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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2017)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2017)
(Profit Margin)
475.65 100 % 75.91 15.96 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2017)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2017)
Q/Q Income
6.52 % 2 % 14.59 % 14.84 %

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  Brown & Brown Inc's

Business Segments Description

Retail Segment
Our retail insurance agency business provides a broad range of insurance products and services to commercial, public and quasi-public entity, professional and individual customers. The categories of insurance we principally sell include: property insurance relating to physical damage to property and resultant interruption of business or extra expense caused by fire, windstorm or other perils; casualty insurance relating to legal liabilities, cyber-liability, workers’ compensation, commercial and private passenger automobile coverages; and fidelity and surety bonds. We also sell and service group and individual life, accident, disability, health, hospitalization, medical, dental and other ancillary insurance products.

No material part of our retail business is attributable to a single customer or a few customers. During 2015, commissions and fees from our largest single Retail Segment customer represented less than four tenths of one percent (0.4%) of the Retail Segment’s total commissions and fees revenue.
In connection with the selling and marketing of insurance coverages, we provide a broad range of related services to our customers, such as risk management and loss control surveys and analysis, consultation in connection with placing insurance coverages and claims processing.


National Programs Segment
Our National Programs Segment works with over 40 well-capitalized carrier partners, offering more than 50 programs, which can be grouped into five broad categories; (1) Professional Programs; (2) Arrowhead Insurance Programs; (3) Commercial Programs; (4) Public Entity-Related Programs; and (5) the National Flood Program:

Professional Programs. Professional Programs provide professional liability and related package insurance products tailored to the needs of specific professional groups. Professional Programs negotiates policy forms and coverage options with their specific insurance carriers. Securing endorsements of these products from a professional association or sponsoring company is also an integral part of their function. Professional Programs affiliate with professional groups, including but not limited to, dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, lawyers, CPA’s, optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, insurance agents, financial advisors, registered representatives, securities broker-dealers, benefit administrators, real estate brokers, real estate title agents and escrow agents. In addition, Professional Programs encompasses supplementary insurance related products to include weddings, events, medical facilities and cyber liability.

Below are brief descriptions of the Professional Programs:

Healthcare Professionals: Allied Protector Plan® (“APP®”) specializes in customized professional liability and business insurance programs for individual practitioners and businesses in the healthcare industry. The APP program offers liability insurance coverage for, among others, dental hygienists and dental assistants, home health agencies, physical therapy clinics, and medical directors. Also available through the APP program is cyber/data breach insurance offering a solution to privacy breaches and information security exposures tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations.

Certified Public Accountants: The CPA Protector Plan® is a specialty insurance program offering comprehensive professional liability insurance solutions and risk management services to CPA practitioners and their firms nationwide. Optional coverage enhancements include: Employment Practices Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Non-Profit Directors and Officers, as well as Network Security and Privacy Protection Coverage.

Dentists: First initiated in 1969, the Professional Protector Plan® (“PPP®”) for Dentists provides dental professionals insurance products including professional and general liability, property, employment practices liability, workers’ compensation, claims and risk management. The PPP recognized the importance of policyholder and customer service and developed a customized, proprietary, web-based rating and policy issuance system which in turn provides a seamless policy delivery resource and access to policy information on a real time basis. Obtaining endorsements from state and local dental societies and associations plays an integral role in the PPP partnership. The PPP is offered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Financial Professionals: CalSurance® and CITA Insurance Services® have specialized in this niche since 1980 and offer professional liability programs designed for insurance agents, financial advisors, registered representatives, securities broker-dealers, benefit administrators, real estate brokers and real estate title agents. A component of CalSurance is Lancer Claims Services, which provides specialty claims administration for insurance companies underwriting CalSurance product lines.
Lawyers: The Lawyer’s Protector Plan® (“LPP®”) has been providing professional liability insurance for over 30 years with a niche focus on law firms with fewer than 20 attorneys. The LPP program handles all aspects of insurance operations including underwriting, distribution management, policy issuance and claims. The LPP is offered in 44 states and the District of Columbia.

Optometrists, Opticians, and Ophthalmologists: Since 1973 the Optometric Protector Plan® (“OPP®”), provides professional liability, general liability, property, workers’ compensation insurance and risk management programs for eye care professionals nationwide. Our carrier partners offer specialty insurance products tailored to the eye care profession, and our agents and brokers are chosen for their expertise. The OPP is offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Through our strategic carrier partnerships, we also offer professional liability coverage to chiropractors, podiatrists and physicians nationwide.

Professional Risk Specialty Group: Professional Risk Specialty Group (“PRSG”) has been providing Errors & Omissions/Professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance for over 22 years both in a direct retail sales and brokering capacity. PRSG has been an exclusive State Administrator for a Lawyers Professional Liability Program since 1994 in Florida, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico, and has state appointments in 23 other states. The admitted Lawyers Program focuses on law firms with fewer than 20 attorneys, and the non-admitted program is for firms with 20 or more attorneys and is available for primary or excess coverage. PRSG is also involved in direct sales and brokering for other professionals, such as accountants, architects & engineers, medical malpractice, directors & officers, employment practices liability, title agency E&O and miscellaneous E&O.

Real Estate Title Professionals: TitlePac® provides professional liability products and services designed for real estate title agents and escrow agents in 47 states and the

District of Columbia.
Wedding Protector Plan® and Protector Plan® for Events provide an online wedding/private event cancellation and postponement insurance policy that offers financial protection if certain unfortunate or unforeseen events should occur during the period leading up to and including the wedding/event date. Liability and liquor liability is available as an option. Both the Wedding Protector Plan and Protector Plan for Events are offered in 47 states.


The Professional Protector Plan® for Dentists and the Lawyer’s Protector Plan® are marketed and sold primarily through a national network of independent agencies and also through our Brown & Brown retail offices; however, certain professional liability programs, CalSurance® and TitlePac®, are principally marketed and sold directly to our insured customers. Under our agency agreements with the insurance companies that underwrite these programs, we often have authority to bind coverages (subject to established guidelines), to bill and collect premiums and, in some cases, to adjust claims. For the programs that we market through independent agencies, we receive a wholesale commission or “override,” which is then shared with these independent agencies.

Arrowhead Programs. Arrowhead is an MGA, General Agent (“GA”), and Program Administrator (“PA”) to the property and casualty insurance industry. Arrowhead acts as a virtual insurer providing outsourced product development, marketing, underwriting, actuarial, compliance and claims and other administrative services to insurance carrier partners. As an MGA, Arrowhead has the authority to underwrite, bind insurance carriers, issue policies, collect premiums and provide administrative and claims services.

Architects and Engineering: operating as Arrowhead Design Insurance (“ADI”), is a leading writer of professional liability insurance for architects, engineers and environmental consultants. ADI is a national program writing in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Automotive Aftermarket: launched in 2012, writes commercial package insurance for non-dealership automotive services such as auto recyclers, brake shops, equipment dealers, mechanical repair shops, oil and lube shops, parts retailers and wholesalers, tire retailers and wholesalers and transmission mechanics.
Commercial: is a program that offers three distinct products to commercial operations, primarily in California: commercial auto, commercial package and general liability.
Earthquake and DIC: is a Differences-in-Conditions (“DIC”) Program, writing notably earthquake and flood insurance coverages to commercial property owners. The Earthquake and DIC program writes insurance on both a primary and excess layer basis.

Marine: is a national program manager and wholesale producer of marine insurance products including yachts and high performance boats, small boats, commercial marine and marine artisan contractors.

OnPoint: is an MGA with underwriting programs for tribal nations, manufactured housing, contractors’ equipment and various affinity programs. The largest program is the tribal business, which provides tailored risk management and insurance solutions for U.S. tribal nations.
Personal Property: provides a variety of coverages for homeowners and renters in numerous states.

Real Estate Errors & Omissions: writes errors and omissions insurance for small to medium-sized residential real estate agents and brokers in California. Coverage includes real estate brokerage, property management, escrow, appraisal, leasing and consulting services.

Residential Earthquake: specializes in monoline residential earthquake coverage for California home and condominium owners.

Wheels: provides private passenger automobile and motorcycle coverage for a range of drivers. Arrowhead’s auto program offers two personal auto coverage types: one traditional non-standard auto product offering minimum state required liability limits and another targeting full coverage, multi-vehicle risks. The auto product is written in several states including California, Georgia, Michigan, and Alabama.

Workers’ Compensation: provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage primarily for California-based insureds. Arrowhead’s workers’ compensation program targets industry segments such as agriculture, contractors, food services, horticulture and manufacturing.

Commercial Programs. Commercial Programs markets products and services to specific industries, trade groups, and market niches. Most of these products and services are marketed and sold primarily through independent agents, including certain of our retail offices. However, a number of these products and services are also marketed and sold directly to insured customers. Under agency agreements with the insurance companies that underwrite these programs, we often have authority to bind coverages (subject to established guidelines), to bill and collect premiums and, in some cases, to adjust claims.

Below are brief descriptions of the Commercial Programs:
AFC Insurance, Inc.: (“AFC”)(“Humanity Plus Program”) is a Program Administrator specializing in niche property & casualty products for a wide range of for-profit and nonprofit human & social service organizations. Eligible risks include addiction treatment centers, adult day care centers, group homes, services for the developmentally disabled and more. AFC’s nationwide comprehensive program offers all lines of coverage. AFC also has a separate program for independent pizza/deli restaurants.

American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc.: provides insurance and risk management services for customers in professional sports, motor sports, amateur sports, and the entertainment industry.

Fabricare: Irving Weber Associates, Inc. (“IWA”) has specialized in this niche since 1946, providing package insurance including workers’ compensation to dry cleaners, linen supply and uniform rental operations. IWA also offers insurance programs for independent grocery stores and restaurants.
Florida Intracoastal Underwriters, Limited Company: (“FIU”) is a MGA that specializes in providing insurance coverage for coastal and inland high-value condominiums and apartments. FIU has developed a specialty insurance facility to support the underwriting activities associated with these risks.
Parcel Insurance Plan®: is a specialty insurance agency providing insurance coverage to commercial and private shippers for small packages and parcels with insured values of less than $25,000 each.

Proctor Financial, Inc.: (“Proctor”) provides insurance programs and compliance solutions for financial institutions that service mortgage loans. Proctor’s products include lender-placed hazard and flood insurance, full insurance outsourcing, mortgage impairment, and blanket equity insurance. Proctor acts as a wholesaler and writes surplus lines property business for its financial institution customers. Proctor receives payments for insurance compliance tracking as well as commissions on lender-placed insurance.

Railroad Protector Plan®: (“RRPP®”) provides insurance products for contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers supporting the railroad industry (not the railroads) in 47 states. The RRPP insurance coverages include general liability, property, commercial auto, umbrella and inland marine.

Towing Operators Protector Plan®: (“TOPP®”) serves 21 states providing insurance coverage including general liability, commercial auto, garage keeper’s legal liability, property and motor truck cargo coverage.
Wright Specialty Insurance Agency, LLC: provides insurance products for specialty programs such as food, grocery, K-12 education, and franchise programs that are offered throughout the U.S.

Public Entity-Related Programs. Public Entity-Related Programs administers various insurance trusts specifically created for cities, counties, municipalities, school boards, special taxing districts and quasi-governmental agencies. These insurance coverages can range from providing fully insured programs to establishing risk retention insurance pools to excess and facultative specific coverages.

Below are brief descriptions of the Public Entity-Related Programs:
Public Risk Underwriters of Indiana, LLC: doing business as Downey Insurance is a program administrator of insurance trusts offering tailored property and casualty insurance products, risk management consulting, third-party administration and related services designed for cities, counties, municipalities, schools, special taxing districts, and other public entities in the State of Indiana.

Public Risk Underwriters of The Northwest, Inc.: doing business as Canfield & Associates is a program administrator of insurance trusts offering tailored property and casualty insurance products, risk management consulting, third-party administration and related services designed for cities, counties, municipalities, school boards and non-profit organizations in the State of Washington.

Public Risk Underwriters of Illinois, LLC: doing business as Ideal Insurance Agency is a program administrator offering tailored property and casualty insurance products, risk management consulting, third-party administration and related services designed for municipalities, schools, fire districts and other public entities in the State of Illinois.

Public Risk Underwriters of New Jersey, Inc.: provides administrative services and insurance procurement for the Statewide Insurance Fund (“Statewide”). Statewide is a municipal joint insurance fund comprising coverages for counties, municipalities, utility authorities, community colleges and emergency services entities in New Jersey.
Public Risk Underwriters of Florida, Inc.: is the program administrator for the Preferred Governmental Insurance Trust offering tailored property and casualty insurance products, risk management consulting, third-party administration and related services designed for cities, counties, municipalities, schools, special taxing districts and other public entities in the State of Florida.

Wright Risk Management Company, LLC: is a program administrator for the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal and the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal offering tailored property and casualty insurance products, risk management consulting, third-party administration and related services designed for cities, counties, municipalities, schools, special taxing districts and other public entities in the State of New York.
National Flood Program. Wright operates a flood insurance carrier, WNFIC, which is a Wright subsidiary. WNFIC’s entire business consists of policies written pursuant to the NFIP, the program administered by FEMA and excess flood insurance policies, which are fully reinsured, thereby substantially eliminating WNFIC’s exposure to underwriting risk, given that these policies are backed by either FEMA or a reinsurance carrier with an AM Best Company rating of “A” or better.


Wholesale Brokerage Segment
Our Wholesale Brokerage Segment markets and sells excess and surplus commercial insurance products and services to retail insurance agencies (including our retail offices). The Wholesale Brokerage Segment offices represent various U.S. and U.K. surplus lines insurance companies. Additionally, certain offices are also Lloyd’s of London correspondents. The Wholesale Brokerage Segment also represents admitted insurance companies for purposes of affording access to such companies for smaller agencies that otherwise do not have access to large insurance company representation. Excess and surplus insurance products encompass many insurance coverages, including personal lines, homeowners, yachts, jewelry, commercial property and casualty, commercial automobile, garage, restaurant, builder’s risk and inland marine lines. Difficult-to-insure general liability and products liability coverages are a specialty, as is excess workers’ compensation coverage. Wholesale brokers solicit business through mailings and direct contact with retail agency representatives.

Services Segment

The Advocator Group assists individuals throughout the United States who are seeking to establish eligibility for coverage under the federal Social Security Disability program and provides health plan selection and enrollment assistance for Medicare beneficiaries. The Advocator Group works closely with employer-sponsored group life, disability and health plan participants to assist disabled employees in receiving the education, advocacy and benefit coordination assistance necessary to achieve the fastest possible benefit approvals. In addition, The Advocator Group also provides second injury fund recovery services to the workers’ compensation insurance market.
American Claims Management (“ACM”) provides third-party administration (“TPA”) services to both the commercial and personal property and casualty insurance markets on a nationwide basis, and provides claims adjusting, administration, subrogation, litigation and data management services to insurance companies, self-insureds, public municipalities, insurance brokers and corporate entities. ACM services also include managed care, claim investigations, field adjusting and audit services.


Colonial Claims provides insurance claims adjusting and related services, including education and training services, throughout the United States. Colonial Claims handles property and casualty insurers’ multi-line and catastrophic claims needs, including auto, earthquake, flood, hail, homeowners and wind claims. Colonial Claims’ adjusters are approved by the National Flood Insurance Program and are certified in each classification of loss, which includes dwelling, mobile home, condominium association, commercial and large losses.

ICA provides comprehensive claims management solutions for both personal and commercial lines of insurance. ICA is a national service provider for daily claims, vendor management, TPA operations and staff augmentation. ICA offers training and educational opportunities to independent adjusters nationwide in ICA’s regional training facilities. Additional claims services offered by ICA include first notice of loss, fast track, field appraisals, quality control and consulting.

NuQuest/Bridge Pointe and Protocols provide a full spectrum of Medicare Secondary Payer (“MSP”) statutory compliance services, from MSA Allocation through Professional Administration to over 250 insurance carriers, third-party administrators, self-insured employers, attorneys, brokers and related claims professionals nationwide. Specialty services include medical projections, life care plans, Medicare Set-aside analysis, allocation and administration.

Preferred Governmental Claims Solutions (“PGCS”) provides TPA services for government entities and self-funded or fully-insured workers’ compensation and liability plans and trusts. PGCS’ services include claims administration and a dedicated subrogation recovery department.

USIS provides TPA services for insurance entities and self-funded or fully-insured workers’ compensation and liability plans. USIS’ services include claims administration, cost containment consulting, services for secondary disability and subrogation recoveries, and risk management services such as loss control. USIS’ services also include certified and non-certified medical management programs, access to medical networks, case management, and utilization review services certified by URAC, formerly the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission.


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