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Astec Industries Inc  (ASTE)
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Business Segments III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(of total Revenues)
III. Quarter
(in millions $)
(Sep 30 2018)
(Profit Margin)
256.61 100 % 6.90 2.69 %

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Growth rates by Segment III. Quarter
Y/Y Revenue
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Revenue
III. Quarter
Y/Y Income
(Sep 30 2018)
Q/Q Income
-15 % -5.84 % -51.93 % -

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  Astec Industries Inc's

Business Segments Description

Infrastructure Group

The Infrastructure Group segment is made up of five business units. These business units include Astec, Inc. ("Astec"), Roadtec, Inc. ("Roadtec"), Carlson Paving Products, Inc. ("Carlson"), Astec Mobile Machinery GmbH ("AMM") and Astec Australia Pty Ltd ("Astec Australia"). Three of the business units (Astec, Roadtec and Carlson) design, engineer, manufacture and market a complete line of asphalt and wood pellet plants and their related components, and asphalt pavers and related ancillary equipment. The other two business units (AMM and Astec Australia) primarily sell, service and install products produced by the manufacturing subsidiaries of the Company with a majority of their sales to customers in the infrastructure industry.


Astec designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of asphalt and wood pellet plants and related components for the asphalt paving and other industries. Certain component equipment supplied by Astec for complete asphalt and wood pellet plants is manufactured by other Company subsidiaries such as heating and storage equipment (manufactured by the Company's Energy Group) and material handling equipment (manufactured by the Company's Aggregate and Mining Group). A typical asphalt mixing plant consists of heating and storage equipment for liquid asphalt; cold feed bins for blending aggregates; a counter-flow continuous type unit (Astec Double Barrel) for drying, heating and mixing; a baghouse composed of air filters and other pollution control devices; hot storage bins or silos for temporary storage of hot-mix asphalt; and a control house. Astec introduced the concept of high plant portability in 1979. Its current generation of portable asphalt plants is marketed as the Six Pack and consists of six or more portable components designed to be easily relocated from one construction site to another, thereby reducing relocation expenses. High plant portability represents an industry innovation developed and successfully marketed by Astec. Astec's enhanced version of the Six Pack, known as the Turbo Six Pack, is a highly portable plant which is especially useful in less populated areas where plants must be moved from job-to-job and can be disassembled and erected without the use of cranes.

Astec developed the patented Double Barrel Green System, which allows the asphalt mix to be prepared and placed at lower temperatures than conventional systems and operates with a substantial reduction in smoke emissions during paving and load-out. Previous technologies for warm mix production rely on expensive additives, procedures and/or special asphalt cement delivery systems that significantly increase the cost per ton of mix. The Company's new Astec multi-nozzle device eliminates the need for the expensive additives by mixing a small amount of water and asphalt cement together to create microscopic bubbles that reduces the viscosity of the asphalt mix coating on the rock, thereby allowing the mix to be handled and worked at lower temperatures.

The components in Astec's asphalt mixing plants are fully automated and use both microprocessor-based and programmable logic control systems for efficient operation. The plants are manufactured to meet or exceed federal and state clean air standards. Astec also builds batch type asphalt plants and has developed specialized asphalt recycling equipment for use with its hot-mix asphalt plants.

Astec's wood pellet plants have been in commercial production since 2013. Astec's modular design for its wood pellet plants includes replicated parallel production lines (for instance, a 60 ton-per-hour ("TPH") plant consists of three 20 TPH lines) resulting in very few points in the process where any individual equipment failure can shut the entire plant down. In most other pellet plant designs, one small equipment failure, such as a dryer outage would mean a total plant shutdown. In a 60 TPH Astec plant, a dryer outage means the plant continues to operate at 40 TPH. In fact, there are very few reasons why the plant would ever be completely shut down. Even major maintenance cycles may be performed line-by-line while the plant continues to operate on the other lines.

Roadtec manufactures asphalt pavers, material transfer vehicles, milling machines, soil stabilizing-reclaiming machinery and other equipment used in road building and resurfacing. Roadtec pavers have been designed to minimize maintenance costs while exceeding road surface smoothness requirements. The equipment offered by Roadtec can be used in tandem with each other or separately with equipment already owned by the customer.

Roadtec's Shuttle Buggy is a mobile, self-propelled material transfer vehicle which allows continuous paving by separating truck unloading from the paving process while remixing the asphalt. A typical asphalt paver must stop paving to permit truck unloading of asphalt mix. By permitting continuous paving, the Shuttle Buggy allows the asphalt paver to produce a smoother road surface, while reducing the time required to pave the road surface and reducing the number of haul trucks required. As a result of the pavement smoothness achieved with this machine, certain states now require the use of the Shuttle Buggy. Studies using infrared technology have revealed problems caused by differential cooling of the hot-mix during hauling. The Shuttle Buggy remixes the material to a uniform temperature and gradation, thus eliminating these problems. Roadtec's paver models recommended for use with the Shuttle Buggy are also designed to carry and spray tack coat directly in front of the hot mix asphalt in a single process.

Roadtec manufactures milling machines designed to remove old asphalt from the road surface before new asphalt mix is applied. Roadtec's milling machine lines, which are designed for larger jobs, are manufactured with a simplified control system, wide conveyors, direct drives and a wide range of horsepower and cutting capabilities to provide versatility in product application. In addition to its half-lane and larger highway class milling machines, Roadtec also manufactures a smaller, utility class machine for two to four foot cutting widths and a utility class cold planer model mounted on wheels.

Roadtec currently produces soil stabilizers in configurations of 275 HP, 440HP, 625HP and 755HP. These machines double as asphalt reclaiming machines for road rehabilitations, in addition to their primary purpose of stabilizing soil sub-grades with additives to provide an improved base on which to pave.

Roadtec recently introduced several new products including a new international class 2.5M track paver designed to carry a tamper bar screed, a new international compatible track mounted material transfer vehicle and a new sweeper with an integral conveyor.

Carlson manufactures its patented screeds which attach to asphalt paving machines and place asphalt on the roadbed at a desired thickness and width while smoothing and compacting the surface. Carlson screeds can be configured to fit many types of asphalt paving machines, including machines manufactured by both the Company and its competitors. Carlson also manufactures windrow pickup machines which transfer hot mix asphalt from the road bed into the paver's hopper. The Carlson screed uses a hydraulic powered generator to electrify elements that heat a screed plate so asphalt will not stick to it while paving. A generator is also available to power tools or lights for night paving. Carlson offers options to its screeds which allow extended paving widths and the addition of a curb on the road edge. Carlson also offers a commercial class eight foot paver designed for parking lots, residential and secondary road applications to fill the void between competitors' commercial pavers and Roadtec's highway class paver line.

Astec Mobile Machinery functions primarily as a distributor of Roadtec products in the European market. Additionally, it designs and manufactures screeds and a small road widener attachment designed to meet the unique needs of the European market.

Astec Australia markets relocatable and portable asphalt plants and components produced by Astec, Heatec and CEI, asphalt paving equipment and components produced by Roadtec and Carlson, and aggregate equipment produced by the Company's Aggregate & Mining Group with a majority of their sales being to customers in the infrastructure industry. In addition to selling equipment, Astec Australia provides complete support for their customers' equipment with service, training and spare parts. Astec Australia also provides turnkey installation solutions for large asphalt plants, aggregate and mining plants and bitumen tank farms.

Aggregate and Mining Group

The Company's Aggregate and Mining Group is comprised of eight business units focused on supplying heavy equipment and parts in the aggregate, metallic mining, quarrying, recycling, ports and bulk handling markets. These business units achieve their strength by distributing products into niche markets and drawing on the advantages of brand recognition in the global market. These business units are Telsmith, Inc. ("Telsmith"), Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. ("KPI"), Astec Mobile Screens, Inc. ("AMS"), Johnson Crushers International, Inc. ("JCI"), Breaker Technology Ltd/Breaker Technology Inc. ("BTI"), Osborn Engineered Products, SA (Pty) Ltd ("Osborn"), Astec do Brasil Fabricacao de Equipamentos Ltda. ("Astec Brazil") and Telestack Ltd ("Telestack"), which was acquired in April 2014.


Telsmith, founded in 1906, is the oldest subsidiary of the group. The primary markets served under the TELSMITH trade name are the aggregate, metallic mining and recycling industries. Telsmith's core products are jaw, cone and impact crushers, as well as vibrating feeders and inclined and horizontal screens. Telsmith also provides consulting and engineering services to provide complete "turnkey" processing systems. Both portable and modular plant systems are available in production ranges from 300tph to 1500tph.

Telsmith maintains an ISO 9001:2008 certification, an internationally recognized standard of quality assurance. In addition, Telsmith has achieved CE designation (a standard for quality assurance and safety) on its jaw crusher, cone crusher and vibrating screen products marketed into European Union countries.

Telsmith recently introduced ten new or enhanced equipment models in several of its product lines to address customer needs by adding additional features and functionality to its existing product line while also addressing manufacturing cost concerns. Product lines with new or enhanced equipment models include portable cone crushers, horizontal screens and screen plants, fold-up conveyors, rock hoppers, crushing stations, skid mounted crushing plants and vibrating pan feeders.

KPI and JCI ("KPI-JCI") design, engineer, manufacture and support a complete line of stationary and portable aggregate and ore processing equipment for the sand and gravel, mining, quarrying, concrete and asphalt recycling markets under the KPI-JCI product brand name. This equipment, along with the related screen products from AMS, is jointly marketed through an extensive network of KPI-JCI and AMS dealers.

KPI-JCI products include a complete line of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushers, including jaw, cone, horizontal shaft impactor, vertical shaft impactor and roll rock crushers as well as industry related washing and conveying equipment and incline as well as horizontal screens. These rock crushers are used by mining, quarrying and sand and gravel producers to crush oversized aggregate to salable size, in addition to their use for recycled concrete and asphalt. This equipment can be purchased as individual components, as portable plants for flexibility or as completely engineered systems for both portable and stationary applications. They also offer the highly-portable Fast Pack System, featuring quick setup and teardown, thereby maximizing production time and minimizing downtime. KPI-JCI also offers portable fully self-contained and self-propelled Fast Trax track-mounted jaw and horizontal shaft crushers in six different models, which are ideal for either recycle or hard rock applications, allowing the producer to move the equipment to the material. KPI-JCI's expanded Global Trax line of track-mounted crushers focuses more specifically on the need for these types of products in the global market. KPI-JCI screens are low-profile machines for use in both portable and stationary applications.

KPI-JCI portable plants combine various combinations of cone crushers, horizontal screens, combo screens and conveyors mounted on tow away chassis and track chassis configurations. Due to high transportation costs of construction materials, many producers use portable equipment to process materials they need close to their job sites. Portable plants allow aggregate producers the ability to quickly and efficiently move equipment from one location to another as their jobs necessitate. The portable track plants are fully self-contained and allow operators to be producing materials within minutes of unloading equipment off of their transport trucks. The introduction of track-mounted crushing and screening plants has enabled contractors to perform jobs that in the past were not economically feasible and also allows our dealers to compete in the large track-mounted rental market.

KPI-JCI sand classifying and washing equipment is designed to clean, separate and re-blend material from sand deposits to meet the size specifications for critical applications. KPI-JCI products include fine and coarse material washers, log washers, blade mills, sand classifying tanks, cyclones, dewatering screens, density classifiers, sieve blend screens and attrition cells. KPI-JCI also offers additional portable and stationary plants to handle the growing needs in construction sands, specialty sands and fines recovery. Screening plants are available in both stationary and highly portable models and are complemented by a full line of radial stacking and overland belt conveyors.

KPI-JCI conveying equipment is designed to move or store aggregate and other bulk materials in radial cone-shaped or windrow stockpiles. KPI-JCI's SuperStacker telescoping conveyor and its Wizard Touch automated controls are designed to add efficiency and accuracy to whatever the stockpile specifications require. Additionally, high capacity rail and barge loading/unloading material handling systems are an important part of the KPI-JCI product lines.

During 2014, KPI-JCI introduced three new models in its Global Track ("GT") family of products including a new cone crushing plant, a new jaw crushing plant and a new screening plant. The GT product line is engineered for contractors and producers new to the aggregate processing, recycle and demolition industries and utilize simple controls that benefit a wide range of users, from novices to experienced producers. Additionally, a new track mounted cone crushing plant which is larger than its previous offerings and is designed for both mobile and stationary producers was also introduced.

AMS designs, engineers, manufactures and markets mobile screening plants, portable and stationary screen structures and vibrating screens designed for the recycle, crushed stone, sand and gravel, industrial and general construction industries. These screening plants include the AMS Vari-Vibe and Duo-Vibe high frequency screens and a multi-frequency screen. The AMS high frequency screens are used for chip sizing, sand removal, benificating small materials and sizing recycled asphalt where conventional screens are not ideally suited. Certain of AMS products are also available through licensing agreements with TIL, Ltd. in India.

BTl designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of stationary rockbreaker systems for the mining, quarry and recycling industries, and provides large-scale stationary rockbreakers for open pit mining, as well as mid-sized stationary rock breakers for underground applications. BTl also designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of four wheel drive articulated production and utility vehicles for underground mining.

In addition to supplying equipment for the mining and quarry industries, BTl also designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of hydraulic breakers, compactors and demolition attachments for the North American construction and demolition markets.

BTl maintains ISO9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications, internationally recognized standards of quality and environmental assurance. BTl offers an extensive aftermarket sales and service program through a highly qualified and trained dealer network.

During 2014 BTI added to its utility vehicle product line with a flat deck option and personnel carrier configuration. BTI also launched a new generation of vibratory plate compactors with the unique feature of isolator mounts angled on two planes for improved longevity and performance as well as several new hydraulic breaker models.

Osborn, which is located in South Africa, maintains an ISO:9001:2008 certification for quality assurance and designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a complete line of minerals processing equipment. This equipment is used in the aggregate, mining, metallurgical and recycling industries. Osborn has been a licensee of Telsmith's technology for over 60 years and recently became a licensee of KPI's vertical and horizontal shaft impact crushers. Osborn also offers the following equipment: mineral sizers; single and double-toggle jaw crushers; cone crushers; rotary breakers; roll crushers; rolling ring crushers; mills; out-of-balance or exciter-driven screens and feeders; track-mounted or skid mounted crushing and screening plants; and a full range of idlers. Osborn also markets equipment produced by other Astec companies in the South American market.

Osborn has recently added a number of new products to its product offerings, including a 400 HP gyratory crusher for secondary applications, horizontal shaft impactors, an extension to the range of out-of-balance exciter gearboxes and a low profile apron feeder, in addition to numerous modernization and updates to its existing product lines.

Astec Brazil is in the final phase of constructing a manufacturing facility in Brazil. Assembly operations began in the newly constructed 132,400 square foot facility in the fourth quarter of 2014 and complete production operations are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2015. Manufacturing operations, sales, distribution and product support will be located within the new facility, which is expected to employee approximately 120 employees at full capacity. The new facility will initially manufacture stationary jaw and cone crushers, vibrating feeders, screens and track-mounted crushing units, representing the brands of AMS, KPI-JCI, and Telsmith in the construction and mining industries. The Company also plans to manufacture other product lines at the facility in the future, such as BTI products for underground mining. Once fully funded, Astec Brazil is expected to be 75% owned by the Company, with the other 25% being owned by MDE, a recognized leader in providing material handling solutions to the Brazilian market.

During most of 2014, Astec Brazil operated as a distributor in the South American market for the other Astec Aggregate and Mining companies and Astec asphalt plants.

Telestack, acquired by the Company in April 2014 and located in Northern Ireland, designs, engineers, manufactures and markets mobile bulk material handling solutions that are designed to handle all free flowing bulk materials including but not limited to ores, coal, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, woodchips and pellets. Telestack maintains ISO9001:2008 accreditation and is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental assurance) and ISO 18001:2007 (Health & Safety assurance).

Energy Group

The Company's Energy Group is comprised of five business units focused on supplying heavy equipment such as heaters, drilling rigs, concrete plants, wood chippers and grinders, pump trailers, storage equipment and related parts to the oil and gas, construction, and water well industries. These business units include Heatec, Inc. ("Heatec"), CEI, Inc. ("CEI"), GEFCO, Inc. ("GEFCO"), Astec Underground, Inc. ("Astec Underground") and Peterson Pacific, Inc. ("Peterson").


Heatec designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a variety of thermal fluid heaters, process heaters, waste heat recovery equipment, liquid storage systems and polymer and rubber blending systems under the HEATEC trademark. For the construction industry, Heatec manufactures a complete line of asphalt heating and storage equipment to serve the hot-mix asphalt industry and water heaters for many industrial applications. In addition, Heatec builds a wide variety of heaters to fit a broad range of applications, including heating equipment for marine vessels, roofing material plants, refineries, oil sands, energy related processing, chemical processing, rubber plants and agribusiness. Heatec has the technical staff to custom design heating systems and has systems operating as large as 50 million BTU's per hour.

CEI designs, engineers, manufactures and markets thermal fluid heaters, storage tanks, rubberized asphalt and polymer blending systems and concrete production plants for the polymer, concrete and other industries. CEI designs and builds heaters with outputs up to 50 million BTU's per hour and portable, vertical and stationary storage tanks up to 50 thousand gallons in capacity. CEI is a leading supplier of crumb rubber blending plants in the U.S.

GEFCO, which began operations in 1931, designs and manufactures portable drilling rigs and related equipment for the water well, environmental, groundwater monitoring, construction, mining and shallow oil and gas exploration and production industries. Portable drilling rigs are offered in a variety of designs with optional equipment, including truck, trailer or track mounted units, diesel engine on deck or Power Take Off powered units, hydraulic pump drives, transmission, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, gear boxes, plumbing and all related controls.

GEFCO is in the process of introducing a new, smaller drilling rig with improved functionality to serve certain geographic locations in the residential geothermal and water well markets. The new rigs will be offered in both truck-mounted and track-mounted options.

Astec Underground (also referred to as GEFCO-Loudon) manufactures and markets a trailer-mounted double fluid pumper for use in the hydraulic fracturing and the oil and gas extraction industries. The units include engines, transmissions, gearboxes, application-specific cooling packages, a displacement tank, plumbing and all related controls. GEFCO Loudon also produces and sells large oil and gas well drilling equipment previously produced by American Augers and provides contract manufacturing for several of the other Astec companies. The Company plans to close GEFCO Loudon manufacturing facility by May 2015 and transfer the product lines being produced there to the GEFCO Enid Oklahoma facility. The costs to close the facility are expected to be immaterial and to be less than the savings achieved from combining the two operations.

Peterson designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes large whole-tree pulpwood chippers, biomass chippers, horizontal grinders and blower trucks primarily for the construction, landscaping, recycling, and biomass energy markets. A deck screen model for the wood chipping and grinding market is produced for Peterson by JCI. Peterson has granted rights under a licensing agreement to Morbark, USA, whereby Morbark may produce and sell certain grinder equipment covered by a Peterson patent.


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