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Duo World Inc.

Duo World has its registered office in Nevada, United States, and its development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Duo World specializes in the space of Customer Life Cycle Management & Contact Center solutions and Subscriber Management System and Billing for Pay-TV operators in the Asia Pacific Region. Driven by innovation, Duo World, has served the enterprises in many ways, including efficiency, cost reduction, revenue optimization and continuous value addition to their product or service offerings.

Duo World’s Customer Life Cycle and Contact Center solution has been used by some of the largest banks, largest retail chains, largest financial conglomerates, and largest taxi hailing startups in Sri Lanka. India’s largest digital cable TV operator and Indonesia’s growing DTH operators largely benefit by implementing Duo World’s Subscriber Management and Billing System for the operation.

Duo World, Inc. was formed as a Nevada corporation in 2014 for the purpose of acquiring three operating entities: (i) Duo Software (Pvt.) Limited, a Sri Lankan company (“Duo Software Sri Lanka”), from Mr. Muhunthan Canagasooryam, Duo World’s President and founder, in exchange for 28,000,000 shares of our common stock and 5,000,000 shares of our Series A Preferred Stock; (ii) Duo Software (Pte.) Limited, a Singaporean company (“Duo Software Singapore”), from Ms. Koshala Nishaharan, in exchange for 2,000,000 shares of our common stock; and (iii) Duo Software India (Private) Limited, an Indian company (“Duo Software India”). Duo Software India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Duo Software Singapore. These acquisitions were accomplished as of December 3, 2014.

Duo Software Sri Lanka was incorporated on September 22, 2004 in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, as a limited liability company under the Sri Lanka Companies Act No. 17 of 1982, and was subsequently reregistered under the Sri Lanka Companies Act No. 7 of 2007, in compliance with the New Companies Act, which came into effect in 2007.

Duo World is a software product development company focused on providing enterprise solutions simplified through our cloud offering and by use of cutting edge technology.

The experience and market insight gained by Duo World through its more than a decade of existence in the software industry caused us to think globally and futuristically to focus on new product development to cater to ever evolving and growing business needs.

Eventually, our Customer Life Cycle Management and Contact Center solution transformed into a futuristic cloud Communication and Collaboration Platform. Our Subscription Management and Billing System, which was primarily catering to the large digital Pay-TV operators, transformed into an API driven cloud Subscription Management and Billing System.

“FaceTone” is a cloud communications and collaborations platform which is being offered through public/private cloud and on site implementations as per business preferences.

Our FaceTone enterprise version was launched in October 2016 and the product has already gained momentum in the market by acquiring the largest home grown taxi hailing start up, the largest private bank, one of the largest financial conglomerate which became the most profitable listed company in 2017, and the largest private telecommunication service provider in Sri Lanka to its client portfolio.

FaceTone has also been implemented at some of the existing clients of Duo World, which include the largest government bank, some of the medium size private banks, the largest fixed telecommunication providers and the largest retail chain in Sri Lanka.

FaceTone showcased its excellence by winning the Gold Award under the “Communications Applications” category in The National Best Quality ICT Awards 2016 (NBQSA), an annual event organized by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka, qualifying to participate in Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) hosted by Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2016 held in Taipei, Taiwan where FaceTone won a merit award in reinforcing itself as an innovative solution once again.

“CloudCharge” is an API driven Cloud Subscription Management and Billing System that caters to any business that operates in the space of subscription economy. CloudCharge is to be commercially launched by the second quarter of fiscal year 2017-2018.

Duo World commercially launched the enterprise version of DigIn in June 2017, and has ambitions plans of bringing many customers on board during the coming months. The SaaS version of DigIn is to be launched during the third quarter of fiscal year 2017-2018.

Other ancillary product of Duo World that is in completion, and to be launched is, Smoothflow. We plan to launch Smoothflow in January 2018.

All of the products are initially launched in Sri Lanka (as a test bed) and then taken to other countries.

Most of our product development, research and development, global support center, project management, business process and implementation, finance and treasury and human resource management functions are conducted and managed through Duo Software Sri Lanka.

Duo Software Singapore was established primarily for the purpose of marketing of our enterprise versions DuoSubscribe and DuoCLM when they were launched in 2008. Duo Software Singapore has been highly instrumental in generating successful sales leads through its presence at trade exhibitions and in following up sales leads.

Duo Software India was established for the purposes of having a dedicated team in India to promote and support the enterprise versions of DuoSubscribe and DuoCLM when it was launched in 2008. India is the world’s second most populated country and has a large number of Pay TV operators in the subscription economy in India.

Duo Software India has been successful in penetrating the Pay TV industry, and enterprise versions of DuoSubscribe and DuoCLM are being employed as the operation platform by some of the dominant Pay TV operators in New Delhi, and Kolkata, India, such as DEN Networks Limited, India’s largest cable TV distribution company serving 13 million homes in over 200 cities.

At present, Duo Software India has curtailed promoting DuoSubscribe and DuoCLM, and is at the verge of launching FaceTone in India, primarily to the Telecommunication industry.

Industry and Market

While Duo World initially developed its software for use by clients as an enterprise or on premises model, the information technology climate is changing in dramatic fashion as a result of cloud based, SaaS solutions and technology. Duo World fully grasps these changing dynamics and market forces, and intends to use its technical expertise, technology and other resources to exploit cloud based, SaaS solutions in order to compete within our industry.

The communication and collaboration software is where the solution facilitates hosted applications via private/public clouds or through an on premise implementation model.

While Duo World would primarily focus on the cloud model to acquire the market influencers and startups where the revenue will be on a monthly/annually subscription model, the on premise solution will be made available for brick and mortar companies, who have their own infrastructure to implement the system in house. For the on premise version, our pricing would be based on either a one-time investment pricing with annual support fee or a monthly/annual user license subscription basis as preferred by the customer.

Communication and Collaboration will facilitate running a comprehensive modern age customer support system featuring omni-channel delivery. It provides sales teams the convenience of contacting their customers from anywhere and any device, add their own task and manage a customer’s profile. FaceTone would also enable efficient internal communication between teams through its voice, messaging and collaboration platform.

FaceTone proves to be a solution for any industry and organization to uplift their communication with external stakeholders such as clients and internal communication within teams; hence, the market size promises to be significantly large and unfolds bigger opportunities for Duo World to achieve market leadership with the right product at the right time.

The subscription based software industry is an industry where software applications are hosted on a public or private cloud platform and services are provided on a monthly subscription model known as “Software as a Service” or “SaaS.” SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted on the cloud by independent software vendors or application service providers. Unlike traditional software applications which are conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front fee and an annual fee charged for support, SaaS providers price their applications using a subscription fee, payable monthly or on a transaction basis. The subscription model allows organizations to access the applications without having to pay a large upfront fee, thereby increasing the potential user base.

The subscription industry has recently experienced phenomenal growth and is forecasted to continue to grow in the future. Subscriptions are no longer limited to cable TV, newspapers and magazines. During the past ten years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way both consumers and companies do business and more companies are using the subscription model to offer everything from music, movies and textbooks to even automobiles for a monthly fee. Many traditional organizations are joining the subscription economy in response to changing consumer habits, as many consumers today value the convenience and flexibility of subscribing for services or access to products more than having to purchase products or services.

DuoWorld Platform

Duo World has developed a platform to accommodate cloud based solutions. The Duo World cloud based platform is being used by the company for all research and development activities and new product development.

Our Products and Our Transformation to Cloud Based, SaaS Solutions

In response to the changing dynamics discussed under “Industry and Market,” above, we have been diligently transforming our business model by developing new products and enhancing our current products for the cloud based, Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) market.

Our DuoCLM product was designed to manage the entire customer life cycle from the initial contact point with a customer to after sales support. DuoCLM was offered as an enterprise or on premises solution to large organizations that have dedicated customer support/call centers to maintain their customer relationships.

We launched FaceTone in October 2016 to offer a significantly enhanced model of DuoCLM. The On Premise and Partner versions were launched in 2016, and we hope to launch the FaceTone cloud version in the second quarter of fiscal year 2017-2018.


Our DuoSubscribe product specializes in invoicing customers on a monthly/recurring basis and managing the services of the customer. DuoSubscribe is currently offered as an enterprise or on premises solution.

We have developed a significantly enhanced version of our DuoSubscribe product, called CloudCharge, as a cloud based, SaaS solution. CloudCharge will have a much wider scope and many new features that can serve many more industries than DuoSubscribe. CloudCharge can be used to manage and set up recurring bills (such as Pay TV, news subscriptions, car rentals) to subscribers. The client’s customer details can be stored in the system and used to send bills to their emails or phones. Discounts and promotions can be scheduled and activated using CloudCharge. CouldCharge will be launched in the second quarter of fiscal year 2017-2018.

“DigIn” is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that is offered through public/private cloud and on premise implementations. DigIn will make data analytics simplified for small and medium organizations. Our DigIn enterprise version was launched in June 2017, and the cloud version is to be launched by third quarter in fiscal year 2017-2018.

“SmoothFlow” is a cloud based workflow designing and execution tool that is meant for developers. This tool would also provide a back end as service where the app development would be made simple via a drag and drop service designer. SmoothFlow would be launched by primarily integrating with JIRA and made available on Atlassian market place providing access to the users of over 75,000 organizations using Atlassian tools.

“Veery” will be offered as a downloadable open source communication platform free of charge. However, we would charge customers for any required support on a case by case basis.

With Duo World transforming its business toward cloud based, SaaS, product deployments, we are employing a strategic market approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract new and retain a clearly defined clientele with the goal of ultimately driving profitable customer action via content marketing.

While we move toward cloud based solutions, Duo World will continue to cater all of our products to the profitable enterprise segments, as well. And is the case of most of our products, the enterprise version will be launched first in Sri Lanka and the region (as a test bed), prior to being launched in other countries and as a SaaS.

In addition, our cloud based solutions will reduce implementation and change request costs, while improving product profitability. Duo World will focus more on product innovation than on deploying our resources and efforts on solving customer specific issues and accepting additional development requests from individual customers.

Instead of catering our products to limited industries in a particular region or country, our new products will allow us to cater to a more diversified audience that can be reached through our cloud presence, which can be accessed by any user via the internet, regardless of where they are located. We believe that our transformation from on premises/enterprise solutions to cloud-based, SaaS solutions will expose us to a greater number of potential customers and reduce our reliance on a few large enterprise customers.

Our transformation to a cloud-based, SaaS business is not without some small degree of risk, as we could lose some of the personal interaction with our customers, as all of our services will be offered via digital communications (e.g., email, blogs, service tickets and telephone), which could impact customer loyalty. In order to overcome this risk, we are investing in improving our global support operation and ensuring that proper attention and very professional services are provided to our customers as and when the need arises to provide additional customer support. However, our management does not believe that such risk is material.

Due to the increased dynamic conditions of the markets, we are now going to offer our other products without the Duo World platform.



CloudCharge offers a range of features that would help organizations improve their operations and maximize their revenues. CloudCharge’s key features are:

customer profiling and portfolio management

order taking and provisioning

invoicing and payment processing

subscription management and billing

social media integration

marketing campaign and sales lead management

payment gateway integration

notifications and payment reminders

easy to use interface

open application program interface (“API”) for third party integration

CloudCharge can also be used for one time billing by supermarkets, gas stations, etc. where bills will be generated one time for one or more products and services. CloudCharge also provides tools to manage inventory and multiple stores or sales outlets.

CloudCharge will be targeted toward small (including sole proprietors) and medium-sized businesses.


DigIn is an end-to-end data visualization and analytics platform that allows the user to analyze structured and unstructured data in one place.

DigIn also has three business models, Cloud based, partner model and on premise model. DigIn supports Social Media Analytics, real time dashboard, data modeling, forecasting, and “what if” analysis, which is a highly valued feature in the present industries. The analysis can be made for several data sources and attributes, such as determining the products that experienced highest sales in a particular season or selling period. This data can be used to predict future sales of the products during specific seasons or time periods. By using Social Media Analytics, a company can analyze its reach in social media and review the comments received about its products, both positive and negative.


FaceTone is a communication and collaboration platform that provides capability of operating on premise or cloud based PABX, IVR or a contact/call center, efficiently. A PABX is a private automatic branch exchange and automatic telephone switching system. An IVR is an interactive voice response system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients. FaceTone is an enhanced version of Duo CLM.

   Company Address: c/o Duo Software (Pvt.) Ltd. Colombo 03 0
   Company Phone Number: 505-6540   Stock Exchange / Ticker: DUUO
   DUUO is expected to report next financial results on November 21, 2022.


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