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American Express Company  (AXP)
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American Express Company Segments

U.S. Card Services
   58 % of total Revenue
International Card & Global Commercial Services
   15.18 % of total Revenue
Global Network & Merchant Services
   16.8 % of total Revenue
Global Commercial Services
   10.02 % of total Revenue

Business Segments (Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(of total Revenues)
(Sep. 30, 2015)
(in millions $)
III. Quarter
(Profit Margin)
U.S. Card Services
4,729.00 58 % 794.00 16.79 %
International Card & Global Commercial Services
1,238.00 15.18 % 89.00 7.19 %
Global Network & Merchant Services
1,370.00 16.8 % 462.00 33.72 %
Global Commercial Services
817.00 10.02 % 151.00 18.48 %
8,154.00 100 % 1,496.00 18.35 %

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Growth rates by Segment (Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Revenue
III. Quarter
Q/Q Revenue
(Sep. 30, 2015)
Y/Y Income
III. Quarter
Q/Q Income
U.S. Card Services
5.63 % 0.06 % 3.12 % -41.87 %
International Card & Global Commercial Services
-11 % -1.59 % 15.58 % -38.19 %
Global Network & Merchant Services
-5.84 % -1.86 % 23.86 % -33.53 %
Global Commercial Services
-35.62 % -7.26 % -73.08 % -51.91 %
-5.1 % -1.57 % -16 % -32.91 %

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  American Express's

Business Segments Description


As a significant part of its proprietary Card issuing business, TRS and its U.S. banking subsidiaries issue a wide range of Card products and services to consumers and small businesses in the United States. Our consumer travel business, which provides travel services to Cardmembers and other consumers, complements our core Card business as does our travelers check and prepaid services business. The proprietary Card business offers a broad set of card products to attract our target customer base. Core elements of our strategy are:

focusing on acquiring and retaining high-spending, creditworthy Cardmembers across multiple groups;

designing card products with features that appeal to specific customer segments;

the use of strong incentives to drive spending on our various card products, including our Membership Rewards® program and other rewards features;

the use of loyalty programs such as Delta SkyMiles®, sponsored by our cobrand and other partners to drive spending;

the development and nurturing of wide-ranging relationships with cobrand and other partners;

a multi-card strategy (having multiple card products in customers’ wallets); and

high-quality customer service.

Consumer and Small Business Services

We and our licensees offer individual consumer charge cards such as the American Express Card, the American Express® Gold Card, the Platinum Card®, and the ultra-premium Centurion® Card; revolving credit cards such as Blue from American Express®, Blue Cash® Card from American Express and the Optima® Card, among others; and a variety of cards sponsored by and cobranded with other corporations and institutions, such as the Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express, the American Express® Platinum Cash Rebate Credit Card and True EarningsSM Card exclusively for Costco Members and the Hilton HHonors Platinum Credit Cards from American Express.

Charge Cards

Our charge Cards, which carry no pre-set spending limits, are primarily designed as a method of payment and not as a means of financing purchases of goods or services. Charges are approved based on a variety of factors including a Cardmember’s account history, credit record and personal resources. Cardmembers generally must pay the full amount billed each month, and no finance charges are assessed. Charge Card accounts that are past due are subject, in most cases, to a delinquency assessment and, if not brought to current status, may be canceled. The no-preset-spending limit and pay-in-full nature of these products attract high-spending Cardmembers who want to use a charge Card to facilitate larger payments.

The Sign & Travel® program gives qualified U.S. Cardmembers the option of extended payments for airline, cruise and certain travel charges that are purchased with our charge cards. The Extended Payment Option offers qualified U.S. Cardmembers the option of extending payment for certain charges on the charge Card in excess of a specified amount.

Revolving Credit Cards

We and our licensees also offer a variety of revolving credit Cards. These Cards have a range of different payment terms, grace periods and rate and fee structures. Since late 1994, when we began aggressively expanding our credit card business, our lending balance growth has been among the top tier of card issuers. Much of this growth has been due to the breadth of our lending products, such as Blue from American Express®, Blue Cash from American Express and the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express, as well as the increased number of charge Cardmembers who have taken advantage of our “lending on charge” options (such as the Sign & Travel and Extended Payment Option programs described above).

Among other products introduced in 2005, we launched:

the IN: ChicagoSM Card and IN: LASM Card which, like our IN:NYC® Card, target younger Cardmembers residing in those cities by offering rewards tied to each city’s restaurants, clubs and in-demand events;

the Blue Sky Credit Card for consumers, which enables Cardmembers to earn points that can be redeemed toward savings on any flight, hotel, car rental or cruise charges; and

One from American ExpressSM, a card that enables Cardmembers to save automatically with every purchase through the Savings AcceleratorSM plan, a benefit in which we contribute 1% of the Cardmember’s purchases to an FDIC-insured interest-bearing savings account that is opened in the customer’s name and may be accessed online.

In addition, we began issuing throughout the United States Blue from American Express® with the ExpressPaySM feature, a contactless technology providing customers with secure, signatureless payment. ExpressPay is a recently developed payment feature that consists of a secure computer chip powered by radio frequency technology. Blue from American Express also has a magnetic strip and functions as a traditional credit card.

During 2005, we also announced an agreement with WellChoice, Inc., the parent company of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, to offer a healthcare payment solution that includes a consumer-directed health plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) from American Express Bank, FSB (“AEBFSB”) and a new card product providing access to HSA funds, the American Express HealthPay PlusSM Card, which will enable employees in company-sponsored health insurance plans to pay for qualified medical expenses from the funds in their HSA.

Cobrand Cards

We issue Cards under cobrand agreements with selected commercial firms in the United States. Examples of new or enhanced cobrand products introduced in 2005 include:

the SkyPointsSM Credit Card, a new cobranded credit card with our longtime partner, Delta Air Lines, that enables Cardmembers to earn points that can be redeemed toward discounts, in the form of a statement credit from American Express, on Delta airline tickets;

the JetBlue® Card from American Express, a cobranded credit card with JetBlue Airways, which allows Cardmembers to earn Award Dollars convertible to points in JetBlue’s Flight Gratitude program, TrueBlue®; and

the launch of The Knot Credit Card from American Express and The Nest Credit Card from American Express, two cobrand cards created through an alliance with The Knot, Inc., which provide rewards points, discounts and other offers for couples as they plan their weddings and begin to build their lives together.

The competition among card issuers and networks for attractive cobrand card partnerships is quite intense because they can generate high-spending loyal cardholders. The duration of our cobrand arrangements generally ranges from five to ten years. Cardmembers earn rewards provided by the partners’ respective loyalty programs based upon their spending on the cobrand cards, such as frequent flyer miles, hotel loyalty points and cash back. We make payments to our cobrand partners, which can be significant, based primarily on the amount of Cardmember spending and corresponding rewards earned on such spending and, under certain arrangements, on the number of accounts acquired and retained. We expense amounts due under cobrand arrangements in the month earned. Payment terms vary by arrangement, but are monthly or quarterly. Generally, once we make payment to the cobrand partner, as described above, the partner is solely liable for providing rewards to the Cardmember under the cobrand partner’s own loyalty program. As the issuer of the cobrand card, we retain all the credit risk with the Cardmember and bear the receivables funding and operating expenses for such cards. The cobrand partner retains the risk associated with the miles, points or other currency earned by the Cardmember under the partner’s loyalty program.

Bank Distribution of Proprietary Cards

We also issue Cards that are marketed under distribution arrangements with banks. Such bank distribution agreements involve the offering of a standard product (issued by TRS or one of its subsidiaries) to customers of the bank, generally with the bank’s logo on the Card. In a bank distribution arrangement, we make payments to the bank partners that are primarily based on the number of accounts acquired and retained through the arrangement and the amount of Cardmember spending on such Cards. The duration of such arrangements generally ranges from five to seven years.

American Express Centurion Bank and American Express Bank, FSB as Issuers of Certain Cards

Card Pricing and Account Management

Certain of our Cards, particularly charge Cards, charge an annual fee that varies based on the type of Card and the number of Cards for each account. We also offer many revolving credit Cards with no annual fee but on which we assess finance charges for revolving balances. Depending on the product, we also charge Cardmember fees to participate in rewards programs, for account performance (e.g., late fees) or for certain services (e.g., additional copies of account statements). We apply standards and criteria for creditworthiness to each Cardmember through a variety of means both at the time of initial solicitation or application and on an ongoing basis during the Card relationship. We use sophisticated credit models and techniques in our risk management operations and believe that our strong risk management capabilities provide us with a competitive advantage.


Global Commercial Services

Through our Global Commercial Services (“GCS”) group, we provide expense management services to more than 100,000 firms worldwide through our Corporate Card program, Corporate Purchasing Solutions and Business Travel Services. GCS is both the leading issuer of commercial cards and the largest corporate travel management company in the United States, serving nearly 70% of the Fortune 500, along with tens of thousands of mid-sized companies. During 2005, we added or retained several major Corporate Card clients in the United States and internationally, including Procter & Gamble, Xerox and Bearing Point. GCS offers three primary products and services:

Corporate Card, issued to individuals through a corporate account established by their employer and designed primarily for travel and entertainment spending;

Corporate Purchasing Solutions, an account established by a company to pay for everyday business expenses such as office and computer supplies; and

Business Travel, which helps businesses manage their travel expenses through a variety of travel-related products and services.

Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Solutions

The American Express® Corporate Card is a charge card that individuals may obtain through a corporate account established by their employer for business purposes. Through the Corporate Card program, companies can manage their travel, entertainment and purchasing expenses and improve negotiating leverage with suppliers, among other benefits. We use our direct relationships with merchants to offer Corporate Card clients superior data about company spending, as well as streamlined dispute resolution. We issue local currency Corporate Cards in 36 countries, which we distribute through proprietary operations and partner banks, and international dollar Corporate Cards in 85 countries.

In 2005, we announced the renewal and expansion of the British Airways American Express Corporate Card program, including the launch of a new cobrand corporate card targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses. This new corporate cobrand adds to the existing cobranded British Airways American Express credit cards targeted at the consumer market.

Corporate Purchasing Solutions (“CPS”) helps large and middle market companies manage their everyday spending. CPS is used by corporations to buy everyday goods and services, such as office supplies and industrial supplies and equipment, in 24 markets around the world. This type of spending by corporations is less susceptible to economic downturns than traditional travel and entertainment spending and helps diversify the spending mix on our Cards.

GCS is a leading provider of expense management services to global, multinational and large businesses worldwide. GCS established the Global Business Partnerships group, which serves a highly select group of Fortune 100 companies that have globalized their approach to travel and entertainment expense management and have structured their purchasing requirements in a global manner to more effectively manage and optimize their investments in travel and entertainment, as well as everyday corporate expenses.

In addition, our GCS business provides Corporate Card and travel expense management services to middle market companies (defined in the United States as firms with annual revenues of $10 million to $1 billion) worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and India. GCS is focused on continuing to expand its business with midsize companies, which we believe present us with significant growth opportunities. Businesses of this size often do not have corporate card programs. However, once enrolled in the program, midsized companies, which usually do not have well-defined purchasing programs, will typically put a significant portion of their business spending (both travel and entertainment and non-T&E, such as office supplies) on the Card because they can gain control, savings and employee benefits. In 2005, our GCS business invested in a wide range of marketing programs and product enhancements, and added sales staff to generate more Card and travel business with midsize firms. In support of this strategy, GCS offers the Savings at WorkSM program in the United States, as well as similar programs globally, which provide companies with discounts on everyday business products and services, such as car rentals, hotels and restaurants.

With the increased focus on cost containment by firms, we have experienced significant growth over the past few years in the Corporate Meeting Card, which helps both U.S.-based and international companies control company meeting expenses. The Corporate Meeting Card provides clients with a tool to capture such spending and provides company meeting planners with a tool to simplify the meetings payment process and access to data to negotiate with suppliers. GCS also offers the Corporate Defined Expense Program. This product allows companies to set a maximum amount to be charged on a Card before expiration and permits them to segregate spending data for specific purposes on projects. It is designed for companies that want to allocate funds for a specific purpose, such as employee relocations or training.

During 2005 we also partnered with a group of major hotel companies in North America and Europe, including Hilton, Hilton International and Marriott, to offer our corporate clients secure Web-based access to enhanced data regarding their employees’ lodging spend.

GCS also offers American Express @ Work®, a secure, web-based suite of online tools that enables Corporate Card, CPS and Corporate travel customers to perform account review and servicing and access management reports on a 24/7 basis through a single user interface. This suite helps companies manage expenses and manipulate spend data more efficiently than offline alternatives, while decreasing the costs associated with servicing. These products enable companies to review, combine and manipulate Corporate Card, Corporate Travel and Corporate Purchasing Solutions data. One of the products also allows companies to reconcile the data with its internal accounting system.


Global Network Services

We operate a global general purpose charge and credit card network through our Global Network Services (“GNS”) business. Network functions include operations, service delivery, systems, authorization, clearing, settlement and brand advertising and marketing; the development of new and innovative products for the network; and establishing and enhancing relationships with merchants globally.

Since May 1996, we have been pursuing a strategy of inviting U.S. banks and other institutions to issue Cards on the American Express network, building on a business strategy we have implemented successfully in a number of countries outside the United States, where we have many banks and other financial institutions issuing Cards on the American Express network. By leveraging our global infrastructure and the appeal of the American Express brand, we aim to broaden our Cardmember and merchant base for our network worldwide. Our GNS business has established 97 card-issuing or merchant acquiring arrangements with banks and other institutions in over 100 countries.

A key asset of our network is the American Express brand, which is one of the world’s most highly recognized and respected brands. Cards bearing our logo are issued by our principal operating subsidiary (American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (“TRS”)) and certain of its subsidiaries and also by third-party institutions, and are accepted at all merchant locations worldwide that accept American Express branded Cards. In addition, depending on the product, Cards bearing our logo may also be accepted at all ATM locations worldwide that accept Cards. TRS and its subsidiaries issue the vast majority of Cards on our network.

GNS focuses on partnering with qualified third-party financial institutions who choose to issue Cards accepted on our global network. Although we customize our network arrangements to the particular market and our partner’s requirements, as well as to our strategic plans in that marketplace, all GNS arrangements are designed to help issuers develop products for their highest-spending and most affluent customers and to support the value of American Express Card acceptance to merchants. We choose to partner with institutions who share a core set of attributes such as commitment to high quality standards, strong marketing expertise and compatibility with the American Express brand, and we require adherence to our product, brand and service standards.

Our GNS arrangements fall into three main categories. The first and most common type of GNS arrangement is known as a network card license (“NCL”) (which we formerly referred to as a non-proprietary license). At the end of 2005, we had 50 of these arrangements in place. In an NCL arrangement, we grant the third-party financial institution a license to issue American Express branded Cards. We generally pursue these arrangements in markets where we already have a strong, well established local business. In an NCL arrangement, American Express maintains the responsibility to acquire and service the merchants in the local market that accept Cards. The NCL issuer owns the customer relationships for all Cards it issues, provides customer service to its Cardmembers, transaction authorization, billing and credit management, is responsible for the marketing of the Cards, and designs the Card product features (including rewards and other incentives for Card holders), subject to meeting certain standards. We operate the Merchant network and route and process Card transactions from the merchant’s point of sale through submission to the issuer, and settle with issuers. The NCL is the model that we have implemented with banks in the United States. Examples of NCL arrangements include our relationships with MBNA America Bank, N.A. (“MBNA”), Citibank, Bank of America, Lloyd’s TSB Bank (in the United Kingdom) and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

GNS’ revenues in NCL arrangements are derived from the level of Cardmember spending, royalties and fees charged to the Card issuer based on charge volume, and our provision of value-added services such as Cardmember insurance products and other Card features and benefits for the issuer’s Cards. As indicated above, the NCL issuer bears the credit risk for the issued Cards, as well as the Card marketing and acquisition costs, Cardmember fraud risks and costs of rewards and other loyalty initiatives. We bear the risk arising from the GNS partner’s potential failure to meet its settlement obligations to us. We mitigate this risk by partnering with issuers whom we believe are financially sound and will meet their obligations, and by monitoring their financial health, their compliance with the terms of their relationship with us and the political and economic environment in which they operate. In addition, we generally require NCL issuers to post a letter of credit, bank guarantee or other collateral to reduce this risk.

The second type of GNS arrangement is known as an independent operator (“IO”) arrangement. As of the end of 2005, we had over 40 of these arrangements around the world. Under this type of arrangement, we license our bank partner to issue local currency Cards in the particular market(s) in which it is located, where, in the large majority of these arrangements, they also serve as the local merchant acquirer and processor. Our local IO partner owns the customer relationships and credit risk for the issued Cards, and makes the decisions about which customers will be issued Cards. Similar to the NCL-type of arrangement, GNS generates revenues in IO arrangements from fees paid by the IO partner derived from the number of Cards it issues, the level of Cardmember spending on those, Cards, royalties and total charge volume on all Cards at merchants with whom the IO partner has an agreement to accept Cards. Our IO partner is responsible for transaction authorizations, billing, pricing, Cardmember servicing and funding Card receivables.

We typically establish IO arrangements in markets where we have not built a significant local currency Card business of our own. The IO partner’s local presence and relationships help the American Express network reach merchant coverage goals more quickly, and operate at economic scales and cost levels that would be difficult for us to achieve on our own. Examples of countries where we have entered into IO arrangements include Denmark, Ecuador, Greece, South Korea, Pakistan, Croatia, Peru and Vietnam.

The third type of GNS arrangement is a joint venture. We have utilized this type of arrangement in Switzerland, Belgium and several other countries. In these markets, TRS joins with a third party to establish a separate business in which TRS has a significant ownership stake. The joint venture typically signs new merchants to the American Express network and issues local currency Cards locally that carry our logo. In a joint venture arrangement, the joint venture assumes the Cardmember credit risk, and bears the operating and marketing costs. The economics of the joint venture are similar to our proprietary Card issuing business, which we discuss below under “U.S. Card Services,” and we receive a portion of the joint venture’s income depending on the level of our ownership interest.


Our Corporate and Other segment consists of the Company’s corporate functions and auxiliary businesses, including American Express Publishing.


Our brand and its attributes – trust, security, integrity, quality and customer service – are key assets of the Company. We continue to focus on the brand by educating employees about these attributes and by incorporating them into our programs, products and services. Our brand has been rated one of the most valuable brands in the world in various surveys, and we believe it provides us with a significant competitive advantage. We believe our brand and its attributes are critical to our success and we invest heavily in managing, marketing and promoting it. (We account for our expenses in managing our brand in the Global Network  & Merchant Services segment.) In addition, we place significant importance on trademarks and servicemarks, and diligently protect our intellectual property rights around the world.

American Express Publishing

Through American Express Publishing, we publish luxury lifestyle magazines such as Travel+Leisure®, T+L Family, a supplement to Travel+Leisure, T+L Golf®, Food & Wine® and Departures®; travel resources such as SkyGuide®; business resources such as the American Express Appointment Book and SkyGuide Executive Travel, a business traveler supplement; a variety of general interest, cooking, travel, wine, financial and time management books; branded membership services; a growing roster of international magazine editions; as well as directly sold and licensed products. American Express Publishing also has a custom publishing group and is expanding its service-driven Web sites such as: travelandleisure.com, foodandwine.com, departures.com, tlgolf.com, tlfamily.com and skyguide.net. We have an agreement with Time Inc. under which it manages our publishing business and we share revenues relating to this business.

Service and Technology Infrastructure

We continue to make significant investments, both in the United States and internationally, in our card systems and infrastructure to allow faster introduction and greater customization of products. We also are using technology to develop and improve our service capabilities to continue to deliver a high quality customer experience. For example, we maintain a service delivery platform that our employees use in the card business to support a variety of customer servicing and account management activities such as account maintenance, updating of Cardmember information, the addition of new cards to an account and resolving customer satisfaction issues. In international markets, we are building flexibility and enhancing our global platforms and capabilities in revolving credit, our full service banking platform called Wealthview, and consumer payment options.

We continued to leverage the internet to lower costs and improve service quality. During 2005, we expanded the number of services and capabilities available to customers online and increased their utilization. For example, within the United States, approximately 80% of our card servicing call volume can now be handled online. We now have more online interactions with U.S. customers than we do by telephone or in person. Our online Card sales grew steadily in 2005 as well.

We have devoted substantial resources to our global technology platforms and have undertaken significant efforts to protect and manage our proprietary systems and the data collected and stored on our systems. In this vein, we have continued to focus on ways to secure our systems from “hackers” and other unauthorized users.


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