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LHDX's Financial Statements and Analysis

increased III. Quarter net loss per share of $-3.15 compare to net loss per share of $-0.71 recorded in the same quarter a year ago a decrease compare to $-0.54 realized in previous quarter.

III. Quarter
Earnings Per Share Revenues
$ -3.15 $  34 Mill
$-2.44     $+21M     +157.53 %

's Revenue rose by 157.53 % in III. Quarter (Sep 30 2022) year on year, to $34 million and advanced by 31.53 % sequentially.

is Expected to report next financial results on March 30, 2023.

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's in III. Quarter recorded net loss of $-126.862 million, an increase from net loss of $-27.496 million in III. Quarter a year ago.

Sequentially net loss advanced

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Inventories grew by 29.47 % to $56 million from III. Quarter a year ago, sequentially inventories fell by -53.48 %. In III. Quarter company's net cash and cash equivalents decreased by $-35 million, capital expenditures fell by 298.56%, to $-7 millions compare to same quarter a year ago and fell by 17.74% from II. Quarter (Jun 30 2022).

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does not pay out common stock dividend.

In trailing twelve-month period payed $ -2.05 cash per share, on a free-cash flow basis .