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 Market Capitalization (Millions $) 7,187
 Shares Outstanding (Millions) 157
 Employees 1,712
 Revenues (TTM) (Millions $) 3,696
 Net Income (TTM) (Millions $) 1,122
 Cash Flow (TTM) (Millions $) -39
 Capital Exp. (TTM) (Millions $) 1,033

Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy Oil Corporation is a worldwide oil and gas exploration and production company with refining and marketing operations in North America and the United Kingdom.

The Company was originally incorporated in Louisiana in 1950 as Murphy Corporation. It was reincorporated in Delaware in 1964, at which time it adopted the name Murphy Oil Corporation, and was reorganized in 1983 to operate primarily as a holding company of its various businesses. Its operations are classified into two business activities: (I) “Exploration and Production” and (II) “Refining and Marketing.”

Exploration and Production

The Company’s exploration and production business explores for and produces crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids worldwide.

During 2004, Murphy’s principal exploration and production activities were conducted in the United States by wholly owned Murphy Exploration & Production Company-USA (Murphy Expro USA), in Ecuador, Malaysia and the Republic of the Congo by wholly owned Murphy Exploration & Production Company-International (Murphy Expro International) and its subsidiaries, in western Canada and offshore eastern Canada by wholly owned Murphy Oil Company Ltd. (MOCL) and its subsidiaries, and in the U.K. North Sea and the Atlantic Margin by wholly owned Murphy Petroleum Limited. Murphy’s crude oil and natural gas liquids production in 2004 was in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Ecuador; its natural gas was produced and sold in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. MOCL owns a 5% undivided interest in Syncrude Canada Ltd. in Northern Alberta, the world’s largest producer of synthetic crude oil.

In the United States, Murphy has production of oil and/or natural gas from 13 fields operated by the Company and 15 fields operated by others. Of the total producing fields, four are in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, 20 are in more shallow waters on the Gulf of Mexico continental shelf, three are onshore in Louisiana and one is the Northstar field in Alaska. The Company’s primary focus in the U.S. is in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, which is generally defined as water depths of 1,000 feet or more. The Company operates and owns a 60% interest in the Medusa field, in Mississippi Canyon Blocks 538/582. The Company owns a 33.75% interest in the Habanero field in Garden Banks Block 341. Habanero, which is operated by Shell. The Front Runner field in Green Canyon Blocks 338/339 came on stream in December 2004 and will have additional wells completed and hooked up throughout 2005. Murphy owns 37.5% and operates the Front Runner field. The other deepwater producing field is at Tahoe in Viosca Knoll Block 783 (30%). Tahoe is operated by Shell. In 2004, Murphy announced a discovery at the Thunderhawk wildcat well in Mississippi Canyon Block 734 and in early 2005 announced a discovery at South Dachshund in Lloyd Ridge Blocks 1 and 2. Murphy holds an interest in 183 blocks in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and expects to drill about four deepwater prospects per year over the next several years. The Company’s largest producing field on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico is at South Timbalier Blocks 63/86 (100%/96%). Onshore production, which is mostly natural gas, is primarily located on several leases in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. The Company owns approximately a 1.4% working interest in the Northstar field operated by BP in Alaska.

In Canada, the Company owns an interest in three legacy assets, the Hibernia and Terra Nova fields offshore Newfoundland and Syncrude Canada Ltd. In addition, the Company owned interests in two heavy oil areas and one natural gas area in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) at the end of 2004. Murphy holds a 6.5% interest in Hibernia and a 12% interest in Terra Nova, with these being the first two fields on production in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland. Murphy owns a 5% undivided interest in Syncrude Canada Ltd., a joint venture located about 25 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Syncrude utilizes its assets to extract bitumen from oil sand deposits and to upgrade this bitumen into a high-value synthetic crude oil. Syncrude is currently expanding its facilities and is adding a third coker that will allow for increased production beginning in 2006.

Murphy produces oil and natural gas in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea. The Company’s primary oil production in the U.K. is now derived from two areas, Schiehallion and Mungo/Monan. Murphy owns 5.88% of the Schiehallion field operated by BP. This field is located in an area known as the Atlantic Margin and lies west of the Shetland Islands. Schiehallion produces oil into a Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO). The oil is transported via dedicated tanker to Sullom Voe terminal, where the oil is sold to third parties.  Murphy owns a 4.843% interest in the FPSO, which also handles production from a nearby field owned by others. Mungo/Monan is also operated by BP and is 12.65% owned by Murphy. The Mungo field produces through an unmanned platform, while Monan is produced through subsea facilities. Both the platform and subsea facilities are tied to a central processing facility that is linked to the Forties pipeline system. In 2004, the Mungo and Monan fields produced approximately 4,500 barrels of oil per day, net to Murphy’s interest. In 2004, the Company sold its interest in the “T” Block field. Production from this field averaged about 1,600 net barrels per day in 2004 prior to the sale.

In Ecuador, Murphy owns a 20% working interest in Block 16, which is operated by Repsol YPF under a participation contract. The Company’s net production was about 7,700 barrels of oil per day in 2004. Between June and December 2004, Murphy did not receive its equity share of oil sales from Block 16 due to a dispute with the operator involving the Company’s new transportation and marketing arrangements.

The Company has majority interests in eight separate production sharing contracts (PSCs) in Malaysia. The Company serves as the operator of all these areas, which cover approximately 14.4 million acres in total. Murphy has an 85% interest in two shallow water blocks, known as SK 309 and SK 311. The West Patricia field in Block SK 309, discovered in 2002, came on stream in May 2003. The Company made a major discovery at the Kikeh field in deepwater Block K in 2002 and added a discovery at Kikeh Kecil in 2003 and discoveries at Kakap, Senangin and Kikeh deep formation in 2004. Further exploration and appraisal drilling will occur in the 80% owned Block K in 2005. Murphy also owns 75% interests in Blocks PM 311 and PM 312, located offshore peninsular Malaysia. Murphy announced discoveries at Kenarong and Pertang in PM 311 in 2004. The Company has a number of exploration prospects in Block H (80%) in deepwater. The Company was awarded interests in PSCs covering deepwater Blocks L (60%) and M (70%) in early 2003. The Sultanate of Brunei also claims this acreage. Murphy drilled a wildcat well in Block L in mid-2003.

Refining and Marketing

The Company’s refining and marketing businesses are located in North America and the United Kingdom, and primarily consist of operations that refine crude oil and other feedstocks into petroleum products such as gasoline and distillates, buy and sell crude oil and refined products, and transport and market petroleum products.

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (MOUSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Murphy Oil Corporation, owns and operates two refineries in the United States. The Meraux, Louisiana refinery is located on fee land and on two leases that expire in 2010 and 2021, at which times the Company has options to purchase the leased acreage at fixed prices. The refinery at Superior, Wisconsin is located on fee land. Murco Petroleum Limited (Murco), a wholly owned U.K. subsidiary serviced by Murphy Eastern Oil Company, has an effective 30% interest in a refinery at Milford Haven,

Murphy has expanded the Meraux refinery allowing the refinery to now meet new low-sulfur gasoline specifications which become effective for the Company in 2008. The expansion included a new hydrocracker unit, central control room and two new utility boilers; expansion of the crude oil processing capacity to 125,000 barrels per stream day (b/sd); expansion of naphtha hydrotreating capacity to 35,000 b/sd; expansion of the catalytic reforming capacity to 32,000 b/sd; and construction of a new sulfur recovery complex, including amine regeneration, sour water stripping and high efficiency sulfur recovery.

MOUSA markets refined products through a network of retail gasoline stations and branded and unbranded wholesale customers in a 23-state area of the southern and midwestern United States. Murphy’s retail stations are primarily located in the parking areas of Wal-Mart stores in 21 states and use the brand name Murphy USA®. Branded wholesale customers use the brand name SPUR®. Refined products are supplied from 11 terminals that are wholly owned and operated by MOUSA, one terminal that is jointly owned and operated by others, and numerous terminals owned by others. Of the wholly owned terminals, three are supplied by marine transportation, three are supplied by truck, three are supplied by pipeline and two are adjacent to MOUSA’s refineries. MOUSA receives products at the terminals owned by others either in exchange for deliveries from the Company’s terminals or by outright purchase. The Company sold all but one of its jointly owned terminals in early 2004. The Company marketed products through 752 Murphy USA stations and 366 branded wholesale SPUR stations. MOUSA plans to add about 150 new Murphy USA stations at Wal-Mart sites in the southern and midwestern United States in 2005. The Company’s Canadian subsidiary operates eight Murphy CanadaTM stations at Wal-Mart sites in Canada.

Murphy operates in the oil industry and experiences intense competition from other oil companies, which include state-owned foreign oil companies, major integrated oil companies, independent producers of oil and natural gas and independent refining companies. Virtually all of the state-owned and major integrated oil companies and many of the independent producers and independent refiners that compete with the Company have substantially greater resources than Murphy. In addition, the oil industry as a whole competes with other industries in supplying energy requirements around the world. Murphy is a net purchaser of crude oil and other refinery feedstocks, and also purchases refined products, particularly gasoline needed to supply its retail marketing stations located at Wal-Mart sites.

   Company Address: 9805 Katy Fwy, Suite G-200 Houston, 77024 TX
   Company Phone Number: 675-9000   Stock Exchange / Ticker: NYSE MUR
   MUR is expected to report next financial results on February 24, 2023.

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