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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) -
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 36
 Employees 1,020
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 345
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) -32
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) 17
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 9

Imperva Inc

We are a cyber security leader that delivers best-in-class solutions to protect data and applications on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments. As organizations worldwide undergo digital transformation, particularly as they transition their data and applications from on premises to the cloud, their day-to-day operations are increasingly complex. They have a need for solutions that can support both environments and we believe we are uniquely positioned to help them manage their hybrid environments. Extortion and theft by cybercriminals, using an evolving array of sophisticated attacks, continuously threaten applications and data wherever they reside. Organizations are facing numerous challenges in providing the visibility and control required to protect these business-critical applications and data from attack. Adoption of new technologies and architectures, such as mobile applications, web applications, application to application interfaces and big data, increases the complexity of, opens access to, and increases the vulnerability of business-critical data and applications. The increasing use of virtualization technologies and cloud delivery models, including unsanctioned, employee-adopted applications, known as “shadow IT,” is forcing organizations to operate outside of the traditional security model. Additionally, organizations must comply with complex regulatory standards enacted to ensure they protect their systems and data. We believe that these challenges are driving a greater need for cyber security solutions that protect applications and data, wherever they reside - on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments.

Our cyber security solutions directly protect the business critical data and applications that are being attacked, and are designed to fill the gaps left by existing endpoint and network or perimeter security solutions. Our cloud offerings protect against the unique threats created as enterprises increasingly deploy their applications and store their data in the cloud and allow our customers to take advantage of the flexibility and cost-efficiency offered by cloud-based solutions.

Our Imperva SecureSphere platform provides database, file and web application security across various physical and virtual systems in data centers, including those in traditional on-premises data centers as well as in private, public and hybrid cloud computing environments. Our Imperva Incapsula product line provides cloud-based website security, denial of service protection and performance solutions that do not require software or hardware changes. Our Imperva CounterBreach product line uses machine learning to analyze how users access data and to spotlight data breach activity. Our Imperva Camouflage product line pseudonymizes and anonymizes sensitive data by masking it so it can be safely used in development, testing, warehouses and analytical stores.

Our products include our Imperva SecureSphere platform, Imperva CounterBreach and Imperva Camouflage for enterprise data centers, and our Imperva Incapsula offering for cloud-based security services.

Our SecureSphere, CounterBreach and Camouflage product lines secure business-critical applications and data in physical and virtual data centers from hackers and malicious insiders. These products also provide an accelerated and cost-effective route to address regulatory compliance and establish a repeatable process for data risk management. Our SecureSphere products are built on a common modular platform, which includes a single operating system and common code base. All of our SecureSphere products can be managed either individually as stand-alone appliances or collectively from our SecureSphere MX Management Server. Our SecureSphere MX Management Server provides a single, centralized point for aggregating and managing SecureSphere security policies, real-time monitoring, logging, auditing and compliance reporting, customizable reporting and in-depth analytics. With the SecureSphere MX Management Server, administrators can simultaneously manage our database, file and web security products from a single console. CounterBreach uses machine learning to analyze how users access structured data, unstructured data, and data in the cloud in order to spotlight dangerous data access and use. Camouflage data masking discovers where sensitive data resides, prioritizes what data should be masked and masks it.

Our Incapsula service is purpose-built to deliver cloud-based website security, DDoS, or distributed denial of service protection and load balancing and failover, all of which are fully integrated with, and built on top of, a global content delivery network. Our Incapsula service can be deployed easily without requiring any additional hardware or software to be installed and is accessible to businesses of all sizes that want to maximize the security, speed and availability of their websites. It is also Payment Card Industry and SOC 2 Type II certified. Without needing to purchase or install any hardware or software to use our Incapsula service, we estimate that most customers can set up our Incapsula service in less than ten minutes. Our customers typically begin using our Incapsula service by changing their website’s Domain Name System setting to route traffic to the Incapsula network. The global network of Incapsula servers apply security and optimization solutions to traffic on our customers’ websites according to the Incapsula service options they purchase. The screened, filtered and optimized traffic is then routed by the Incapsula network to the customer’s websites.

We sell our SecureSphere products primarily using perpetual software licenses installed on hardware appliances or virtual appliances. We sell our cloud-based products and services using subscription-based pricing plans. We also sell our ThreatRadar services as separate, add-on subscription services to our SecureSphere appliances.

We organize our product lines into customer-focused capability areas based on their ability to protect applications or data against attacks.


Application Protection

SecureSphere Products

SecureSphere Web Application Firewall: Protects business-critical web applications and data

We believe that our SecureSphere Web Application Firewall, or WAF, is one of the industry’s leading solutions for protecting web assets from application attacks. Our SecureSphere WAF protects our customers’ business-critical applications and data from large scale cyber-attacks, adapts to evolving threats to protect against data breaches and enables compliance with regulatory requirements. Our web application security products can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance based on the feature and traffic capacity requirements of our customers. Key capabilities of our SecureSphere WAF include dynamic identification of legitimate web application usage, fortification of web defenses with research-driven intelligence on current threats from the Imperva Defense Center, IDC, alerts and requests blocking as well as virtual patching of application vulnerabilities.

ThreatRadar Products

ThreatRadar: Provides reputation and crowdsourced security intelligence services

ThreatRadar Reputation Services recognizes attack sources and dynamically adjusts web security policies within our SecureSphere WAF to provide protection against attacks.

ThreatRadar Community Defense, a part of ThreatRadar Reputation Services, delivers crowd-based threat intelligence to SecureSphere WAF. ThreatRadar Community Defense gathers attack data from SecureSphere deployments around the world and uses algorithms to translate this data into attack patterns, policies and reputation data.

ThreatRadar Bot Protection Services uses a client classification engine to analyze and classify incoming website traffic, and to distinguish between human and bot traffic. It also identifies good and bad bots and classifies traffic by browser type. The intelligence it collects during this process is then used by SecureSphere to drive WAF policy enforcement.

ThreatRadar Account Takeover Protection protects web application accounts from being compromised by cybercriminals. The product combines awareness of credentials known to be compromised, knowledge of login device reputation and risk, detection of credential stuffing and dictionary attacks against passwords, and analysis of behavior across multiple devices and accounts to identify account takeover attempts and compromised accounts, protecting against hackers before they gain access to protected web applications and services.


Incapsula Products

Incapsula Website Security: Blocks attacks against web applications to promote website safety and availability

Incapsula Website Security is a PCI-certified service with advanced bot detection and mitigation. It protects websites and applications against application layer hacking attempts and blocks scrapers, vulnerability scanners and content spammers that overload servers and steal content. Our cloud-based approach, coupled with crowdsourcing techniques, enables us to anonymously harness real data from our customer base to better understand the global attack landscape and continually improve security.

Incapsula Content Delivery Network: Optimizes website performance

Incapsula Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a globally distributed network of data centers that delivers full site acceleration through intelligent caching and content optimization tools. The CDN is application-aware and dynamically profiles website resources and identifies cacheable, dynamic and static content, including content that other CDNs consider uncacheable.

Incapsula DDoS Protection: Safeguards networks, applications and DNS servers from volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks

Incapsula reroutes traffic through the Incapsula network, and subjects it to progressively more stringent layers of protection. Using sophisticated security rules and challenges, Incapsula is able to identify and filter out DDoS attack traffic, while allowing legitimate traffic to flow unhindered to protected applications such as websites, email, and FTP.

Incapsula Load Balancing: Balances web traffic load across multiple web servers

Incapsula Load Balancing provides layer 7 load balancing and failover as a service, so organizations can replace costly appliances with an enterprise-grade, cloud-based solution. The service supports in-datacenter and cross-datacenter high availability scenarios. It also provides real-time health monitoring to ensure that traffic is routed to a viable web server.

Data Protection

SecureSphere Products

SecureSphere Database Firewall and Database Activity Monitoring: Secures business-critical data in structured repositories

SecureSphere Database Firewall and Database Activity Monitoring secure business-critical data in structured repositories in the data center. They provide comprehensive visibility and control over structured business data repositories, including database data usage, vulnerabilities, and access rights, and enable security, audit, risk and IT professionals to improve data security and address compliance requirements. SecureSphere can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance, based on the feature and traffic capacity requirements of our customers. SecureSphere Database Firewall and Database activity monitoring protect relational and big data databases running on distributed platforms and IBM z/OS.

SecureSphere Database Assessment Server: Finds sensitive data and runs assessments

SecureSphere Database Assessment Server automates the process of discovering databases and sensitive business data on the network and performs a security assessment to identify risks to business-critical data. It identifies database vulnerabilities and measures compliance with industry standards and best practices using tests and assessment policies. By identifying where databases and sensitive data are located on the network, and which databases are vulnerable or misconfigured, Database Assessment Server helps organizations prioritize their database risk mitigation efforts.

SecureSphere User Rights Management for Databases: Establishes automated access rights review process and demonstrates compliance

SecureSphere User Rights Management for Databases automatically aggregates user rights across heterogeneous databases. This enables organizations to establish an automated access rights review process, identify excessive user rights, and demonstrate compliance with regulations such as Sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and requirements 7 and 8.5 of the PCI Data Security Standards.

SecureSphere File Firewall: Protects file access activity to ensure business-critical data and applications are secured

SecureSphere File Firewall secures unstructured data, including spreadsheets, presentation slides, word processing documents, videos and PDFs that contain business critical data and applications that our customers store in unstructured repositories, such as file servers, content management repositories, network-attached storage and storage area network devices. It provides full visibility and control over unstructured business data repositories, including file ownership, usage and access rights, and enables security, audit, risk and IT professionals to improve file data security and address compliance requirements. SecureSphere File Firewall can be deployed as a physical or virtual appliance based on feature and traffic capacity requirements of our customers.

CounterBreach Product

CounterBreach: Designed to protect enterprise data from theft and loss due to compromised, malicious and careless users

CounterBreach uses machine learning to analyze how users access data in order to spotlight dangerous data access and use. CounterBreach complements machine learning with non-invasive deception technology to identify compromised end-point devices. By dynamically learning normal data access patterns and then finding anomalies, CounterBreach proactively alerts IT teams to dangerous behavior.

CounterBreach provides a multi-layered solution that provides direct visibility into which users access what data, giving IT organizations

insight into the ‘who,’ ‘what’ and ‘when’ of access to sensitive information; combines Imperva expertise in monitoring and protecting data with advanced machine learning to spotlight dangerous user data access activity and applies non-invasive deception techniques to identify compromised end-points.

Camouflage Product

Imperva Camouflage Data Masking: Creates realistic, functional data for development, testing, and training by disguising sensitive information while maintaining the characteristics of the original data.

Imperva Camouflage Data Masking is designed to reduce data breach risk by replacing sensitive data in non-production systems, including test and development systems or data warehouses and analytical data stores, with realistic fictional data. The fictional data maintains referential integrity and is statistically accurate enabling testing, analysis and business processes to operate normally. Imperva Camouflage data masking protects data from theft and helps ensure compliance with regulations governing data transfers and data protection.


Customers Net Income grew by IMPV's Customers Net Profit Margin grew to

184.25 %

14.34 %

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MSFT   -30.43%    
NLOK   -23.51%    
SCWX   -50.03%    
SPLK   -35.7%    
TENB   -35.18%    
CSCO   -36.67%    
DELL   -40.03%    
HPQ   -34.46%    
IBM   -12.67%    
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Braze Inc.

Braze Inc announced that Sales has tumbled in the most recent fiscal period

In the most recent fiscal period Braze Inc decreased loss of $-0.35 per share compared to $-2.20 a year ago and improved from $-0.42 per share from the previous quarter.

Workiva Inc

Losses Widen by Workiva Inc in the second quarter of 2022 announcement

Workiva Inc announced in the second quarter of 2022 surge in Sales by 24.59% to $131.55 millions from the same quarter a year ago, but it has increased losses at $-0.55 per share.

Sprout Social Inc.

Losses Widen by Sprout Social Inc in the financial interval ending Jun 30 2022 announcement

Company increased losses at $-0.27 per share in the financial interval ending Jun 30 2022, although its Sales surged by 37.48% to $61.43 millions from the same quarter a year ago.


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