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Business Segments II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(May 03 2020)
(of total Revenues)
II. Quarter
(in millions $)
(May 03 2020)
(Profit Margin)
5,742.00 100 % 563.00 9.8 %

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Growth rates by Segment II. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(May 03 2020)
Q/Q Revenue
II. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(May 03 2020)
Q/Q Income
-0.81 % -1.98 % 19.53 % 46.23 %

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Business Segments Description

Our solutions are used globally by leading manufacturers and are embedded in an array of communications products that are structured around three core platforms: Broadband Communications (Solutions for the Home), Mobile and Wireless (Solutions for the Hand) and Infrastructure and Networking (Solutions for Infrastructure). Our diverse product portfolio includes:

Solutions for the Home - Highly-integrated and complete platform solutions for set-top boxes and broadband access.

Solutions for the Hand - Platforms primarily for mobile devices that include low-power, high-performance and highly integrated wireless connectivity solutions, cellular SoCs and other technologies.

Solutions for Infrastructure - Highly-integrated platforms for Infrastructure deployments that include Ethernet switches and PHYs, automotive Ethernet, communication processors and wireless infrastructure solutions, and Ethernet controllers.

Broadband Communications Reportable Segment (Solutions for the Home)

Set-Top Boxes

Global service providers are increasingly introducing new and enhanced technologies and services in set-top boxes, or STBs, including increased transcoding, digital video recording functionality, higher definition, increased networking capabilities, and more tuners to enable faster channel change and more simultaneous recordings. Service providers are also looking to deploy High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC, a video compression format that is a successor to the H.264/MPEG-4 format. HEVC enables Ultra HD services because it effectively doubles the capacity of existing networks to deploy new or existing content. With Ultra HD TV prices falling rapidly, content owners are increasingly exploring creating and transmitting their own Ultra HD content.

We offer complete platform solutions for cable, satellite, IP and terrestrial STBs that enable service providers to deploy a broad array of features and services for consumers. More specifically, for STBs, our solutions include cable, satellite, IP and terrestrial set-top box SoC’s, digital television adaptors and over-the-top platform solutions. Our family of set-top box solutions, across IP, Satellite and Cable, support the complete range of resolutions, from standard definition, to high definition, to most recently Ultra HD. We also provide MoCA and Powerline networking SoCs.

Broadband Access

Global service providers continue to deploy next generation broadband access technologies across multiple standards, including DSL, cable and fiber, to deliver more bandwidth and faster speeds to consumers. Over the coming years, we see global service providers moving toward DOCSIS 3.1 for cable modem technologies, G.Fast for DSL, and deploying more fiber-based solutions to increase speeds and bandwidth for customers.

We offer complete platform solutions for DSL, cable and fiber for both central office deployments and consumer premise equipment (CPE). For CPE deployments, we see increased movement toward residential gateways, which are frequently powered by our platform solutions. For the central office, our solutions include cable modem termination systems for cable deployments, optical line termination for Fiber deployments, and DSLAM’s for DSL deployments.

Wireless Infrastructure

Service providers are also increasingly looking to deploy femtocell and small cell solutions to add capacity and coverage to their cellular network topology. Femtocells are deployed primarily in residences to enhance cellular coverage in the home. Small cells are low-powered radio access nodes that operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum with a range of 10 meters to 2 kilometers. Service providers are planning to deploy small cells primarily for data offloading to increase efficiency in use of spectrum. We offer complete 3G/4G platform solutions for femtocells and small and residential cells.

Mobile and Wireless Reportable Segment (Solutions for the Hand)

Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless connectivity solutions include integrated and discrete Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and near field communication, or NFC, solutions. Devices incorporating our connectivity solutions include: smartphones; tablets; laptops, and related peripherals; wireless home routers and gateways; printers; handheld media devices; home gaming systems; smart TVs and connected STBs; and a range of wearable and connected devices, including watches and glasses, smoke alarms and thermostats.


Wireless local area networking, also known as Wi-Fi, allows devices on a local area network to communicate wirelessly. It adds the convenience of mobility to the utility of high-speed data networks. Wi-Fi has been embedded into a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, home gateways and routers, personal computers, digital cameras, printers, gaming devices, STBs, and HDTVs. We offer a family of high performance, low power Wi-Fi chipsets that support all current 802.11 standards, including 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n and 802.11ac. 802.11ac, the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, enables up to gigabit+ speeds and improved range while delivering data in a more power-efficient manner. We also support Wi-Fi Direct, WiFi Display and Miracast across our product portfolio, allowing direct communication between devices (or, peer-to-peer data transfers) without requiring an access point.


The Bluetooth short-range wireless networking standard is a low power technology that enables direct connectivity between devices. We offer a complete family of Bluetooth silicon and software solutions for mobile phones, PCs, HDTVs, peripherals, gaming, wearables, the internet of things (IoT) and many other applications. Our family of Bluetooth solutions enables manufacturers to easily and cost-effectively add Bluetooth functionality to virtually any device. We continue to drive the evolution of Bluetooth with support of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard, or Bluetooth Smart, an emerging standard for supporting low power applications such as health and fitness, medical devices, and wearable devices, including watches, glasses, wristbands, smoke alarms, pet monitoring solutions and many other implementations.

Near Field Communications (NFC)

NFC, an ultra short-range wireless standard that enables simple pairing between devices, has been adopted for contactless payment systems and can also be implemented to facilitate simple pairing between a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, TVs, remote controls, wireless mice, and Bluetooth headsets. We have developed a family of low-power NFC solutions that enable cost-effective deployments of NFC in consumer devices.

Wireless Connectivity Combo Chips

Our customers constantly demand connectivity solutions at a lower cost, with higher performance, longer battery life and a smaller footprint. We have created a family of connectivity combo chips that integrate multiple wireless technologies into a single chip. For example, we offer combo solutions that integrate a complete Bluetooth system (with BLE), a complete Wi-Fi system, NFC, and a high performance FM stereo radio receiver.

Cellular SoCs

We offer a broad portfolio of cellular SoC’s that support 2G, 3G and 4G cellular standards. More specifically, we support GSM/GPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, and LTE.

Our cellular SoC’s also incorporate additional functionality outside of the core cellular modem. For instance, we integrate an application processing subsystem, as well as provide dedicated support for graphics and video and an image processing subsystem. Our product offerings currently include single-core, dual-core and quad-core 3G SoC’s and a dual-core LTE SoC.

As part of our broader and complete cellular platform, we provide cellular RF and a family of power management devices that intelligently manage power consumption to improve battery life. Our complete cellular platform also includes our complete range of technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and connectivity combo chips described in more detail above.

Other Technologies (incorporated primarily into handheld devices)

Location (GPS)

Location-based technologies in general, and Global Positioning System, or GPS, in particular, have long been a standard feature in navigation devices and have become a common feature in smartphones and tablets. In addition to GPS, other satellite-based navigation systems have been deployed, such as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which encompasses a plurality of satellite-based navigation systems. Reliance on additional satellite coverage, compared with a system that relies only on a GPS solution, offers significant improvement in location determination, location accuracy and time-to-first-fix.

We offer a family of GPS, assisted GPS (A-GPS) and GNSS semiconductor products, software and data services. Our location-based services technology delivers data to our GNSS devices, further enhancing performance and reliability. These GPS solutions are part of a broader location platform that leverages a broad range of communications technologies, including WiFi, Bluetooth, MEMS sensors and GPS, to provide more accurate location, navigation and more functionality indoors, including indoor location and navigation.

Touch Controllers

We offer a family of touch controllers, which are integrated circuits designed to process signals from touch screens on mobile devices. Our touch controllers can be found in smartphones and tablets.

Infrastructure and Networking Reportable Segment (Solutions for Infrastructure)

Our solutions in this reportable segment include: Ethernet switches and PHYs, which includes switches and fabrics; copper and optical transceivers; backplane and optical front-end physical layer devices; communications processors and solutions for wireless infrastructure, including multicore processors and microwave backhaul and knowledge-based processors. We provide Ethernet connectivity for the automotive market. We also offer a family of Ethernet Controllers.

Products incorporating our solutions in this reportable segment include: service provider metro equipment; edge and core routers, wireless infrastructure and wireless access points; switches and routers; servers and workstations; network interface cards; LAN on motherboard applications; optical networks and dense wave division multiplexing applications; security appliances; storage controllers; and microwave links for wireless backhaul.

Ethernet Switch and PHY

Ethernet is a ubiquitous interconnection technology that enables high performance and cost effective networking infrastructure across the enterprise, service provider, data center and small and medium business spaces.

Ethernet Switch. We offer a broad set of Ethernet switching products that are optimized for service provider networks, data center implementations, enterprise and small-and-medium businesses. These solutions range from low-cost five port switch chips to complete solutions enabling in excess of 400 terabits of switching capacity in a multi-chassis configuration. More specifically:

Data center - High capacity, low latency switching silicon that supports advanced protocols around virtualization and multi-pathing. Our Trident and DNX Ethernet switching fabric technologies provide the ability to build highly scalable flat networks supporting tens of thousands of servers and supporting 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) Ethernet.

Service provider - Our service provider switch portfolio enables carrier/service provider networks to support a large number of services in the wireless backhaul, access, aggregation and core of their networks. Our SBX NPU product family provides a full duplex 100 Gbps fully programmable packet processor.

Enterprise and small-and-medium businesses (SMB) - For enterprise applications, our XGS™ product family combines multi-layer switching capabilities and wire-speed Gigabit, 10, 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet switching performance for unified wired and wireless enterprise business networks. Our family of SMB Ethernet switch products are designed to support lower power modes and comply with industry standards around energy efficient Ethernet.

Ethernet Copper Transceivers. Our high performance Ethernet transceivers are built upon a proprietary digital signal processing communication architecture optimized for high-speed network connections and support the latest standards and advanced features, such as energy efficient Ethernet, data encryption and time synchronization at one or 10 Gbps.

Automotive Ethernet. As consumer demand for in-vehicle connectivity continues to grow, automotive manufacturers are under pressure to deliver competitive, innovative features while minimizing cost. Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach® automotive solutions allow multiple in-vehicle systems (such as infotainment, on-board diagnostics and automated driver assistance) to simultaneously access information over unshielded single twisted pair cable. Our automotive Ethernet product portfolio consists of five devices (including three highly integrated switches with embedded PHYs and two stand-alone PHY solutions) that deliver high-performance bandwidth of 100Mbps and beyond while dramatically reducing connectivity costs and cabling weight, as well as increasing energy efficiency.

Backplane and Optical Front-End Physical Layer Devices. To address increasing volumes of data traffic both in data centers and service provider networks, we offer a portfolio of 10G and 40G Ethernet transceivers, 100 Gbps gear boxes, forward error correction solutions, and chips for backplanes and optical interconnect. These devices are low-power solutions for very high density 10, 40 and 100 Gbps switching solutions. We also offer 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps SONET/SDH/OTN transceivers that enable the development of low-cost, high-density optical transport equipment, enabling telecommunications and service providers to efficiently deliver data and voice traffic over existing fiber networks.

Communication Processors and Wireless Infrastructure

Multicore Communication Processor. Used in building current and next-generation server, storage, data networking and wireless equipment, our XLP® multicore solutions provide leading central processing unit (CPU) performance utilizing quad issue, quad threaded and out-of-order execution. These CPU cores are coupled with high performance on-chip fabric and accelerators, enabling multi-chip cache coherent configurations. Broadcom's high-speed communications processors support complex networking applications, such as deep content switching, routing and load balancing at wireline speed. In addition to our XLP line, we provide the StrataGX line of highly integrated processor and networking solutions based on ARM processors.

Knowledge-Based Processors (KBP). Broadcom's knowledge-based processors enable high-performance decision-making for packet processing in a variety of advanced devices in the enterprise, metro, access, edge and core networking spaces. This family features the ability to process packets at wire-speed while consuming relatively little power.

Microwave Modems and RF. Our family of microwave modems and RF chip sets allows our customers to build high performance wireless backhaul and LAN extension products for service providers. They include features such as dual polarization for increased throughput, integrated networking functionality and full path protection.

Ethernet Controllers

Our family of Ethernet controllers offers comprehensive solutions for servers, workstations, and desktop and notebook computers, supporting multiple generations of Ethernet technology. Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers deliver high performance dual-port and quad-port, single-chip converged network interface controller (C-NIC) at 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps rates, without requiring external packet memory.

Custom Silicon Products

We offer customers a range of custom application-specific integrated circuit, or ASIC, products that integrate customer-specific intellectual property into larger, more highly integrated solutions. This approach enables our customers to leverage their own intellectual property while still benefiting from the cost, power and performance benefits of a more integrated single-chip solution.


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