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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 6,213
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 111
 Employees 570
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 461
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 291
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) -10
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 27

Rambus Inc

Dedicated to making data faster and safer, Rambus creates innovative hardware, software and services that drive technology advancements from the data center to the mobile edge. Our architecture licenses, IP cores, chips, software, and services span memory and interfaces, security, and emerging technologies to positively impact the modern world. We collaborate with the industry, partnering with leading chip and system designers, foundries, and service providers. Integrated into a wide array of devices and systems, our products power and secure diverse applications, including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) security, mobile payments, and smart ticketing.

Building upon the foundation of technologies for memory, SerDes and other chip interfaces, we have expanded our portfolio of inventions and solutions to address chip and system security, mobile payments and smart ticketing. We intend to continue our growth into new technology fields, consistent with our mission to create value through our innovations and to make those technologies available through the shipment of products, the delivery of services, and licensing business models. Key to our efforts is continuing to hire and retain world-class inventors, scientists and engineers to lead the development and deployment of inventions and technology solutions for our fields of focus.

Our inventions and technology solutions are offered to our customers through patent, technology, software and IP core licenses, as well as product sales and services. Today, our primary source of revenue is derived from patent licenses, through which we provide our customers a license to use a certain portion of our broad portfolio of patented inventions.

Our strategy is to continue to augment our patent license business model to provide additional technology, products and services while creating and leveraging strategic synergies to increase revenue. In support of our strategy, Rambus has transitioned to focus on two key high-growth markets - the data center and the mobile edge - with an approach and product roadmap that leverage our core competencies and supplement with ingredient components to both differentiate and accelerate our position in complementary markets.

We bolstered our offerings in these markets in 2016 through the acquisition and integration of four businesses in the fields of mobile payments, smart ticketing, memory buffer chips and SerDes IP cores. In 2017, we extended the product and service portfolio in our Security division with the launch of our Host Card Emulation (HCE) Ticket Wallet Service and white label mobile application, the Unified Payment Platform, bringing bank-level security to retail “scan-and-go” and the CrytpoManager IoT Security Service, protecting and monitoring IoT endpoints. We believe these businesses complement our security division by allowing us to extend its foundational security technology to offer differentiated, value-added security solutions to its customers.

In addition, the Memory and Interface division augmented its suite of IP Cores with the announcement of 56G SerDes and High Bandwidth Memory Gen2 (HBM2) PHYs and grew the Chips catalog with the launch of the DDR4 non-volatile DIMM (NVDIMM) buffer chip and our server DIMM chipset expected for next-generation DDR5. We believe these products strengthen our market position for memory buffer chips and enhance our SerDes and IP offerings enabling us to better address the needs of the server, networking and data center market.

We have organized our business into four operational units:

Memory and Interfaces (MID)

Security (RSD)

Emerging Solutions (ESD)

Lighting (RLD)

The Rambus Memory and Interfaces Division develops products and services that solve the power, performance, and capacity challenges of the communications and data center computing markets. Rambus standards-compatible memory and SerDes solutions include chips, architectures, memory and SerDes interface IP Cores, IP validation tools, and system and IC design services. Developed through our system-aware design methodology, Rambus products deliver improved time-to-market and first-time-right quality.

As data rates continue to rise to meet that growing demands for faster data delivery, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain signal integrity and power efficiency at the speeds required to support more powerful, multi-core processors. To address these challenges and enable the continued improvement of electronics systems, ongoing innovation is required. The many contributions and patented innovations developed by Rambus scientists and engineers have been, and continue to be, critical in addressing some of the most difficult chip and system challenges. The foundations of MID are world-class memory architectures and high-performance SerDes technologies that are brought to market through three main business initiatives: (1) patent licensing; (2) silicon IP core licensing; and (3) chipsets.

Patent Licensing

Our traditional patent licensing program remains our primary source of revenue. Our patent licenses provide our customers a license to use a certain portion of our portfolio of patented inventions in the customer’s own digital electronics products, systems or services. The licenses may also define the specific field of use where our customers may use or employ our inventions in their products. License agreements are structured with fixed, variable or a hybrid of fixed and variable royalty payments over certain periods ranging up to ten years. Leading consumer product, industrial, semiconductor and system companies such as AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Freescale, Fujitsu, GE, IBM, Intel, LSI, Micron, Nanya, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung, SK hynix, STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, Western Digital, Winbond and Xilinx have licensed our patents for use in their own products. The vast majority of our patents were secured through our internal research and development efforts across all of our business units.

Silicon IP Core Licensing

Our IP core licensing program offers a suite of high-speed memory and SerDes PHY solutions designed to meet the growing performance needs of data center and networking. Due to the complex nature of implementing our technologies, we provide engineering services under certain of these licenses to help our customers successfully integrate our technology solutions into their semiconductor and system products. Licensees may also receive, in addition to their license agreements, patent licenses as necessary to implement the technology in their products with specific rights and restrictions to the applicable patents elaborated in their individual contracts. Our solutions are designed into systems bought by OEMs. We license both directly to ASIC design houses and semiconductor foundries that, in turn, sell to OEMs, or to OEMs directly.

Chip Sets

Made for high speed, reliability and power efficiency, our DDR memory buffer chipsets for RDIMM, LRDIMM and NVDIMM server modules deliver top-of-the-line performance and capacity for the next wave of enterprise and data center servers. Rambus offers DDR3 and DDR4 server DIMM chipsets to enable increased memory capacity, while maintaining peak performance for data-intensive work loads. In the third quarter of 2017, we announced a silicon-proven server DIMM buffer chipset capable of achieving the speeds expected for next-generation DDR5.

We sell our semiconductor products directly and indirectly to module manufacturers and OEMs worldwide through multiple channels, including our direct sales force and distributors. We operate direct sales offices in the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, and employ sales personnel that cover our direct customers and manage our channel partners.

We operate a fabless business model and use third-party foundries and assembly and test manufacturing contractors to manufacture, assemble and test our semiconductor products. We also inspect and test parts in our U.S. based facilities. This outsourced manufacturing approach allows us to focus our resources on the design, sale and marketing of our products. Outsourcing also allows us the flexibility needed to respond to new market opportunities, simplifies our operations and significantly reduces our capital requirements.


Rambus Security is dedicated to providing a secure foundation for a connected world. Our innovative solutions span areas including tamper-resistant electronic devices and systems, network security, mobile payment, smart ticketing and trusted transaction services. Rambus foundational technologies protect a substantial amount of licensed products annually, providing secure access to data and creating an economy of digital trust between our customers and their customer base.

Security challenges are increasingly prevalent in a multitude of industries, including high-growth sectors such as mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), automotive and the data center, providing a variety of opportunities for our security technologies and services. We believe robust security starts with the design of the SoC and continues through the manufacturing supply chain to end-user applications. In line with this thinking, RSD offers a suite of products and services from DPA countermeasures and cores to our CryptoManager™ Platform, mobile payments and smart ticketing.

DPA Countermeasures and Cores

We own a portfolio of patented inventions and technology solutions that are needed for creating secure tamper-resistant electronic devices and systems. These patented DPA countermeasures are critical in protecting devices against side channel attacks such as differential power analysis, which involve monitoring the variations in power consumption or electromagnetic emissions of a device. In addition, our hardware-based cores provide a robust hardware-based solution to protect electronics systems from side-channel attacks, counterfeiting, piracy, and other forms of attack.

For DPA countermeasures, our business model is to provide a combination of patent licenses, technology, consulting services (training, evaluation, and design), and test equipment as well as DPA resistant cores and software libraries. We are recognized worldwide for our expertise in this area, and our strategy is to strengthen our offering beyond stand-alone patent licensing. We discovered the existence of SPA and DPA vulnerabilities in the 1990s, and patented the fundamental techniques for preventing against this method of attack. DPA protections are a critical security ingredient in tamper-resistant products, and are important or required for a broad range of applications and devices (including smart cards, mobile devices, FPGAs, government/defense applications, consumer set-top boxes, postage meters and security tokens).

In addition to the DPA countermeasures portfolio, we have developed technologies, expertise, advanced designs, and development tools for building highly secure cryptographic semiconductor cores. We have successfully deployed our semiconductor cores in two primary application areas where effective security is valued and paid for by customers: content protection and anti-counterfeiting.

CryptoManager Platform

As the amount of valuable data stored and communicated across devices continues to grow in the mobile, automotive and IoT segments, the need for robust security services is becoming increasingly necessary. Robust security starts with the design of the SoC and continues with the manufacturing supply chain. The Rambus CryptoManager Platform includes a hardware root of trust, infrastructure, software and hosted security services, capable of supporting a variety of configurations via a hardware core or secure software, to provide a scalable and flexible security solution for chip-to-cloud-to-crowd security.

The CryptoManager platform provides chip and device companies with an advanced hardware root-of-trust for their SoCs, as well as an Infrastructure Suite for end-to-end security throughout the SoC design and manufacturing process. The CryptoManager platform has been developed with a services-based architecture that enables a secure, two-way communication channel across the manufacturing stages. This extensible solution is built on a foundation that simplifies, automates, and reduces costs for global enterprise IT, manufacturing, and operations functions. The platform is designed to support the enablement of in-field provisioning and hosted security services.

Mobile Payments

NFC-based mobile payments offer many advantages to consumers, retailers and financial institutions alike. For consumers, mobile wallets provide a convenient, “tap-and-go” frictionless commerce experience, seamlessly integrating credit cards, loyalty points and gift cards, while leveraging enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication and biometrics. For retailers, mobile wallets offer businesses the ability to engage users with an immersive, “in-app” experience that bridges the gap from digital to physical with profile-based shopping to offer customized recommendations and coupons to customers. Finally, for banks and retailers, mobile wallets enhance protection from fraud and greater customer engagement and loyalty.

Our technology adapts to any mobile payments ecosystem - whether card credentials are stored on the device or in the cloud using host card emulation - and ensures security through tokenization. With our software, customers can fulfill the role of a token service provider, securing transactions by removing vulnerable card data from the payment network. Our mobile payment solutions are offered to financial institutions and retailers through software license agreements.

Smart Ticketing

Smart ticketing is changing the way people travel by bringing greater convenience and security to travelers and transport operators alike. Through the use of smart cards and smart phones, travelers can download and store their tickets electronically, eliminating the need for ticket vending machines and paper tickets, enabling users to simply tap their smart card or device on a gate or validator to access their travel. Our smart ticketing technology combines back-office processing and analytics systems with web portals, smart cards and mobile applications to deliver comprehensive solutions to transport operators and local authorities. Data analytics enable improved profitability and optimization of smart transport schemes through access to real-world travel data, with easy management of transaction data to ensure accurate reimbursements. ITSO certified and interoperable with existing transport providers, our smart ticketing solutions are easy to integrate across multiple modes of travel, simplifying customer journeys at lower cost. Currently, our smart ticketing solutions are primarily offered to public transit authorities in the United Kingdom and we are working to expand our offerings into the broader international markets

   Company Address: 4453 North First Street San Jose 95134 CA
   Company Phone Number: 462-8000   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ RMBS
   RMBS is expected to report next financial results on February 23, 2024.

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Rambus Inc

Revitalized Earnings: Rambus Inc. Soars with Remarkable Profit Growth amidst Revenue Challenges

Rambus Inc., a prominent technology solutions company, recently announced its financial results for the most recent fiscal period. Despite facing a decline in revenue, the company managed to demonstrate impressive growth in earnings per share and net profit per share. This article aims to dissect the financial figures and highlight the potential impact these results may have on the company's future.
Net Profit and Earnings per Share Soar:
In a surprising twist, Rambus Inc. experienced an astonishing 9200% increase in net profit per share, soaring to $0.93 per share. This surge in profitability stands out, especially when considering the challenging revenue climate. Meanwhile, earnings per share also grew, although it displayed a decline of 38.41% compared to the preceding financial reporting period. Despite this dip, the earnings per share figure remained at $1.51.

Rambus Inc

Rambus Inc Showcases Enhanced Earnings, Bolstered by $155.33 Million Provisions on Income Taxes, Despite Subdued Q2 2023 Revenue

In the second quarter of 2023, Rambus Inc, a leading Semiconductors company, faced a decline in revenue. However, the company managed to successfully raise its earnings per share (EPS), showcasing impressive growth in net profit per share. This achievement is particularly notable considering the challenging market conditions faced during this period.
Financial Performance Overview
Despite a drop in revenue by 1.567% year on year, Rambus Inc's net profit per share soared by an astonishing 387.1% to $1.51 per share. These figures demonstrate the company's ability to maintain profitability despite the decline in revenue. Comparing the results with the preceding reporting season, Rambus Inc experienced rapid EPS growth from $0.03 per share, while revenue increased by 4.81% from $113.76 million.

Rambus Inc

Rambus Inc Surges with Positive Income, Marking a Remarkable Turnaround in 2023

Investors can confidently expect a great return on their investment in Rambus Inc, as the company's financial interval, which closed on March 31, 2023, reported a positive RMBS income of $0.03 per share. This is a substantial improvement from last year's earnings, which were at a negative $0.60 per share. However, the earnings per share dropped by 79.76% from $0.15 per share, compared to the previous reporting period.
Despite the drop in earnings per share, Rambus Inc's revenue increased by 14.853% to $113.76 million from $99.05 million in the same interval last year. However, the sequential revenue deteriorated by -7.032% from $122.37 million.


Rambus Inc's Segments
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