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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 6,317
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 38
 Employees 869
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 554
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 152
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) 30
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 9

Qualys Inc

We are a pioneer and leading provider of a cloud-based platform delivering security and compliance solutions that enable organizations to identify security risks to their information technology (IT) infrastructures, help protect their IT systems and applications from ever-evolving cyber-attacks and achieve compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Our cloud solutions address the growing security and compliance complexities and risks that are amplified by the dissolving boundaries between internal and external IT infrastructures and web environments, the rapid adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of geographically dispersed IT assets. Our integrated suite of security and compliance solutions delivered on our Qualys cloud platform enables our customers to identify their IT assets, collect and analyze large amounts of IT security data, discover and prioritize vulnerabilities, recommend remediation actions and verify the implementation of such actions. Organizations use our integrated suite of solutions delivered on our Qualys cloud platform to cost-effectively obtain a unified view of their security and compliance posture across globally-distributed IT infrastructures as our solution offers a single platform for information security, application security, endpoint, developer security and cloud teams.

IT infrastructures are more complex and globally-distributed today than ever before, as organizations of all sizes increasingly rely upon a myriad of interconnected information systems and related IT assets, such as servers, databases, web applications, routers, switches, desktops, laptops, other physical and virtual infrastructure, and numerous external networks and cloud services. In this environment, new and evolving digital technologies intended to improve organizations’ operations can also increase vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which can expose sensitive data, damage IT and physical infrastructures, and result in serious financial or reputational consequences. In addition, the rapidly increasing amount of data and devices in IT environments makes it more difficult to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in a timely manner. The predominant approach to IT security has been to implement multiple disparate security products that can be costly and difficult to deploy, integrate and manage and may not adequately protect organizations. As a result, we believe there is a large and growing opportunity for comprehensive cloud-based security and compliance solutions delivered in a single platform.

We designed our Qualys cloud platform to transform the way organizations secure and protect their IT infrastructures and applications. Our cloud platform offers an integrated suite of solutions that automates the lifecycle of asset discovery, security assessments, and compliance management for an organization’s IT infrastructure and assets, whether such infrastructure and assets reside inside the organization, on their network perimeter, on endpoints or in the cloud. Since inception, our solutions have been designed to be delivered through the cloud and to be easily and rapidly deployed on a global scale, enabling faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership than traditional on-premises enterprise software products. Our customers, ranging from some of the largest global organizations to small businesses, are served from our globally-distributed cloud platform, enabling us to rapidly deliver new solutions, enhancements and security updates.

We believe that our cloud platform provides our customers with unique advantages, including:

No hardware to buy or manage. There is no infrastructure or software to buy and maintain thus reducing our customers’ operating costs; all services are accessible in the cloud via web interface. Qualys operates and maintains the platform.

Real-time visibility in one place, anytime and anywhere. Our customers can conveniently see their security and compliance posture across their global IT asset inventory in one browser window, without plugins or a virtual private network (VPN), whenever and wherever Internet access is available.

Easy global scanning. Our customers can easily perform scans on geographically distributed and segmented networks at the perimeter, behind the firewall, on dynamic cloud environments and on endpoints.

Seamless scaling. Our cloud platform is a scalable, comprehensive, and end-to-end solution for the IT security needs of our customers. Our customers can seamlessly add new coverage, users and services after they have deployed our platform.

Up to date resources. Qualys has one of the largest knowledge bases of vulnerability signatures in the industry. All security updates are made in real-time.

Data stored securely. Data is securely stored and processed in a multi-tiered architecture of load-balanced servers. Our encrypted databases are physically and logically secured.

We were founded and incorporated in December 1999 with a vision of transforming the way organizations secure and protect their IT infrastructure and applications and initially launched our first cloud solution, Vulnerability Management (VM), in 2000. As VM gained acceptance, we introduced new solutions to help customers manage increasing IT security and compliance requirements. Today, the suite of solutions offered on our cloud platform, which we refer to as the Qualys Cloud Apps, includes: Asset Inventory (AI), CMDB Sync (SYN), VM, Continuous Monitoring (CM), Cloud Agent Platform (CAP), Threat Protection (TP), Security Configuration Assessment (SCA), Indication of Compromise (IOC), Policy Compliance (PC), PCI Compliance (PCI), Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), Web Application Scanning (WAS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Our cloud platform consists of a suite of asset management, IT security, compliance monitoring, and web application security solutions, which we refer to as the Qualys Cloud Apps, that leverages our shared and extensible core services and our highly scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. We also provide open application program interfaces, or APIs, and other developer tools that allow third parties to embed our technology into their solutions and build applications on our cloud platform.

Our cloud platform utilizes sensors, including physical, virtual and cloud scanners, and cloud agents that provide our customers with continuous visibility enabling customers to respond to threats immediately. It automatically gathers and analyzes security and compliance data in a scalable, state-of-the-art backend. The technology underlying our cloud infrastructure enables us to ingest, process, analyze and store a high volume of sensor data coming from our agents, scanners and passive analyzers, and correlate information at very high speeds in a distributed manner for millions of devices.

Our core services enable integrated workflows, management and real-time analysis and reporting across all of our IT security and compliance solutions for our customers inside their organizations, on the perimeter, on endpoints or in the cloud.

Our core services constitute dynamic and customizable dashboards and centrally managed, self-updating integrated Cloud Apps, through what we call a “single-pane-of-glass” user interface. Our interactive, dynamic dashboards and cloud platform allow our customers to aggregate and correlate all of their IT, security and compliance data in one place, drill down into details, and generate reports customized for different audiences. Our cloud platform’s powerful elasticsearch clusters enable customers to instantly find detailed data on any asset.

Our core services include:

Asset Tagging and Management. Enables customers to easily identify, categorize and manage large numbers of assets in highly dynamic IT environments and automates the process of inventory management and hierarchical organization of IT assets. Built on top of this core service is the Qualys AI framework, which is a global asset inventory service enabling our customers to search for information on any IT asset, scaling to millions of assets for customers of all sizes, helping IT and security personnel to search IT assets and maintain an up-to-date inventory on a continuous basis.

Reporting and Dashboards. A highly configurable reporting engine that provides customers with reports and dashboards based on their roles and access privileges.

Questionnaires and Collaboration. A configurable workflow engine that enables customers to easily build questionnaires and capture existing business processes and workflows to evaluate controls and gather evidence to validate and document compliance.

Remediation and Workflow. An integrated workflow engine that allows customers to automatically generate helpdesk tickets for remediation and to manage compliance exceptions based on customer-defined policies, enabling subsequent review, commentary, tracking and escalation. This engine automatically distributes remediation tasks to IT administrators upon scan completion, tracks remediation progress and closes open tickets once patches are applied and remediation is verified in subsequent scans.

Big Data Correlation and Analytics Engine. Provides elasticsearch capabilities for indexing, searching and correlating large amounts of security and compliance data with other security incidents and third-party security intelligence data. Embedded workflows enable customers to quickly assess risk and access information for remediation, incident analysis and forensic investigations.

Alerts and Notifications. Creates email notifications to alert customers of new vulnerabilities, malware infections, scan completion, open trouble tickets and system updates.

Many organizations have an array of heterogeneous point tools that do not interoperate well and are difficult and costly to maintain and integrate, making it difficult for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to obtain a single, unified view of their organization’s security and compliance posture. The Qualys cloud platform and its Cloud Apps help organizations escape this tool-fragmentation dilemma by drastically simplifying their security stacks and regaining unimpeded visibility across their IT environment.

The Cloud Apps are self-updating, centrally managed and tightly integrated, and cover a broad range of functionality in areas such as vulnerability management, IT asset management, IT security, web app security and compliance monitoring.

Our suite of Cloud Apps currently includes: AI, SYN, VM, CM, CAP, TP, SCA, IOC, PC, PCI, SAQ, FIM, WAS and WAF.

We believe that our applications are easy to use and provide our customers with a high level of control because our applications are part of one platform, share a common user interface, utilize the same scanners and agents, access the same collected data, and leverage the same user permissions.

Our customers can subscribe to one or more of our security and compliance Apps based on their initial needs and expand their subscriptions over time to new areas within their organization or to additional Qualys solutions. We offer three editions of our Qualys Cloud Apps: Enterprise for large enterprises, Express for medium-sized businesses, and Express Lite for small-sized businesses.

Many of our customers use multiple Cloud Apps to develop a more complete understanding of their respective environment’s security and compliance posture. The Qualys cloud platform currently provides the following Cloud Apps to our customers:

Asset Management

Asset Inventory (AI): AI provides a complete, continuously updated inventory of a customer’s IT assets everywhere: on premises, in clouds or at mobile endpoints. It lists assets’ installed software, existing vulnerabilities and hardware details. A powerful search engine enables ad hoc queries and refines such queries. In addition to Qualys’ network scanners, AI leverages our Cloud Agents, which are lightweight, self-updating and run in the background. These Cloud Agents continuously enable the assessment of the compliance and security status of customer assets, including intermittently connected assets, without the need for scan windows or credential management.

CMDB Sync (SYN): This certified application synchronizes AI data with ServiceNow’s Configuration Management system. Device changes are immediately transmitted to the Qualys cloud platform and then synchronized with ServiceNow. For customers, this means an end to unidentified and misclassified assets and to data update delays, all of which decrease chances of breaches. SYN provides real-time, comprehensive visibility of IT asset inventories enabling immediate detection of security and compliance risks.

IT Security

Vulnerability Management (VM): VM is an industry leading and award-winning solution that automates network auditing and vulnerability management across an organization, including network discovery and mapping, asset management, vulnerability reporting and remediation tracking. Driven by our comprehensive knowledge base of known vulnerabilities, VM enables cost-effective protection against vulnerabilities without substantial resource deployment.

Continuous Monitoring (CM): Built on top of VM, CM is a next-generation cloud service that can detect network threats and unexpected changes before they turn into breaches. Whenever it spots an anomaly in your network, it immediately sends targeted, informative alerts to the right people for each situation and each machine. CM tracks what happens throughout public perimeters, internal networks, and cloud environments - anywhere in the world.

Threat Protection (TP): Thousands of new vulnerabilities are disclosed annually. With TP, customers can pinpoint their most critical threats and identify what they need to remediate first. TP continuously correlates external threat information against a customers vulnerabilities and IT asset inventory, so customers know which threats pose the greatest risk to their organization at any given time. As Qualys engineers continuously validate and rate new threats from internal and external sources, TP’s live feed displays the latest vulnerability disclosures and maps them to customers’ impacted IT assets. Customers can see the assets affected by each threat, and drill down into details.

Security Configuration Assessment (SCA): A VM add-on, SCA expands our VM program with automatic assessment of IT assets’ configurations using the latest Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks for operating systems, databases, applications and network devices. SCA provides intuitive workflows for assessing, monitoring, reporting and remediating security-related configuration issues. SCA’s CIS assessments are provided via a web-based user interface and delivered from the Qualys cloud platform, enabling centralized management with minimal deployment overhead. SCA users can automatically create downloadable reports and view dashboards.

Indication of Compromise (IOC): IOC delivers threat hunting, detects suspicious activity, and confirms the presence of known and unknown malware for devices both on and off the network. From its single console, customers can monitor current and historical system activity for all on-premises servers, user endpoints, and cloud instances - even for assets that are currently offline or have been re-imaged by IT. IOC utilizes the Cloud Agent to capture endpoint activity on files, processes, mutant handles, registries, and network connections, and uploads the data to the Qualys cloud platform for storage, processing, and query.

   Company Address: 919 E. Hillsdale Boulevard, 4th Floor Foster City 94404 CA
   Company Phone Number: 801-6100   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NASDAQ QLYS

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Qualys Inc

Qualys Inc Reports Impressive 11.186% Revenue Growth in Fiscal Fourth Quarter of 2023

Qualys Inc, a software and programming company, has recently experienced a drop in its stock price. Over the preceding 30 days, the stock has declined by -16.78%. This negative trend has also affected the company's share price during the first quarter of 2024, which stands at -14.23%. Despite this decline, Qualys Inc's stock is currently trading on the NASDAQ at a value 10.2% higher than its 52-week average.
To better understand this recent drop in stock price, it is important to review the company's financial performance. In the period from October to December 31, 2023, Qualys Inc saw a significant increase in its profit per share. This figure soared by 46.9% to $1.10 per share. Additionally, the company experienced an 11.186% boost in revenue, reaching $145.49 million compared to the same period the previous year.

Qualys Inc

Qualys Inc Delivers Remarkable 74.65% Increase in Income per Share, Propels Software & Programming Industry Growth

Qualys Inc: Strong Q3 Performance Propels Growth in Software & Programming Industry
In the third quarter of 2023, Qualys Inc, a leading Software & Programming company, showcased impressive financial results, surpassing industry peers and demonstrating its commitment to delivering stable and valuable solutions to its customers. The company reported a remarkable 74.65% increase in income per share, rising to $1.24 per share, compared to the same period last year. Additionally, revenue saw a significant increment of 12.501%, amounting to $141.26 million.
Qualys Inc's top-line growth outperformed most of its competitors in the Software & Programming industry, exhibiting an 11.42% advance in the third quarter of 2023, in contrast to the same period in 2022. The company's agile strategy has proven to be successful, attracting customers who are seeking stability and value. This solid financial performance has further strengthened Qualys Inc's position in the market.

Qualys Inc

Qualys Inc Reports Exceptional Surge in Profit per Share by 41.79% for Q2 2023; Sees Notable Revenue Boost and Demand Growth

Qualys Inc, a leading player in the Software & Programming sector, recently released its financial report for the three months ending June 30, 2023. The results showcased remarkable growth in profit per share, revenue, and net earnings. In addition to these milestones, Qualys Inc also highlighted improving profit margins and rising demand for its services. Let's delve deeper into the financials and highlight some interesting facts.
Profitability and Revenue Growth
During the second quarter of 2023, Qualys Inc witnessed a significant increase in profit per share of 41.79%, reaching $0.95 per share. This rise was followed by a commendable revenue increase of 13.891% to $136.55 million, in comparison to the same period last year.

Qualys Inc

Qualys Inc Surpasses Market Expectations with Impressive Revenue and Income Growth in Q1 2023

The Software & Programming company, Qualys Inc, has just released their financial report for the first quarter of 2023, and it is absolutely astounding. The report shows that the company's revenue has increased by an incredible 15.22%, rising to $130.68 million in comparison to the prior year period. Not only that, but the company's income has also risen by 20.31%, reaching an impressive $0.77 per share. This is a remarkable achievement that has far exceeded the market's expectations.
Compared to the previous reporting period, Qualys Inc has shown an improvement in its net earnings, with net income growing by 14.54% to reach $29.105 million. At the same time, there has been a marginal decrease in revenue by -0.127% from $130.85 million. However, this is a minor detail considering the outstanding performance that has been put up by the company. Qualys Inc has shifted its focus on sales to achieve this remarkable success, making it evident that they are on the right track in terms of achieving their goals.


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