden removal and coal mining.
Venezuelan Mining Operations
We own a 25.5% interest in Carbones del Guasare, S.A., a joint venture that includes Anglo American plc and a Venezuelan governmental partner. Carbones del Guasare operates the Paso Diablo Mine in Venezuela. The Paso Diablo Mine is a surface operation in northwestern Venezuela that produces approximately 6 to 8 million tons of steam coal annually for export primarily to the United States and Europe. We are responsible for our pro-rata share of sales from Paso Diablo; the joint venture is responsible for production, processing and transportation of coal to ocean-going vessels for delivery to customers.



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